Updated May 9, 2009

    No LeValley family (except possibly the Xenia bunch) ever lived in the South.  Consequently, we have never conducted any search of southern records.  Yet national indexes have turned up these isolated black LeValley families:

1879 Annie LeValley Smith of Peoria IL married in Milwaukee John Jordan Miles a black Union veteran (d. 1926).  She survived him.

1880 Pee Dee, Georgetown Co. SC  (both families black)

    Cuffie LeVally 68 b. SC
        Bess wife 60 b. SC
        Dick son 12 b. SC

    Pompey LeVally 24 b. SC
        Sally wife 20 b. SC
        ____ LeVally other 3 mo.

1891 James Walker, a black man living in Tennessee, applied for a Civil War disability pension for his service under the name of James LeVally (as he had then been known).  In 1912 his minor dependant also applied.  In 1916 his widow Julia LeVally applied for the pension.

1928 Berleley Co. SC  Eliza (dau. Ned Edwards) d. age 52.  S. LeValley of St. Stevens SC undertaker.

1900 Asheville NC    Cesborn or Osborn 20 (black) b. SC, parents b. SC (see Pompey 1880)

1920 Charleston SC
    Carolina (m) 21 black b. SC (parents b. SC) driver for coal company
       Mary 21 black, wife

1920 E. St. Louis IL
    Emily LeValley     abt 1827      Virginia     Mulatto     Nephew

1920 Xenia OH
    Gladys 14 (black) b. FL (parents b. US) student at Willisforce University

1920 Beach Twp., Scott Co. MS
    Levalley Denson 6 among the children of Dick & Nora Denson--all black

1930 North Lebanon Twp., Marion Co. KY
    Henry 60 (black)

1930 Precinct 1, Grimes Co. TX
    Henry 40 (black) b. TX
        Ella 28 wife

1930 Beat 2, Quitman Co. MS
    (Head of household unavailable--see Colie in MO for possible father)
        Anna M. 5 b. MS (black) granddaughter

1930 Commerce Twp., Scott Co. MO
    Colie 30 b. MS (black)

1930 Manhattan NY
    Aba (last name hard to read) 2 (black) b. NY (parents b. Br. W. Indies) adopted dau. of Eliza
        McInold (name hard to read) 36 (black) b. Br. W. Indies

We are not aware of any black LeValleys living today.  Please contact us.

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