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1.  Note 1 by Elizabeth LeValley

2.  Note 2 by Elizabeth LeValley

3.  Bible record


1.  Note 1 by Elizabeth LeValley (1895-1979) to Paul LeValley (not of this family), June 28, 1971

Prosper LeValley--our Grandfather
Born about 1828--died April 1871, age 43 years

    Our grandfather was born in St. Simon in Quebec Province on the St. Lawrence River.  His first name was Prosper, but he preferred Pete.  He was a physician.  He went out to Africa--I don't know where in Africa altho they were building the Suez Canal then.  He became ill--returned to America (Philadelphia I believe) heard about the French-speaking colony in Vincentown, N.J., met my grandmother-to-be.  They were married--1853 or 54.
    Eight children were born to this marriage, 3 boys, and 5 girls, two of the latter twins.
    Our father was Martin, next to the youngest.  There were 2 boys and 2 girls in this family.  Martin died in 1939 aged 72 years.

Elizabeth Fleight, our Grandmother

    Our grandmother was 18 years old when she came to this country from Alsace-Lorraine.  The places associated with her are Colmar, Nancy, Lille and Lyons.  Her name was Elizabeth Fleight.  She spoke German and French.
    Her widowed mothjer had married Victor Ritzendollar.  There were two young children, a boy named Joseph, age seven years, and a younger child named Marie An [sic] who died shortly after the arrival in America.

    Victor Ritzendollar was my grandmother's step-father, and young Joseph was her half-brother.  They acquired and cultivated an excellent farm (in Chatsworth, I think) which Martin, my father, remembered with longing, his dream being to return to Southern Jersey and have a similar farm of his own.  "Uncle Joe" was very good to Prosper's children.   I believe there were many children in his own household.


Note 2 in the handwriting of Elizabeth LeValley (1895-1979) tucked into the Bible now owned by Charles L. LeValley

Elizabeth Fleight married Dr. Prosper LeValley--sometimes known as Pete.

Eight children were born

Mary Ann        married William Lull and went to live in Ellenburg Washington



Louise            married             Fennimore, died in childbirth

Annie)            married Walt Jim Layton, son Walter
         > twins
Emma)            married John Busby


Alice               posthumously

Emma Busby's children
    [Not listed]

[Martin LeValley's children]
    Victor Ritzendollar LeValley   born Nov. 2, 1893
    Elizabeth Fleight LeValley    born July 6, 1895   [author of these notes]
    Grace Ann LeValley--born May 25, 1897
    Martin Ivan LeValley--born July 24, 1899, died Jan. 4, 1954

    Our paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Fleight, came from France when she was 18 years old.  She was accompanied by her step-father, Victor Ritzendollar, and two small children, Joe and Mary Ann.


3.  Bible record

[This Bible was published in 1894, and is now in the possession of Charles L. LeValley.  The transmission history is inside the very stained front cover, with family history located between the two testaments.  Most of the marriages and births are in the same handwriting--presumably Mary's.  The deaths before 1982 appear to have been recorded by several different hands.]

[Unreadable--probably Mary] LeValley
Received this book
December the fifth 1894

Mr. Lawrence LeValley
Received this book
Sat. Feb. 3-1962
128 Monroe Ave.
Shrewsbury, N.J.

Charles Lawrence LeValley (son of Lawrence)
Received this book
August 1982 from his
father Lawrence


    Married at Indian Mills
Burlington Co. N.J. September April
19th, 1891 by the Rev. John A. Oakes
George B. LeValley of Red Bank
Monmouth Co N.J. to Mary B. Woolman
of Indian Mills Burlington Co. N.J.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At Red Bank Monmouth Co. N.J.
by the Rev.         Dobbins Dec. 29 1892
Myrtlena S. Woolman of Indian
Mills N.J. to Martin H. LeValley
    of Red Bank N.J.


William A. Woolman
Was Born 31th August 18[blurred]

William Martin LeValley
April 6th 1892 Wednesday 7 P.M.

Franklin Octave Levalley born at 8 A.M.
May 30th 1894 on Wednesday

George Belmont LeValley born
Friday.  9. P.M. --July 17th 1896

Walter Winfield LeValley born
at 9.25 Friday P.M. July 22nd 1898.

born on September 18th 1900 at 9:15 A.M.
Friday Elwood Levalley,
September 28th 1900 at 11 a.m. Friday
Lawrence LeValley twin sons.

Born At Barrs Mills Burlington
Co N.J. September 3rd 1865 George
Bradford LeValley.

Born at Indian Mills Burlington Co
N.J. December 5th 1873 Mary
Baher Woolman

Martin Haunes LeValley born at
            Jan 4th 1867.

Myrtlina S. Woolman born at
Indian Mills N.J. Nov. 8 1875

Victor R. Levalley born tuesday
November 2nd 1893

Lizzie Levalley born at Red Bank
July 25 1895  July 6

Grace Levalley born May 25 1896

Martin Ivan Levalley born July 28th 1899


Elizabeth C. Woolman
Decest on the twenty Eight Day
of August 1892

William A. Woolman died
both interred in Friends cemetery
Easton N.J.

Nevill [LeValley], seventh son [of George & Mary], born
Wednesday, Dec. 4th 11.15 P.M. 1901
died March 14th, 1902
at 9.15 A.M. interred at
Fairview cemetery on Sunday after-
noon Mar. 16th, 1902
No. of grave 119

[Ran out of blank pages; continued elsewhere in the Bible:]

Daniel Woolman Decest--
on the Ninth Day of April 18[?]4

Died in Atlantic Highlands Nursing Home,
Mary B. LeValley,  Age 88 Yrs   [Original owner of this Bible]
Died. Feb. 4. 1962. at. 9.15. A.M.
Interment at Fair-View-Cemtary.
Wed. Feb. 7. 1962. at 11-A.M. From
Worden's Funeral Home.  Red Bank. N.J.

Elwood. J. LeValley.  [Lawrence's twin]
Died Monday Aug 27. 1962.

Victor R. LeValley. Died.--
July 21. 1974.

Elizabeth LeValley passed
away June 9, 1979  Sat.

Ruth Thompson LeValley, Born 10-16-1910
(wife of Lawrence LeValley) died 3-27-'83
Buried Fair View Cementery 3-31-83

Grace A. LeValley--Born 1887, died 7/23/83

Lawrence LeValley (twin son of Mary B. & George)
Born 9-28-1900, died 5-11-87, Buried 5-13-87 at
Fairview Cemetery

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