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 There are about 600 LeValleys now living in in the United States (not counting the far more numerous LaValleys).  Approximately 2/3 are descended from Peter LeValley of Warwick RI.  About 1/6 come from the unrelated LeVally/LeValley family of Xenia, OH.  The other 1/6 come from about 9 tiny families--also unrelated.  For many years, these groups have been sharing their information.  All are welcome to post notices on the LeValley list.  But if you know which of the families you are discussing, it would be very helpful if you indicated that at the beginning of your subject line.  Examples:

 Peter: Who did Peleg's widow marry?
 Xenia: Ohio Civil War pensions

Here are the families:

                    TRACEABLE TO RHODE ISLAND

 PETER LeValley was in Marblehead MA by 1718, then moved to Warwick RI
in 1727.  Two-thirds of the LeValleys in America are descended from him.  In
the settlement list below, his lines are further designated by which of his nine
surviving grandsons they branched out from:

Peter c.1683-1757
     Peter c.1704-33
          Peter Sr. 1728-1818 (distinct from his cousin Peter Jr.)
     John 1714-1808
          Christopher c.1746-c.76 (Paul LeValley's ancestor)
          John Jr. c.1757-c.1805
          Peleg 1759-1833
          Cook 1761-1839
          Gardner 1786-1877
     Michael 1720-c.76
          Peter Jr. c.1758-1828 (distinct from his cousin Peter Sr.)
          Benjamin 1767-1849
          Caleb c.1771-

(If this is your group, you can click here for sources of documentation.)

ANDREW JACKSON LeValley (born 1826, claiming to be the son of Isaac) ran away from New York state in 1841, and eventually settled at Alma Nebraska.  Censuses show that Peter's grandsons Christopher and Cook each had unnamed grandsons of Isaac's age in New York.  But unexpected DNA results showing American Indian ancestry have us scrambling for answers.  It is possible that this man took on a fake lineage after meeting Clark LeValley (grandson of Peter Jr.) in California. 

 CHARLES F. LeValley, born c. 1860 at Warwick RI was Catholic, and
unrelated to the Peter LeValley family.  By the 1880s, lots of
French-Canadian LaValley families were drifting down to work in the textile
mills, but officials had gotten used to recording the LeValley spelling.

 NAPOLEON LeValley (son of Alexander) was in Providence RI by 1911.  His
mother was Canadian; probably the whole family was.

                       TRACEABLE TO CANADA

 VALCARTIER:  Daniel LeValley was born in Alderney in the Channel Islands--where the records have recently been found going back five more generations.  Click here for details.  He sailed to Valcartier, Quebec in 1828.  Part of his family stayed there, and eventually switched to the Canadian LaVallee spelling.  Others moved to America and kept the original spelling.  A contact person is needed.

 PROSPER LeValley of St. Simon, Quebec went to Africa before settling at Red Bank NJ by 1853.  For records of this family, click here.  Contact person: Charles L. LeValley, 391 Rabbit Run Road, Carleton, MI 48117.

 JOSEPH Valley (son of Godfrey) moved around 1875 from Vankleek Hill, Ontario to Ionia MI
where the LeValley spelling was already established.  He gave up on correcting everybody.

 VICTOR LeValley (b. 1864, reportedly in Canada) was in Bay City MI in 1927.  Contact person: Elmyra LeValley <levalley@chartertn.net>


 XENIA:  Joseph LeVally Sr. (note the different spelling) moved in 1811
from Hardy County (West) Virginia to the area of Xenia OH.  The little family
booklet about coming over with Lafayette is not accurate.  Rather, there is
probably a connection to the John LeVally who immigrated to Frederica GA in
1736, then headed up into the Carolinas.  Many descendants switched to the
LeValley spelling, and they now account for about one-sixth of the people with
that name.  Contact person: Marc LaValley <JMToby@aol.com>

    This large group has temporarily been divided into three parts:
Part 1--Descendants of Joseph's son George.  For a report on this part, click here.
Part 2--Descendants of Joseph's grandson Jacob (son of John)
Part 3--Descendants of John's other sons: William, John Jr., Lewis, and Joseph W.

 GEORGE LeVally (sometimes spelled LeValley) was in Nashville IL by 1840.
The spelling and the 1826 birth of his son in Ohio mean he probably was
connected to the Xenia bunch.  No living descendants are known.

 COLDWATER:  Shortly before 1900, Pony LeValley of Iron Mountain MI left
three orphaned sons who were adopted out to different families from the
Coldwater MI orphanage.  For letters from and about this family, click here.  A contact person is needed.

For a DNA report on these families, click here.

If you want more information on spelling variants, you can click here.

Some of the small groups may be fragments from the larger families.  If you are trying to connect to a loose end from the Peter LeValley family, you can click here.



Be aware that there has been much criss-crossing of paths in New York, Michigan, and Iowa--and now in California.

 Mendocino County--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Sonoma County--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Tulare County--Valcartier
 Ventura County--Peter>Peter Jr.

 Brush--Andrew Jackson
 Delta County--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Longmont--Peter>Peter Jr.

 Canterbury--Peter>Peter Sr.
 Mansfield--Peter>Peter Sr.
 Plainfield--Peter>Peter Sr.

 Lakeland--Xenia>pt. 1

 Chicago--Peter>Christopher & Xenia>pt. 1

 Jay County--Xenia>pt. 3
 Knightstown--Xenia>pt. 2 & 3
 Muncie--Xenia>pt. 3
 Wabash--Peter>Peter Jr.

 Black Hawk County--Peter>Benjamin
 Butler County--Peter>Benjamin
 Monroe County--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Sheffield--Peter>Peter Sr.

 Bentley--Xenia>pt. 2
 Wichita--Peter>Cook & Xenia>pt. 2

 Frederick--Xenia>pt. 1

 Fall River--Peter>Caleb
 New Bedford--Charles F.
 Sturbridge--Peter>Peter Sr.

 Bay City--Victor
 Detroit--Victor & Coldwater
 Flint--Peter>John Jr.
 Grand Rapids--Xenia>pt. 3 & Coldwater
 Ionia--Peter>John Jr. & Joseph
 Owosso--Peter>Christopher & Peter>John Jr.
 Shiawassee County--Peter>Christopher

 Backus—Andrew Jackson

 Miles City--Valcartier

 Alma--Andrew Jackson
 Ough--Peter>Peter Jr.

 Long Branch--Prosper
 Red Bank--Prosper

 Hartland--Peter>John Jr.
 Oneida County--Peter>John Jr. & Peter>Peleg
 Schoharie County--Peter>Peleg & Peter>Cook
 White Plains--Peter>Peter Sr.

 Arcanum--Xenia>pt. 2
 Belfontaine—Xenia>pt. 1
 Columbus--Xenia>pt. 1
 Dayton--Peter>Christopher & Xenia>pt. 2
 Lima--Xenia>pt. 1
 Mechanicsburg--Xenia>pt. 2
 Ridgeway—Xenia>pt. 1
 Shelby County--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Springfield--Xenia>pt. 2
 Toledo--Xenia>pt. 1
 Van Wert--Xenia>pt. 1
 Xenia--Xenia>pt. 2 & 3

 Chelsie--Xenia>pt. 1
 Holdenville--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Indian Territory--Peter>Peter Jr.
 Maysville—Xenia>pt. 3


 Luzerne County--Peter>Cook

 Coventry--Peter>Peter Sr. & Peter>Caleb
 Providence--Peter>Peter Sr. & Napoleon
 Warwick--Peter>Peter Sr. & Charles F. & Napoleon

 Wessington Springs--Peter>Benjamin

 Houston--Xenia>pt. 3
 San Antonio--Xenia>pt. 3

  Hardy Co. [now in West Virginia]--Xenia

 Walla Walla--Peter>Peter Sr.

 Park Falls--Valcartier

 Bulyea, Saskatchewan—Peter>Benjamin
 Caledonia Springs, Ontario--Joseph
 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan--Peter>Christopher
 Valcartier, Quebec--Valcartier
 Vankleek Hill, Ontario--Joseph

If your family's locations match any from the Peter LeValley family, you can click here for more details.

You also might check the names and locations in the Social Security Death Index.

And there are places named after LeValleys.

If you still haven't found your family, there may be other ways to go about it.  If you know the names of any of the families who married into the LeValleys, you can try these two lists of surnames:

Surnames of people who married into the Peter LeValley line
Surnames of people who married into all other LeValley lines except that of Peter

Or if LeValley has come down through your family as a middle name, you could try this list:
LeValley as a first or middle name

There is still another way to check, if one of your LeValley ancestors happened to be a veteran.

If all else fails, you might want to check these false leads, to make sure you are not on a wrong trail altogether.

There are also a very few fragments of information on black LeValley families.

Once you have found your family, you might want to check out the abbreviated family trees. 

By the way, somebody on the internet with nothing better to do has figured out that LeValley is the 23,653rd most common surname in the United States.  I can't vouch for that number.

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