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    Of Michael LeValley's three sons, the Snow manuscript traces only the descendants of Caleb--and that was done without access to the early Bible records.  Fortunately, five such sets of Bible records survive, and a few probate documents can fill in the some of the other relationships:

Peter LeValley c.1683-1757  =Sarah
    Michael  1720-c.76  =Almy Bailey
        Peter Jr.  c.1758-1828 =Katherine Parker                            1.  List of heirs
            Henry  c.1784-1833 =A. Elizabeth Wheeler                     2.  Will
                Levi  1803-47 =Mary McClure
                   Hugh  1826-95 =Sarah Poe                                       3.  Bible record
                Clark  1804-52 =Susan Childress (later Dodge)           4.  Susan's will
                    Daniel  1834-1908 =Mary Jane Cook
                        P. Clyde 1884-1962 =Pearl Hays                          5.  Bible record
                Henry Jr.  1805-c.53 =Mary Tunks
                    Phebe 1830-1904 =Joseph Garland                          6.  Bible record
                George W.  1824-    =Nancy Deaver
        Benjamin  1767-1849 =Mary Greene
            Henry  1798-1856 =Elisabeth Sherman                            7.  Bible record
        Caleb  1771-    =Alice Fenner                                               8.  Bible record
             Benjamin Sr.  1801-92 =Emeline Borden                         9.  Affidavit
             Warren  1805-52  =Nancy Whalon
                Nancy  1852-    =Julius Davol +++                              10.  Published genealogy

Any clarifying notations by me are in brackets.  The probate records all contain misspellings of names--most notably LeValley--that I have left unaltered.

1.  Heirs of Peter LeValley Jr.

    [In Rhode Island, he was usually called Peter Jr. to distinguish him from his older cousin, Peter Sr.  This has caused no end of confusion.  Even the DAR has honored his Revolutionary War service by placing a marker on his cousin's grave.  There is no record of him using the Jr. after he moved to New York state.]

In the matter of the proof
of the last Will and Testament
                              of Peter Levally dec.         Cayuga County JP  Elisha Jennings of the town of
Sennett in said County being sworn deposeth saith, that he was well acquainted with
Peter Levally late of the town of Sennett aforesaid now deceased, that the said Peter
Levally died in the said town of Sennet which was his place of residence on or about
the twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight
hundred and twenty eight, that the said Peter Levally left an widow, Catharine Levally
who is yet alive; that the following are his heirs at law, as far as this deponant knows or
believes, to wit, Harry Levally of the State of Indiana, Phebe Potter, wife of Abiatha
Potter of the town of Hannibal in the County of Oswego, Hulda Strong, wife of Isaac
Strong of the town of Sennett, and [Cata] the wife of this deponant before me this 25th day of
Oct. 1830.
                    J. Porter                                        Elisha Jennings


2.  Will of Henry LeValley

    [This Henry (only son of Peter Jr.) should not be confused with his cousin Henry (only son of Benjamin) whose Bible record is listed below.  This Henry wrote his will in Shelby County, Ohio in 1825, but died in Fountain County, Indiana, where the will was probated in 1833.  This record comes from a typed version.  I have not seen the spelling or capitalization of the original.  His wife, Anstress Elizabeth, normally went by her middle name.]

                    Henry Levalley's Last Will

    In the name of God Amen.  I Henry Levalley of Shelby County in the State of
Ohio being sick and weak in body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and
understanding, considering, the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time
thereof, and being desires to settle my worldly affairs, and thereby be the better
prepared to leave this world when it should please God to call me home do therefore
make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is
to say, first and principally I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my
body to the earth to be decently intered at the discretion of my executrix herein after
named and after my debts and funeral charges are paid I desire and bequeath as
follows:  then I give and devise unto Levi Levalley my eldest son forty acres of land to
be taken off of the East side of the Quarter Section I now live on to him the said Levi
and his heirs and assigns in fee simple; then I give and bequeath unto my wife Austress
Elizabeth LeValley all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal so long
as she shall remain a widow or during her natural life provided that if the said Anstress
Elizabeth should marry then and in that case Clark P. Levalley, Henry Levalley, Phoebe
Levalley, Mary Levalley, Nancy Levalley, Hulda Levalley, Catherine Levalley and
George W. Levalley, my children are to receive two thirds of said estate share and
share alike, the said Anstress Elizabeth retaining one third during her natural life and at
her decease to be equally divided amongst all my children provided that if the said
Anstress Elizabeth should remain a widow until her decease then and in that case, my
son Levi Levalley is to have one twenty seventh part of the whole remaining exclusive
of the before mentioned forty acres.  And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my
dear wife Anstress Elizabeth to be sole exectrix of this my last will and testament
revoking and annulling all former wills by me made heretofore satisfying and confirming
this and none other to be my last will and testament.  In testimony whereof I, Henry
Levalley have to this my will and testament set my hand and seal this twenty fourth day
of September in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty five.

                                      Henry Levalley        seal
signed sealed published and delivered by Henry Levalley the above named testator and
for his last will and testament in the presents of us who at his request and in his
presents have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto--Jas Lenex, Hesekiah
Hubbell, Jne Wilson


3.  Bible record of Henry's grandson Hugh

    [I have not seen a copy of the original document.  Joann Deter LeValley rearranged the information when typing this report in the 1980s.  One page begins with this explanatory note:]

All material included here taken from [a handwritten paper found in] the family Bible of Hugh M. and Sarah J. Poe LeValley which is passed to the eldest son of the generation.

    b. June 4, 1803 [Birth record at Stamford VT agrees.]
    m. May 27, 1824 Mary McClure    b. February 5, 1805
                                                         d. January 15, 1879
    d. June 18, 1847


    b. May 25, 1825
    m. July 3, 1844 Jesse Simpson
    d. June 18, 1845

Hugh M.
    b. November 18, 1826 Ohio
    m. August 24, 1854 Sarah J. Poe    b. April 16, 1836 Franklin Co., Ohio
                                                           d. April 7, 1895  [April 17 on another page]
    d. November 20, 1895

    b. April 17, 1829
    m. December 13, 1850 Thomas Petty

Andrew J.
    b. February 27, 1832
    d. April 8, 1833

Isaac C.
    b. July 8, 1834
    m. July 4, 1859 Julia Ceton

David J.
    b. April 3, 1839
    m. September 20, 1860 Virginia Gasaway

    b. March 16, 1842
    d. April 26, 1860

Joseph S.
    b. July 31, 1846


Francis Aimie [listed in other records as Sarah Fannie]
    b. October 10, 1855
    d. October 11, 1881

Mary E.
    b. March 3, 1857 Wabash Co., Ind.
    m. December 5, 1878 [Francis Larison]
    d. April 1927

Charles Fremont
    b. October 25, 1858 Wabash Co., Ind.
    m. January 17, 1887 Lillie Hudson    b. November 1, 1859 Green Co., Ind.
                                                             d. February 22, 1920 Crawford, CO
    d. June 29, 1917 Crawford, CO    Buried Woodbine, Iowa

Julia Alice [went by her middle name]
    b. April 9, 1861 Logan Co., Ill.
    m. March 12, 1884 [Thomas Flood]

    b. February 22, 1875 Lincoln, Ill.
    d. February 22, 1875

Walter Hugh
    b. July 6, 1877 Menard Co., Ill.
    m. (1st) November 14, 1900 Ada Cox
         (2nd) July 6, 1914 Vera Gatrast
    d. April 25, 1955


Fred H.
    b. December 6, 1887 Dundy Co., Nebr.
    m. April 11, 1925 Martha Elena Card    b. October 13, 1884
                                                                  d. March 26, 1967
    d. October 4, 1972

Thomas Byron
    b. June 12, 1889 Dundy Co., Nebr.
    m. August 31, 1920 Kathryn Fobare    b. December 9, 1894 Delta Co., CO
                                                                d. April 11, 1965 Hotchkiss, CO
    d. April 15, 1981 Delta, CO

    b. July 10, 1891 Dundy Co., Nebr.
    m. October 25, 1922 Wallace Goodwin
    d. July 28, 1949 Crawford, CO

Mary E.
    b. November 6, 1893 Dundy Co., Nebr.
    d. September 17, 1895

Infant son  [Remaining unnamed seems inconsistent with the age at death.]
    b. December 21, 1894 Harrison Co., Iowa
    d. January 27, 1895

    b. May 27, 1896 Harrison Co., Iowa
    m. July 16, 1924 George Goodwin

    b. October 8, 1897 Harrison Co., Iowa
    m. May 31, 1923 Mark DeMotte
    d. April 27, 1985 Los Angeles, CA

Infant son  [Remaining unnamed seems inconsistent with the age at death.]
    b. March 16, 1899 Harrison Co., Iowa
    d. March 12, 1900

James C.
    b. August 3, 1902 Logan, Iowa
    m.                1933 Ruby Carpenter
    d. July 3, 1967 Denver, CO

[The report continues with more detaled information on later generations, but no further reference to the family Bible.]


4.  Will of Clark's widow, Susan Childress LeValley Dodge

    [Susan could not read or write.  Her will, dated July 19, 1882 in Sonoma County, California, was obviously writted by a lawyer.  The crux of it is in one paragraph listing Clark's and her children:]

    It is my will that after all my debts are paid including my funeral expences, that my property of every nature Real personal or mixed Shall be Equally divided between Caroline Hendricks, Sarah A. Robinson (perhaps now Bosworth) and Theressa Spergen All being my daughters and of full age.  And it is my intention to Exclude from this will my sons Henry Levalley & Daniel T. Levalley and the Heirs of Jane Thompson my daughter now dead.


5.  Bible Record of P. Clyde LeValley

This bible was presented new to Clark's grandson Pearl Clyde LeValley in 1894.  He made the original entries around 1905.  A second hand recorded two more deaths in 1907 and 1908 (probably his mother when she was living with him).  Later, a third hand (perhaps his wife) made several corrections.  Then a child (probably their daughter Imogene) scribbled the remaining lines full.  A fifth hand (probably the mature Imogene) made the final entry recording her birth.  All writing other than Pearl's is shown here in italics.

Because births spilled onto the Marriage page, marriages never were recorded.


Mr. D. F. LeValley  1834 Feb 1
Mary Jane Cook, August 19, 1839

[Their children were:]
Minia LeValley  13 July  1860  [She called herself Nina.]
Mildred LeValley  Feb 26  1862
Edgar LeValley  5 June  1863  [written over 1864]
Lula LeValley  Feb 26  1865
Don LeValley  5 Aug  1867  [should be 1866]
Ada LeValley  April 1  1868
Oliver LeValley  Dec 2  1870
Lee LeValley  Feb 2  1872  [written over 1873]
Lawrence LeValley  Jan 19  1874  [written over 1875]
Daisy LeValley, October 11, 1877  [written over 1878]
[Continued on the marriage page]
Frances LeValley  June 12  1880
Pearl LeValley  July 5  1884

[Grandchildren included:]
Ray LeValley, October 1, 1896  [probably Lee's son]
May LeValley, May 5, 1894  [should be 1893]  [definitely Lee's daughter]
Born  Im  [Without enough unscribbled space, this was written at the bottom of the first page:]
Imogene Frances LeValley  October 15  1919  [Pearl's daughter]


Ada LeValley  age 2 month  June 5  1868
Oliver LeValley  age 32 years  Feb 4  1902
Lulu Whitmore  Age 42 yrs Feb 26  Sept 10  1907
D. T. LeValley.  Age 74 yrs.  Died Jan 13th  1908
Mrs. M. J. LeValley  Age 78.  Died Dec 17, 1917


6.  Bible record of Phebe LeValley Garland

    [This Bible was copyrighted in 1875, which means that all family information was written in at least a quarter-century after it happened.  This record of Phebe LeValley Garland and her children would be of little interest to most LeValley researchers, were it not for the earlier information recorded in a less ornate hand on the Miscellaneous page.  I suspect that that second writer was her mother, Mary Tunks LeValley.  The Miscellaneous page probably came last, but copies were sent to me in chronological order--which I have kept here.]


Henry Levalley Was Bornd August 26 185 [Birth record at Stamford VT says Aug. 25, 1805]
Mary Levalley Was Boarnd May the 3 1810  [probably the author of this page]
[Their daughter Phebe is listed on the Birth page.  Their other children were:]
H. B. Levalley Was Boarnd Febrary 13 1841  [Henry Benton]
M D Levalley Was Boarnd March 1845  [Martha]
S J Levalley Was 1849  [Sarah]


Joseph Garland and Phebe LaValley were married on the 15th day of November 1849


Phebe Levalley was born Dec. 23d 1830.

Mary Melisy Garland was born Sept 16th 1850
Milley A. Garland was born Apr 27th 1853
Martha A. L. Garland was born Apr 27th 1855
William H. Garland was born Nov 17th 1856
Sarah Elizabeth Garland was born Apr 4th 1858
Doress Jane Garland was born Nov. 4th 1862


Wm. Henry Garland Died on Dec 22d 1856
Mary M. Garland Died March 27th 1864
Sarah E. Georg june the Diead june 12 1896  [Probably Phebe's daughter, written in a 3rd hand]
Martha E. Fitch Dec    1939  [Probably Phebe's daughter, written in a 4th hand]


7.  Bible record of Henry LeValley (son of Benjamin)

    [This Bible was published in 1841--after many of the dates recorded herein.  In fact, all of the entries through 1913 appear to be in the same handwriting--probably that of Henry's son Benjamin Franklin LeValley.  I suspect this was really his Bible, with the family information copied out of a now vanished Bible belonging to his parents.  A few later notations in a second hand are here italicized.  The marriage page probably went first, but I am listing births first.
    Laura Thorson published these records many years ago as "Henry LeValley Bible 1767-1856," Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter, vol. 21, No. 4 (April 1975).  She also sent me a typed report listing (from what source I do not know) these older sisters of Henry LeValley:
    Phebe m. (1) John Hollister, (2) Elias Howe
    Ruby m. Welcom Worden
    Mercy m. Michael Myers
    Electa m. Caleb Sweet--listed elsewhere in her records as Electra]


Henry LeValley
    Nov. 24th, 1798

Elizabeth Sherman
    Aug. 3d, 1803

Sylvia LeValley
    Sept. 2d, 1821

Permilia Ann LeValley [went by her middle name]
    Feb. 13th, 1823

Phebe Jane LeValley [went by her middle name]
    Jan. 31st, 1825

Benjamin Franklin LeValley
    Oct. 28th, 1827

Electa LeValley
    Oct. 13th, 1829

Michael Myers LeValley
    Jan. 17th, 1832

George Washington LeValley
    Oct. 23d, 1833

Lafayette LeValley
    Oct. 19th, 1835

John Sherman LeValley
    Sept. 3d, 1839

Charles Henry LeValley
    Nov. 15th, 1841

Lorenzo Adelbert LeValley
    Feb. 19th, 1844

Mary Elizabeth LeValley
    Dec. 26th, 1847


Henry LeValley--father
Elizabeth Sherman--mother
    Dec. 25th, 1820

Silvanus Williams
Electa LeValley
    July 8th, 1846

Henry Schmerhorn [Schermerhorn]
Permelia A. LeValley
    July 25th, 1846

Benjamin LeValley
Isabella Roberts
    July 7th, 1850

George LeValley
Mary Carroll
    Nov. 27th, 1856

Lafayette LeValley
Mary Jane Flansburg
    July 3d, 1856

Nehemiah Conklin
Phebe Jane LeValley
    March 15th, 1857

Births                            [on the Marriages page]
Grand Parents

Benjamin LeValley
    Mar. 21st, 1767

Mary Green LeValley
    Feb. 23, 1766.

Deaths                          [on the Marriages page]

Mary LeValley
    July 14th, 1844

Benjamin LeValley
    Apr. 4th, 1849


Sylvia LeValley
    June 12th, 1828

Michael Myers LeValley
    Oct. 9th, 1832

Lorenzo Adelbert LeValley
    March 24th, 1849

John Sherman LeValley
    Nov. 27th, 1861

Mary Elizabeth LeValley
    Dec. 13th, 1864

Electa ^ Williams LeValley
    June 21st, 1896

Phoebe Jane ^ Conklin
    Jan. 13th, 1909

Isabella Roberts LeValley wife of Benjamin F.
    Feb. 15th, 1913

Charles Henry LeValley

George W. LeValley

Permelia Ann ^ Schmerhorn

Henry LeValley--father
    Dec. 11th, 1886

Elizabeth Sherman LeValley--mother
    Jan. 31st, 1892

Benjamin F. LeValley
    Jan. 31, 1925

8.  Bible records of Alice LeValley

    [Unlike his brothers, Michael LeValley had only a vague knowledge of writing.  He crossed the Ls in his signature.  His descendants were the least educated of the early LeValleys.  His daughters, his youngest son Caleb, and Caleb's wife Alice all signed their names with a + or an x.  Therefore, Alice neither read from, nor wrote the family information in her Bible--though one of her children may have been able to do those things for her.  Census records do not always show Caleb and Alice in the household at the same time.  In fact, she did not even bother to mention Caleb in her Bible record.
    These records show four different sets of handwriting over the years.  The first was so poor that a second writer with a fluent hand recopied much of it onto the facing page.  Probably after a funeral in 1879, a third writer added the family of Alice's son Warren, but placed a page of deaths before the births and marriages.  I have moved that page to its logical place.  In the first half of the twentieth century, a fourth writer--represented here in italics--added a few notations to the third set of records, then placed the births and deaths from the family of Warren's son Benjamin on the last Birth page.]

[First writer]                                                            [Second writer]

Alice Levalley her                                                        Alice Levalley
Bible bought Septem                                               Born September-2--1777.
the 15.. 1820.                                                          -----------------------------
---------------------------------                        Berths of children
Childrens births unto 18[unreadable]                     -----------------------------
Uriah W. Levalley                                                     Uriah H. Levalley
born june 14--1793                                                Born june 11--1793
---------------------------------                    ------------------------------
Sterry B. Levalley born july                                          Waty Levalley
26--1797                                                                was Born june 27--1795
---------------------------------                    ------------------------------
joanna Levalley born                                                   Sterry B. Levalley
October 18--1899  1799.                                       was Born july 16--1797
---------------------------------                    ------------------------------
Benjamin Levalley born                                                Joanna      Levalley
April 3--1801                                                         was Born October 18--1799
---------------------------------                     ------------------------------
Warren Levalley born                                              Benjamin Levalley
August 15--1805                                                    was Born April 3--1801
                                                                                   Warren Levalley
                                                                                        Born August 15--1805
                                                                                Christopher H. Levalley
                                                                                Born May 6--1811

[Warren's family by a third hand--with annotations by a fourth]


    Warren LeValley Born August 15th 1805 in Coventry RI
    Nancy T. Whalon Born October 9th 1812 in Dartmouth Mass Died in F[all] R[iver] March 11 1900
Alice A. LeValley Born July 21st 1832 Fall River Mass
Rebecca W. LeValley Born June 2nd or July 23 1834 in Fall River Mass
Francis W. LeValley Born June 2_th or Aug. 8 1836 in Lowell Mass
Hannah LeValley Born March 29th or June __ 1838 in Cranston RI
Eliza J. LeValley Born September 16th 1840 in Cranston RI
Daniel W. LeValley Born Oct 2nd 1842 in Fall River Mass
Benjamin W. LeValley Born Oct 22nd 1844 Fall River Mass
Gideon W. LeValley Born August 5th 1846 in Tiverton RI
Arthur F. LeValley Born November 5th 1848 in Tiverton RI
Nancy M. LeValley Born February 26th 1852 in Tiverton RI


    Warren LeValley & Nancy T. Whalon Married July 3rd 1831
    Henry Brightman & Alice A. LeValley Married January 22nd 1853
    Elisha M. Capen & Eliza J. LeValley Married December 15th 1864
    Benjamin W. LeValley & Elizabeth H. Hathayay [Hathaway] Married Nov 3rd 1870
    Julius K. Davoll & Nancy M. LeValley Married March 12th 1874

    Warren LeValley Died Sept. 1st 1852 in Sanfrancisco California
    Francis W. LeValley Died July 6th 1836
    Rebecca W. LeValley Died in March 1837
    Hannah LeValley Died in Nov 1839
    Daniel W. LeValley Died in Dec 1843
    Gideon W. LeValley Died in Oct 1847
    Arthur F. LeValley Died July _0th 1854
    Alice A. Brightman Died Oct 30th 1879
    N. Eugene Brightman Died Oct 12th 1875 [probably son of the above]

[Family of Warren's son Benjamin, added by the fourth writer to the last Birth page]

    Children of Benjamin & Elizabeth H. Levalley

Frank Arthur Levalley = B. June 6--1873
Carl Everett Levalley  B. Oct 9--1874  D. Oct 9--1918
Ivy Clifton Levalley-Davis  B. Sept 13--1879  D. Dec 15, 51
Roland Levalley  B. July 12--1882  D. 1926

Edith E. wife of Frank W. LeValley died Oct 9 Nov 13, 1916
Elizabeth Levalley died May 20, 1921
Benjamin W.  "         "     August 1900
Margaret McCrosson wife of Roland died         1919
Roland died              1926

9.  Affidavit of Benjamin LeValley Sr.

    [Other than recording Bible records as they happened, this affidavit is the earliest known attempt to tell LeValley history.  It is in the better handwriting and poor spelling of his son Benjamin W., but Benjamin Sr. signed.  Warren Welch has the original document.]

I Benjamin LeValley son of Caleb & Alice LeValley, Grand son of Michael LeValley
and great grand son of Peter LeValley do make the following statement to my
best Knoweledge & belief.  My great Grand Farther was a Frenchman who landed
at Marble Head, Mass. in the early part of the 17th [should be 18th] Century.  He
remained at Marble Head for some time and acquired considerable property but
afterwards traded some of it off for real Estate in Warwick R.I. near what is now
called River Point or Phoenixville.  The undersigned was born in the town of
Coventry at Anthony Village in the Year 1801 April 3d.  The writer of this article
Benjamin LeValley is the direct decedant of the above mentioned Peter LeValley
who landed at Marble Head Mass.  Peter the first had two sons, John & Michael
and also some daughters but how many I do not Know.  [There was also an older
son, Peter.]  My own Grand farther Michael LeValley had three sons, Peter,
Benjamin & Caleb & also three daughters, Mary Sarah, & Amy.  [There was also
an older daughter, Marcy.]  Mary married Israel Jonson of Coventry R.I. and Sarah
married a Mr. Wood, also of Coventry, R.I.  My Farther Caleb LeValley had five
Sons, Uriah W. Sterry B. Benjamin, Warren and Christopher W and also two
daughters Joanna & Waty.  Waty died in infancy; Joanna wife of the late Caleb
Remington of Johnston R.I. died in the year 1876 in the town of Johnston at her
home now the residence of her two sons John & Andrew and also a daughter
Joanna Remington.  My mother was the daughter of Arthur Fenner, I believe of
Cranston R.I.  He was at the battle of Quebeck with General Arnold during the
Revolutinery war for independance from Great Brittain.
The above is correct to my Knowlage and belief.

    Benjamin Levalley Sen.
                                        age 82 years
                                        Sept 5th 1883


10.  Published genealogy of Nancy LeValley Davol

    [This genealogical sketch was published in 1916 in The Encyclopedia of Massachusetts: Biographical, Genealogical.  But the editors mangled the LeValley name so badly that family researchers did not find this record until nearly a century later.  The spelling has been corrected here.]


    The name of LeValley is undoubtedly of French origin, and has probably undergone some changes in spelling down to the present time.  It is supposed to have originated in the Channel Islands, which were inhabited by French people, though under English jurisdiction, and was brought to this country about the beginning of the eighteenth century.

    (I) Peter LeValley is supposed to have been born in the Channel Islands, and died in Warwick, Rhode Island, in 1757.  He was a fisherman at Marblehead, Massachusetts, where he is first found of record, and in November, 1727, exchanged his real estate in that town with Rev. George Pigott, an Episcopal clergyman of Warwick, Rhode Island.  He at once removed to the latter town where he was admitted a freeman, March 4, 1728.  His wife Sarah probably accompanied him from Europe, as nothing is known of her beyond her baptismal name.  They had children: Peter; John; Michael; Mary, married - King; Margaret, married October 30, 1726, Christopher Bulier or Bubois [actually Beubier]; Sarah, married Peleg Cook.

    (II) Michael LeValley, son of Peter and Sarah LeValley, was admitted freeman in Warwick, June 5, 1741.  He married, August 26, 1757, Almy Bailey, and had children: Peter, Benjamin, Caleb, Mary, Almy or Amy [daughters incomplete and out of order].

    (III) Caleb LeValley, third son of Michael and Almy (Bailey) LeValley, was born about 1770, and lived in Warwick.  He married Alice Fenner, born September 2, 1775, daughter of Captain Arthur Fenner, of Cranston... died October 16, 1858.  Children: Uriah W., born June 11, 1793: Waity, June 27, 1795; Sterry B., July 26, 1797; Joanna, October 18, 1799, married Caleb Remington, died May 6, 1876; Benjamin, April 3, 1801; Warren, mentioned below; Christopher, May 6, 1811.

    (IV) Warren LeValley, son of Caleb and Alice (Fenner) LeValley, was born August 15, 1805, in Warwick, and died in California, in 1852.  He married, July 3, 1831 Nancy T., born in Westport, Massachusetts, daughter of Daniel and Sybil (Rogers) Whalen, of Dartmouth, Massachusetts....  Mrs.  Nancy T. LeValley died in February, 1900, in Fall River, Massachusetts, and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery of that city.  Children [in scrambled order]: Alice, married Henry Brightman; Gideon, died young: Hannah, deceased; Daniel, died young; Rebecca, died young: Francis, died young; Arthur, died young; Benjamin, served in the Civil War, and died in 1900; Eliza J., married Elisha Capen, of Fall River; Nancy M., mentioned below.

    (V) Nancy M. LeValley, youngest child of Warren and Nancy T. (Whalen) LeValley, was born February 26, 1852, in Fall River, and married, March 12, 1874, Julius Kay Davol.  born August 31, 1852, in Westport, Massachusetts, son of George F. and Jane (Kay) Davol....  Julius Kay Davol is a well known citizen of Fall River, where he has been an officer of the police department for the past twenty-seven years.  Mrs. Davol is a member of Ouequechan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, of Fall River.  Children: Maude Alice, died young; Eugene Warren, married Addie Lincoln Wilbur, of Tiverton, Rhode Island, and has three children: Marion Fenner, Dorothy Lincoln and Dale Franklin Davol.

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