[The hand-written Snow Manuscript, compiled around 1890 by Louis Snow, is in the Rhode Island Historical Society Library in Providence.  The author seems to have limited his research to the first five generations of the Peter LeValley family, listing the sixth generation only for his closest relatives or when someone else sent that information to him.  He was aware of branches A, part of D, and part of J, plus the beginnings of branches B, C, E, and H.  It was probably he who typed the manuscript sometime before his death in 1933.  At a later date (before 1969) some unknown person penciled in lots of additional notes, as well as numbering the individuals and generations.  Because of their usefulness and accuracy, I have kept those penciled changes (italicizing all but the numbering system).  Any notations by me are in brackets.  Though many of the missing dates are now known, I have left the blanks as they appear in the manuscript.  --Paul LeValley]

                                                        LEVALLEY FAMILY

    1.  Peter1 born          died in Warwick, R. I. in 1756.  Came to this country from France.  Settled at Marblehead where he was engaged in the fisheries of that port.  Is said to have come from Lyons, a merchant attacked by pirates.  See John's letter and Benj's.  [#91 and probably #123]
    In November 1727 he exchanged his real estate in Marblehead for the real estate of the Rev. George Pigott, an Episcopal clergyman of Warwick, R. I., and removed to that town.
    Admitted freeman in Warwick, March 4, 1727-8.
    Peter appointed surveyor Warwick Nov. 24, 1740 and again in 1741.
    Is reported as having married in Marblehead, Dec. 3, 1727 Mrs. Elizabeth Gabsley.  (This is probably his son, see below.)  But in Warwick his wife's name is Sarah.
    Children of Peter1 and Sarah his wife.  [sons listed before daughters, as in his will]
        2.  Peter2 m. Elizabeth Gadsley [Yabsley], Dec. 3, 1727.
        3.  John2 m. Hester
        4.  Michael2
        5.  Mary2 m. Magdalen King  (See The Green Family by L. S. LaMance.)
        6.  Margaret2 m. Oct. 30, 1726 Christopher Beaubier (Bubier) bp. June 16, 1706 Marblehead
                Mass.  [The following has rightly been crossed out: (doubtful, probably sister of Peter)]
        7.  Sarah2 m. Peleg Cook.

    2.  Peter2 (Peter1) b.       in          m. Dec. 3, 1727 Elizabeth Gadsley [Yabsley], said to have been lost at sea before his father removed to Rhode Island.
    Children of Peter2 and Elizabeth.
        8.  Peter3 b. about Oct. 13, 1728, m. in Warwick May 11, 1755 Mary Haines, daughter of
                Josiah Haines.
        9.  Mary3 b. about Aug. 23, 1730, m.

    8.  Peter3 (Peter2 Peter1) b. about Oct. 13, 1728 in Marblehead.  m. May 11, 1755 Mary Haines b. Dec. 19, 1734, daughter of Josiah Haines.  [Though he had no son named Peter, he was known as Peter Sr., to distinguish him from his younger cousin Peter Jr. #105.]
    Children of Peter3 and Mary.  [in scrambled order]
        10.  William4 b.      m. in Warwick Sept. 25, 1788 Phebe Dexter, daughter of Benjamin
        11.  Josiah4 b. May 22, 1758, m.        Elizabeth Remington.
        12.  Stephen4 b. May 1771, m. in Warwick Apr. 8, 1798 Anna Corpe
        13.  Thomas4 b.      m.      Hannah Tibbetts
        14.  Elizabeth4 b.    m. Mar. 28, 1779 Gideon Manchester son of Matthew Manchester of
                North Kingstown.
        15.  Margaret4 b. in Warwick May 26, 1762, m. Sept. 18, 1785 Henry Remington b. July 28,
                1764, son of Thomas Remington of Warwick.
        16.  Truth4 b.      m. in Warwick Dec. 24, 1789 William Baker
        17.  Nancy4 or Anna b.      not married
        18.  Mary4 b.      not married
        19.  Catherine4 b.

    10.  William4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b.      in      m. Sept. 25, 1788 Phebe Dexter daughter of Benjamin Dexter of Warwick.
    Children of William4 and Phebe
        20.  Marietta5 b. in Warwick Apr. 10, 1789, m. 1st George         , 2nd. Judge Stephen Branch
        21.  Stephen5 b. Oct. 4, 1790 in Warwick.  [Descendants not listed]
        22.  William5 b. in Warwick May 30, 1795 m. 1st Patience Horton, 2nd Lydia A. Wheeler
                Phinney.  [Wrong.  Lydia was his daughter.  Other descendants not listed.]
        23.  Maria SusanSukey5 b. in Warwick Mar. 28, 1799, never married
        24.  Phebe Ann5 b. in Warwick Oct. 24, 1801, m. Jabez Williams.

    11.  Josiah4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b. May 22, 1758 in Warwick, m. Elizabeth Remington.
        25.  Charlotte5 b. Sept. 30, 1785 never married
        26.  Robert5 b. Feb. 19, 1787 m. Patience Colvin  [Descendants not listed]
        27.  Thomas5 b. June 3, 1790, m. Phebe Ann Remington.
        28.  Henry5 b. Jan. 28, 1800 m. Huldah Briggs.  [Descendants not listed]
        29.  Mary5 b. Sept. 15, 1794 m. George Babcock
        30.  Lydia5 b. March 26, 1793 m.

    12.  Stephen4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b. May 1771 in      d. Oct. 21, 1844, m. in Warwick April 8, 1798 Anna Corpe, b. Dec. 10, 1771, d. June 7, 1855.
    Children of Stephen4 and Anna
        31.  Susankey5 b. in Warwick Jan. 15, 1799, d. March 14, 1873
        32.  MargaretPeggy5 b. in Warwick Feb. 27, 18021, d. Oct. 28, 1832
        33.  Cromwell5 b. Aug. 1, 1803, d. Mar. 13, 1871  [Children listed at the end]
        34.  Stephen J.5 b. Sept. 15, 1805, d. Feb. 11, 1854  [Children listed at the end]

    13.  Thomas4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b.      in      m. Hannah Tibbetts.
    Children of Thomas4 and Hannah
        35.  George5 b.      m. Eliza Ramsdell  [Descendants not listed]
        36.  Darius5 b.      m. Mary Ann Arnold  [Descendants not listed]
        37.  Elizabeth5 b.     m. 1st Thomas Cruff, 2nd Joseph Manchester
        38.  John5 b.     m. 1st Lucia Potter
                                      2nd Emily Parker
                                      3rd Louisa Nichols
                                      4th Diana Ralph  [No descendants listed from any marriage]

    14.  Elizabeth4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b.     in      m. March 28, 1779 Gideon Manchester son of Matthew Manchester of North Kingstown
    Children of Elizabeth4 and Gideon Manchester
        39.  Cyrus5 [Manchester] b.      m. in Warwick Polly Kimball, dau. of Amos, Feb. 3, 1825.
        40.  Catherine5 [Manchester] b.     m. William B. Merrill Oct. 9, 1825 in Warwick.
        41.  Freelove5 [Manchester] b.     m. Lawton Johnson Dec. 24, 1843 in Warwick.
        42.  daughter5 b.     m. William Hammond
        43.  son5 b.     m.

    15.  Margaret4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b. May 26, 1762 in Warwick, m. Sept. 18, 1785 Judge Henry Remington son of Thomas Remington of Warwick.
    Children of Margaret4 and Henry Remington
        44.  Mary5 [Remington] b. in Warwick April 13, 1792, m. JohnPeleg Congdon of Exeter Jan.
                7, 1816

    18.  Mary4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b.      in      never married
    Child of Mary4
        45.  AmandaMary A.5 b.      m. in Warwick 1st, Nov. 2, 1840 William B. Merrill son of William
          G. Merrill.  m. 2nd,        Phillips.

    16.  Truth4 (Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b.     in     m. in Warwick Dec. 24, 1789 William Baker son of Elisha Baker.
    Children of Truth4 and William Baker, born in Warwick.
        46.  Elisha5 [Baker] b. March 8, 1791  m.
        47.  Nicholas Parris5 [Baker] b. Oct. 28, 1793  [twin]
        48.  Susanna5 [Baker] b. Oct. 28, 1793 [twin]
        49.  Henry5 [Baker] b. Oct. 31, 1800


[The manuscript gets confusing here, because it twice lists the children of John2 (Peter1) and Hester--but not the four children from John's second marriage to Anne.  Both times, it lists the children from his first marriage in scrambled order--but then treats them individually in the correct order.]

    3.  John2 (Peter1) m. Hester
    Children of John2 and Hester his wife.  [in scrambled order]
        50.  John3
        51.  Cook3
        52.  Peleg3
        53.  Mary3
        54.  James3  [Wrong.  Should be Martha (1st child) and another daughter (youngest child, name unknown)]
        55.  Christopher3 b.     m.      [2nd child.  Treated in correct order below.]

    55.  Children of Christopher3 and his wife
        56.  James4
        57.  Richard4  [Wrong.  Should be George.  Descendants not listed.]
          2 females in 1774 census  [Eunice and Martha.  Youngest son Christopher born later that
                year (descendants not listed)]

    56.  James4 b.    m. in E. Greenwich March 15, 1790 Sarah Aylesworth, dau. of Richard Aylesworth (both of East Greenwich)
    At the time of his marriage his father was living in East Greenwich as were also the Aylesworths.  [Wrong.  The marriage record says son of Christopher deceased.]  About 1800 James was living at Kings Ferry, Cayuga County, N. Y., where he remained a few years.  He then romoved to Royalton, Niagara County, N. Y., there dying Nov. 14, 1840.  He was a shoemaker.  He had 21 children, four only reach[ing] maturity; these were:
        58.  [Sylvinus] Gardner5 b. about 1791, m. about 1808 Sarah Washburn in Lee, Oneida Co.,
                N. Y.  d. about 1820.
        59.  Sarah Caroline5 [should be Sarah Carrara] b. 1793, m. John Reynolds Spencer Tibbitts,
                lived in Columbiaville, Michigan.
        60.  George Thomas5 b. 1795, d. 1870, m. Esther Parkhust Amsden.  [No descendants
                listed for this or his second marriage to Phoebe Hazen Oliver]
        61.  John Cook5 b. 1800 [actually 1799], d. 1869, m. Elizabeth Wheeler.  [No descendants
                listed for this or his second marriage to Eleanor Johnson]

    58.  [Sylvinus] Gardner5 (James4 Christopher3 John2 Peter1) b. about 1791, d. about 1820 Royalton, N. Y., m. about 1808 Sarah Washburn.
    Children of Gardner5 and Sarah (Washburn) LeValley
        62.  James Madison6 b. 1809, d. 1839.
        63.  Henry Harrison6 b. 1811, d. 1843.
       64.  Amanda Marilla6 b. 1814, Lived in Columbiaville, Lapure [Lapeer] County, Michigan.
        65.  Franklin Jackson6 b. Aug. 14, 1816, Lived in Lockport, N. Y.  [My ancestor, descendants
                not listed]
        66.  Marlmus [Marenus] Gilbert6 b. 1818, d. 1843.

    3.  John2 (Peter1) m. Hester
    [Additional] children of John2 and Hester his wife [listed a second time in fuller detail]
        50.  John3 b.      m. March 15, 1781 in Warwick Bethia Greene, dau. of Richard and Mary
                (Rice) Greene his wife.  [Penciled in the margin:  See page 24 Marriages, Desc. of Gen.
                Nath. Greene.]
        51.  Cook3 b.      m. Deborah  [Huge group of descendants not listed.]
        52.  Peleg3 b.     m. Rebecca Northrup b. July 20, 1772, d. 1842 dau. of Cornell.  Cornell in
                Beckmans Precinct, Dutchess County, N. Y. in 1763.  In 1768 he was in Sheffield,
                Berkshire Co., Mass.  Rebecca born there.  [Descendants not listed]
        53.  Mary3 b.      m. Dec. 16, 1773 Joseph Strait Jr. son of Joseph Strait in Warwick R. I.
                [3rd child.  Treated in correct order below.]
       [55]  Christopher  [Penciled in here.  Actually the oldest son, already dealt with]

    53.  Mary3 (John2 Peter1) m. Joseph Strait
    Children of Mary3 and Joseph Strait
        67.  Hester4 [Strait] b. Oct. 24, 1774.
                (Was this the Joseph Strait who afterwards went to N. Kingstown and m. July 18, 1779
                Roby Wightman, dau. of George Wightman?)

    50.  John3 (John2 Peter1) b.      m. March 15, 1781 Bethiah Green in Warwick, dau. of Richard (3rd cousin of Gen. Nathaniel Greene,  See Greene Family by Mrs. Clarke)
    Children of John3 and Bethiah.
        68.  Richard Greene4 b. Sept. 15, 1783.
        69.  Holden4 b. Sept. 17, 1785, m. Irene Fuller, dau. of Benjamin.
        70.  Christopher4 b. May 1, 1787, m. Sept. 1800 [1809] Lydia Barnard, dau. of Samuel.
        71.  Mary4 b. Nov. 21, 1789, m. Nov. 15, 1805 Lovell H. Thomas of Hopewell, N. Y.  (no
        72.  Hannah4 b. March 14, 1794, m. 1st Oliver Babcock.
                Children of Hannah4 and Oliver Babcock.
                    73.  Charles5 [Babcock]
                    74.  Charlotte5 [Babcock]
        72.  Hannah4 b. March 14, 1794, m. 2nd Charles Robinson of Canandaigua, N. Y.  [Wrong--her daughter married him.]

    68.  Richard4 (John3 John2 Peter1) b. Sept. 15, 1783 in Warwick?, m.
    Children of Richard4 and      his wife
        75.  Pamelia5 b. May 4, 1806, m. Charles Welch.  She died 1844.
        76.  Sophronia5 b.     m.      Gould
        77.  Philena5 b.      m. 1st      Hill, 2nd.
        78.  Harriet5 b.      m. Charles Curtis had issue
                    Abby6 [Curtis] m. Rev.      Westgate
                    LeValley6 [Curtis] m.
                    Seraphine6 [Curtis] m.

    69.  Holden4 (John3 John2 Peter1) b. Sept. 17, 1785, in Warwick? m. Dec. 10, 1810 Irene Fuller, dau. of Benjamin, in Florence, Oneida Co., New York.
    Children of Holden4 and Irene his wife.
        79.  Eliza5 b. Nov. 1811, d. young.
        80.  Irene5 b. March 1813, d. young.
        81.  Ara5 b. Nov. 1814, m. Dec. 26, 1839 Hannah Jones.
        82.  Ere5 b. Aug. 9, 1817, m. July 9, 1846 Phebe Tuttle
        83.  Iri F.5 b. May 5, 1819, m. Anna Crawford 1847.
        84.  Ozias5 C.  b. Oct. 1821, died young.

    81.  Ara5 (Holden4 John3 John2 Peter1) b. Nov. 4, 1814, m. Dec. 26, 1839 Hannah Jones.
    Child of Ara5 and Hannah (Jones)
        85.  Adeline6 b.      m. Herman Timmerman, had a daughter
                    Pearle7 [Timmerman]

    82.  Ere5 (Holden4 John3 John2 Peter1) b. Aug. 9, 1817, m. July 9, 1846 Phebe Tuttle, daughter of Nelson Tuttle of Ionia, Michigan.  [No children from his first marriage to Emeline Hartt]
    Children of Ere5 and Phebe his wife
        86.  Harriet6 b. Sept. 30, 1848, m. Nov. 1874 Abel Benedict.
                    Have four children.
        87.  Lewis H.6 b. June 1851, m. April 1873 Jessie Hayden
                    Have one child Nettie M.7 b. Sept. 1880  [Another daughter b. 1890]
        88.  John6 b. Jan. 1853.
        89.  May [Mary] F.6 b. April 1855, m. Nov. 1877 James E. Gaul.
                    Have one child.
        90.  Lillie L.6 b. Sept. 1859.

    83.  Iri5 (Holden4 John3 John2 Peter1) b. May 5, 1819, m. 1847 [Eliza] Ann Crawford of Tyre, N. Y.  No children.  [Wrong.  Two daughters died young.  He then married her sister Lana Crawford in 1876.  There were no children from the second marriage.]

    70.  Christopher4 (John3 John2 Peter1) b. May 1, 1787 in Warwick, d. Sept. 13, 1827, m. Sept. 1809 Lydia Barnard, daughter of Samuel of Whitestone, N. Y.
    Children of Christopher4 and Lydia his wife.
        91.  John5 b. May 31, 1810, m. 1st 1843 Almeda Jones, 2nd, Jan. 1856 Seraphine M. Davis.
                [Wrong.  His wives were 1st Almeda Norton, 2nd Adeline Norton, 3rd Seraphine
        92.  Lydia5 b. Mar. 23, 1816, m. Sept. 8, 1836 Alonzo Torrey.
                    No children.
        93.  Christopher C.5 b. May 19, 1819, m. April 30, 1845 Harriet Duby [Derby]
        94.  Cordelia J.5 b. Apr. 7, 1824, m. Sept. 1845 Rev. Horace Perry.
                Child of Cordelia5 and Horace Perry
                    95.  Lorin6 b. Sept. 1849 m. Lillian Clark, Claysville, N. Y.

    91.  John5 (Christopher4 John3 John2 Peter1)  b. May 31, 1810 in Paris Hill, N. Y. m. 1st 1843 Almeda Norton, dau. of Deacon Norton of Pontiac, Michigan, 2nd [Adeline Norton, 3rd] Jan. 1856 Seraphine M. Davis, dau. of Joseph.
    Children of John5 and Almeda
        96.  Jane C.6  b. July 1844, m. Henry B. Pettison [Peterson] of Owosso, Mich.
        97.  Matilda6 b. oct. 1848, m. 1870 Rev. Emory G. Chaddock of Alton, Ill.
               [Two more daughters, both named Almeda, died in infancy.]
    [There were no children from the second marriage to Adeline Norton.]
    Children of John5 and his second [third] wife Seraphine
        98.  Seraphine6 b. 1858, m. 1881 Guerdon L. Dummock [Dimmick] of Owosso, Mich.
        99.  John6 b. 1859  [Descendants not yet born]
        100.  Lina6 b. 1863, m. May 2, 1883 Dr. George J. Lund of Medina, N. Y.

    93.  Christopher C.5 (Christopher4 John3 John2 Peter1) b. May 19, 1819, m. April 30, 1845 Hannah Duby. [Harriet Derby]
    Children of Christopher C.5 and Hannah [Harriet]
                 [An infant son--probably their first child--is buried with them.]
        101.  Addie Jane6 b. Dec. 7, 1862, m. Oct. 14, 1880
        102.  Hattie6 b. June 25, 1865, m. April 7, 1884 James D. Baker.


    4.  Michael2 (Peter1) of Warwick b.      m. Aug. 26, 1757 in E. Greenwich Almy Bailey of E. Greenwich.  Admitted freeman Warwick June 5, 1741.
    Children of Michael2 and his wife [in scrambled order]
        103.  Caleb3 b. about 1770, m. Alice Fenner Dau. of Arthur Fenner.
        104.  Benjamin3 b.      m. March 18, 1787 Mary Greene daughter of Rebecca of Warwick.
                    [Descendants not listed.]
        105.  Peter3of Warwick b.      m. July 11, 1782 Katherine Parker daughter of Peter Parker of
                    Coventry.  [Though his father was not named Peter, he was called Peter Jr. to
                    distinguish him from his older cousin Peter Sr., #8.  His many descendants are not
                [Penciled in the margin beside the names of Benjamin and Peter: Both went to
                    Western New York.  Never returned to New England.]
        106.  Mary3 b.      m. 1st Feb. 17, 1783, Nathan Hastings or Hathaway, son of Caleb, 2nd
                    Israel Johnson of Coventry.  [Confused.  Her older sister Marcy married Nathan
                    Hathaway.  Mary married only Israel Johnson in 1802.]
        107.  Amy3 or Alma b.      never married.
        108.  Sarah3 b.      m. John Wood son of Thomas Wood of Coventry.
        109.  Marcey3 b.      m.      Hathaway of Coventry, died in Washington Village.

    103.  Caleb3 (Michael2 Peter1) b. about 1770, m. Alice Fenner [who] died Oct. 16, 1858.  Alice was daughter of Capt. Arthur Fenner of Cranston, R. I.
    Children of Caleb3 and Alice
        110.  Uriah4 W.  b. June 11, 1793,  Went to foreign land when young and West 1817.
        111.  Sterry B.4 b. July 26, 1797, m.      Dean, d. in 1867.
        112.  Benjamin4 b. April 3, 1801, m. 1825 Emeline Borden dau. of Abner of Fall River, Mass.
        113.  Warren4 b. Aug. 15, 1803 in Coventry, R. I. m. July 3, 1831 Nancy Whalen dau. of
                    Daniel of Dartmouth,  he died in California Sept. 15, 1852.
        114.  Christopher W.4 b. May 6, 1811, m. 1849 Arvilla Filkins, d. about 1878 [Both living in
        115.  Joanna4 b. Oct. 18, 1799, m. Nov. 25, 1819 Caleb Remington, son of Caleb.
        116.  Waity4 b. June 27, 1795 died in infancy.  [Waty--female]

[The next four entries should be ignored.  They repeat information already given, and interrupt the presentation of Caleb's family.]

    104.  Benjamin3 (Michael2 Peter1) b.      m. March 18, 1787 Mary Greene dau. of Rebecca of Warwick.

    105.  Peter3 (Michael2 Peter1)

    106.  Mary3 (Michael2 Peter1)

    108.  Sarah3 (Michael2 Peter1)

    111.  Sterry B.4 (Caleb3 Michael2 Peter1) b. July 26, 1797, m. Mrs. Nancy Dean, nee Torrey b. Franklin, Mass.  Lived in Manchester, Conn. as wife of Darius Dean.
    Children of Sterry B.4 and Nancy
        117.  George S.5 b. 1830?  [Descendants not listed]
        118.  Christopher W.5 b. 1832?

    112.  Benjamin4 (Caleb3 Michael2 Peter1) b. April 3, 1801 in Coventry, R. I., m. Nov. 22, 1826 Emeline Bordon, daughter of Abner and Meribah Bordon of Fall River, Mass.
    Children of Benjamin4 and Emeline
        119.  Mary C.5 b. Dec. 17, 1827, m. Aug. 12, 1849 Emer S. Lovell of Philadelphia, Pa., son
                    of Eleazer of Gloucester, R. I. b. 1822.
        120.  Arthur F.5 b. Sept. 17, 1829 died in infancy.
        121.  Adeline R.5 b. Jan. 17, 1831, d. June 8, 1832.
        122.  William P.5 b. Apr. 13, 1834, d. Dec. 23, 1861.
        123.  Benjamin W.5 b. Sept. 10, 1836.
        124.  Sarah F.5 b. Aug. 31, 1841, d. July 23, 1876.
        125.  James G.5 b. Nov. 22, 1846, d. Nov. 4, 1882.
        126.  Emeline B.5 b. June 27, 1849, m. Nov. 24, 1870 John McArthur of Somerville, Mass.

    113.  Warren4 (Caleb3 Michael2 Peter1) b. Aug. 15, 1803 in Coventry, R. I., m. July 3, 1831 Nancy Whalen dau. of Daniel Whalen of Dartmouth.  He died in California Sept. 15, 1852.
    Children of Warren4 and Nancy.
        127.  Alice A.5 b. July 21, 1832, m. July 22, 1853 Henry Brightman son of Nathan of Fall
                [The other nine children of Warren are mixed in with those of his sister Joanna

    114.  Christopher W.4 (Caleb3 Michael2 Peter1) b. in Coventry, R. I., 1810, m. May 20, 1850 to Arvilla Filkins dau. of Thomas Filkins of Utica, N. Y.  No children.

    115.  Joanna4 (Caleb3 Michael2 Peter1) b. Oct. 18, 1799, m. Nov. 25, 1819 Caleb Remington, son of Caleb Remington of Johnson, R. I., d. May 6, 1876.
    Children of Joanna4 and Caleb Remington
        128.  John C.5 [Remington] b.
        129.  Andrew H.5 [Remington]
        130.  Christopher5 [Remington] b. Sept. 29, 1832, d. Sept. 27, 1876
        131.  Benjamin L[eValley]5 [Remington] b.      m. 1st Mrs. Mary E. Avery.  m. 2nd Jan. 1, 1865 Mrs.
                    Sarah E. Hearn, Swansea, Mass.
        132.  Joanna5 [Remington] b.
        133.  Adeline G.5 [Remington] b. Oct. 14, 1820, d. Nov. 22, 1860, m. Phillip J. Rounds,
                    March 28, 1850.
        134.  Caleb5 [Remington] b. Nov. 23, 1825, d. Oct. 16, 1865.
        135.  Henry C.5 [Remington] b. Sept. 24, 1830, d. July 26, 1831.
[To her eight children, the author mistakenly added the nine younger children of Warren (only three of whom survived childhood).  The following are LeValleys--not Remingtons:]
        136.  Rebecca W.5 b. June 2, 1834.
        137.  Frances W.5 b. June 28, 1836 in Lowell, Mass.
        138.  Hannah5 b. March 29, 1838 in Cranston, R. I.
        139.  Eliza Jane5 b. Sept. 16, 1840, m. Dec. 15, 1864 Elisha M. Capen son of Ebenezer of
                    Fall River.
        140.  Daniel W.5 b. Oct. 23, 1842.
        141.  Benjamin W.5 b. Oct. 22, 1844, m. Nov. 3, 1870 Elizabeth Hathaway dau. of Aaron.
                    [Descendants not listed]
        142.  Gideon W.5 b. Aug. 5, 1846.
        143.  Arthur F.5 b. Nov. 5, 1848 of Freetown.
        144.  Nancy F.5 b. Feb. 26, 1852, m. Mar. 12, 1874 Julius K. Davoll son of George of


[The author concluded by returning to the descendants of Peter2 (Peter1), and adding an update on his nearest relatives into the sixth generation.]

    33.  Cromwell5 (Stephen4 Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b. Aug. 1, 1803, d. Mar. 13, 1871, m. Hope
            Ann Low.  [Lowe]
    Children of Cromwell5 and Hope his wife.
        145.  Louisa Adella6 b. Sept. 5, 1827, d. July 19, 1839.
        146.  Caroline E.6 b. July 24, 1829, d. Aug. 7, 1862
        147.  Alonzo6 b. Aug. 10, 1833, d. 1882 or 3
        148.  Anna6 b. July 27, 1843, d. May 15, 1862.

    34.  Stephen J.5 (Stephen4 Peter3 Peter2 Peter1) b. Sept. 15, 1805, d. Feb. 22, 1854, m. Mar. 10, 1827 Charlotte Temple Crumb, d. Apr. 2, 1881, b. May 17, 1805.
    Children of Stephen J.5 and Charlotte
        149.  Lucinda M.6 b. March 10, 1828 in Stonington, Conn., d. Nov. 12, 1885 in Providence,
                    m. Sept. 16, 1844 George W. Snow.  [parents of the author]
        150.  Sarah B.6 b. Oct. 9, 1830, d. Dec. 3, 1896.
        151.  Isaac6 b. 1832, d. Oct. 29, 1833.

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