(all spelled LeValley unless otherwise indicated)

Updated May 24, 2016



Abernathy Twp., Ceburne Co.
    Hurchel 34 (white)   entire family b. AL
        Alice A. 24
        Lee R. 4 6/12
        Chester 3 1/12
        Wilburn 1 1/12



Floyd S LeValley      Morgan, Lawrence, Arkansas      abt 1901      Arkansas      White      Head 
    Bertha M LeValley     abt 1902     Arkansas     White     Wife


Vaugine Twp., Jefferson Co.
    Flora 68 b. IL mother-in-law of Ernest C. Ollar 33--wife Irene 28



San Francisco
     Mary F. 11/66 CA with mother Tereza C. Knipe

Vernon Twp. Sutter Co.
     Roy 2/82 CA servant of Edward Proper


Los Angeles
     May Alice Levalley (last name difficult to read) 57, 3rd m--6 yrs, 1 child--1 living, b. IL
          Lyle Banks 21 son b. IL, solicitor

    Bert L Levally b. abt 1885      MO      Head
        Mary F

Sonoma Co.
     Elmer LaValley 30 b. OH stepson of Joseph Knittel  [See 1901 British Columbia census]

Marysville, Yuba Co.
     Mary LeVally 52 b. Maine  married 3 times--last time 1 year ago, 11 children--9 living
         Frederick Marten 21 b. CA son, hostler at livery stable
         Dorothy Marten 20 b. IL daughter-in-law
         George Marten 19 stepson, laborer at livery stable
         Edward Marten 16 stepson, laborer at livery stable


Long Beach
    Vivian 12 b. MN lodger at the home of Orlo Rolo

Los Angeles
    John G. LeVally 49 b. Maine


William A LeValley 1894 Rhode Island
    Assembly District 27, San Francisco, California

James W Le Valley 1882 Ohio
    Douglas Judicial Township, San Joaquin, California

Lucy H LeValley 1879 Indiana widow
    Ojai, Ojai Judicial Township, Ventura, California

Everett LeValley 1920 California
    Ojai, Ojai Judicial Township, Ventura, California
Sarah LeValley 1923 Louisiana
Vivian LeValley 1939 California

Ella V LeVally 1898 Minnesota (lived in Minneapolis 1935) widow
    Fullerton, Fullerton Judicial Township, Orange, California
Eugenie LeVally 1931 Texas
    both at the home of Ella's Brother Hubert Marcus

Elmer R La Valley 1880 Iowa
    Ward 4, Stockton, Stockton Judicial Township, San Joaquin, California
Anna C La Valley 1892 California
Mary A La Valley 1938 California




Precinct 10 East, Pitkin Co
    William LeValley    abt 1856     NY     W     Head


Bent Co.
     Loyd V. 20 b. ND patient at Fort Lyon Naval Sanitorium

     Clarence L. 35 laborer b. IL living alone (Father b. IN, mother b. IL)



      Peter 43 b. Canada (wrong page number)

      John 53 whole family b. Canada--names difficult to read

      Frank 47 whole family b. Canada--names difficult to read


     John Levally 62  whole family b. Canada except youngest 2
         Mary 53
         Joseph 22 cotton mill
         Tullie (?) 20 farm
         Louis 18 mill
         Malvina 15 mill
         Celence 13
         Elean 11

     William Levally 30 farm b. Canada
         Matilda 27
         William 5


     Annie Lavalley 8/64 (all b. CT)
         Avarice 7/91
         George 7/95
         Margaret 2/98

     George S. b. 8/67 NY--servant of Samuel Irvin

    Lyman W     abt 1855     CT     W     Head
        Hattie R     abt 1863     CT     W     Wife
        Eva M     abt 1884     CT     W     Dau
        Lucy B     abt 1893     CT     W     Dau
        William A     abt 1899     CT     W     Son

     Elisena (f) b. 4/60 CT
         4 servants

     John Levalley b. 5/78 CT
         Marie b. 4/78 CT


    Levi 46 b. CT
       Alcuin wife 45 b. CT
       Wandel A. father  Age un. b. Canada

Sterling, Windham Co.
    Alie b. 1883 CT
        Rosa b. 1887 CT Wife    

Thomson, Windham Co.
    Leona 12 b. MA (parents b. Canada) boarding with the Sisters of Mercy

    Napoleon 36 b. NY (parents b. Canada) weaver boarding at the home of Annie Dawson


Preston Town, New London Co.
     George 32 b. CT
         Elizabeth 31 b. CT


Andover Twp., Tolland Co.
    William 59 b. Canada living in boarding house
    Alice E. 43 b. CT

Danielson Twp., Windham Co.
    Henry 33 b. RI  boarder

Suffield Twp., Hartland Co.
    Richard 23 


Alice Le Valley 51 Connecticut widow
    Manchester, Hartford, Connecticut
Carl W Skinner 35 New York son
Edward J Skinner 17 Connecticut son
Mildred M Skinner 14 Connecticut daughter



    George E. 50 b. VT
        Emma M. 42

    John B. LeVally 37 b. MI (father b. NY)
        Laura F. 35



Lynn Haven
    Iva A. 68 b. OH


Iva A LeValley 1861 Ohio
    Lynn Haven, Precinct 11, Bay, Florida



Chamblee Twp., DeKalb Co.
    Leonard LeVally 20 (white) 20 b. GA
        Louise 18 wife
        Dorthy 5/12



George E LeValley     St Maries, Shoshone, Idaho     abt 1887     WI     White     Head
    Sophia LeValley     abt 1897     Wisconsin     White     Wife    
    Robert L LeValley     abt 1918     Wisconsin     White     Son    
    George C LeValley    abt 1919     Idaho     White     Son


Lewiston Twp., Nez Perce Co.
    William S. 42 b. MO
        Dolly 38
        Evelyn K. 13
        Lorraine E. 10 


William Le Valley 1889 Missouri
    Ward 1, Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho
Dollie Le Valley 1892 Washington
Loreine Le Valley 1920 Washington



Washington Co.
     George LeVally 1 m 40-50, 1 m 10-15, 1 f 20-30, 1 f 15-20, 2 f 10-15, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 0-5


Washington Co.
     William H. Levallie 24 farmer b. OH
         Sarah 22 b. OH
         George W. 1 b. IL


Nashville, Washington Co.
     Wm. 34 farmer $600 RE, 400 pers. b. OH
         Sarah J. 34 b. OH
         Jas. R. 9 b. IL
         Louisa J. 6 b. IL
         Martha C. 2 b. IL


Chicago (enumeration dist. 139)
    Emma LaValley p. 128


    Ferd     abt 1881     Louisiana     W     Scholar

Richland Twp. Shelby Co.
     John R. 1/40 b. OH servant of John Harte


Kankakee Co.
     Leonie LaVallie 34 b. IL SE (servant?) enumerated with John Prairie


Batavia (Batsoia?), Kane Co.
     Frank LaValley 67 b. NY
         Anna E. 45 b. NY wife

E. St. Louis
    Emily LeValley     abt 1827      Virginia     Mulatto     Nephew

     Ada LeVallie 26 b. IL boarding with Anna Rooney

Rock Falls
     Frederick LaValley 42 b. NY
         Lilian M 41 b. NY
         Frances (Francis?) R. 19 b. NY
         Charles A. 17 b. NY
         Frederick R. 15 b. at sea
         Hazel M. 12 b. NY


Sugar Loaf Twp., St. Clair Co.
    Henry H. LeVally 41 b. KY

Sullivan Twp., Moultrie Co.
    Ace LeVally 67 (white) b. IL boarder 


Charles Powell 68
    Mattoon, Coles, Illinois
Era Le Valley 55 Illinois female widow Housekeeper

Martin LeValley 1912 Illinois married inmate in state penitentiary
    Lockport Township, Will, Illinois



Center Twp., Clinton Co.
    Geo     abt 1867     IA     W     Head
        Clara     abt 1872     WI     W     Wife
        Edward R     abt 1896     MN     W     Son
        Helen     abt 1897     IN     W     Dau


Brown Twp., Hancock Co.
    Henry 39 b. MI (both parents also b. MI)
        Lulu 33 b. IN
        Wesley 13 b. IN
        Paul (indexed as Bard) 8 b. IN

Clinton Twp., Cass Co.
    Alice LeVally 30 b. IN inmate of the Northern Hospital for the Insane 


Vida M Le Valley 1891 Indiana
    Ward 11, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana



Iowa Twp., Marshal Co.
     William 35 [b. c.1825] farmer b. NY
         Cordelia 26 b. NY
         Eva 6 b. IN
         Frank 5 b. IA
         Mary E. 11/12 b. IA


Boonsboro, Boon Co.
     Edward 20 miller $600 real est. $2725 pers. est. b. France  cannot read
         June (Jane?) 47 b. France cannot read or write
         Sarah (?--very faded--someone else read it as Josephine) 19 b. NY
         William 17 b. NY--See misc. fragments for more on him.
         (All had 2 parents of foreign birth.)

Montana, Boone Co.
    Joseph 24 laborer b. Canada W
       Ellen 29 b. Canada E
       Edw... [unreadable] male 1 b. IA

Marion Twp., Hamilton Co. (same family)
    Joseph 21 laborer b. NY (parents foreign born)
        Ellen 26 keeping house b. IA
        Edward 1 b. IA

Pleasant Valley, Scott Co. 465 (not found)


     Joseph Lavalley 32 b. NY
         Olillia 28 b. MO
         Laura A. 3 b. IA
         Elmer S. 11/12 b. IA


Columbus Junction (Louisa Co.)
    Wasley [Wesley?] 7 b. Louisa Co.

Tama Twp. Tama Co.
    Ransom E. 26 b. Tama Co.
        Ethel 19 b. Hamilton Co. IA
        Charles J. 0 b. Tama Co.


Des Moines Twp., Boone Co.
    Candace W. Tapp 79 b. IA
        Nellie M. LeValley 41 dau. b. IA
        Charley LeValley 41 son-in-law b. IA, father b. English Canada

Washington, Buchanan Co.
    Clarence b. abt 1890 Iowa, Inmate of some institution


Bedford, Taylor Co.
    Henry M LeValley     abt 1851     Pennsylvania     White     Head
        Laura L LeValley     abt 1880     Iowa     White     Daughter



     George Lavalla 50 b. 9/49 OH boarding with Joseph Button

     Hiram A. 24 b. 3/76 IL boarding with Ollie T. Sharon


     George LeValley 65 b. MA
         Liza S. 45 wife b. KS


Granite Twp., Phillips Co.
    Ruth 8 b. KS (both parents b. KS) living with cousins M.M. Craig 33 (b. MO) and wife Ruth 30
        (b. KS)



Covington Twp., Kenton Co.
    Lawrance Levally (as indexed--looks more like Lecally) 40 b. IL
        Anna 34
        Lawrence 16
        Dolores 15
        Virginia 13
        Elmer 10
        Dorothy 1

Jefferson Co.
    Andy 67 (white) b. TN inmate of the Central State Hospital for the Insane

North Lebanon Twp., Marion Co.
    Henry 60 (black)



     Daniel Levalley 33 ship carpenter b. Canada $300 pers. est.
         Hannah 30 b. ME
         Charles 6 b. ME
         Benjamin 1 b. ME



Troy [Fall River]
     George W. Levelley just 3 doors from Benjamin Levally [Caleb's son]
          1 m 20-30, 1 f 20-30, 1 m 0-5


     Stephen 40-50, 1 m 10-15, 1 f 20-30, 1 f 10-15


    James LeValley     77     abt 1783     Massachusetts     M
        Jane A LeValley     74     abt 1786     Massachusetts     F

    Elisha LeValley     52     abt 1808     Massachusetts     M    
        Ruth LeValley     56     abt 1804     Massachusetts     F
        Elitha F LeValley     23     abt 1837     Massachusetts     M
        Julia A LeValley     16     abt 1844     Massachusetts     F

    John LeValley     52     abt 1808     Massachusetts     M    
        Eunice LeValley     49     abt 1811     Massachusetts     F
        Jethro LeValley     29     abt 1831     Massachusetts     M    
        Catharine LeValley     19     abt 1841     Massachusetts     F
        John LeValley     15     abt 1845     Massachusetts     M    
        Sarah LeValley     12     abt 1848     Massachusetts     F
        Joseph LeValley     9     abt 1851     Massachusetts     M

    Edward LeValley     49     abt 1811     Massachusetts     M
        Abby LeValley     48     abt 1812     Massachusetts     F
        Edward F LeValley     12     abt 1848     Rhode Island     M
        Abby LeValley    9    abt 1851    Massachusetts    F
        Mary LeValley     7     abt 1853     Massachusetts     F

    James LeValley     44     abt 1816     Massachusetts     M
        Susan LeValley     40     abt 1820     Massachusetts     F
        James V LeValley     20     abt 1840     Massachusetts     M
        Collins LeValley     10     abt 1850     Massachusetts     M
        Leander LeValley     6     abt 1854     Massachusetts     M
        Inft unnamed LeValley     1/12     abt 1860     Massachusetts     M

    Peter B LeValley     32     abt 1828     Massachusetts     M
        Lydia LeValley     23     abt 1837     Massachusetts     F
        Hattie B LeValley     4     abt 1856     Massachusetts     F
        Samuel R LeValley     1/12     abt 1860     Massachusetts     M

    Eunice LeValley     50     abt 1810     Massachusetts     F
        Francis LeValley    22     abt 1838     Massachusetts     M
        Lydia N LeValley    16     abt 1844     Massachusetts     F
        Mary E LeValley     16     abt 1844     Massachusetts     F


     Elisha LeVally b. abt 1818  Vermont  W  M 
            Lucy A LeVally b. abt 1818  W  F 
            Maria LeVally b. abt 1849  MA  W  F 

      John LeValli 45 b. Canada

Fall River
      Mrs. LeValley 50 b. MA

      Antoine 55, whole family b. Canada
            Paul 24
            Mary A. 16

      Paul LeVally 31 b. Canada
            Marie LeVally 45 b. Canada

      Charles 27 b. ME works cotton

      Napoleon LeVally 23, whole family b. Canada
            Lexuie (?) LeVally 21
            Ann LeVally 1
            Marie LeVally 20
            Catherine LeVally 23


    Samuel b. 1858 Canada
        Sophia wife b. 1859 Canada
        Samuel son b. 1879 MA

    Samuel b. 1860 Canada--probably the same as above
        Samuel son b. 1879 MA

West Boylston
    Joseph b. 1831 Canada
        Aurelia wife b. 1823 Canada
        Rosa dau. b. 1856 Canada
        Joseph son b. 1861 Canada
            Rosa dau-in-law b. 1861 Canada
            Adalon grandson b. 1880 MA
        Maude dau b. 1862 Canada

Holden Twp. Worcester Co.
    Mary LeVally 33 b. Ireland with Samuel Beaman (looks like a boarding house)
        Albert Levally 8 b. MA (according to soundex) / Albert Sevally 9 (according to LDS discs)

North Brookfield
    Ellen LeVallie b. 1851 CT at a hotel or boarding house

    John LeVally 45 NY
        Matilda wife 48 Canada
        Michael son 22 MA
        Joseph son 19 Canada
        Lorin son 18 Canada
        Mary dau. 16 VT
        Napoleon 6 NY
        Rosana dau. 3 NY
        Delia dau. 2 NY

    Levi LeVally b. 1856 MA
        Alice wife b. 1857 Canada
        Marsha dau. 4 mo. NY
        Charles Gardner brother-in-law 10 NY

    Charles LeVally 37 b. Canada
        Amelia wife 36 b. Canada
        Abby dau. b. 1865 MA
        Lizzie dau. b. 1868 MA
        Rosalie dau. b. 1872 MA
        Jessie dau. b. 1875 MA
        Frederick son b. 1878 MA

    Joseph LeVally 29 b. Canada
        Georgia 27 b. Canada
        Joseph son 5 MA
        Flora 3 b. Canada
        Sarah 4 mo. b. MA

    Joseph LeVally 39 b. Canada
        Sarah wife 28 b. Canada
        Exilla dau. b. 1869 Canada
        Rosanna dau. b. 1873 Canada
        Dennis b. 1880 MA
[Note from descendants:  My husband is from Haverhill, Massachusetts.  We believe that the 1880 Joseph LEVALLY and wife Sarah with Exilla, Rosanna, and Dennis could be his great grandparents.  His grandmother was Rosanna born May 1873 in Massachusetts(1880 says Canada birth?), to Joseph LAVALLEE JR and Cesarie GAUVIN.  The only parent we have for Cesarie was Antoine GAUVIN.  The parents of Joseph LAVALLEE JR are Joseph LAVALLEE and Marie LARIVIERE.  We don't recognize the Dennis LEVALLY in the 1880 census.  Our Exilda LAVALLEE was born in January 1869 and married Isadore VILLENEUVE.  Sincerely, Mary Chapman danchap@ev1.net]


Montague Twp. Franklin Co.
     Frank A. b. 1852 MA
         Mary H. 11/43 MA
         William D. Andrews b. RI brother-in-law

Wuntham Twp. Norfolk Co.
     Frederic 8/69 MA boarding with James Jencks

     Austin 7/59 NY
         Priscilla 5/62 NY
         Edward 6/83 MA
         Florence E. 9/85
         George A. 6/86
         Lilly B. 11/91
         Mabe (?) 9/72 brother


    Rosa 49 single b. MA (father b. France) no occupation, living at boarding house

    Raymond 19 b. MA (parents b. MA) inmate in the county jail

Amesbury, Essex Co.
    Mose LeValley     abt 1885     New York     Head
        Loma LeValley     abt 1906     New York     Daughter    
        Napoleon LeValley     abt 1910     Massachusetts     Son    
        Fred LeValley     abt 1883     New York     Brother    
        Rose O LeValley     abt 1889     New York     Sister-in-law    
        Robert H LeValley     abt 1900     Massachusetts     Nephew    
        Adlcose LeValley     abt 1891     New York     Brother    

    Jerry LeValley     abt 1868     MA     Boarder    

Place unknown
    Joseph G LeValley     abt 1852     New York     Head    
        Adeline LeValley     abt 1850     Canada French     Wife    
        Malvina LeValley     abt 1891     New York     Daughter    
        Alma M LeValley     abt 1895     New York     Daughter    
        Joseph C LeValley     abt 1881     New York     Son    
        Adeline LeValley     abt 1881     Canada French     Daughter-in-law    
        Joseph C LeValley     abt 1907     Massachusetts     Grandson
        George F LeValley     abt 1908     Massachusetts     Grandson
        Henry LeValley     abt 1901     United States of America     Grandson    


    Fred 38 single b. NY (parents b. NY) loom fixer in cotton mill

New Bedford
    Leona b. 1895 MA sister-in-law of August and Malvina Ringuette

    Harold 15 b. MA (parents b. US) boarding with the Cornelius Laury family


    Lillian LeVally 22 maid

Fall River
    Arthur G. 37 b. MA
        Eugenie 40
        Norbert 10

    Mary 31 b. MA
        Arthur 14
        Adrian 13 (m)
        Medrick 10 (m)

    Alexander 60 b. Canada
        Margaret 59
        Edla dau.
        Leonard 20 son

    Alex. J. LeVally 53 b. NY

    Bernard 21 b, VT boarder

    George C. 44 b. Canada
        Christine 45
        George W. 18
        Christine M. 16
        Arthur J. 13
        Paul B. 7

    George E.  50 b. CT
        Sarah E. 58 sister
        Rosy M. 56 sister

    Peter 29 b. VT
        Frances 28
        Francis 6 son

New Bedford
    Annie 57 b. Canada mother-in-law of John Baptiste--wife Mary 31 b. MA (father b. VT)

    Louis 24 b. MA
        Yvonne 29
        Albert 26 brother
        Margaret 23 sister-in-law
        Arthur 20 brother

    Ellen 48 b. Ireland
        John T. 29 son
        Mitchell L. 26 son

    Louis 24 b. MA
        Elsie 23
        Robert 1

    Bernard O. LeVally 41
        Albina 40 wife
        Bernard O. 18 son
        Louis R. 12 son
        Delvina 10 dau
        Valida A. 6 dau

    Arthur 45 b. MA brother-in-law of Wallace Bucher 40--wife Erma 41 b. MA (father b. NY)

    Bernard O. LeVally 41 b. MA

    Peter J. 46 b. MA
        Serina M. 42
        Dorothy L. 14
        Lilian Rose 6

    Raymond J. 25 b. MA
        Margaret 25
        Raymond H. 6
        William F. 4 9/12
        Robert E. 2 3/12

Walpole Twp., Norfolk Co.
    William E. 47
        Florence E. 43
        Alfred E. 20
        Florence A. 12

    Clinard LeVally 39 b. NY

West Springfield
    Elsie 35 b. MA
        Rita 10
        Lawrence 8

    Mabel 23 b. Maine servant 


Victor C LeValley abt 1885 Massachusetts Head
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Ethel H LeValley abt 1880 Massachusetts Wife

Phillip Latour 51
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Alma Latour 51
Chorles Le Valley 82 b. French Canada Father-in-law

Arthur LeValley abt 1910 Massachusetts Lodger with Alderic Tetreault family
    New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts (Compton NH in 1935)

Edward Le Valley abt 1911 Massachusetts Head
    Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Arlene Le Valley abt 1918 Maine Wife
George Le Valley abt 1939 Massachusetts Son

Alphonse LeValley abt 1895 Massachusetts Head
    Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Mary LeValley abt 1897 Massachusetts Wife

Fred LeValley abt 1901 Indiana Head
    Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Mary LeValley abt 1899 Massachusetts Wife
Peter Benniff 81 Father-in-law

Edmund LeValley 38 Massachusetts
    Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Stella M LeVanley 30

Henry LeValley abt 1902 Massachusetts Head
    Millbury, Worcester, Massachusetts
Irene E LeValley abt 1904 Massachusetts Wife

Lionel LeValley abt 1910 Southbridge Head
    Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts
Anna LeValley abt 1917 Dudley Wife

Annie LeValley abt 1920 Vermont Patient
    Foxborough, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Joseph C LeValley 1882 New York
    Amesbury Town, Essex, Massachusetts
Adeline M LeValley 1881 New York

Joseph C LeValley 1907 Massachusetts
    Amesbury Town, Essex, Massachusetts
Gracilla LeValley 1905 Canada
Aldage LeValley 1926 Massachusetts
Evelyn LeValley 1929 Massachusetts
Fred P LeValley 1932 Massachusetts
Jeannett LeValley 1934 Massachusetts
Gerard LeValley 1935 Massachusetts

Howard M LeValley 1917 Massachusetts
    Amesbury Town, Essex, Massachusetts
Aldea LeValley 1912 Massachusetts



Oakland Co.
     Peter Levalley 24 sailor b. Canada living with Peter Brassington family


Bangor Twp., Bay Co.
     Joseph Lavallie 29 b. Canada works in saw mill

Dayton Twp., Newego Co.
     Lewis 66 cooper b. Canada, could not read or write
     Louisa [someone else read as Lovina] 64 housekeeper b. Canada
     Joseph 35 farmer b. Canada, $1700 RE, $400 pers.

Richfield Twp., Genesee Co.
     Sylvia LeValley 39 keeping house b. VT
         Aruisa Guy (also read as Grey) (m) 18 farm laboror b. OH
         Louisa Guy (also read as Grey) 12 at school b. PA (?)
         George L. LeValley 8 b. OH
         Alva R. Thompson 44 carpenter b. PA (?)


Norwich Twp., Newego Co.
    William 27 with many other men (lumberjacks?)

Echo Twp., Antrim Co.

    Alex 65 b. Dec. 25, 1864 NY (parents b. NY) farmer
       Martha wife 27, b. Dec. 8, 1872,  m. 8 yrs., 3 children--all living
       Lora b. Feb. 14, 1893
       Sarah b. Oct. 28, 1896
       Ruba May b. Jan. 18, 1899

    Freeman b. Sept. 5, 1895 NY (parents b. NY) farmer
       Almira wife b. Aug. 22, 1851 NY (parents b. NY) , m. 22 yrs., 1 child
       Sarah J. 4 died within the past year
       [Alford dau. b. 1882 MI]


     Albert 3/79 b. MI boarding with Wm. O'Dwyer

     Josephine 1/89 b. MI with step-father James Gailey & mother Josephine (b. 10/1854 Canada)


     Joseph 31 b. MI boarding with Edith Lambert

     Frank 22 b. Canada boarding with Fred Alexander


     Albert A. 48 all b. MI
         Alice 38
         Samuel J. 13
         William H. 10
         Eleanor P. 1 9/12

     Lawrence 11 b. Canada inmate at St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys
         Daniel 7 b. Canada same address

     Frank 25 b. MN boarding with Joseph Hertz

River Rouge
     Thomas P. 31 b. MN
         Laura 30 b. OH
         Thurl 13 b. IN son
         Divina 2 1/2 b. MI dau

Rose Twp., Ogemaw Co.
    J C LeValley      abt 1853      Indiana      White      Head
        Virgil LeValley     abt 1892     Indiana     White     Son
        Mamie LeValley     abt 1894     Michigan     White     Daughter-in-law


Adrian Twp., Lenawee Co.
    (Head of household not available)
        Beatrice H. 12 b. MI student
        Thomas E. 10 student
        Betty E. 7 student

    Elton 40 b. MI (parents b. MI) boarder at the home of James Dillon

    Alice 49 b. MI
        William 20
        Eleanor 12

    Florence 45 b. Scotland

    Joseph B. 48 b. MN

    Phillip L. 50 b. MI
        Harriet 57

Ford River Twp., Delta Co.
    Jack 34 b. MI at the home of his father-in-law Theodore Henry
        Corrine L. 14
        Lloyd V. 12
        John 10
        Roy J. 8
        Phyllis H. 5

Grand Haven
    George 67 b. at sea (parents b. Canada) br-in-law of Benj. Zimmerman--wife Grace 54 b. MI

Muskegon Heights
    Clinton 36 b. MI
        Nona 36
        Allison 11 son
        Richard 8
        Gloria 4
        Robert 2

    Frank 26 b. IN lodger


Fred Le Valley abt 1892 Michigan Head
    Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan
Grace Le Valley abt 1899 New York Wife

Earl Le Valley abt 1902 Ohio Head
    Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan
Martha Le Valley abt 1906 New York Wife
Earl Le Valley Junior abt 1928 Michigan Son
Harvey Le Valley abt 1930 Michigan Son
Catherine Le Valley abt 1932 Michigan Daughter
Alice Joyce Le Valley abt 1934 Michigan Daughter
Shirley Le Valley abt 1936 Michigan Daughter
David Le Valley abt 1937 Michigan Son
Norbert Le Valley abt 1939 Michigan Son

Theodore LeValley abt 1910 Michigan Head
    Vienna, Genesee, Michigan
Gianna LeValley abt 1913 Michigan Wife
James LeValley abt 1930 Michigan Son
Mary LeValley abt 1934 Michigan Daughter
Naioma LeValley abt 1936 Michigan Daughter

Thomas Le Valley abt 1920 Michigan Hired Help
    Washington, Macomb, Michigan



Shakopee, Scott Co.
     Uzeb Levalle 25 b. East Canada, farmer $1000 RE, $400 pers.
         Margaret 34 b. Ireland
         Alexy (?) male 5  b. MN
         Ellen 8/12 (?) b. MN
         2 farm laborers b. Prussia & France
         (All first names--especially the males--are very difficult to read)


St. Charles Twp., Winona Co.
    George LaValley 23 farm laborer b. IL living with the Carter Fuller family


Maple Grove, Hennepin Co.  (lots of LeVellee & LeVelly families)
    Rosa LeVally p. 31
Stillwater Twp., Washington Co.
    Rufus LaVally p. 375 [wrong page]

1890 veterans

Dayton, Hennepin Co.
    Peter LaValle p. 255


    H. S. 30 b. Jan. 1870 NY (parents b. NY) one of many drug clerks at boarding house


    David     abt 1831     NY     W     Head
        Lewise         Canada French     W     Wife
        Eva     abt 1879     MN     W     Dau
        John O    abt 1882     MN     W     Son
        Yemett     abt 1886     MN     W     Dau


Floyd Le Vally 1916 Minnesota
    Township 71 Range 23, Koochiching, Minnesota
Esther Le Vally 1921 Minnesota
Charles Le Vally 1940 Minnesota




Beat 2, Quitman Co.
    (Head of household unavailable--see Colie in MO for possible father)
        Anna M. 5 b. MS (black) granddaughter

Vicksburg Twp., Warren Co.
    C. J. 56 b. IL (white)
    Katherine 43 wife



Dist. 93, Shannon Co.
    John 27 b. IL
    Mary 20 b. MO
    Amos 4/12 b. MO
    Katherine Potts 18 b. MO


Commerce Twp., Scott Co.
    Colie 30 b. MS (black)

Richland Twp., Scott Co.
    Will LeVally 37 b. MO
        Mattie 50
        Earl 17
        Carl 16 


Walker LeValley abt 1895 Missouri Head
    St Louis, St Louis City, Missouri
Emma LeValley abt 1905 Missouri Wife
Lawrence LeValley 1920 Missouri Son
Eliza Holmes 59 Mother-in-law



Hughesville Twp., Judith Basin Co.
    Evertt LeVally 22 b. OK 


Lewis LeValley abt 1887 Montana Head
    Crow Coulee, Chouteau, Montana
Eleaner LeValley abt 1908 Montana Wife

Joe LeValley abt 1901 Montana Head
    Crow Coulee, Chouteau, Montana



Unorganized territory
    G. LeValley (m) 31 b. VT
    F. LeValley (m) 30 b. PA
        both with many other men under N. Sullivan--a work crew of some sort


Riverdale Twp.,  Buffalo Co.
    William LeVally 15 b. Sept. 1884 NE (parents b. US) at Industrial School for Boys

Omaha Institute for the Deaf and Dumb
    John 16 b. Dec. 1884 NE (father b. France, mother b. England) can read but not write or speak English

Denver Twp., Adams Co.
    John 36 b. NE inmate of Ingleside Hospital for the Insane


Denver Twp., Adams Co.
    John 46 b. NE inmate of Hastings State Hospital



Hawthorne Twp., Mineral Co.
    George E. 40 b. NB


    John 47 b. NY (father b. VT, mother b. Canada) machinist in woolen mill
        Matie 28 wife b. VT machinist in woolen mill
        Bernice 4 b. NH
        Phylis 10/12 b. NH


Joseph R LeValley 1906 Canada
    Northumberland Town, Coos, New Hampshire
Yvonne LeValley 1909 Canada
Pauline LeValley 1932 New Hampshire

Simonne LeValley 1917 New Hampshire
    Hudson Town, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Delores LeValley 1940 New Hampshire
Elizabeth LeValley 1896 New Hampshire

John LeValley 1884 Vermont
    Ward 5, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Eva LeValley 1905 Vermont
John LeValley 1929 Vermont

Sherlene LeValley abt 1865 Maine Head
    Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Stella M LeValley abt 1876 New York Wife



Harmony Twp., Warren Co.
     George Sevally 61 no occupation b. PA
         John 15 b. PA
         Leona (?) A b. PA


Greenwich Twp., Cumberland Co.
    Octave b. 1859 NJ at the home of Benjamin Hartman--apparently a hired man


    Leslie (?) 27 b. NJ (parents b. NJ) at the home of his father-in-law Harry Tenil
       Annie 27
       Dorolay (?) son 2 6/12


Red Bank
    Hazel 26 b. NJ 


Fanny LeValley abt 1869 New Jersey Head single
    Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey



Jefferson Twp. Schoharie Co. NY (where the Cook LeValley and Peleg LeValley families lived)
    Michael Valey  1 m 0-5, 1 m 15-20, 1 f 0-5, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 20-30


Owego, Tioga Co. NY
    Sarah 24 b. NY boarding with the Kingman family

Lloyd Twp., Ulster Co.
    Paul Levally 31 laborer b. England
        Maria 24 b. England


Cincinnatus, Cortland, New York
    Mary LeValley Head 1767
        Sarah J LeValley Daughter 1831


New York City, ward 10, dist. 4
     Adeline Levally 20 b. CT milliner living at boarding house [Also indexed as Adelia]


Mexico, Oswego, New York
    Anthony LeValley 1828
        ? LeValley Wife 1838
        A LeValley Son 1856
        Fred LeValley Son 1857
        George LeValley Son 1860
        Chas LeValley Son 1862
        Wm LeValley Son 1865
        Gideon Leplant Brother [-in-law?] 1839


    Frank LaValley  b. abt 1847  Pennsylvania  W  M 

Brookhaven, Suffolk Co.
     John LaValley 20 b. NY miller $4500 RE, 799 pers.
         Susan 22
         John 4


Albert LeVally
    Ward 03, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York

Charles LeValley 1847
    E.D. Eastern, Ward 1, Oswego, Oswego, New York
Josephein LeValley 1848

Johanna LeValley 1831
    E.D. 1, Binghamton, Broome, New York
Nellie LeValley 1861
Eliza LeValley 1863
Hersney LeValley 1866



     ________ (male) 60

    John G. LeVally b. 1852 Canada
        Mary wife b. 1853 NY
        Elanor dau. b. 1871 NY
        Maud dau. b. 1874 NY
        Milvena dau. b. 1875 NY
        George son b. 1879 NY
    Gilbert father b. 1824 Canada
        Elanor mother b. 1826 Canada
    Feliz brother b. 1854 Canada
        Alphonse sister-in-law b. 1854 Canada
        Arthur nephew b. 1877 Canada
        Mary L. niece b. 1880 NY
    Camille brother b. 1862 Canada
    Joseph brother b. 1865 Canada


Solomon LeValley 1865    Canada
    Buffalo, Ward 23, E.D. 05, Erie, New York

Louis LeValley 1847    Canada
    Cobleskill, E.D. 01, Schoharie, New York
Selina LeValley 1851    Canada
Louis LeValley 1871
Millie LeValley 1874
Elmira LeValley 1876
Eric LeValley 1886
Rosa LeValley 1886


Belmont Twp. Franklin Co.
     Nathan 3/77 b. NY
         George W. 10/98 b. MA son
         1 m servant

     Olive 2/81 b. NY with father Francis Cromp

     Almira or Almond 4/12 b. NY apparently never married, no children

    Amelia    abt 1864    NY    W    Head
        Catherine     abt 1821     Germany     W     Mother
        Augusta     abt 1877     PA     W     Niece

Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co.
     Liza 4/65 b. NY
         Frank 7/67 b. NY brother
         Jennie 5/75 b. NY sister


    Lewis E. 35

Belmont, Franklin Co.
    W. George 6 grandson
    F. Joseph 4 grandson

    Anna 33 at the Barrie Norton home
    Vernon 2

    William 38
    Mary 37
    Anthony Desapio, wife and 2 sons


Buffalo, 3rd ward
    Peter 48 barber shop, boarder, b. NY, parents b. France

Fort Edwards

    Joseph 36 b. NY, father b. Canada
        Josephine 30

    Dennis LeValley 22 immigrated 1907
    Peter LeValley 21         "                "
    John LeValley 19          "                "
        All shoe shiners living with Evangelatos Coguston (immigrated 1909)--everyone in
        household reportedly b. Greece.  This report is obviously flawed.


    Ward 6
       Charles b. 1870 MA
          (wife & 2 children b. late 1890s accidentally deleted)

    Ward 3
        M. 24 b. MA (father b. MA) embalmer in undertaker's office
            C.S. 24 wife b. NY married 4 years
            M.L. 2 son
            (brother b. 1897 MA accidentally deleted)

Somerset Twp. Niagara Co.
    Charles 27 printer, boarding at the home of Emma Swan, b. NY, father b. NY


Albany, ward 16

    Grace listed 2 pages later


Chateaugay, Franklin Co.
    George W LeValley     abt 1886     NY     White     Head
    Marion C LeValley     abt 1888     New York     White     Wife
    Leon J LeValley     abt 1909     New York     White     Son
    William J LeValley    abt 1912     New York     White     Son
    Willama M LeValley     abt 1912     New York     White     Daughter
    Mildred B LeValley     abt 1913     New York     White     Daughter
    Frances D LeValley     abt 1915     New York     White     Son
    Nathan L LeValley     abt 1917     New York     White     Son
    Loyd Alfred LeValley     abt 1920     New York     White     Son

Middletown, Orange Co.
     Samuel 15 b. NY boarding with Harriet Dunhap

Painted Post
     Ray 28 b. NY rooming at the home of Della S. Hoke

     Charles 27 b. NY laborer in a factory
         Alice 64 b. NY widowed mother

    James LeValley     abt 1886     USA      White     Lodger

Ticonderoga, Essex Co.
     Sarah 71 b. NY with son-in-law Melvin Crossman (widow of Peter LaValley of Bridgeport VT)


Matthaw LeValley abt 1887  Schenectady
Elura M LeValley abt 1886  Schenectady
Matthew LeValley abt 1909   Schenectady
Robert LeValley abt 1911   Schenectady
Joseph LeValley abt 1914   Schenectady
Russell LeValley abt 1920   Schenectady
Violet A LeValley abt 1923   Schenectady

Josephine LeValley abt 1868  New York

Marcel Le Valley abt 1900 Montgomery b. Canada
Louise Le Valley abt 1875 Montgomery
Edward L Le Valley abt 1906 Montgomery
Anna E Le Valley abt 1908 Montgomery


    Ola La Valle (no age) b. NY inmate of Binghamton State Hospital

    Peter LeVally b. Canada
        Victory (hard to read) 62 b. Germany wife
        Mary Bowles 46 dau
        Katherine Bowles 42 dau

Clifton Park Twp., Saratoga Co.
    Yuclide 58 (m) b. Canada
        Martha 56 wife
        Eugene 26 son
        Phillip 28 son
        Wrada 19 daughter-in-law
        Alfred 22 son
        Priscilla 20 daughter-in-law

Elmira Heights
    George 35 b. MA boarder

    Aba (last name hard to read) 2 (black) b. NY (parents b. Br. W. Indies) adopted dau. of Eliza
        McInold (name hard to read) 36 (black) b. Br. W. Indies

    Oswald E. 22 b. Canada

Mooers Twp., Clinton Co.
    Freeman 53 b. NY
        Myra 52
        Evelyn M. 17
        Aneta T. 14 daughter

North Elba Twp., Essex Co.
    Theodore 28 b. NY
        Ida 26
        Theodore 2 8/12

    Ida 3 2/12 b. NY niece of William Cronin (hard to read) 35--wife Bertha 32--all b. NY

Palatine Twp., Montgomery Co.
    Louis 76 b. NY inmate of some sort of institution

Plattsburgh Twp., Clinton Co.
    Bert 37 b. RI
        Rose 37
        Minne 15
        Ruth 14
        Ronald 13
        Irene 10
        June 6
        Geraldine 3

Tupper Lake Twp., Franklin Co.
    Mary 52 b. Canada
        Leo 27
        Nelson 19
        Henry 18
        Ruth 15

Wappinger Falls
    John LeVally 55 b. Canada
        May 43 wife


Wilfred LeValley abt 1887 NY Head
    Troy, Rensselaer, NY
Francis LeValley abt 1891 NY Wife

Dean LeValley abt 1901 NY Head
    German Flatts, Herkimer, NY
Melva LeValley abt 1906 NY Wife
Doroty LeValley abt 1924 NY Daughter
Elizabeth LeValley abt 1925 NY Daughter
Dena LeValley abt 1927 NY Son
Bernard LeValley abt 1933 NY Son

Eugene LeValley abt 1906 NY Head
    Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY
Frasa LeValley abt 1909 NY Wife
Carolina LeValley abt 1930 NY Daughter
Junior LeValley abt 1939 NY Son

Virginia LeValley abt 1916 NY Head
    Albany, Albany, NY

Patrick LeVally abt 1867 England Father-in-law
    New York, Queens, New York




Amenia Twp., Cass Co.
    Clema/Cleins/Claus? 42 b. MN
        Gwendola 40 wife
        Clara Spahn 17 b. ND stepdaughter
        Robert Spahn 16 b. MN stepson
        Billy 8 son
        Mary 6 daughter
        Les 6/12 son
        William 76 b. MI (his father b. Canada) father



Piketon, Pike Co.
     G.T. Levally 45+, 1 f 45+, 3 f 16-26


Jefferson, Fayette Co.
    Lydia LeValley     49   b. abt 1811     Ohio     F   
        Harvey LeValley     17   b. abt 1843     Ohio     M


Todd Twp., Crawford Co.
     Washington LeValley 30 b. PA  laborer $250 personal estate
          Eliza 19 b. NY keeping house


Hale Twp., Hardin Co.
     (name unreadable) LeValey (male) 33 b. 1867 OH day laborer

Pleasant twp., Van Wert Co.
    Chaney LeValley    abt 1868    OH    W    Head
        Lizzie     abt 1881     OH     W     Wife


     John LaVally 34 b. OH
         Grace 29 b. OH
         Arthur John 7 b. OH
         Carl R. 4 b. OH

Huron Co.
     Henry LaValley 54 b. NY
         Marietta 49 b. OH
         Iva 19 b. OH
         Minnie 17 b. OH --fl. West Clarksfield 1912, spelled LeValley in NY Times story
         Ethel 13 b. OH

Madison, Franklin Co.
    Mary b. abt 1854     Ohio     Servant    

Orange Twp., Ashland Co.
    Fred 53 b. NY (parents b. NY) 1st m., laborer
       Fannie 47 b. OH (1st m.--22 yrs.  2 children--both living)
       Esther dau. 10 b.OH
       Margret Ellsburg 75 mother-in-law

     Jane LaValley 69 b. NY living with son-in-law George W. Briesacher
         Henry LaValley 35 b. OH living with brother-in-law George W. Briesacher


     Charles LaValley 27 b. MI boarding with Frank Helbig
         Amy 30 b. Scotland servant
         Amy 1 3/12 b. OH

Franklin Co.
     Eugene LaValley 30 b. OH
         Marie 29 b. OH
         Earl 4 b. OH
         Ethel 3 b. OH

Fulton Co.
     Clara LaValley 28 b. OH living with parents D. & L. Bebee

Lima--rooming at the home of Lorette Hufnagle
    William M. Levally 22 married b. IN (Parents b. OH) clerk for steam railway
       Mary E, 22 married

     Elivin LaValley 28 living with mother Mary Schaffer

     Elwin Lavalley 31 b. OH (same?)
         Myrtle 27 b. OH

     Irvin LaValley 32 b. MI
         Helen R. 39 b. OH wife
         Aldea 11 b. OH dau.
         Albert 10 b. OH
         Eugene 3 2/12 b. OH

     Henry LaValley 65 b. NY
         Morriella 59 b. OH wife
         Ethel French 24 b. OH dau.
         Thelma P. French 3 b. OH granddau.

     Margaret LaValley 19 b. OH boarding with Grairheart Smith

Paulding Co.
     _______ LeVally 28 b. OH
         Sarah 37 b. OH wife
         Dorothy 17 b. OH step-dau.
         Ada 15 b. OH step-dau.
         George 8 b. OH stepson
         Chester 5 b. OH stepson
         Margaret Holmes 77 mother-in-law

    Celia Le Valley     abt 1872     Canada     White     Head
        Lawrence Le Valley     abt 1893     Ohio     White     Son

     Mamie LaValley 20 b. OH boarding with Timothy Foley

     Mary LaValley 50 b. OH patient at Toledo State Hospital

    Gladys 14 (black) b. FL (parents b. US) student at Willisforce University


    Arthur J. 27 b. OH
        Dora M. 31

    Bernice 28 b. OH sister-in-law of Carl Baumgate--wife Lucile 37 


John LeValley abt 1891 Ohio Head
    Harrison, Carroll, Ohio
Rena LeValley abt 1891 Tennessee Wife

William LeValley abt 1892 Ohio Head
    Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Laurence LeVally abt 1912 Ohio Head
    Lima, Allen, Ohio
Dorothy LeVally abt 1915 Ohio Wife



Joseph J LaValley     Hennessey Ward 4, Kingfisher, OK     abt 1851     NY     Head
    Ivar B LaValley     abt 1861     Ohio     Wife    
    Esther M LaValley     abt 1899     Iowa     Daughter


Bartlesville Twp., Washington Co.
    Ransom E. LaValley 51 b. IA boarding with the Charles Hoffman family  (Hennesy group?)
       (See 1895 IA census)

    Edward Le Valley     abt 1837     Canada     White     Head

    Joseph LaValley     Hennessey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma     abt 1852     NY     White     Head
        Fay C LaValley    Hennessey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma     abt 1862     MO     White     Wife

Tiger Twp., Creek Co.
    Joseph W LaValley     abt 1877     Iowa     White     Head
        Lillian LaValley     abt 1878     New York     White     Wife
        Walker LaValley     abt 1904     Connecticut [?]     White     Son

    Frank Levally 35 b. WY roomer with Augustus Barnes

Walters Twp., Cotton Co.
    Luis? E. LaValley? (both names difficult to read) 37 whole family b. TX
        Cleo 24 wife
        Ray 8
        Erline? (dau) 4/10


Wolf Twp., Seminole Co.
    Horace S. LaValley 33 b. TX son-in-law
        Aleene L. 26 daughter of Terrell Gillette (hard to read) 


Olga S LeVally 1919 Oklahoma
    Ward 1, Pauls Valley, Garvin, Oklahoma

Roland LaValley 1919 Oklahoma
    Lindsay Township, Garvin, Oklahoma
Billie LaValley 1925 Oklahoma

Frank B LeValley 1884 Illinois
    Fairview Township, Grant, Oklahoma


Olga S LeVally 1919 Oklahoma
    Ward 1, Pauls Valley, Garvin, Oklahoma

Roland LaValley 1919 Oklahoma
    Lindsay Township, Garvin, Oklahoma
Billie LaValley 1925 Oklahoma

Mrs. H E Neall 82
    Seger, Washita, Oklahoma
Zoe Calvert 43 widowed daughter
Neal Calvert 22 son [of Zoe?]
Elmars LeVally 41 grandson



    E John LeValley     abt 1873     Canada     White     Head   
    Manuella LeValley     abt 1885     Iowa     White     Wife
    E Holland LeValley     abt 1914     Oregon     White     Son

    E Leslie LeValley     abt 1900     WA     White     Head
    H Violet LeValley     abt 1897     Oregon     White     Wife



    Elizabeth LeValley         19     abt 1841     Pennsylvania     M    
    Emily LeValley         16     abt 1844     Pennsylvania     F    
       at the home of Henry (43 b. Wurttemburg) and Caroline (40 b. MA) Rosenlein or Rosenkin


Wayne Co.
     George LaValley 31 b. NY
         Mary 45 b. PA wife
         Eugene 21 b. PA son
         William 20 b. PA son
         John 17 b. PA son


Bradford Co.
     William 21 b. NY (parents b. NY) laborer in cabinet factory boarding with Walter B. Porter



    Charles b. 1815 RI at a hotel or boarding house

    Alexander b. 1847 MA at a hotel or boarding house


     Andrew 3/56 NY
         Phebe 3/45 Canada wife
         Fred 1/80 MA son
         Edward 4/89 RI son

North Kingstown
     Napoleon 3/74 RI
         Emma 8/80 Canada (non-resident)
         Agnes L. 7/98 RI dau

     William 6/63 RI
         Lottie Smith b. Ireland servant

North Smithfield
     Wilfred J. 10/85 RI with uncle Joseph Sylvestre

     Emmanuel 5/80 VT with father-in-law Louise Sauue

     Frederick 3/78 MA with cousin Treffle Barie

     Paul 12/77 RI with father-in-law Albert Brisette
         Marion 5//79 Canada (non-resident) with father Albert Brisette
         Leon 9/99 RI with grandfather Albert Brisette


    Mary Z. 66 sewer b. France 5 children--4 living

East Greenwich
    Emma 30 b. French Canada widowed
        Agnes L. 11
        Clifford H. 6

Middleport, Newport Co.
    Emily V. 39 m. 12 years, living at the home of her father John D. Blair.  All b. RI

    11 French-Canadian households not listed here

    Amelia 42 b. CT (m. 20 yrs. 12 children--7living)
       Ella B. 18 b. CT, father b. NY
       Arthur E. 15 b. CT shipping clerk in mill
       Frank B. 13 b. CT
       Lillie B. 8 b. CT
       Marion H. 2/12 b. RI
       George L. Spenger 42 boarder

    Thomas 26 muleskinner at cotton mill b. MA (parents b. US) boarding at home of Mary

    Henry 34 laborer on a dairy farm living at boarding house


     Fred 40 b. Canada boarding with Philip Auger

     Arthur 34 b. Canada
         Regina 34 b. Canada

     Oliver 62 b. Canada
         Elvina 52 b. US
         Delia 28 b. RI
         Arthur 23 b. RI
         Yvonne 21 b. RI
         Wilfred 17 b. RI
         Alice 15 b. RI
         Viola 13 b. RI
         Antonio 11 b. RI

     Samuel 59 b. Canada living alone

     Wilfred 36 b. MA
         Clara 38 b. RI wife

Providence Co.
     Annie Levalley 44 b. Canada, all children b. RI
         Doretta M. 19
         Joseph L. 17
         Mary L. 14
         Nellie L. 11
         Thelma G. 8
         Charles D. 3

Wallum Lake
     George H. 29 b. RI boarding with Royal M. Angell

West Warwick--Phenix Ave.
     Roseanna Lvalley 28 b. RI with father Joseph Brothers
         Cecile 6 b. RI

     Maracine 38 b. WI
         6 children all named St. John


Cranston Twp., Providence Co.
       Agnes J. 41 b. RI

East Greenwich
    Emma 50 b. Canada
        Clifford H. 26

    Agnes 33 b. Germany in the State Hospital for Mental Diseases

    Ernest 46 b. VT
        Amanda 45
        Henry 19
        Leopold 13

    Mitchell 38 b. MA
        Amelia A. 35
        Norman J. 14

    Doris 27 b. RI
    Edna H. 20
    Joseph P. 2

West Warwick
    Peter 74 b. Canada
        Mary A. 56

    Paul 52 b. Canada

    Frank 52 b. CT (See Small Maple Root Cemetery & World War I draft)
        Mary E. 44
        Gladys E. 18 


Frank LeValley 1879 Connecticut
    West Warwick, West Warwick Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Mary LeValley 1884 Hope Valley
Rachael Laporte
Yvette Laporte

Edmond LeValley 1915 Rhode Island
    Ward 4, Cranston, Cranston City, Providence, Rhode Island

Oiula LeValley 1895 Rhode Island
    West Warwick, West Warwick Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Mary Rose LeValley 1896 Rhode Island
Eleonora LeValley 1916 Rhode Island
Paul LeValley 1919 Rhode Island

Marianna LeValley 1888 Rhode Island
    West Warwick, West Warwick Town, Kent, Rhode Island
Lorenzo LeValley 1917 Rhode Island

Francis M LeValley 1910 Connecticut
    Ward 4, Providence, Providence City, Providence, Rhode Island
Katherine LeValley 1909 Rhode Island

Frank B LeValley 1898 Connecticut
    Ward 10, Providence, Providence City, Providence, Rhode Island
Robert G LeValley 1924 Rhode Island
Frank H LeValley 1925 Rhode Island

William LeValley 1890 Rhode Island
    Ward 11, Providence, Providence City, Providence, Rhode Island

Alfred Landry 31
    Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island
Viola Landry 32
Gerand Landry 8
Gene Landry 1
Elvina LeValley 75 Maine Mother-in-law

Morris C Wilcox 54
    East Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Magnolia G Wilcox 53
George LeValley 49 Rhode Island Brother-in-law

Edward Le Valley  abt 1915 Rhode Island
    Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island

Fred Bevens 31
    Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Marion Bevens 30
Fred Bevens 3
George Waterman 13 stepson
Raymond Le Valley 21 Nephew




Pee Dee, Georgetown Co.  (both families black)
    Cuffie LeVally 68 b. SC
        Bess wife 60 b. SC
        Dick son 12 b. SC

    Pompey LeVally 24 b. SC
        Sally wife 20 b. SC
        ____ LeVally other 3 mo.


Conway Twp., Horry Co. SC
    O. M. (male) 31 mixed race b. SC  (parents b. SC)  teacher at school
     Rose 31 wife black  b. SC
     Osmona 5 daughter mixed b. SC


    Carolina (m) 21 black b. SC (parents b. SC) driver for coal company
       Mary 21 black, wife



Dist. 5, Bedford Co.
    Sherrod LeVally 53 b. TN white
        Sallie 40 b. TN white



Dallas, Precint 6
    Jessie 23 b. TX
        Erline 17 wife
        Baby 1 daughter

Grimes, Precinct 1
    Henry 40 (black) b. TX
        Ella 28 wife

Mexia Twp., Limestone Co.
    Norman W. 48 b. IL
        Ella 33

San Antonio
    William LeValley 36
        Louisa 33



    Josephine (LeValley name difficult to read) b. 1871 VT chamber maid, parents b. VT


Brookfield, Orange Co.
    Ben 37 b. NY

Northfield, Washington Co.
    Earnest 18 b. VT


Colchester Twp., Chittendon Co.
    Edward 28 b. VT (parents b. VT) trainer in woolen mill
       Yvonne 28
       Richard 5
       Theodore 4 3/12
       Alfred 55 father  b. VT (parents b. VT) trainer in woolen mill


Barton Twp., Orleans Co.
    Katherine 46 b. England

Derby Line Twp., Orleans Co.
    Henry G. b. VT
        Octavia M. 36
        Evelyn M. 7

Essex Twp., Lunenburg Co.
    Albert 59 b. Canada
        Mallie 45
        Bernard 16
        Beatrice 15
        Albert 14
        Edward 9

    Ernest 41 b. VT
        Ari 33
        Sylvia 9

Manchester Twp., Bennington Co.
    James J. 37 b. VT
        Maud 33
        Delores 8
        Dorthy 7

Proctor Twp., Rutland Co.
    Frank 39 b. NY
        Hazel 34
        Gladiola 15
        Peter 8
        Francis 3 5/12



Waverly Pct., Spokane Co.

William 12 b. Apr. 1888 MO (parents b. IL) living with mother Katie C. 35 b.  June 1864 and stepfather Jos. S. Saude... (last part unreadable) 64


Fairfield Twp., Spokane Co.
   William 22 b. MO (parents b. IL) hired man for William W. Goff, farmer


Ruth M LeValley 18 Nebraska living with cousins in
    Azwell Election Precinct, Chelan, Washington
William Craig 44 Missouri
Ruth K Craig 40 Kansas wife



    Mrs. B. T.  74 b. VT (father b. VT, mother b. NY)
        Anna Potter 51 niece b. NH (father b. NH, mother b. VT) stenographer at creamery



Dupere (dist. no. 12), Brown Co.
     Baswell Levelley 19 b. Canada sawyer living with other Canadian sawyers


Lafayette Twp., Chippewa Co.
        Charles 20 b. Canada with many other men (lumberjacks?)


Fond du Lak
     Joseph Lavalley 21 b.1/79 MA
         Mary 20 b. 5/80 WI wife


MIlwaukee, ward 7
    Beatrix b. abt 1889     Wisconsin     Lodger

    Charles 26 b. Canada, cook in the woods, living at a boarding house


Langlade Co.
     Joseph 54 b. WI lodging with Henry Dietzler
         Berth 14 b. MI son
         Edmund 18 b. MI


    Sherman 40 b. IL lodger

    Thomas 32 b. MI
        Mary 29




Bennett & Atlin
    Joseph Knittle Head M b. Jul  15  1849  52
    Nettie O. Knittle  Wife b. Jun 24  1852  48
    Elmer R. LeValley  Son single b. Jul 25  1879  22   [See Sonoma Co. CA census & marriages.]
    Lorene Knittle  Daughter b. Dec 27  1891  9



Ste.-Roch North
    Thomas LeVallee Jr. 37 Channel Islander, innkeeper--entire family b. Quebec & Catholic
    Josephine 25 German
    Thomas 6
    Josephine 4
    Marie Louise 3
    Christie (m) 2
    2 servants--Irish, French
    William Gunner 32 German



Gull Lake, Assiniboia-West district
    Charles  M Head M  b. Aug  15 1863
    Jane  F Wife M  b. Jul 7 1875
    Paul G  M Son M  b. Mar 17 1894
    Eliza  F Daughter S  b. Oct 14 1895
    William  M Son S  b. Mar 6 1898
    Peter  M Son S  b. Jan 1900

Crane Lake, Assiniboia-West district
    Paul  M Head M  b. Jan  10 1857
    Rose P  F Wife M  b. Oct 18 1857
    Paul S  M Son S  b. Dec 15 1885
    Gabe C  M Son S  b. Dec 13 1887
    Louis  M Son S  b. Oct 8 1889
    Henry  M Son S  b. Sep  10 1892
    Peter  M Son S  b. Nov 8 1894
    Rosa  F Daughter S  b. Oct 11 1895
    Maggie  F Daughter S b. Nov 18 1898

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