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All names are spelled LeValley, unless otherwise indicated.


Alexander--NY (1845)--Peter D-142  Private
Christopher--RI (1768-74)--Peter B-3  Rose to Captain.  May have died in the Revolutionary War
Cromwell--RI (1824-28)--Peter A-123  Rose to Captain.  Enlisted in the Civil War as a private.
George--RI (1819-25)--Peter A-65  Rose to rank of Major
James--NY (1810)--Peter B-4  Lieutenant
Leonard--PA (1840)--Peter E-31  Captain
Mark--unknown drummer (then soldier) who died 1742 in the War of Jenkins' Ear
Peter Sr.--RI (1763)--Peter A-3  Ensign
Thomas C.--RI (1873)--Peter A-102  Commissary officer
Valentine--NY (1845)--Peter D-145  Private
W. Henry--OR (1847-48)--Peter H-93  Wounded in the Indian Wars


Cook--RI--Peter E-1
Jacob--VA--Xenia part 1
James--RI--Peter B-4  Drummer boy?  No record, but attended Revolutionary veterans' reunion
John Jr.--RI--Peter D-1
Josiah--RI--Peter A-5
Peleg--RI--Peter D-60
Peter Jr.--RI--Peter H-3  DAR mistakenly marked the grave of his cousin, Peter Sr.
William--RI--Peter A-46

WAR OF 1812

Holden--NY--Peter D-7
Jacob LeVally--OH--Xenia part 1
John LeVally--OH--Xenia part 2
Rufus--NY--Peter E-29
Stephen--CT--Peter A-48


Alexander--NY--Peter D-105
Alfred--IA--Peter B-105
Alonzo--NY--Peter A-126
Benjamin D.G.--RI--Peter A-50
Benjamin Franklin Sr.--WI--Peter J-12
Benjamin W.--CT--Peter J-149  Sergeant
Benjamin W.--MA--Peter J-160
Calixa (should be LaVallee)--RI--no relation.  Musician.  He later wrote "O Canada."
Carl J.--CT--unknown.  Also listed as Carl J. Luthard, probably his correct name.
Charles H.--WI--Peter J-132  Went insane under the strain
Charles R.--ME--Valcartier  Bugler
Charles T.--IL--Peter B-102
Christopher W.--CT--Peter J-142  Rose to 2nd Lieutenant.  One record says Musician.
Cromwell--RI--Peter A-123  Enlisted as a private, though previously a captain in the RI Militia
Edmand--MO (Confederate)--unknown.  Captured
Francis--PA--Peter F-7
Francis--NY--Peter E-108  Cavalry
Frederick--RI--Peter A-115
George--RI--Peter J-140  Musician in Regimental Band
George (also spelled LeVally)--VT*--unknown
George W. LeVally--OH--Xenia part 1
George W.--TX--Peter I-1  One of two LeValleys on the Confederate side.
Godfrey (also spelled LaValley and LeVally)--MA--unknown.  In Andersonville Prison.
H. Benton--IA--Peter H-160  Died of measles.
Henry (also spelled LaValley)--VT*--unknown
Henry G.--PA--Peter E-37
Henry J.--RI--Peter A-38
Ira N.--IL--Peter F-11
Isaac--IL--Peter H-53
James LeVally--TN--unknown.  Black.  Later known as James Walker.
John--RI--Peter A-113
John--VT*--unknown.  b. Danville, English Canada 1844.  Deserted from his hospital bed.
John Sherman--WI--Peter J-131  Enlisted as Corporal.  Died of disease soon after.
Jonathan LeVally--OH--Xenia part 1
Joseph--IA--Peter H-72  Enlisted at 16 as a fifer
Joseph LeVally--MA--unknown
Joseph H.--OH--Xenia part 1
Lafayette--WI--Peter J-107
Louis--NY--unknown  Only known as a GAR official
Martin--PA--Peter F-6.1
Michael LeVally--IL--unknown
Oliver--MI--Peter C-81  Cavalry
Orlando--MI--Peter C-7  Last surviving Civil War veteran in Michigan
Peter (also spelled LaValley)--MI--unknown.  Cavalry.  Buried at Gettysburg
Peter (also spelled LaValley)--NY--unknown.  Died of disease
Rienzi--NY--Peter C-68
Robert LeVally--MO*--unknown.  One of two LeValleys on the Confederate side.   Captured
Salem--NY--Peter B-97  Navy
Sewell--NY--Peter E-110
Simeon--NY--Peter C-63  Died in Andersonville prison
Stephen E.--IL--Peter G-1  Rose to Sergeant
Valentine--NY--Peter D-115  Rose to Corporal
Volney--PA--Peter E-32
William A.--CT--Peter A-59  Navy
William B.--NY--Peter B-11
William H.--MA--Peter A-72
William L.--NY--unknown (may be the same as William B.)

*The 1860 censuses of Vermont and Missouri found no names spelled even remotely like any of these.


Benjamin F.--SD--Peter J-18  Marine in the Philippines
Edward--IA--Peter G-15
Laurence--CA--Peter H-136
Lewis O.--OH--Xenia part 3
Lynn--PA--Peter E-40  Letters from the Philippines published in the Covington PA newspaper.
Thomas C.--NY--Peter A-106  Died of illness.  World War II transport ship named after him.


Charles--IA--Peter B-139
Charles L.--CO--unknown  Corporal in the Signal Corps

Clayton LaValle--MI--C-56--Navy
Edward--IA--Peter G-15  Marine Sergeant
Earl R.--OK--Xenia part 3
Everett LeVally--OH--Xenia part 2

Francis--OH--Xenia part 1
Fred--KS--Peter B-110
Fred H.--CO--Peter H-11
Frederick--MI--Coldwater.  Used his adopted name, Woods.
Freeman--VT--unknown.  Died in France.
George C.--CA--Peter H-100
George E.--Andrew Jackson
George H.--KS--Peter J-46
Gifford--NY--Peter C-70   Polar Bear Expedition in Russia
Harley--OK--Peter G-45
Harry LaVallee--NY--Peter 81.5
Jacob S.--OH--Xenia part 2
James P.--OH--Xenia part 1
Joseph F.--Xenia part 3
Joseph O.--MI--Xenia part 3  Marines
Joseph P.--ME--unknown.  Discharged on reporting for national duty because of dependants.
Leslie LaVallee--NY--Peter D-79.1
Leslie LaValley--NY--Peter D-86
   Marine Sergeant
Lloyd LaValley--NY--Peter D-79
Lorne--Canadian army--Peter B-146
Myrl--OH--Xenia part 1

Paul LeValley--Canadian army--LaValley family of Sorel, Quebec
Rex--KS--Peter J-76
Robert LaValle Sr.--NY--Peter D-81.7
Roy--Xenia part 3
Waldo--OH--Xenia part 1
Walter LaValle--NY--Peter D-81.3
William LaValley--NY--Peter D-90.2
William A.--MA--Charles F.
William Joseph LeValley--Canadian army--LaValley family of Champlaine NY


Alyce D.--IL--Xenia part 3
Arthur C. A.--CA--Andrew Jackson
Arthur E.--RI--Peter A-95
Benjamin W. Sr.--MA--Charles F.
Beryl--KS--Peter J-77
Betty E.--MI--Victor  WAC: Women's Army Corps
Betty J.--CA--Peter F-64
Charles W.--OH--Xenia part 1
Claude--MI--Peter B-65
Dale--MI--Peter C-155
Earl E,--OK--Xenia part 3
Edward W.--NY--Peter E-71  Staff Sergeant
Edwin G.--CA--Peter F-55
Elizabeth Pentz LeValley--Peter J-162  WAC: Women's Army Corps
Evelyn Amsberry LeValley--Peter H-45
Everett J.--IL--Xenia part 2
Frank L.--OH--Xenia part 1
Fred W.--IL--Peter E-12
George--KS?--Peter J-69
George A.--MI--Xenia part 3
George T.--MI--Peter C-23
George W. Le Vally--OH--Xenia part 1
Gerald Edgar--Peter G-54
Gertrude Meserve Tubbs LeValley--Peter C-127   WASP: Women Airforce Service Pilots
Glenn--MI--Peter C-131
Glenn--PA--Peter E-57  Merchant Marine
Harold E.--OH--Xenia part 1
Harry LaValley Sr.--Peter F-6.73  Navy
Harvey LaValley Jr.--Peter D-78.11
Hugh M.--IA--Peter H-40
J. Kenneth--OK--Peter G-49
James--KS--Peter J-62
James B.--MI?--Xenia part 3  Stayed on
James M.--OK--unknown  Technician 5th grade
James R. Le Vally--OK--Xenia part 3
John "Jack"--IA--Peter G-27
John K[enneth]--OK--Peter G-40
Joseph F.--CA--Xenia part 3  Corporal in National Guard
Joseph W. Le Vally--IN--Xenia part 1
Justin L.--NY--Peter B-33  Technical Sergeant
Keith O.--IA--Peter G-99  Navy
Keith V.--IA--Peter H-45  Staff Sergeant in Army Air Corps
Kenneth--SK Canada--Peter J-118  Canadian navy
Lee--IA--Peter G-120
Leonard LaValley--NY--Peter D-71
Leonard D.--MA--Peter J-162
Leroy [Lee Roy]--OK--Peter H-169.91
Lewis--NY--Peter B-21  Colonel
Marvin L.--PA--Peter F-112
Miller W.--ID?--Peter F-24  Stayed and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel
Raymond--MA--Charles F.
Richard A. Le Vally--OH--Xenia part 1
Robert--MI--Peter B-78.  Pharmacist's Mate in the navy
Robert E.--OH--Xenia part 1  Medic imprisoned in Germany
Robert F.--IA--Peter G-16  Stayed and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel

Robert F.--TX--unknown
Robert F.--WI--Valcartier
Stephen P. Le Vally--OK--Xenia part 1
Steven H.--IA--Peter G-10
Vera E.--WI--Valcartier
Victor R., Jr.--DC--Prosper  Navy
Virgil--CO--Andrew Jackson  Marine corporal
William A.--KS--Peter J-47
William D.--OR--Peter J-28  Died when his ship sank
William E.--NJ--Prosper  Sergeant
William P.--OH--Xenia part 1


Benjamin W. Jr.--MA--Charles F.
Dean--MI--Peter C-168
John "Jack"--MI--Peter 105  Air Force
Paul E.--OH?--Xenia part 2  Stayed and retired as a Master Sergeant

Raybourn--OH--Xenia part 2

Raymond LaValley Sr.--NJ--Peter F-6.76  Died
Richard--OR--Peter C-48.4  Air Force
Richard--MI--Peter D-17
Robert F.--WI?--Valcartier
Roger--PA--Peter F-91
Stanley--KS--Peter B-111  Navy
T. Gordon--CO--Peter H-125

Vera E.--CA--Valcartier


Charles R.--NY--Peter E-75
Charles Robert--KS--Peter G-103  Air Force Captain
David LeVally--IL--Xenia part 1
John Wesley LeValley--Peter H-141
Kenneth--CA--Peter G-129
Marc LaValley--OH?--Xenia part 1
Martin LeVallee--OH--Guernsey  Air Force
Thomas--IA--Peter G-18  Air Force


David--CA--Peter H-143.2  Machinists Mate 
Judith LaValley or LeValley--OH--unknown
 Airforce (husband in airforce too)


Jessica--OH--Xenia part 2
Michael--KS--unknown   Marine sergeant
Thomas--FL--Charles F.

Surely, there are others missing from this list--especially toward the end.  If you are aware of any, please let us know.

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