Updated August 12, 2020

1.  The Tibbits ms. (1910) traces descendants of John's 1st son Christopher.
        It also mentions a few descendants of John's 2nd son John Jr.

2.  The Day-Minnich ms. (1930) lists Bible records from the family of John's 2nd son John Jr.

3.  The D. W. LeValley letter (1910) traces a few descendants of John's 3rd son Peleg.

4.  The Leslie LaValley charts (1939/1992) trace other descendants of John's 3rd son Peleg.
        They also trace one line descended from John's 4th son Cook.

5.  The Church ms. (c.1916/1956) traces more descendants of John's 4th son Cook.

From his second marriage, John had two more sons.  The first, a younger Christopher named after his recently deceased half-brother, died without children.  No single document has been found on descendants of the youngest son, Gardner Thurston LeValley--who should not be confused with his grandnephew, S. Gardner LeValley.

Note--Any comments or corrections by me are in brackets.  Three dots mean that additional details about a possibly living person have been left off this web page.


Two of these documents were written in 1910 at the request of Nancy LeValley Eichholtz.  Paul LeValley now has the originals.


[This document, dictated by Marion LeValley, but written by her nephew Douglas Tibbits Jr., lists bits of information in no particular order.  Generations are sometimes indicated with numbers, elsewhere with letters--which should not be mistaken for middle initials.  The manuscript falls into three parts: a letter (here divided into separate paragraphs), a copy of a wedding certificate, and lists of parents with their children.  A few corrections by Nancy Eichholtz are in italics.]

Dec. 24, 1910.  Dear Cousin.  Your favor of the 3rd at hand, & in reply will say that Aunt Marion is in very poor health, & unable to reply.  So, at her request, I will try to answer your questions, as far as I am able.

We have a copy of Great grandfather LeValley's marriage certificate, which I enclose with the other papers.

We think [his son George Thomas LeValley's first wife] Esther Amsden's sister Laura married Wm. Childs.  We do not know just where the Whitneys connect.

Cynthia Tibbits (a sister of John R. S. Tibbits) married Lyman Amsden (a brother of Esther).

Christopher4 LeV. [son of John's 2nd son John Jr.  He was a nephew of the ChristopherA mentioned everywhere else in this document.] of Shelby Basin N.Y. was the father of the Flint [Michigan] line.  His widow (Lydia) married a Mr. Bigford [Bickford].

GardnerC LeV's. widow (Sarah) married a Mr. Brazee & had 2 sons, William & Andrew who would therefore be half brothers to MarrillaD LeV. who married Henry Keyes.

Great grandfather JamesB LeV. had a sister named EuniceB who married Mr. Thomas Madison [Matteson].  They had a son & a daugher named like their parents.

JamesB also had a half sister, an old maid named Esther Tingley.  Therefore the widow of ChristopherA LeV. of Warwick probably married a Tingley.

We are in doubt as to the names of JamesB LeV's. brothers, But think they were Monroe & George.  [Wrong.  They were George and yet another Christopher.  Moreau--not Monroe--was George's son.]

Now will you kindly answer a few questions?  1st. What LeValley named his 3 sons like the vowels?  That is he named them Ara, Era, & Ira?  [Answer: Holden]  2nd. What relation is Christopher of Shelby Basin to Christopher of Warwick?  [Answer: nephew]

JohnC Cook [LeValley] has been heard to speak of Uncle Holden [son of John's 2nd son John Jr.--and therefore the cousin, rather than brother, of John Cook LeValley's father James].

I think this is about all we can tell you.  If we hear of anything of interest, will let you know.  hoping to hear from you soon & wishing you a Merry Christmas.  I remain as ever your cousin-- Douglas Tibbits.  P.O. Box-60, Columbiaville, Lapeer Co., Mich.


Marriage Certificate (Copy)

This is to certifie Whom it may concern, That Mr. James LeValley, son of Mr. Christopher LeValley deceased, of Warwick; & Ms.Sarah Aylsworth,  daughter of  Mr. Richard Aylsworth Both of East Greenwich, in the county of Kent & State of Rhode Island, & Providence Plantation, were lawfully joined together in the honourable state of Marriage, in said Greenwich on the 15th Day of March 1790.

    by me, John Gorton  Elder

James LeValley's certificate recorded in the register of Marriages belonging to East Greenwich No. 2. Folio. 74  March 24th 1790

    by H. Cooke, T. Clk.


RichardA Aylesworth &
    JohnB  Used to come to Lockport N. Y.
    SarahB   great grandmother
    LydiaB  Married a southerner & moved south

ChristopherA LeValley of Warwick &
    GeorgeB  Not sure about this name
    MonroeB  Not sure about this name  [should be Christopher]
    JamesB  Great grandfather
    EuniceB  Married Tom Madison [Matteson]

GeorgeB LeValley (Not Sure) &
C  Moved to Illinois
    MonroeC  [Moreau]
    GeorgeC  Moved to Iowa

JamesB LeValley & Sarah Aylesworth
    [Sylvinus] GardnerC
    GeorgeC Thomas
    SarahC Carara 
    JohnC Cook

EuniceB LeValley & Thomas Madison [Matteson]

JamesB LeValley & Sarah Aylesworth  [repeated]
    [Sylvinus] GardnerC
    GeorgeC Thomas
    SarahC Carara 
    JohnC Cook

[Sylvinus] GardnerC LeValley & Sarah Washburn 
[Amanda] MarillaD
    FranklinD  [Paul LeValley's ancestor]

GeorgeC Thomas LeValley and Esther Philipa Amsden
    FrederickD Mortimer  [father of Nancy LeValley Eichholtz]
    NarcissaD Valedia  [probably the same person as Harriet N., who is not listed here]

GeorgeC T. LeValley & Phoebe Oliver [his 2nd wife]
    JamesD Knox Polk [LeValley]

SarahC Carara LeValley & John Reynolds Spencer Tibbits
D Freeman [Tibbits]
D Jenkins [Tibbits]
D LeValley [Tibbits]
D [Tibbits--whose son Douglas Jr. penned this manuscript]
D Colvin [Tibbits]
D Judson [Tibbits]
D LeValley [Tibbits]
D Grahme [Tibbits]
D Hackstone [Tibbits]
D LeValley [Tibbits]

JohnC Cook LeValley & Elizabeth Wheeler
D Blush
D Durant
D William
D [who dictated this manuscript]

JohnC Cook LeValley & Eleanor Johnson [his 2nd wife]

[Then the manuscript turns to the earliest generations:]

Peter1 LeValley & Sarah of Providence [should be Warwick RI]

Peter2 John2 LeValley &
    [ChristopherA of Warwick RI, ancestor of nearly all the above, belongs here.]
    John3 [Jr.]

John3 LeValley [Jr.] and Bidrah Bethiah Green
    Holden4  Ionia Mich  [Actually, his sons went there.]
4  Shelby Basin, N. Y.

Peleg LeValley & Rebecca Johnson
    Pattey4  [Polly]
    John 4
    James4  Grandson in Saginaw, grandson in Vassar  [D. W. of Saginaw MI wrote the letter below.]

Christopher4 LeValley & Lydia--Shelby Basin, N. Y.
    John5 Christopher Columbus [actually Christopher Columbus]  Moved to Flint.
5  Married Perry--Flint, Mich.
5   Married Alonzo Torrey--Flint, Mich.

RandallC LeValley & Lavina McCarty
    MariaD  Married John Weeks of Lockport, Will Co. Ill.
D Ann  Married Delos Tibbits of Columbiaville, Mich.



[This appears to be the Bible record of John Jr. and his son Christopher.  The amazing
thing about the document is that it did not come down through descendants, but passed
back and forth between very, very distantly related cousins who knew none of these
people.  Warren Welch has the paper that Mary Lovell Minnich (a descendant of the
original Peter's son Michael) copied in 1930 from a document that had somehow fallen
into the hands of Mary LeValley Day (a descendant of the original Peter's son Peter).
My notations are in brackets.]

[First generation]
John LeValley & Bethiah Greene
    Married March 15, 1781.

[Second generation]
Richard Greene LeValley
    Born Monday, Sept. 15, 1783.
Holden LeValley
    Born Sat. Sept. 17, 1785.
Christopher LeValley
    Born Tues. May 1, 1787.
Mary LeValley
    Born Nov. 21, 1789.  Married Lovell H. Thomas.
Hannah LeValley
    Born March 14, 1794.  Married Oliver Babcock.
Lydia--daughter of Samuel Barnard.
    Born Oct. 15, 1790.  Married Christopher LeValley Sept. 1808.  Born & married in Whitestown, Oneida Co., N.Y.

(Sister of Gen'l Greene--War of 1778.)  [This inaccurate speculation about Bethiah is out
of place here, and was probably never part of the original document.]

[Third generation]
John LeValley--Born May 31, 1810 Paris Hill, Oneida Co.
Clarissa LeValley--Born Jan. 14, 1812--in Gorham--Died while a child.
Susan LeValley--Born Feb. 9, 1815--Buried in Gorham, N.Y.
Lydia LeValley--Born March 23, 1816.  Married Alonzo Torrey.
Christopher Columbus LeValley.  Born May 31, 1810 Paris Hill Oneida Co.
    [Mistakenly copied from John's birth.]
    Married Harriet Darby.
Betsy Caroline LeValley, Born aug. 17, 1821--a child--buried in Middleport.
Cordelia Jane LeValley.  Born Apr. 7, 1824.
    Married Horace Perry.
Hannah LeValley--Born Nov. 6, 1826.
    Died Sept. 1827.

[Deaths--second generation]
Christopher LeValley died Sept. 13, 1827, aged 40 years.  Buried in Middleport.
Joseph Bickford second husband of Lydia Barnard--Died Oct. 16, 1865.
    Aged 80 years, 1 mo., 12 days.
Lydia Barnard LeValley Bickford
    Died Nov. 27, 1882.  Aged 92 years, 1 mo. & 22 days.



[D. Wilford LeValley and his wife were lawyers in Saginaw, Michigan.  As a genealogical researcher, he published a chart of the British royal family.]


                                                                                    SAGINAW, MICH......Oct. 31, 1910

Mrs. Nannie LeValley Eichholtz
        725 Alvarado S.
    Los Angeles, Cal.

    Dear Madam:
                            Your letter of 24th inst. to my wife, asking information regarding my branch of the LeValley genealogy has been handed to me for reply.  As you trace back to Rhode Island, there can be little doubt but that we are of the same stock.  Back to my great-great grandfather I can give positive information, from the army records in Washington, D. C., & personal testimony (affidavit of my aunt [Esther LeValley Murray], now deceased who knew him & was able to testify to all his descendants in my chain of ancestry.)  The other information, that I venture to state, is from family tradition.  The Pension Department record at Washington, D. C., Old War & Navy Division, shows that Peleg LeValley (my great-grandfather) served in the War of the American Revolution; that he was born at Warwick, R. I. 1759.  Entered military service 1776, as Private, & served 3 months, in R. I. Militia.  His captain, Malachi Hammett, his Colonel was Potter.
Served again 1 month, Mar. 1777.  (Lieutenant Anthony Holden, Col. Lowe)
Served again 1 month, Oct. 1777.  (Capt. Thos. Rice, Col. Lowe)
Again 1 mo. (same officers) 1778.
Fall 1778, served 15 days.  (Capt. Miller).
Engaged in Battle of Newport Islands.
    His residence at enlistment, Warwick, R. I.
Applied for pension Oct. 3, 1832.
    Then resided at Summit, Schoharie Co. N. Y.
Age at date of application 73 yrs.
    Since obtaining the foregoing information from the Coimmissioner of Pensions, I was in Washington & there made copies which I have lost or mislaid,  but I found an affidavit by Cook LeValley, brother of Peleg.  but I have no other positive proof of other members of his family, nor do I know the given name of his father.
    The exact date of his death is in the records, but I do not recall it.  but I think that he was 74 yrs old at death.
    His wife's name was Rebecca, but I am not sure whether it was Johnson [It was Northrup], or whether her mother's name was Johnson, but think that I could find out.  --At any rate she was very proud of her Johnson blood, expecially because her cousin, General Richard M. Johnson, killed the great Indian Chief, Tecumseh.  --The fact that Richard M. became Vice-President of the U. S., was not of so much importance to her.
    They had a daughter Abigail, who married Patrick Conley, and went to Ashtabula, Ohio, a son, Roderic, who moved to Sullivan Co. N. Y. bought 1000 acres of land & built a saw mill, a son, Hiram, who settled in Delaware Co. N. Y., a daughter, Polly, who remained at Summit, another daughter, Esther, married Morgan Andrews, & John LeValley, remained at Summit, and another son, James LeValley, who was my grandfather.
    James LeValley was born N. Y., 1800.  died in Missouri, 1871.
    He married Elizabeth Ostrander.  They lived in N. Y. state until in old age they moved with their two daughters & husbands to Missouri (about 1867).  They had children, as follows:  Elnora, Victoria, Levi, Esther, & Sarah and one other who died young.  [He inserted Elnora's name with a caret when he crossed out this phrase.]
    Levi LeValley (my father) was born in Schoharie Co. N. Y. July 16, 1827.  died at Vassar, Mich. Aug. 3, 1897.
    He married Candis C. Firmau Jan. 4, 1853.  They had two sons.  David Wilford David Wilford LeValley, of Saginaw, Mich. born Dec. 7, 1854, at Boonville, Oneida Co. N. Y. and Dr. Frank Duane LeValley (now of Vassar, Mich.) born Oct. 11, 1857, in Boonville, N. Y.

    In addition to the facts capable of absolute proof, I will relate the family record as handed down to me by word of mouth, and family traditions.  As I have been told, the father [grandfather] of Peleg & Cook LeValley came from France, --was a silk merchant, was robbed by pirates, --landed at Rhode Island.  --Afterwards returned to France, then again came to Rhode Island, went into business there.  --Married a Yankee wife woman of American birth, probably of English ancestry.  --had several children--some became manufacturers.  (Don't think this point regarding manufacturers was in this family tradition, but from a source seeming probable which makes it probable, information obtained about 1870.)  [The LeValleys at Ionia MI recorded that their ancestor John Jr. manufactured clocks.  Their version of the pirate story was also close to this one.]  Some conducted cotton mills in both R. I. & Connecticut.
    [In the next generation] The family were in some way related to the Cook Family.  --And the fact that one son was named Cook LeValley has led me to congecture that the mother of Peleg LeValley & Cook LeValley was a Cook.  There was a family tradition that they were related to Captain Cook the English navigator.

    I had wondered if this ancestor was a Huguenot, for all of my ancestors, so far as learned, were Protestants; While most Frenchmen & all by the name of LaVallie here in Saginaw, except myself, are Roman Catholics.  Your letter clears up that piont.  You also give the date 1727 as the time when he was there [Warwick RI].  You observe that Peleg LeValley was born in 1759, as War Records show.
    Any special information respecting the ancestors prior to Peleg LeValley will be thankfully received.  --Would like to know the names of his father & mother in full if possible.
    Warwick, R. I. is surely the place where they lived in 1876 1776.

                                                        Very Truly,

                                                                    D. W. LeValley


[The above documents have been typed faithfully.  But the next two manuscripts are hand-drawn charts.  I hesitate to scan them in visually because:
    a.  They contain too many inaccuracies that need commentary, and
    b.  They sometimes reveal too much information about living persons.
So I have decided to type them, keeping the order and notations as close as possible to the original manuscripts.]


[Around 1900, descendants of Peleg LeValley's grandson David began spelling the family name LaValley or LaValle.  David's grandson Leslie included many family narratives in his local history series, "The Basket Letters."  But his charts show the relationships:
Page 1--Fragments of modern research on Warwick RI--too garbled to post on the internet.
Page 2--Descendants of Peleg.
Page 3--Descendants of Peleg's grandson David.
Page 4--A few descendants of Peleg's brother Cook.
Page 5--Descendants of Cook's grandson Leonard.
Note that an X after a name indicates there were definitely no further descendants.]

Page 2  Peleg LeValley's Descendants

Peleg   Warwick, R.I., Summit, N.Y.
    Roderick R. 1797-1888 =Polly Dingman   Summit, N.Y., then Sullivan Co., N.Y.
        David 1820-1893 =Hetty Allen See Page 3.
        Adaline =A. Sperbeck
    Hiram   Delhi, N.Y., then Sullivan Co., N.Y.
        Alexander   Walton, N.Y.   X  [There was a later Alexander who may have been his son.]
        Valentine   Delhi--Sull. Co. N.Y.   X
        Leroy   Delhi, N.Y.   X  [Wrong.  Census records show several children.]
        Helena  Delhi, N.Y.   X
        Florence   New Jersey
    Mary   Summit, N.Y.   X
    Elizabeth =Cap. Nathan Green   Warwick, R.I.  [Whole notation highly suspect]
    Esther =   Murray   Hamilton, MO  [Wrong.  =Morgan Andrews.  Confused with her niece]
    James   Vassar MI  [Confused with his son Levi who fathered the next two]
        D. Wilford   Saginaw, Mich.   LeValley family still active in Michigan
        Francis [Frank] D.   Vassar Mich.
        [Esther LeValley Murray really was a daughter of James & moved to Hamilton MO with him.]
    John   Summit, Schoharie County, New York
        Harvey   Summit, N.Y.   X
        Mary   Summit, N.Y.   X
        Elizabeth  =A. Sperbeck   Summit, N.Y.   X  [Unlikely she ever married.]

[Page 3--Descendants of David]

David 1820-1893 =Hetty Almira Allen 1821-1910   Spelled name LeValley at first, then LaValley
    Cora Eliza =Chas. Skinner
        Della =    Armstrong
    Newell LaValley =Antonette Fish
            Leonard   X
    Wellington LaValley 1855-
        George   X
        Arthur   X
        Leslie M.   X
        Edith   X
    Solon LaValle 1856-1935
    =Birdella Tyler
        Josephine =    Chandler
    =Jennie Cowan
        Harold =    Armstrong   X
        Grace =    Laraway
        Robert 1897-
        Marion 1904-   =F. Willard English
    Hettie 1858-   =Geo. Ellithorpe
    Wallace LaValley 1861-1937 =Emily Jarrett 1860-1942
        Ethel 1895-1986 =William Clark
        Leslie 1897-  =Minnie Thomas  [Compiler of these charts]
        Bernice 1899-  =Clarence Pomeroy   X
    Jennie 1863-  =Fred Bennett
    Seward LaValley 1865-  =Jennie Parks

Page 4--Cook LeValley's Descendants

Cook   Warwick, R.I., Elmira, N.Y.   [The last city is wrong.]
    Rufas [Rufus]   Elmira, N.Y.
        Nathaniel Lyman (Liberty) =Juliette Decker
            Fred 1855-  =Ella A. Porter
                A. McLeod 1893-
                    Fred B. 1917-
            Agnas May   Buffalo, N.Y.   X
            Demarest   Elmira, N.Y.   X
        Leonard  Covington, Pa.   See Page 5
        Luesetta =John Sanders
        Lucinda =Philip Gebhardt                   All Elmira, N.Y. except Leonard
        Frances =James Hill
        Comodore Decator  [Listed in the census as Decatur LeValley]
    [James] Nelson
    Christopher   Delaware Co., N.Y.  [actually John, father of Christopher.  Both moved to Knox Co., IL]
    Mrs. Dodge   Albany, N.Y.  [Misplaced.  She was a daughter of Peleg's son Hiram.]

Note:  Nathaniel Lyman above was always known as "Liberty."
The above names were given to me by Fred LeValley in 1939 and by Uncle Wellington LaValley, a travelling photographer who had become acquainted with Liberty LeValley, Fred's father, in the early years of 1900.

Page 5--Leonard C., son of Rufas [Rufus], son of Cook.

Leonard C. LeValley
        Cora (Richards)
            Adda (Kiley)
                Richard Kiley
                Lorraine  "
                Shirley     "
                William    "
        Katherine (Hoxie)   X   [Original compiler of this chart]
        Grey LeValley
            Louise (Larison)   adopted
                Grey Larison
                Glen    "
        Mattie (Harrimann)   [Hermann]
        Daisy (Strait)
        Leonard C. LeV.   [Lynn C.]
            Alice (Clark)
                Bettie Clark
            Doris (Gilron)
            Clark LeV.
            Glen    "
        Mark LeV.
        Lucile (Osler)
            Lecia (Seaffide)
            Marian Osler
            Mark       "
    [Anthony] Wayne
        ________   X
        ________   X
        ________   X
        Emma (Simerson)
            Francis (Ward)
        Leah (Cleveland)
            Julia (Stock)
        Maud (Roundsville)
    Horis [Horace] LeValley
        Harry LaValley
            Edward LeValley   Note: Harry & Ray spelled name LaValley.  Edward back to LeValley.
        Ivah (Olney)
        Ray LaValley
    Henretta   X
    Margaret   1st husband, Hulslander.  2nd husband, Grey.
        Della (Hagerty)
        Minnie (Rosbrook)
        Margaret (Frey)
        Edith (Walsh)
            Ruth (Cushing)
            James Walsh
        Leo Hulslander

Note:  Married name is in the (parenthesis)

                            From Katherine Hoxie's chart
                            dated Oct. 18, 1939, with
                            her corrections, a Wellington LaValley contact.

                                                        L. D. LaValley  1/4/1992



[Cook LeValley's great-granddaughter, Mary LeValley Church dictated this information around 1916 to her son Herbert, who drew it up in chart form 40 years later.  There are three parts:
Part 1--Ancestors and descendants of Cook's son James Nelson LeValley, with notes.
Part 2--Descendants of James Nelson's son George Cook LeValley.
Part 3--Descendants of James McPique, a Church ancestor (omitted here).
I have also omitted several obsolete street addresses, but kept notations of cities.  My copy has been heavily updated by Herbert Church's cousin, Dorothy LeValley Otterson.  Where I can distinguish between the two sets of handwriting, and where the added information does not infringe on living persons, I have put her annotations in italics.]

                              LeValley Genealogy        Preliminary Draft - Feb. 1956

                                                                                    Compiled by    Herbert F. Church
                                                                                                            14 Thornby Place
                                                                                                             St. Louis 12, Mo.
Peter LeValley
Pierre LeValle or LeVallee b. 1663   d. 1756                               Note A
                                m. 1-Elizabeth- [wrong]   m. 2 Sarah--
John LeValley   b. 1714   m. Hester
                        d. 1808
Cook LeValley   b. 1761 Warwick, R.I.   m. Deborah-                   Note B
                         d. 1838-9 Worcester, Otsego Co. N.Y.
                Soldier War for Independence
James Nelson LeValley   b. about 1796 Sco. NY                            Note C
                                       d. 1868   Victoria Ill. or Pa?  [IL]
                                       m. Laura Ann Allen of Conn.   d. 1866
    3 dtrs. d. at birth
    Daniel   Stayed in Pa.
    George Cook   b. 9-28-1882*                                                          *Bible record
         See page 3   [The second chart]
    Phoebe d. age 5
    Deborah   married Michael Slocum
        dtr. Lib
            m. John Edwards (died in Union Army)
            m. Almon Bartlet ("Fought thru a long married life")
                Charles   (A business man in Galesburg when I was a boy--
                Sarah                            mortgages and insurance probably)
        son George                                                                            Note D
            son Harry-d. age 3 or 4
    Levi   d. six mo. after marriage
    Francis   d. age 18 (Scarlet fever left running sore in groin till death)
    Silas   Huntington Tp. Pa.
        2 dtr.
        son Frank   (a tough fellow)
    Stephen Edwards
        m. 1
            Betsy Ann
        m. 2
            2 sons, died in infancy
        m. 3   [Almira LeValley, daughter of Christopher, son of John, oldest son of Cook LeValley]
            Judd                                                                                    Note E
            Harriet  [Confused with Almira's sister Harriet LeValley, who m. George Palmer]
                m. George Palmer   (Railroad conductor Galesburg, Ill.)
                    Chauncey   (Spanish War)
                        m. Archie Booz   (Banker, Winchester, Ill.)

Note A:  The story as I heard it from my mother:  Traded estate in France for one or two vessels to trade with the American colonies.  Encountered storms, dismasted, and foundered on Rhode Island shore.  Traded hulls for Rhode Island land.  The nurse who took care of my mother before her deaath was from the East, and her husband from a part of Rhode Island where Le or LaValley was a common name.  His best man at the wedding was George LaValley.  At one time I was associated with a LaValley from Wilkesbarre, Pa. [probably Daniel's family], but he knew nothing of his LaValley antecedents.  Later the original or the next generation [actually the third] moved to the Mohawk Valley (Scoharie County) New York, a Huguenot settlement.

Note B:  Cook LeValley enlisted on the last call for volunteers before the close of the Revolutionary War when sixteen years old, and served as a drummer boy for about six months.  Some mention once that he either served in Massachussetts or with Massachusetts troops.

Note C:  James Nelson LeValley moved to a day's wagon ride from Wilkesbarre, Pa., when his son George was ten years old.

Note D:  George Slocum.  "Should have been sent to the pen, but he is my sister's child and I can't do anything," said his uncle George Cook LeV.  Brought family to Knox County, Illinois, ran off, wife pregnant and baby born in poor house.

Note E:  Two of these boys deaf and dumb.  [Wrong.  It was their brother William and their sister Harriet, who married William Snyder and had four children.]  George C. attributed it to their father's life.  [More likely, inbreeding of cousins had something to do with it.]

[Part 2--Descendants of George Cook LeValley]

George Cook LeValley   b. 9-28-1822,* Scoharie Co., N.Y.
                                      d. 9-19-1914,* buried in Victoria, Ill.
    m. Harriet N. Brunson   b. 2-14-16,* Pa.
                                         d. 12-1-54*
            Ira Nelson   b. 2-21-44,* Pa.
                               d. 11-8-26, California Old Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles.
                               Union soldier marched with Sherman to the sea and up Shenandoah Valley.
                               Part of jaw shot away in Battle of Wilderness--six days before treated.
                               His father said he was a different man when he returned.
                m. Sarah Ellen Watson   b. 9-19-
                                                      d. 3-12-1942 or 41
                    Charles   b. 3-77 Portland Ore.   d. 3-36-53 Fenton Ore.  Idaho?
                        m. Elizabeth   d. 6-51
                            dtr. Frances   b. -04
                            dtr. Mildred   b. 06 or 07   d.3/53
                    Frances Ellen (Nellie)   b. 10-14-78
                                                        Living near Nampa, Idaho
                        m. George Marion Pethtel   b. 9-13-58
                                                                    d. 11-19-49
                            Anna Elvian   b. 5-3-05
                                                 Living Nampa, Idaho
                                m. Adolph R. Kasel
                                    Perry Otto...
                            Florence   b. 12-31-12
                            Frances   b. 4-18-16
                    William   b. '81   Living in Fontana Calif.
                       m. Louise   d. 8-42
                            Louis   Living in San Lorenzo or Santa Cruz
                                    dtr. Pattie...
                                    dtr. Judith Lynn...
                            Miller W.   b. 11-8-09   Regular Army Capt.   Baltimore, Md.
                            Viola   b. 8-7-09   [Miller's wife, rather than his sister]
                         m. Dessie
                    sister Harriet (Shirley)   b. 7-30 '85   Living Oakland, Calif.
                        m.         Cooper [2nd husband.  1st husband Dwight Moore was father of Erma]
                            dtr. Erma   b.  -04
                    Jennie   b. 3-  -91 Rooks Co. Kansas
                                 d. 10-19-41 Boise, Idaho
                        m. Ben Allen   d. 6/30/49
                            [2nd] son Robert      1941 - [Jennie had] 5 living children   10 grandchildren
                                    [William] Carl  [Jennie's 4th son]
                                    EllaMae Shannon  [Jennie's 2nd daughter Ellen Mae]
                                    Rachel  [Jennie's 1st daughter Geraldine Rae]
                                    Aden  [Jennie's 3rd son Charles Ayden]
                                    _______  [Jennie's 1st son Leroy Lee, who died at birth]
                    Geraldine   b. 12-7-99 or 00   Now living in Astoria, Ore.
                        m.      McKnight  [2nd husband.  1st husband Ernest Barcus father of her children]
                            Virginia Mae   b. 4-17-16   Living in Washington, D.C.
                            Gwendolyn   b. 12-17-17
                    Louis   Killed by rock in upper teens
        Deborah Delilah  b. 11-16-47* Pa.
                                    d. 9-24-72* St. Joe, Mo. or K.C. (on wagon)
            m.       Davis
                    George   Came to grandmother's funeral in 1907.  Hack driver in K.C.  Boozy Bum.
                    Frank P.   Adopted by M.B. Ogden and taken to Riverside, Calif. 11-22-80.
                        m. Clara Douglas   m. 12-23-'91        Now living near High Grove, Calif.
                            Edna   Living in San Diego
                                m.      Pierce   1941- 2 sons living - 1 grandchild (son)
                                                                  1 son drowned 1937 Manila Bay
                                m.       McCollock   Living in Placentia, Calif.
        Margaret Malinda   b. 2-2-52* in Pa.
                                       d. 11-22-29 in Industry or Monmouth, Ill.
            m.       Wells------------------------------------dtr by first marriage
                Winifred   b. 1881 (?)   Living in Los Angeles                m. Grant Bridges
                    m. Penn Miller                                                                Lena b. 1886 (?) Living in
                        Gertrude                                                                                               Los Angeles
                        son                                                                              Roy
                Roy   b. 1886 (?)
                        d. 190_

    m. Eliza Jane Miles   b. 4-19-24* Ind.   [Second wife of George Cook LeValley]
                                    d. 3-19-07* Victoria, Ill.
        Mary Cook   b. 11-22-56*   Victoria, Ill.   [who dictated these notes]
                           d. 2-2-32   St. Louis   B[uried] Galesburg Ill.
            m. Henry Church   b. 8-15-47* Henderson, Ill.   Union Soldier
                    10-20-80      d. 9-30-93* Galesburg Ill.   [The first is their wedding date.]
                    Myrtle   b. 10-21-81*   d. 7-8-82*
                   Howard LeValley [Church] b. 1-7-87*   d. 4-8-26*   National Guard
                    Herbert Frederick   b. 4-3-88*   World War I   [who drew this chart]
                        m. Mildred James   b. 10-12-99
                            6-29-'28   [another wedding date]
                            Phyllis James [Church]...
                            Robert LeValley [Church]...
                    Helen   b. 11-11-89*   d. 10-28-02*
        Emma Frances   b. 1-24-58*   Victoria Ill.
                                   d. 4-3-95*
            m. Charles Waterbury
                Mabel   b. 6-  -88 Dayton, Ia.   Living Algona, Ia.
                    m. Dana Paxon
                        Charles Dana
                Jessie   b. Dayton, Ia.   Living in Texas.
        Ellen Wilmetta   b. 9-22-60*   Victoria, Ill.
                                  d. 12-8-41   Peoria, Ill.   B[uried] Victoria
            m. Jacob Hunter Harrison   b. 11-18-1842   Union Soldier
                                                       d. 6-29-17
                Paul   b. 11-20-85   d. 10-7-89
                Leslie   b. 9-28-88   Living in Peoria, Ill.
                Max Hunter   b. 12-24-93   Living in Bangalore, So. India
                    m. Minnie Hastings
                Karl Jacob   b.5-5-04   Living in Urbana, Ill.   World War II - Major A.F. Reserve
                    m.      Brown

      George              When grown he reversed his name using Edwin George to avoid confusing
      Eugene Edwin   b. 10-12-62*   Victoria, Ill.                              his mail with his fathers
                            d. 7-2-'49 Willows, Calif.  in Sutter hospital, during surgery. Sacramento, Calif.
         m.  Susan Henrietta Gaines   b. 7-23-1870 Victoria Ill
                                                 d. 12-30-1946 Willows, Cal
                Dorothy   b. 6-17-'95   Living in Willows, Calif.
                    m. Bert Wilbert Harvey Otterson on 10-16-'14 at Glenn, Cal.  b. 1889, d. 9-8-79
                        Wayne LeValley [Otterson]...
                Donald Harvey   b. May 19, '97 Victoria Ill.     Eureka
                                  d. Mar. 26 - 1967 Eureka, Cal.
                    m. Irene Kay   b. Rohnerville Cal. 8-20-98
                                           d. Eureka          "     12-6-72
                        #1 Patricia born August 1, 1924, Eureka, California
          Jeanette b. 1210-30-1899 in Victoria Ill.   Living in San Francisco
                    m. Robert Reid Newell on 11-11-1922 in Chico Cal.
                        Anne...   First Born  [named Nancy, changed to Ann]
                        Cynthia   b. 8-20 '35 at S.F.   d. 4-8-1937 at S.F.
          Jean Cook   b. 3-4-'01  Stronghurst Ill.   Living in Taft, Calif.   Bakersfield, Ca. 1-26-70
                    m. Hilda Thomas Byrnes -12-31-23   [Hilda Byrnes Thomas & wedding date]
                        Edwin George...
              Maurice Gaines b. 6-27-'06 in Stronghurst Ill.  Living in TaftBakersfield since 1-26-70
                    m. Irene H. Madsen at Carson City Nev. 7-22-1934
               Helen   b. 5-2-'08 in Stronghurst Ill.   Living in Sacramento   Bodego Bay
                    m. Lawrence Theodore Bennet, Jr. at Carson City, Nev. Feb. 14, 1957

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