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Peter LeValley burying ground, Warwick RI.  Named after Peter LeValley Sr., grandson of the original Peter.  Though he and his descendants are buried there, the cemetery may have been founded by his uncle John--who may also lie there with his second wife under uninscribed fieldstones.

Henry LeValley burying ground, Coventry RI.  Named after the grandson of the above-mentioned Peter Sr.  Henry lies there with his descendants.

LeValley Cemetery, Middleport NY.  Named after the donor of the land, Holden LeValley (son of the original Peter's grandson John Jr.).  He donated the land in 1819, reserving the right for himself and his heirs forever to pasture calves and sheep on it.  But when Holden and his wife died four years later, their bodies were sent back to Canandaigua NY for burial with their infant daughter and other relatives.  His nephew's family was later buried in the LeValley Cemetery.

Sections of Cities

LeValley Flats, Lockport NY.  Name of the flatland once farmed by Franklin Jackson LeValley, descended from Peter's grandson Christopher.  It is dominated by a huge outcropping of forested rock, on top of which his house stood.  From that grand situation, the place is now the location of the sewer plant.

LeValley & Harmon's addition to Waverly IA.  The whole southeast quarter of the city was laid out by George W. LeValley, descended from Peter's grandson Christopher.

LeValley's 2nd addition to Park Falls WI.  Named after someone in the Valcartier LeValley family.

Streets and Roads

LeValley Street, West Warwick RI.  Named after William H. LeValley, descended from Peter Sr.  An undistinguished druggist, he probably had the first house built on the street.

LeValley Road, Rome NY.  Origin unknown.

LeValley Road near Columbiaville MI.  Leander LeValley settled there in 1845, and his uncle John Cook LeValley brought his family to the farm next door in 1853.  They are descended from Peter's grandson Christopher.

LeValley Road near Ionia MI.  Probably named after the LeValley Church and LeValley School.

LeValley Road, Manalapan NJ--Named after Prosper LeValley or his son Martin, whose farm later became a Boy Scout camp.

LeValley Railroad, also in New Jersey, owned much stock in other railroads--probably the Prosper LeValley family.

LeValley Court, Orlando FL--Origin unknown.

LeVally Turnpike was named after some of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally family.  It is now known as Ohio Route 50--the section running west from Route 292 to Rushsylvania.

LeValley Road, Lompoc CA--Origin unknown.

LeValley Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan--named in 2007 for early leader Lorne LeValley (Peter B-150)

Bodies of water

LeValley Creek, near Miles City MT, where Daniel LeValley of the Valcartier line settled.

LeValley Lake, near Timmins, Ontario--Origin unknown.


LeValley Church, Ionia MI.  Iri LeValley, descended from Peter's grandson John Jr., donated the land for the Methodist church, on condition that it be named after him.  He later became a Presbyterian.  The original church burned in 1923, but its less picturesque replacement has kept the LeValley name.


LeValley School, Columbiaville MI.  Now closed, the country school stood on LeValley Road.

South LeValley School, Ionia MI.  Closed.  The school stands diagonally across from the LeValley Church, from which it probably got its name.

North LeValley Elementary School, Ionia MI.  Still in operation over the border in the next township.  It appears to have been named after the earlier South school.

LeValley School, McCone Co. MT.  Now gone.  Named after a branch of the Valcartier LeValley family.

Businesses (past)

LeValley & Davis, Coventry RI, went out of business 1829.  Gardner LeValley (Peter D-175) was listed five years earlier as a machine maker.  Since the company broke up at about the same time he left RI, he seems the most likely owner.

LeValley, Lamphere & Co. Machine Works, Warwick RI, 1840s-50s.  Founded by Robert LeValley (Peter A-7).  They seem to have made a wide range of things--including one family coffin.

Post & LeValley Grocers, Providence RI 1864-70s.  Junior partner George S. B. LeValley (Peter J-147) held a variety of jobs after the business ended.

Twitchell & LeValley, Providence RI, 1870s.  They advertised as sign and ornamental painters.  A few years later, the junior partner, Henry E. LeValley (Peter A-29) was selling musical instruments.  He probably owned a store.

Capwell & LeValley, Providence RI, 1920s (purpose unknown).  The junior partner, Arthur LeValley (Peter A-95) was later listed as a painter.

Raynor & LeValley Monument Company, Sayville NY, dissolved 1894.  Junior partner William T. LeValley (Peter D-188) briefly took over on the retirement of his uncle Charles L. Raynor (married Peter D-181)

R. R. & D. LeValley Sawmill, Fernwood NY, 1850s-90s.  Rhoderick LeValley (Peter D-64) and his son David built and ran this operation.

The LeValley Works (wood alcohol factory), Fernwood NY, 1880s was named after the nearby LeValley sawmill--though no one in the LeValley family had any ownership of the factory.

William LeValley & Son, Hats and Harness, Naples NY, 1870s.  William LeValley (Peter B-169) died and his son Oscar tried a new line of work elsewhere.  Oscar came back and re-established O. W. LeValley, Harness and Horse Furnishings, 1890s-1900s.

E. S. LeValley & Son, Druggists, Naples NY, 1870s.  William's brother Elkanah LeValley (Peter B-179) and Elkanah's son Orville left the hat business to open this store.

LeValley Quarry, near Medina NY, mid 1860s to mid 1870s.  This was probably on the land of John LeValley I (grandson of John Jr.), though his cousin Ara also lived in the same area.

Salem G. LeValley Sporting Goods, Buffalo NY, 1890s.  The store continued operating under the same name at least into the 1920s--long after the death of the owner (Peter B-98).

LeValley Vitae Carbon Brush Co., New York City 1900s-20s.  Darius A. LeValley (Peter 125) founded the company sometime before his death in 1905.  It was still going in 1925.

LeValley Photo Shop, Lockport NY, 1960s-70s.  Run by Harold LeValley (Peter B-47).

Steel & LeValley, Carpenters of Covington PA, early 1900s.  Junior partner Volney LeValley (Peter E-32) soon became senior partner of LeValley & Smith, Carpenters.

N. M. LeValley Piano Institute, Fond du Lac WI belonged to Nancy LeValley (Peter B-126) in the 1970s.

LeValley Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee WI existed for only six months before being absorbed in 1917 into The Chain Belt Company--both enterprises founded by Christopher LeValley (Peter J-149).

LeValley Manufacturing Company, Cleveland OH, 1950s.  Founded by Kenneth Smith LeValley (Xenia part 1).

Faville-LeVally Corporation of Chicago and Downers Grove IL apparently made industrial tools of some sort.  Falex was one of their brands.  They had a LeVally machine that tested the strength of industrial parts.  In 1949, an F. A. Faville was president.  Who was the LeVally?  Probably someone from the Xenia bunch.

LeValley's Market, Stronghurst IL sold groceries, but closed in 1913 when G. Edwin LeValley (Peter F-78) moved to California.

The LeValley Store, Dayton IA, grocery run by Stephen E. LeValley Peter G-1) and his son Judson 1893-1908, when the youngest son Chancy LeValley (G-81) bought them out and continued to operate the store until his death in 1942.  The family sold the store in 1944.

LeValley Cafe, Dayton IA, was operated by Edward LeValley (Peter G-15) in the 1940s.

Henry LeValley Restaurant, Webster City IA, 1890s.  Run briefly by [Matthew] Henry LeValley (Peter J-45) who was also listed as a confectioner.

LeValley's Livery and Feed Barn, Miles City MT.  Founded by Ben LeValley (Valcartier) after 1900.  He closed it when he was elected county sheriff in 1910.

Caldwell LeValley Stage Line ran briefly in 1878 from Phoenix to Prescott AZ.  Alfred LeValley (Peter B-108) was the junior partner.  There is some colorful history here, because he tried to steal his own horses when the company went bankrupt.

LaValley's Dry Goods, Yeager OK 1958-83.  Clinton LaValley (Peter I-32) and his family ran it.

LeValley's Market, Newport Beach CA 1945-72.  Guy (Peter G-110) and his wife Frankie took over her family's store.

LeValley Ready Mix Company (mentioned 1964 in Tujunga CA) was probably owned by Guy's brother Clyde (Peter G-96).

LeValley Farms, probably in CA, was producing canned peaches and apricots in 1946, and frozen lima beans in 1959.  This was probably connected to horticulturist and vegetable authority W. I. Louis LeValley (Peter F-59).  The brand sold as far away as Iowa, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.


Businesses (current)

LeValley Press, Riverside NY, specializing in wedding invitations, was founded in 1979 by Montaigne LeValley (Peter D-143).  The company kept the name after he died.

LeValley-McLeod Plumbing Supplies, Elmira NY, was founded in 1897 by Fred LeValley (Peter E-115).  He had earlier been the junior partner in Krowl & LeValley Plumbers.  By the 1930s, the company had its own plane for delivering supplies to oil wells anywhere in the nation.  The fourth generation of the family is active in the company today.

LeValley Maintenance Service (carpet cleaning), Shickshinny PA, surely belongs to one of the many descendants of Peter's grandson Cook who settled in the area.

LeVally Maintenance Service (industrial building construction repairs), Signal Mountain TN was founded 1977 by Dale LeVally of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally line, part 1.

LeValley Oldsmobile, Cadilac, GMC Trucks, Benton Harbor MI was founded 1975 by Richard LeValley (Peter D-18).

LeValley Finance Center (management consulting services), Benton Harbor MI  was founded by Richard's son Dudley (Peter D-19).

LeValley Realty, Owosso MI, was founded 1966 by Clyde LeValley (Peter B-68) in 1972.  The name stayed with the company after he retired.  For a while, it was called Prudential LeValley Realty.  There are now branches in surrounding villages.

LeValley Realty, Dayton OH, was founded 1980 by William LeValley (Peter B-25), and should not be confused with the above, or the company in Alaska.

There are reportedly several LeValley businesses in Springfield OH--somehow related to the Xenia LeVally/LeValley family.

Claudia LeValley Travel Agency, Van Wert OH is run by the wife of James R. LeValley (Xenia part 1).

LeValley's Lawn and Tree Service, Hilliard OH, is run by Loren LeValley of the Xenia line, part 2.

LeVally Enterprises (retail foods), Tripp City OH, was founded 1996 by Rick LeVally of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally line, probably part 1.

LeVally Stables (racing and track operation), New Holland OH was founded 1971 by Susan LeVally of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally line, part 1.

LeValley Beauty Boutique, Powell OH , was founded in 2017 by Farrah LeValley Jones of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally line, part 2.

Marshall, LeValley & Napolitano, Attorneys in Palm Harbor FL.  The co-founder, Craig LeValley (Peter J-181), specializes in sinkhole cases.  In 2002, he became the senior partner of LeValley & Napolitano.

LeValley & Associates, Accountants originally in Park Ridge IL, now headquartered in Lincoln NE.  President Joan LeValley has divorced her husband from the Xenia LeVally/LeValley group, part 3.

LeValley Chiropractic & Natural Health Care Center, Nixa MO is run by Dennis LeValley (Peter C-41).

LeValley Trucking of Denver CO was founded 2006 by Mrs. Kelly LeValley of the Andrew Jackson LeValley line.

LeValley Builders of Arvada CO belongs to Mark LeValley of the Valcartier Quebec family.

LeValley Ranch of Hotchkiss CO, originaly founded 1901, was transformed into a communications service by Mark LeValley (Peter H-23).

LaValley Dental Care of Holdenville OK and nearby towns was founded by Joseph LaValley (Peter I-42).

LeValley Massage Therepy, Killeen TX is operated by Wendy LeValley of the Xenia LeValley/LeVally line, part 1.

LeValley Adjusting Company, Sandy UT, was founded 1980 by Steven LeValley (Peter F-101).  It does insurance estimates--sometimes after natural disasters.

LeValley Enterprise (trade contractor), Bakersfield CA is run by David LeValley (Peter F-108).

LeValley's Property Management, San Jose CA was founded 1977 by Harvey LeValley (Peter F-117).

Evynn LeValley Photography, Carmel Valley CA--daughter of Wally LeValley, descended from the Valcartier line.

LeValley Dental Laboratory, Walla Walla WA, was founded 1979 by Dr. Gary LeValley (Peter A-72).

Martha LeValley School of Dance, Snohomish WA, was founded 1979 by Martha LeValley (Peter J-73 ex-wife).

James F. LeValley Co. of Sammamish WA in run by a cumputer programer descended from the Victor line.

LeValley Painting (painting and wallpaper hanging), Wasilla AK is run by Rick LeValley (Peter C-124}

LeValley Realty, Wasilla AK is also run by him or another member of his family.

Brazilian Street

Rua Christopher Levalley--street in Sao Leopoldo-RS, Brazil.  Named after manufacturer Christopher W. LeValley (Peter J-149) when his company branched out to Brazil years later.

Locations in Northern Ireland

Loughgall or LeValley parish 4 miles northeast of Armagh in Ulster, Northern Ireland.  This is the strangest place name on the list, because it was not named after anyone named LeValley.  Instead, a few Irish families have adopted last names from the place where they lived.  When the English settled northern Ireland, they found the traditional Gaelic place names hard to pronounce, and rendered them into the nearest English approximation.  Thus slovenly pronunciation and simplified spelling turned Loughgall into LeValley by 1830.

Loughgall or LeValley parish contains a LeValley Lough (or Lake).

Levalley Upper Townland was listed in the 1841 census as a location in Devenish Parish, County Fermanagh.

LeVally Road, Drumboory, was closed for the G-8 Summit in rural Fermanagh in 2013.  Note the LeVally spelling.

LeValley or LeVally Estate: Home of the Vickers family in Queens County, Ireland in the 1830s.  The area has been renamed County Laois, Irish Republic.

English School

LeValley School, a private school in Grimsby, Lincolnshire in the 1920s

English Business

LeValley Riding Centre in London


The French ship Alexander LeValley was the first to sail through the Panama Canal.

U.S.S. Thomas LeValley, World War II victory ship named after Peter A-127

We know that several more LeValleys ran their own businesses, but we don't know what they called their establishments.
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