Updated September 24, 2023

Abbott, Ronald--Xenia part1
Abrahams, Frankie--Xenia part1
Abrams, Charles--George
Adams, Richard--Coldwater
    James--Xenia part 2
--Xenia part 2
Agen, Elizabeth--Xenia part 2
Albert, Mabel--Xenia part 1
Alegria, Conchita--Xenia part 1
Allart, Paul--Valcartier
Allen, Christopher--Coldwater
    Fanny nee Wright--Joseph
    Charles--Xenia part 1
    Judith nee Dearth
--Xenia part 2
Allison, George--Xenia part 2
Allmon, Marilyn
--Xenia part 1
Amerine, Rado--Xenia part 1
Anderson, Jeannie nee Nickless--Coldwater
    James--Xenia part 1
    Blanche--Xenia part 2
    Earl--Xenia part 3
    Mildred--Xenia part 3
Andrew, Adam--Valcartier
Andri, Jean (m)
Annicchiarco, Lawrence--Xenia part 1
Aquisto, Ann--Coldwater
Arabeza, Sophie--Charles F.
Areia, Lori--Charles F.
Armand, Charlotte
Armento, Thomas--Xenia part 2
Armentrout, Cora--Xenia part 3
Arno, Yvonne, nee Farnsworth--Xenia part 2
Atkins, Ruth--Xenia part 2
Atkinson, Leora--Xenia part1

Baer, Robert--Xenia part 1
Bailey, Eric
--Xenia part 2
Baldauf, Percy--Xenia part 1
Baldwin, Kenneth--Valcartier
Bales, Elizabeth--Xenia part 3
Ballard, Joseph--Xenia part 2
Balliet, Gail--Xenia part 2
    Trent--Xenia part 2
Barbenson, Nicolas
Barden, Viola--Xenia part 3
Barger, E. Anne--Xenia part 3
    Oliver--Xenia part 3
Barnet, William--Valcartier
Barnhill, Betty
--Xenia part 3
Bauge, S. Retta--Xenia part 3
Baugh, Tamara nee Carey--Xenia part 2
Baughn, Otis--Xenia part 3
Bays, James
--Xenia part 2
Billieu, H. William--Xenia part 1
Bedard, Adelaide--Valcartier
Beetley, Branson--Xenia part 3
Bell, F. Leroy--Xenia part 3
    Sarah--Xenia part 3
    Nancy--Xenia part 3
Benjamin, Evelyn--Joseph
Bennett, Ora--Xenia part 3
Bergen, Mr.--Xenia part 3
Berry, Troy--Prosper
Best, Madeline--Xenia part 1
Bevil, Bessie--Xenia part 3
Beyersdorf, Gary--Xenia part 1
Bialoskurski, Dawn--Prosper
Bierd, John--Valcartier
Biggs, Tina Settles
--Xenia part 2
Bilek, Matthew--Valcartier
Billing, Georgina--Valcartier
    M. Eva--Valcartier
Billings, Terisa--Xenia part 2
Birk, Mr.--Xenia part 3
Bishop, Etta nee Hammond--Xenia part 1
Biullard, Ed--Charles F.
Blair, Brian--Xenia part 1
Blais, France (f)--Valcartier
Blake, William--Xenia part 2
Bland, Doug
--Xenia part 3
Blanding, Donald--Xenia part 3
Block, Robert--Victor
Blough, Gary--Xenia part 3
Blunck, Ruth Jones--Xenia part 2
Boeltl, Susan nee Rogers--Valcartier
Bohman, Linda
--Xenia part1
Boileau, Jean (m)--Valcartier
Bolduc, Gerald
Bolen, Catherine--Xenia part 1
Bone, Cora--Xenia part 3
Bookman, Maripat--Xenia part1
Boothby, Anita--Xenia part 3
Bot, Francois
Boyd, Debra--Valcartier
--Xenia part 3
Bouchard, Clara--Valcartier
Boyer, Rosemary--Xenia part 2
Brady, Alyce--Xenia part 3
Bramer, Lina--Xenia part 3
Brenneman, George--Xenia part1
Breton, Marguerite--Valcartier
Brewer, Melissa "Lisa"--Xenia part 2
Bridges, Marikay--Valcartier
Brite, Mr.--Xenia part 2
Brock, George--Victor
Brophy, Suzanne nee Christiansen--Xenia part 3
Brookins, Emma nee Turner--Joseph
Brose, Terence
--Xenia part1
Browning, Amy--Xenia part 1
Brugler, Garrett--Xenia part 1
Brummett, Onieta--Xenia part 3
Brun, Jason--Xenia part 2
Bueau, Tindy--Valcartier
Buher, Patricia--Xenia part 1
Burchnell, Ivy Sanders
--Xenia part 2
Burden, Coleen--Xenia part 1
Burke, Alexandria--Xenia part 3
Burkett, Mary--Xenia part 1
Burkhart, Cord--Coldwater
Burlett, Susan--Prosper
Burnett, Jessie--Xenia part 1
Burns, Annie--Charles F.
Burry, Lucile--Xenia part 2
Busby, John--Prosper
Bushaw, Joseph--Xenia part 3   (see also Hushaw)
Butler, Gladys--Xenia part 1
Bynum, Cord--Valcartier

Call, Elmyra--Victor
Callahan, Iona--Xenia part1
Campbell, Sharon--Xenia part1
    June--Xenia part 1
Canastra, Mr.--Charles F.
Cantrell, Sheila nee Moss--Xenia part 1
Carey, Tamara--Xenia part 2
Carico, Thomas--Xenia part 1
Carl, Gwendolyn--Xenia part 1
Carnes, Pearl--Xenia part 1
    Christopher--Xenia part 3
Carr, Jane--Valcartier
    Khanh Ly [Samantha]--Prosper
Carter, Jeana nee Sanders--Xenia part 1
Cass, Olive--Joseph
Cauchy, Jean (m)
Center, Earl--Xenia part 2
Cervantes, John--Andrew Jackson
Chagnon, Vincent--Coldwater
Chaney, Melody
--Xenia part 2
Chaplin, Donna--Prosper
Chiapelli, Lonny--Coldwater
Childs, Jay --Xenia part1
Christiansen, Suzanne--Xenia part 3
Chuippi, Pat (m)--Charles F.
Chytil, James--Xenia part 1
Clark, Mabel--Valcartier
--Xenia part 2
Clausen, Esther "Pat"--Xenia part 3
Clayton, S. H. (m)--George
Clement, Andre
Cline, Mary--Xenia part 1
    Darlton--Xenia part 1
    Jessie--Xenia part 2
    Carl--Xenia part 2
Clutter, Mariah--Xenia part 1
Coats, Gerald--Valcartier
Coberly, Robert Sr.--Xenia part 2
Cocovinis, Jason--Prosper
Coffelt, Clarissa--Xenia part 3
Coffey, Jolene--Charles F.
Coleman, Linda--Xenia part 2
Collard, Cathleen--Xenia part 3
Colley, Willard Jr.--Xenia part1
Collins, Pat (f)--Prosper
    Beatrice--Xenia part 1
    Bruce--Xenia part 3
Combs, Janet--Victor
Comeau, Antoinette
Connelly, Mr.--Xenia part1
Conttis, Michelle--Valcartier
Cook, Richard--Coldwater
    Ruby--Xenia part 1
Cooper, LaDonna--Xenia part1
--Xenia part 2
Copsey, Elizabeth--Xenia part 3
Cordle, Robert
--Xenai part 2
Corum, William--Xenia part 1
Costa, Carolyn--Charles F.
Cowan, Julia--Prosper
    Susan Zuru--Prosper
Cox, Curtis--Xenia part 2
Crace, Robin--Xenia part 2
Craven, Lonnie--Valcartier
Crawford, Ralph--Xenia part 3
Credit, Margaret--Xenia part 2
Cremeens, A. Sue--Xernia part 2
Croel, Clarence--Joseph
Cronic, Ben--Coldwater
Crowe, Connie--Xenia part 2
Crumrine, Ruhamma (twice)--Xenia part 1
Cruz, Rafael--Xenia part 1
Culp, John--Xenia part 2
Culver, Tiffany--Xenia part 1
Cunniff, Mary--Xenia part 3
Curtis, Helen--Xenia part 1
Cushman, Brian--Prosper

Dacre, Jane--Valcartier
Danford, Linda--Valcartier
    John--Xenia part 1
Daniels, Gregory--Xenia part 2
Davis, Fred--Coldwater
    Kenneth--Xenia part1
    Mr.--Charles F.
Day, Alice--Valcartier
Dearth, Judith
--Xenia part 2
Deckard, Calvin--Xenia part1
Deeter, Thomas--Xenia part 2
Delaney, W. (m)
deLaura, James--Xenia part 1
de Moullepied
Dennison, Alice--Prosper
Denslow, Bernice Rogers--Coldwater
Dent, Debra--Xenia part 2
Depkon, Stan--Xenia part 1
DesRosiers, Mr.--
Dice, Joseph--Xenia part 3
Dickerman, Susan--Xenia part 3
Dill, Clarence--Xenia part 3
    E. Claire--Xenia part 3
Dilley, Lisa
--Xenia part 2
DiNapoli--Regina--Xenia part 1
DiSalvi, Holly--Andrew Jackson
Dixon, Keisha--Coldwater
Dodge, Annette nee Boyd
--Xenia part 3
Doerflinger, Linda--Xenia part 3
Donavan, Paul--Xenia part 2
Donhauser, Amber--Xenia part 2
Donovan, Frederick--Xenia part 1
Dooley, Jessica
--Xenia part1
Dorgan, Mr.--Xenia part 1
Dozier, Thelma--Xenia part 1
Dubois, Jonathan
Duncan, Robert--Xenia part 2
Duncil, Blaine--Xenia part 1
Dunlavy, Betty--Xenia part 2
Duplain, Colette
    Jean (m)
DuPlanti, Dorothy--Xenia part 1
Dyer, Kimberly--Xenia part1

Eaches, Jerry
--Xenia part 1
Early, James--Xenia part1
Edgley, Ada--Valcartier
Edwards, Norman--Andrew Jackson
Eggebrecht, Amanda--Valcartier
Eisnaugle, Jack--Xenia part 1
Elkins, William
Ellis, D. Joe
--Xenia part 2
Elsasser, LaVonda--Xenia part1
Emerson, Cleo--Xenia part 3
Eslick, Dwight--Prosper
Esser, Edwin--Xenia part 1
Estep, William
--Xenia part 2
Evans, Mark--Xenia part 1
    Claudia--Xenia part 1
    Mr.--Xenia part 2
    Sarah--Xenia part 2
Eventurel, A. (m)

Fabien, Jacques
Faganholtz, Nate--Xenia part 1
Falkenburg, Herbert
Farmer, Margerie--Valcartier
Farnsworth, Yvonne--Xenia part 2
Farrell, Alice--Joseph
Faulds, Mr.--Andrew Jackson
Feltis, Wade--Xenia part 1
Feltz, Thomas--Xenia part 2
Fennimore, Mr.--Prosper
Ferguson, Joe--Valcartier
Fife, Ann--Xenia part1
Figueiredo, Linda nee Ramshead--Charles F.
Finchum, Johnathan--Prosper
Finkbone, Mr.--Xenia part 3
Fish, Clyde--Xenia part1
Fishbeck, Thomas--Xenia part 2
Fisher, Harry--Xenia part 3
Fitzsimmons, Beatrice--Victor
Flagler, Etta--Xenia part 1
Fleight, Elizabeth--Prosper
Flerres, Guillaume
Flinn, Oscar--George
Flynn, Patrick--Valcartier
Ford, Joseph--Xenia part 3
Fordham, Greg--Xenia part 1
Fortine, Hope--Xenia part 2
Fox, Melissa
--Xenia part 2
Fraley, Chester--Xenia part 2
France, Ralph
--Xenia part 1
French, Patricia, nee Collins--Prosper
Fricke, Dennis--Xenia part1
Friend, Linzi
--Xenia part 2
Fry, Izettia--Coldwater
Fuchs, Kristin--Prosper
Fuller, William--Valcartier
Fulton, Charles--Valcartier
Furrow, Allen--Xenia part 2
Furtak, Albert--Charles F.

Gager, Ronald--Victor
Gailor, Wendy--Charles F.
Gallagher, Sean--Prosper
Galvin, Emma--Charles F.
Gance, Sandra--Andrew Jackson
Garcia, Willie--Charles F.
Garrity, John
--Xenia part 2
Gaudion, Guillemine--Alderney
Gauley, Barbara--Victor
Gladney, Gaylene--Xenia part 1
Glover, LaDonna--Coldwater
Godecke, Charles--Xenia part1
Godin, E. (m)
Godwin, Jason
--Xenia part 2
Goings, Allene--Xenai part 2
Gomez, Kara--Coldwater
Gosa, George--Xenia part 1
Goulart, Mary--Charles F.
Grant, Ruth--Coldwater
    Iva May--Xenia part 1
Gray, Margaret--Valcartier
    James--Xenia part 2
    Brenda--Xenia part 2
    Walter--Xenia part 3
Green, Mary--Xenia part 2
    George--Xenia part 3
Greene, Anna
--Xenia part 2
Greenfield, Alexander--Xenia part1
Greer, Kelly--Andrew Jackson
Gregersen, Doris--Valcartier
Grimshaw, Matilda--Charles F.
Gudfellow, Percy--Valcartier
Gunner, Josephine--Valcartier
Gustafson, Hazel--Valcartier
Gutawitz, George--Xenia part 1
Guthrie, Richard--Xenia part 2
Gutierrez, Maria
--Xenia part1

Hackett, William--Xenia part 3
Hagar, Russel--Xenia part1
Halberg, Ronald--Andrew Jackson
Hall, Robert--Xenia part 2
Halladay, Helene--Xenia part1
Hallman, Karen--Coldwater
Hamilton, Mr.--Valcartier
    Betsy--Xenia part 1
Hammond, Etta--Xenia, part 1
Hampshire, Joyce--Coldwater
Hampton, Harold--Xenia part 1
Hanley, Emma--Valcartier
Hannah, Elmer--Xenia part 1
Hansen, LaVohn--Xenia part 3
Hare, Vernon--Xenia part 1
Hargett, Stephen--Xenia part 1
Harness, Cordelia--Xenia part 3
    Savilla--Xenia part 3
    Sarah--Xenia part 3
Harris, William
--Xenia part 1
    Stella--Xenia part 2
    Michael--Xenia part 2
Hassevoort, Audrey--Xenia part 3
Hastings, Frances--Andrew Jackson
Hatch, Stephen--Xenia part 2
Hathaway, Lloyd--Xenia part1
     Clifford--Xenia part 3
Havens, Jill--Coldwater
Hawkins, Hildreth--Andrew Jackson
Hawthorne, William--George
Hayes, Janet
--Xenai part 2
Heartley, Rebecca--Victor
Heaume, Elizabeth--Valcartier
Hecht, Cheryl--Victor
Heinzman, Thomas--Xenia part1
Helmsing, Larry--Xenia part 1
Henderson, George--Valcartier
Henricksen, Victor--Xenia part 3
Henrickson, William (?)--Joseph
Henry, Lulu--Xenia part 1
Herbster, Marion--Xenia part 1
Herschaft, Arleen--Prosper
Herivel, Margaret
Hewitt, William--Valcartier
Himbaugh, Peter--Xenia part 1
Hines, Christine--Xenia part 2
Hockett, Clara--Xenia part 2
Hodges, Blaine--Valcartier
Hogan, Emma nee Todd--Xenia part 3
    Connie--Xenia part 3
Hoge, Gladys--Xenia part1
Holford, Michaele--Xenia part 2
Holleran, Steven--Xenia part 2
Holmberg, Sandra--Coldwater
Holmes, Jessica--Xenia part 2
Hope, Linda--Xenia part 3
Hosier, Austin--Xenia part 2
Houguez, Elizabeth
Howard, Hazel--Xenia part 3
Howell, Mary--Andrew Jackson
Hoyt, Ruth--Coldwater
Hsieh, Phil--Xenia part 1
Hubbard, Roland--Xenia part 1
Hubbell, Mary--Xenia part 1
Hulse, Alice--Prosper
Hunt, John--Victor
Hunter, Marjorie--Xenia part 1
    Susan Hubbert--Xenia part 2
Huntington, Donald--Xenia part 2
Hural, Leonard--Valcartier
Hurlbert, Melanie--Xenia part 2
Hurley, Myron--Xenia part1
Hurst, Kelly nee Greer--Andrew Jackson
Hushaw, Eve--Xenia part1   (see also Bushaw)
Hussey, Flossie--Xenia part 3
Huston, Cora--Xenia part 3
    Jacob--Xenia part 3
Hyland, Rose--Victor
Hyslop, Ellen--Prosper

Imber, Coleen nee Burden--Xenia part 1

Jack, Mary--Valcartier
Jenkins, Kathleen
--Xenia part 2
Jennings, Michael--Xenia part 1
Jessup, Penny
--Xenia part 2
Johanson, Mark--Xenia part1
Johnson, Sadie--Xenia part 2
    Rachel nee Moon--Xenia part 3
Jones, Emmett--Xenia part 1
    Henrietta "Nettie"--Xenia part 2
    Ruth--Xenia part 2
    Charlene--Xenia part 3
Jordan, John IV--Xenia part 1
Juchereau-Duchesnay, Edouard
Judd, Julie--Xenia part1

Kaaland, Kenneth--Andrew Jackson
Kalugin, Vladimir--Andrew Jackson
Kama'ila, Mr.
--Andrew Jackson
Kanis, Agnes--Charles F.
Kelly, Emma--Xenia part 2
Kennedy, Mr.--Xenia part 2
Kenyon, Mary--Charles F.
Kerber, Russell--Prosper
Kerr, Jane--Valcartier
Kessler, Thomas--Xenia part 1
    Yvette--Xenia part 2
Ketcham, Jeremy--Valcartier
Kidd, Linda--Charles J
Kieffer, Edith--Joseph
Kilmartin, Doug  Xenia part 3
Kittle, Tammy--Xenia part 1
Klein, Michael
--Xenia part 2
Knott, Mr.--Xenia part 1
Kossler, Mr.--Coldwater
Koverman, Katherine--Xenia part 3
Krall, Joan--Xenia part 3
Kreenwihl, Kay--Xenia part1
Kreusch, Mark
--Xenia part 2
Kriel--Xenia part 3
Krock, Effie--Xenia part 1
Krofick, Rosalind--Coldwater
Krywanczyk, Valerie--Xenia part 2
Kula, Charles--Xenia part 1
Kunkel, Alfred--Coldwater
Kupinski, Ann nee Aquisto--Coldwater

La Chapelle, Elizabeth--Victor
Lacy, Selena--Xenia part1
Lambert, E. Sarah--Xenia part1
    Elsworth--Xenia part 1
Ladd, Virginia
--Xenia part1
Lang, Lonnie--Xenia part1
Lapp, Fred--Andrew Jackson
Larison, Robert--Andrew Jackson
Larson, Leo--Valcartier
Laureano, Gilbert
--Xenia part 1
Laurie, Ben--Valcartier
LaValley, Marc--Xenia part1
Lavezzorio, Donna--Xenia part1
Lawson, Barry--Xenia part1
Layton, Jim--Prosper
LeBeau, Mrs. Agnes--Andrew Jackson
, Marie--Alderney
LeCocq, Collenette--Alderney
    Marie (2)
Lee, D. Sue--Valcartier
    Sheila--Xenia part 2
LeFevre, Mary--Valcartier
LeGallais, Thomas
Lehah, Edith--Xenia part 1
Lemonde, Annette--Charles F.
LeRay, Marie (Mary)--Valcartier
Lerer, Violet nee Pratt--Xenia part 1
LeVallee, Jeanne
LeVeck, John--Xenia part1
    Ronald--Charles F.
Levy, Hubert--Xenia part1
Li, Chenyang--Prosper
Liford, Gertrude--Xenia part1
Liggitt, Harry
--Xenia part1
Liles, Michael--Xenia part1
--Xenia part1
Limes, Jessie--Xenia part1
Lindsey, Dorothy--Xenia part1
Link, Katherine
--Xenia part1
Linson, Veda--Xenia part1
Littler, Janet--Xenia part 3
Livingston, Ronald--Xenia part1
Lodenstein, Kristie--Coldwater
Long, Gary--Xenia part 2
    Lillie--Xenia part 3
    Jennifer--Xenia part 3
Longstreth, Laura--Xenia part 2
Loose, Nicholas--Prosper
Lubojacky, Kevin--Victor
Lucas, Sarah--Xenia part 3
Lull, Mr.--Prosper
Luttrell, David
--Xenia part1
Lynd, John
Lyon, Leonard--Andrew Jackson
Lyons, Catherine--George
Lyst, Oliver--Xenia part 3

MacDonald, Peggy--Xenia part 3
Mackey, Andrew--Xenia part 2
Mado, Margaret--Valcartier
Mahns, Walter--Prosper
Maino, Alex--Charles F.
Maitlen, James--Xenia part 3
Malicki, Michael--Xenia part 1
Marable, Denise--Victor
Marche, Mildred--Xenia part 2
Marin, Mr.--Victor
Marker, James--Xenia part1
Marr, Robert--Xenia part 3
Marshall, C. Richard--Victor
--Xenia part 3
Martin, M. Virginia--Prosper
    George--Xenia part 3
Marshall, Frank--Xenia part 3
Marus, Patricia--Coldwater
Mason, Leslie--Coldwater
Masson, Pierre
Masters, Roy--Xenia part 1
Mather, John--Valcartier
Matthews, David--Charles F.
Matti, William--Valcartier
Maurice, M. Keitha--Xenia part1
Mausker, T.W.G. (m)--George   (see also Mouser)
Maxel, Carl--Xenia part 1
Mayfield, Viola--Andrew Jackson
McBain, Laura--Valcartier
McBee, Mary--Xenia part1
McCabe, Jackie
--Xenia part1
    Bridgett--Xenia part 2
--Xenia part 2
McCain, Joshua--Xenia part1
McCartney, Janet--Valcartier
McClain, Frank--Xenia part 1
--Xenia part 1
McClanahan, Edward--Xenia part 2
    L. Jacob--Xenia part 2
McComas, Len--Xenia part 1
McCord, Richard Jr.
--Xenia part1
McCoubrey, Raymond--Valcartier
McCourt, Dorothy nee Duplanti--Xenia part 1
McCulla, Robert--George
McCurdy, Brenda nee Moore--Xenia part 2
McDonald, Donald--Xenia part 1
    Harriet--Xenia part 1
--Xenia part 2
McGill, Oma--Xenia part 3
McInroy, Betty--Andrew Jackson
McKenzie, Grace--Andrew Jackson
McKinley, Florence--Valcartier
McKittrick, James--Joseph
McLaughlin, Pamela--Xenia part 2
McNeal, Naomi--Xenia part 2
McPherson, Brenda--Valcartier
Meese, George--Xenia part 2
Melton, Mary Ann--Andrew Jackson
--Xenia part 1
Mendenhall, Chester--Xenia part 2
Mendez, Irma--Xenia part 3
Menicocci, Mrs. Agnes--Andrew Jackson
Mercer, Stephen--Xenia part 2
Merz, Liza--Xenia part1
Messer, Arthur--Xenia part 2
Metz, Steve--Xenia part 2
Middlefelt, Norval--Victor
Middleworth, Cloyd--Xenia part 1
Mihalik, Kurt--Xenia part 1
Miles, Lisa--Coldwater
Miller, Darryl--Prosper
    Marshall--Xenia part 1
    Keith--Xenia part1
    Wanda--Xenia part 3
    Mary--Xenia part 3
Milner, Mary--Xenia part 1
    Elizabeth--Xenia part 1
Mingus, John
--Xenia part 3
Mitchell, Freda--Xenia part 2
Mitchelle, Kristina--Xenia part 1
Moisan, Jean (m)
Molina, Jean (m)
Montondo, Valerie nee Krywanczyk--Xenia part 2
Montgomery, Wilber--Valcartier
Moomey, Laura--Xenia part 1
Moon, Rosa--Xenia part 3
    Rachel--Xenia part 3
Moore, Shirley--Prosper
    Lee Ann
--Xenia part 2
    T. J. (m)--Xenia part 2
Morbitzer, Mr.--Xenia part 1
Morrison, Brian
--Xenia part 2
Moses, Victoria--Valcartier
Moss, Shiela--Xenia part 1
Mossop, Margaret--Valcartier
Mouillepied, Marthe de
Mouser, Charles--Xenia part1   (see also Mausker)
Mullenix, Melissa--Xenia part 2
Mulligan, Elizabeth--Xenia part 1
Munoz, Christina--Xenia part 2
Murcia, Catherine--probably Xenia part 3
Murphy, Anna--Xenia part 1
    Joseph--Xenia part 1
Musser, Roy--Xenia part 1
Myles, Sarah--Xenia part 2

Nagy, Barbara nee Whyte--Valcartier
Napier, James--Valcartier
Neff, Laura--Xenia part 2
    Charles--Xenia part 3
Neil, Agnes--Valcartier
Nelson, Richard--Xenia part 2
Newgen, Larry--Charles F.
Newland, Nancy--Xenia part 2
Newman, David--Xenia part 1
Nichols, Ruth--Valcartier
Nickless, Jeannie--Coldwater
Nicodin, Paul Jr.--Valcartier
Noble, Wesley--Valcartier
Norberg, Raymond--Xenia part 1
Norgan, Elizabeth nee Copsey--Xenia part 3

O'Brien, Mr.--Xenia part 1
O'Hara, Michael--Xenia part 3
Ohls, Albert--Xenia part 3
Olinger, Thomas--Xenia part 2
Olivier, Elizabeth--Valcartier
Ollivier, Jacques
Olson, Launa--Valcartier
Orn, Ida--Coldwater
Orndorf, Bertha
--Xenia part 2
Overman, Betty--Xenia part 2
Owen, Londa--Valcartier
Ozard, Jean (m)

Paddock, Mr.--Valcartier
Padgett, Leslie "Buster"--Xenia part 1
Page, Edward--Valcartier
Pake, Gertrude--Valcartier
Palencia, Delilah--Xenia part 3
Parker, Jerri Dee
--Xenia part 2
Parkhurst, Sandra--Prosper
Parks, Bertha Orndorf--Xenia part 2
Parrett, James--Xenia part1
Patrick, Paul--Xenia part 1
Patton, Laura nee Moomey--Xenia part 1
Paxson, John--Xenia part 3
Peck, Todd
--Xenia part 2
Pennywitt--Xenia, part 2
Perkins, Dorothy--Xenia part 1
Peters, Myra--Charles F.
Pettyjohn, Rebecca--Xenia part1
Peyton, Sharon--Xenia part 2
Pezet, John--Valcartier
Phenice--Xenia part 1
Phillips, Thomas--Xenia part1
Pierce, Florence--Xenia part 1
Piles, Ida--Xenia part 3
Pinski, Mark--Xenia part 1
Pitcher, Alice--Valcartier
Polakovich, Frances--Valcartier
Poplin, Carol
--Xenia part 1
Porter, Edward Stanley--Valcartier
Potts, Bessie--Xenia part 2
    Alva--Xenia part 2
    Frank--Xenia part 2
Powers, Janet--Xenia part 3
    William--Xenia part 1
Prater, Goldi--Xenia part1
Prather, John--Xenia part 2
Pratt, Violet--Xenia part 1
Predmore, Louis--Xenia part1
    Mary--Xenia part 1
    Samuel--Xenia part 1
Predue, Frank--Xenia part 3
Prehm, Mr.--Xenia part 1
Price, Edna nee Terry--Joseph
    Sarah--Xenia part 1
Prince, James Jr.--Xenia part 2
Procter, Daniel--Xenia part 2
, Jeffrey--Xenia part 2
Pykosz,Lorraine--Charles F.

Quinn, William--Valcartier

Ramsey, P. Marie--Xenia part 1
Ramshead, Nancy--Charles F.
    Linda--Charles F.
Rapp, Woneta--Xenia part1
Ratliff, Blanche--Xenia part 3
Rawlinson, Sandra
Ray, Deborah--Xenia part 2
    Ronda--Xenia part 3
Rayburn, Beverly--Xenia part1
Razo, Sheila nee Lee--Xenia part 2
Reed, Trish--Xenia part 2
    John--Xenia part 3
Rees, Cheryl nee Hecht--Victor
Reil, Mary Beth--Xenia part 3
Rekart, Mary--Xenia part 1
Rene, Marie--Valcartier
Renier, Nicolas dit Bastien
Rensch, Joshua
--Xenia part1
Reynolds, Alice--Xenia part1
Rhoades, Ross
--Xenia part 2
Rhodes, Jill--Xenia part 2
Ricard, Diane--Charles F.
Rice, Nancy
--Xenia part 1
Ridenour, Jay--Xenia part 2
Rife, George--Xenia part 2
Rinehart, Curtis--Valcartier
Roberts, Mary--Xenia part 2
Robinson, Mary Jane--Valcartier
Rodgers, Savannah--Xenia part 3
Rogers, Susan--Valcartier
Roley, Fred--Xenia part 1
Rorvik, Nora--Valcartier
Ross, Charles--Xenia part 1
Ruby, Clinton--Xenia part 1
Rumer, M. Alice--Xenia part 1
    Mr.--Xenia part 3
Rupp, Michael--Xenia part 2
Rutledge, Mary--Xenia part1

Sandberg, Donna--Valcartier
Jeana--Xenia part 1
    Ivy--Xenia part 2
    A. Clinton--Xenia part 3
Sanderson, Marilyn--Prosper
    Pamela nee Wean--Prosper
Scarberry, Mr.--Xenia part 2
Schaadt, Virginia--Xenia part 1
Schaefer, Brian--Xenia part 3
Schmidt, Mark--Xenia part 1
Schrader, Debra--Charles F.
Schultz, Martha--Valcartier
Scrace, Charles--Valcartier
Scrade, Corina "Christa"
--Xenia part 2
Seifert, Stanley--Charles F.
Seiwert, Richard--Xenia part 2
Senave, Mr.--Valcartier
Settles, Tina
--Xenia part 2
Seyler, Ralph--Andrew Jackson
Shackley, Dovie--Coldwater
Shaw, Dorothy nee Weber--Valcartier
    Clifford--Xenia part 2
--Xenia part 2
Shea, Joseph--Valcartier
Sheltraw, Mr.--Victor
Shepherd, Rick--Xenia part1
Sherrock, Mildred--Xenia part 2
Shields, Linda nee Hope--Xenia part 3
Shirk, John (twice)--Xenia part 3
Shoemaker, Mary--Coldwater
Shrack, Ollie--Xenia part 3
Siders, Sanford--Xenia part 3
Siemer, Valeria--Xenia part 3
Sikes, Laurence--Xenia part 1
Silcott, P. Elaine--Xenia part 1
--Xenia part 1
Silver, Scott--Xenia part 2
Silvers, Jason--Xenia part 2
Silvon, Mr.--Victor
Simard, E. (m)
Simms, Harriet nee Gebhart--Xenia part 3
Simpson, Mary--Xenia part1
    Patricia "Trish"--Prosper
Singleton, Anna "Sam"--Charles F.
--Xenia part 3
Sjoblom, Earl--Xenia part 1
Skaggs, Charlotte (later Cox)--Xenia part 2
Skelly, Shawn (f)--Victor
Skyler, Thomas--Xenia part 1
Slater, Bradley--Xenia part1
Slentz, Juanita
--Xenia part 3
Sloan, Ora--Xenia part 1
Smith, Evelyn--Charles F.
    William--Xenia part 1
    Nettie--Xenia part 1
    Julia--Xenia part 1
    Mr.--Xenia part 1
    Clinton--Xenia part 1
    Frederick--Xenia part 1
    Elizabeth--Xenia part 2
    H. Pearl--Xenia part 2
Kirk--Xenia part 2
    Daniel--Xenia part 3
    Howard--Xenia part 3
    Carl--Xenia part 3
    Daniel--Xenia part 3
    Susan--Xenia part 3
    Larry--Xenia part 3
    Timothy--Xenia part 3
Smithson, William--Xenia part 1
Sneath, Evelyn--Prosper
Snider, Maggie--Valcartier
Snyder, David
--Xenia part 3
Soergel, Matt--Coldwater
Solis, Mary--Xenia part 1
Soronen, Renee--Coldwater
South, Mr.--Xenia part 2
Sparks, Wilma--Xenia part 2
Spencer, Thomas--Xenia part 1
Spooner, Ruth--Charles F.
Sprinkle, Pamela McLaughlin--Xenia part 2
Stacke, Betty--Valcartier
Stannard, Flora--Xenia part1
Staples, Kathleen--Valcartier
Starr, Dora--Xenia part 3
Stauber, Jack Sr.--Valcartier
Steele, Loys--Xenia part 3
    Mr.--Xenia part 3
Steen, Mary--Xenia part 2
Stepleton, Lloyd--Xenia part 1
Stewart, Kimberly--Xenia part 2
Stine, Holmes--Xenia part1
Stojanovski, Dean--Coldwater
Stokesbury, Kathryn--Xenia part 2
Stone, W. Dale--Xenia part 3
Stradling, Patsy--Xenia part1
Strapp, Anna--Xenia part1
Stratton, Roger
--Xenia part 2
Strauch, Jacqueline--Valcartier
Street, Lewis--Xenia part1
Streeter, Michael--Xenia part 3
Strickland, Mr.--Xenia part 1
Stromsta, Willard--Xenia part 3
Stroud, Julia nee Hazlett--Xenia part 1
Stuart, Wallace--Valcartier
Stults, Malcolm--Xenia part 1
Sueoka, Diane--Victor
Sullivan, Gerald "Duke"--Xenia part 1
    Vernon--Xenia part 3
Sumner, Donald--Xenia part 1
Sutton, Thomas--Prosper
--Xenia part 1
    Maria--Xenia part 3
Swadner, Isaac--Xenia part 3
Swan, Mary
--Xenia part 3
Swann, Glenda--Xenia part 2
Swick, Helene Halladay--Xenia part1
Sylvia, Carol--Charles F.

Tapp, Flora nee Stannard--Xenia part1
    Charles--Xenia part1
Tarrant, Amanda--Xenia part1
Tarte, Morris--Valcartier
Taylor, Susan--Xenia part1
Terry, Edna--Joseph
Tevis, Karen--Xenia part1
Theodore, Mark--Charles F.
Thomas, Mr.
--Xenia part 3
Thompson, Ruth--Prosper
    Margaret nee Gray--Valcartier
    Lynn (f)--Xenia part 2
Thorman, Thomas--Xenia part 3
Tobeler, Mark--Prosper
Todd, Emma--Xenia part 3
Topping, Donna--Xenia part 3
Tosier, Jean (m)--Valcartier
Tostevin, Nicolas--Valcartier
Tremblay, Andre--Charles F.
Trier, Phillip--Valcartier
Trobridge, William--Xenia part 2
Trubee, Elbert "Elmer"--Xenia part 3
Trueblood, Debra--Xenia part 1
Tuller, William--Xenia part 1
Turner, Emma--Joseph
    Daniel-- Xenia part 3
Turzak, Jason--Coldwater

Underwood, Mike--Xenia part1

Valdez, Natalie
Valley, Godfrey--Joseph
    Mildred--Xenia part 1
Van Cleveran, Mr.--Coldwater
Van Dam, Henry--Coldwater
Van Dyke, Mary--Xenia part 3
Van Velthoven, John--Prosper
Van Wagenen, Emily--Xenia part 1
Vance, Melissa--Xenia part 1
    Allen--Xenia part 2
VanSolkema, Wayne--Coldwater
Varney, James--Andrew J.
Venner, William--Valcartier
Ventola, Mary--Xenia part1
Verstrat, Tim--Xenia part 3
Vigil, Zachary--Xenia part 1
Vogel, Eric--Coldwater
Vokes, Reginald--Charles F.
Volh, Henri

Walters, Jeffrey--Coldwater
Ward, Edna--Xenia part 2
    Timothy--Xenia part 2
Wardell, Lorenzo--Valcartier
Warner, Donald--Xenia part1
    John--Charles J.
Waters, Mr.--Valcartier
Watros, Betty--Xenia part 1
Watters, Lillian--Valcartier
Wean, Pamela--Prosper
Weaver, Nicole--Xenia part 2
Webb, Tammy--Valcartier
Weber, Dorothy--Valcartier
Weitz, Maureen--Xenia part 1
Wells, Rupert--Xenia part 1
West, John--Xenia part 1
    D. Elizabeth--Xenia part 1
    Jesse Jr.--Xenia part 2
Westerlund, Carl--Coldwater
Wetzel, Harry--Charles F.
Wharton, Goldie--Xenia part 1
Whisman, Linda--Coldwater
White--Mauretia--Xenia part 1
    Larry--Xenia part 2
    Glenna nee Ball--Xenia part 2
Whyte, Barbara--Valcartier
Widmer, Bernadine--Xenia part 1
Wilcox, Joseph--Xenia part 1
Wilkins, Guy--Valcartier
Wilklow, Emeline--Xenia part 1
Williams, Christina
--Xenia part 2
    John--Xenia part1
Willoughby, Ida--Xenia part 3
Wilson, Debbie--Andrew Jackson
    Loren--Xenia part 1
    Cheryl--Xenia part 1
    David--Xenia part 1
    Wendy--Xenia part 1
    George--Xenia part 1
    Jacob (19th century)--Xenia part 2
    Jacob (21st century)--Xenia part 2
    A. Addie--Xenia part 3
    Nafrey--Xenia part 3
    E. Chester--Xenia part 3
Winger, Kenneth--Xenia part 2
Winter, Anna--Xenia part1
Winters, Robert--Xenia part1
Wise, Franklin
--Xenia part1
Witcomb, Anne
Wonderly, Mr.
--Xenia part 2
Woobrow, Ernest--Valcartier
Woodburn, Marsha--Xenia part 2
Wood, Ethel--Joseph
Woodruff, Charles--Valcartier
Woods, Fred--Coldwater
    Craig--Xenia part 1
Woolman, Mary--Prosper
Wright, Fanny--Joseph

Yates, James--Xenia part 3
Yoder, Eli
--Xenia part 1
Young, Teresa--Xenia part 2

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