(all spelled LeValley unless otherwise indicated)

Updated July 23, 2023



Vague internet listings
   _____ LeValley m. Sandra Bowers (living, whose grandfather was from ME)
  _____ LeValley m. _____ Walters (dau. John who was b. 1803 KY and d. Shreveport LA)
  Aaron & Jennifer expecting a baby in Jan. 2013
  Brian m. Cathy Mathisen.  1 child: Taylor
  Claudette m. Harry Forwood (s. Arthur) (both living)
  Diana M. b. 6/5/1948
  Dorothea E. m. Larry Burns
  Gene m. Ella Perry (b. c.1925, dau. Pete).  Children: Jeanette, Claire, Eugene Jr.
  Hunter (f) fl. 2009
  Jay performed stunts in the movies Heist and Hidden Agenda in 2001.
  Joe m. Connie Mancinas.  Children Bridget, Kyle, and Parker
  Shirley A. m. Edward Donnelly in the 20th century.  At least 1 son.
Victor m. Rose.  1 living child.

Vague ship passenger lists
    D. C. LeValley b. c.1819 arrived somewhere in the US 1852
    Edwin A. b. c.1832 arrived somewhere in the US 1869

Probate record somewhere
    David m. Marietta who d. 1926 (Beulah Cody executrix)
        Allison only child b. 1874 (Mrs. Harriet Bell was Allison's agent)
    Miss Margaret LeValley testified
    LeValley and Ingersoll families related

P. R. LeValley wrote a testimonial for Farm Journal in 1913,


Charles L. Jr. m. May 1957 in Geneva Co.


Gary conducted an oral interview of Emma Walk Finney in Tucson, 1989 

Thomas C. 26 m. Amber Noel Hinther 28, both of Somerton, October 2006
Amber was a psychologist in Somerton in 2007


Passenger list
 L. LeValley arrived in San Francisco 6/1/1851 via Panama.

    2 letters waiting for Jerome 1862
    1895 young W.H. LeValley, whose parents lived in Sacramento, escaped from the police.  He was being held for adultery in Auburn CA.

Maria d. Mar. 15, 1901 Los Angeles, age 70.  Native of NY

Death index 1905-97  [Way too many LaValleys to list here]

 Butte Co.
  George T. 1917-23

 Kern Co.
  Margaret 1909-23

 Mendocino Co. Death index
   Don d. 3/9/2006

Santa Clara Co.
SSDI:  Thomas G. b. Apr. 21, 1933, d. Aug. 21 1991.  Got card in CA

Beula Geddes (maiden name unknown) b. 1891, d. 1963 Stanislaus Co. CA.  Mother's maiden name LeValley
Dorothy Green (maiden name unk.) b. 1898, d. 1969 Contra Costa Co. CA.  Mother's maiden name LeValley

Walter A. in San Francisco City directory 1922

Family group
    Leo LaValley of MN =Margaret van der Linden
       Eileen  = ______ Domin
       Donald L.  1915-65--announced Feb. 16 LA Times, bur. Glendale (no wife mentioned)
       Allen 1917-

Marriage index 1900-68 (men only)
 Los Angeles
  Donald Lawrence LaValley m. Joyce Mae Cottrell Aug. 24, 1944.  Aug. 1960 someone donated $10 to the Los Angeles Times summer camp fund in memory of Joyce LeValley.

Electronic marriage index 1960-85
    Los Angeles
        Ernest S. (b. 1947) m. Martha Beggs (b. 1939) May 14, 1977
    Contra Costa Co. & San Diego
        James M. (b. 1950) m. (1) Sept. 5, 1971 Susan J. Dickerman.  Divorced Sept. 1974.  m. (2) Apr. 19, 1975 Delian S. Palencia
    Yuba Co.
        Floyd R. (b. 1953) m. Irma Mendez (b. 1953) Dec. 18, 1970

 Sonoma Co.
  Elmer Rosell LaValley (b. July 25, 1879) m. Anne E. Nydegger Aug. 13, 1914 at Santa Rosa  [See 1901 British Columbia Census & 1910 Sonoma Co. CA census.]
  Mrs. Lena A. LeValley (b. 1871 Texas) m. June 6, 1905 Benjamin F. Howard (b. 1874 CA)--his first m. and her 2nd.  She had had 3 children, two of them living in 1910--but not living with her.

Nevada marriage records
    Laurel A. (b. 1978) m. Shawn S. Currie Feb. 8, 1997 in Reno NV.  fl. Eureka & Roseville CA.

Birth records--LeValley name
 San Francisco Co.
  Michael Joseph b. 7/10/1990.  Mother's maiden name Law

Birth records--mother's maiden name LeValley

 Cleland, Bobbye Lee (f)  1943 Los Angeles Co.
 Deacon, Ethel  1924 Sacramento Co.
 Haase, Janice Marie  1939 Kern Co., dau. Marvin Haase & Edna LeValley (m. Las Vegas NV Sept. 10, 1938)
     " Marvin Jean 1941         "
     " Roberta Lee  1949   "
 Henry, Jolene Ann  1985 Nevada Co.
 Olson, Jeremy Ryan  1988 San Joaquin Co.

Death records--mother's maiden name LeValley
  Geddes, Beulah L. b. 1891 Iowa, m. Samuel Geddes
  Johnson, Robert Curtis  1954-55 Humbolt Co.
    " Sharon Lee  1956-58 Humbolt Co.
San Francisco newspaper
    Edward F. of Santa Buenaventura m. Mary F. Cronin of San Francisco 8/4/1897

Voter registrations
    Edward F., San Louis Obispo 1935
    James A., Kern Co. 1946-48

1898 Mrs. Mamie F. LeValley (dau. Thomas Knipe of San Francisco)

Jan. 15, 1899 a Mrs. LeValley, widow aged 33 with 6-year-old daughter, advertised in the Los Angeles Times her availability for a housekeeping position.

Feb. 18, 1899 Hy LeValley of Yuba Co. was parent of a half-orphan (that is, missing one parent)

1922 Mrs. C. M. LeValley of Oakland raised Boston Terriers.

Julia m. Henry Bonneau by 1940.  Dau. d. Bellflower CA.

Colorado death notice
William = Lorraine Brusso
    Raymond Anthony (b. 1/21/1966 CA, d. 7/30/2020 CO) = Sandra Moore

Lolly worked in an insurance office in Studio City 1971

Mike of Elk City engaged to Mrs. Regina Leverett Nance in 2003

2006 Helen (dau. Arthur Hyer) fl. Chico.  b. probably 1960s.  
Helen (nee Rucker or Hyer) lived at Chico without a husband when her mother died in 2006.

Tosha (f) of Yuba Co. managed a trailer park, mentioned a daughter about to get married 2011  (Tish of the Xenia group was born there 40 years earlier.)

2016 Anthony received a high school diploma in a program for students who had gone through adversity in Marysville (Yuba County).  Others were age 17-21.

Louis LeValley or LaValley (spelled both ways) of Bakersfield was fighting graffiti in parks in 2012.


Denver City Directory
    1897 Fred H. car repairer, Tramway Co.
    1920 Miss Thelma, clerk W. U. T. Co.
            Miss Thoma, student (same address as Thelma--probably the same person)

Marvel LeValley Smith b. 9/24/1899 Denver

Charles sang several solos at a religious program in Colorado Springs 1911.

Military--World War I
    Charles L., corporal in the Signal Corps, enslisted at Ames CO

CA death records
 Charles Bradley Page b. 1901 CO.  Mother's maiden name LeValley

CO marriage records
    Joseph S. m. Susan K. Wilson Oct. 26, 1905 in Jefferson Co.
    Earl m. Bessie Evison July 18, 1934 in Denver
    Grace m. Arnold C. Albers Oct. 11, 1934 in Morgan County

Mike was 2005 Rookie of the Year on the Denver Bulldogs Australian football team

Torrance (f) attended the University of Northern Colorado 2009


Family groups constructed from Plainfield birth records:

 Elix b. 1859 Canada m. Pelina
  Frederick 1885-

 Frank b. 1819 Canada m. Julia
  daughter b. & d. 1867

 Frank Lavalley 1815-  m. Sarah
  dau. b. & d. 1855

 John b. 1817 Canada
  son b. & d. 1867

 John 1829-  m. Mary Frazor
  dau. b. & d. 1869

 John Lavally b. 1848 Canada m. Melvina Brueau
  Frank Lavelly 1878-

 John Levally b. 1849 Canada m. Mary Lagrir
  son Lavally b. & d. 1877

 Joseph b. 1875 Canada m. Jeano
  Evelyn 1903-

 Leonard b. 1886 Canada m. Josephine
  Mary V. 1916-

Julia LeValley Burton 1844-1916 bur. All Hallows Cemetery, Plainfield
    Probably wife of James Burton 1836-1912 in the same cemetery

Family group from Mansfield birth record:

 Joseph 1826-  m. Mary
  (13 others earlier)
  Joseph H. 1876-

Hartsford city Directory
    1897--James, marble polisher
    1906--Mrs. Rose M., seamstress
    1911--Nelson d. Sept. 13 (1910?) age 40

 Alice (widow of William) b. Apr. 3, 1884, d. Jan. 1970.  Got card in CT, fl.
     Brooklyn CT
 Mitchell b. May 6, 1903, d. July 1971, got card in MA, fl. Chester Center

Civil War veterans
 Carl J., Private, Co. C, 8th CT Infantry.  Also listed as Carl J. Luthard

George W. of Gurleyville was a deputy sherrif of Tolland County in 1885.  Lived in Eagleville 1889.


Roger listed among deceased alumni of Sarasota High School in 2004

Suzanne LeValley King 1924-98 "Mother" bur. Deerfield Beach Memorial Park

James and Jean of Fort Myers celebrated 8 years of marriage in 2015

Regina, housing specialist in Jacksonville, 2016.


Mrs. Katie LeValley m. William S. Saunders June 14, 1892 in Latah Co.
Aline Marjory LaValley m. Franklin Ernest Wilson Sept. 15, 1916 at Nampa
Hildegarde m. H. G. Richards Nov. 18, 1918 at Canyon
Francis (sex not listed) b. Mar. 12, 1887, d. Nov. 20, 1954 Nampa

George and wife of Bovil ID and Mr. & Mrs. John Van Brunt of Cheney WA honored Mrs. M. LeValley with a Mother's Day dinner at the Van Brunt home, 1972


    Mary m. James. J. Monroe.  Child b. 1850 Mt. Vernon IL
    Anna LeValley Freed m. George Ensley (b. 1866, d. 1911 Moline IL)

Cook Co. marriage index
    Clara (b. 1870) m. Nov. 13, 1913 Bernard Doyle

State Archives death index
    Ace (m) d. Nov. 8, 1931 Sullivan Twp., Moultrie Co.
    Amanda d. Mar. 11, 1945 Chicago

    Mrs. William LeValley of Galena inquired 4/18/1883 whether her husband had died in a hotel fire in Milwaukee, where he had been seen a few days before.
    LeValley and Kellogg won a doubles game in the Western Tennis Tournament 7/10/1899.
         There is no mention of female players.
    Wright, Beazley & LeValley were buying beef ribs--enough to strengthen the market, 1889.  John LeValley, the broker for Councilman and Day, was buying pork, 1891.  One day in 1892 he sold 4 millian pounds of ribs.
    "Messrs. LeValley and Kimball, the Chicago solosists" were in a musical group touring Racine WI, 1890.
    Mrs. Ace LeValley  visited someone in Sullivan IL, 1914
    Asa of Jonathan Creek turned in a farmer for possessing illegal liquor, 1929.
    N. and son of Chicago had a vacation home on Duck Lake near Ironwood MI. 1952.

    Jane LeValley (b. c.1909) m. Gilbert Amberg.  She d. Winnetka IL Jan. 22, 1980, age 70
    Emma age 23 of Streamwood (near Downer's Grove) stopped for drunk driving 2016

CA death record
Frank P. Ogden b. 1871 IL.  Mother's maiden name LeValley

    LeValley Miller b. Dec. 31, 1891, d. Jan 1982.  fl. Wheaton IL.  Got card in Ohio.

Civil War veterans
    Michael LeVally



Online marriage records
    Mary E. m. Dan Smith July 25, 1925
    Kimberly R. m. Donald R. Ford Apr. 15, 1983
    Edward R. m. Sherry Schempf Aug. 29, 1959

Henry Co. records 1882-1920
 dau. b. to Ed LeValley & Rose Shockley Dec. 4, 1887
 Ida d. Knightstown Mar. 18, 1892
 son b. to Wm. LeValley & Cora Harris Feb. 26, 1906
 dau. b. to John Lavallie & M. Reynolds May 8, 1904

    ______ LeValley m. Clara Jacob (b. 1878 IN, dau. John)

    _____ LeValley of Muncie IN m. Blanche Hawkins (b. c.1925)

    Florence b. 1870 IN, m. Nov. 5, 1892 William D. Short in PA.  2 sons

    Francine worked with Triple-A 2016.



Civil War pension
  Joseph Levally, Co. B, 23rd Iowa Infantry, applied for a disability pension 10/16/1866.

Charter Oak family group

 [John?] Erskine LeValley (b. 4/13/1824 NY, d. 3/17/1875) m. Mary Ann Rau Boyer* (dau. Valentine of Luzerne Co. PA, b. 1/17/1824 PA, d. 7/4/1901)
      Harriet H. (b. IA 1856) m. George W. S. Bond.  (She attended IA Agricultural College.)
          6 children
      Edgar (b. IA 1859) d. young
      Nellie (b. IA 1862) =George Knight  (Nellie La Valley 18 at Cedar Falls IA in the 1880 census)
 *Mary Ann Rau previously m. _______ Boyer and had 2 daughters
      Lavina E. Boyer (b. PA c.1849)  m. William Hall  2/27/1865
      Sarah "Sessie" Boyer (b. PA c.1851) m. Henry H. Yeager
  Nellie's 1881 marriage record lists her mother as Mary Kane.  Did she marry a third time?  Mary was using the LeValley name in 1900.

    E. J. LeValley, Esquire had an unclaimed letter at the post office Dec. 26,1895.

Boone Co. family groups
Edward m. (1) Jane Perkins
    William H.  b. 5/25/1853 Potsdam NY, d. 9/25/1902 St. Louis MO. bur. Linwood IA.  music business.
        m. Mattie Kate Ridpath (dau. John, b. 1863 IA) in Pottawattamie Co. IA Dec. 11, 1882
            2 sons & 1 dau. survived William
Edward m. (2) Caroline Dahl or Deal on Dec. 25, 1867--See 1870 census
    Charles William b. 1867 m. Nellie Stapp Puge
Nellie M. LeValley/LaValley (nee Tapp) 1868-1926, wife of Charles, also bur. Linwood IA.
J. J. LeValley m. Nettie Hurty Nov. 20, 1873
George b. NY., d. Aug. 27, 1886, bur. Saratoga Cem., Boone IA with wife Mary C. and son John

Fort Dodge
    Lori manages rehabilitation services at Trinity Regional Health Center

Lincoln Cemetery, Polk Co. IA
    Paul LaValley 6/22/1824-2/14/1902, age 78
    Jean LaValley 12/16/1863-2/3/1912, age 48
    John James LaValley 12/17/1866-2/22/1896, age 29
    Infant d. 12/23/1902
    Kermit LaValley 12/11/1906-10/28/1918, age 12

    Charles F. frequently quoted on agricultural matters c.1910
    Fred b. c. 1891, graduated high school 1909

Polk Co. marriages
    Anna LeValley (dau. Paul LeValley and Jane Kess, b. 1871), m. Jan. 17, 1892 Charles A. Woodruff

Madison Co. IA
    John James LeValley m. Marjorie M. Farmer 12/24/1890

Des MoinesCity Directory
    1882 Miss Clara Louise LeValley
    1892 Maggie seamstress
    1891-97 Paul & Lorenza, Jefferson, Granger
    1897 Margerie M. (widow of James)

    2015 Kenneth, age 21, charged with threatening people with a knife while drunk. (Possibly of the Coldwater orphanage group)

    Adaline LeValley (b. 1839 Lower Canada) m. William Brusseau 1854 in NY.  2 children b. IA.
    He m. (2) Carolyn Levielle or LeValley (b. c.1842 NY).  6 children b. IA.

  Raymond m. Janet Rae Nicole Sessions (whose father Raymond Nicole was b. Des Moines IA 1916).  They had a dau. Gena Rae who m. Jace Nixon Sr. and had a son and a dau.  Janet had m. (1) James Sessions and had a dau. Stephanie;

Marriage record
    Josephine (b. 1885) m. William R. Casey Apr. 7, 1906 somewhere in IA.  William LeValley (probably her father) lived with them.


George Eduard LeValley b. May 24, 1890 Long Island, KS.  Registered for the World War I draft in Twin Falls, ID.

CA death records:
    Milburn LeValley Chitry b. 1908 KS.  Mother's maiden name Woodsworth

Sumner Co.
    Tabitha works in a lawyer's office 2008

    Preston and Kylie were elementary students 2013.  They lived on Country Acres Street.
    Michael fl. Vista CA 2015.  Divorced but expecting a baby.  Other children in Utah.  Somehow connected to Waylon of the Xenia group.

Andrew from Kansas, then Berkeley CA, was working on a farm in VT 2015.

Kylie of Wichita graduated from college with a technical certificate in nursing one day before she graduated from high school, 2023


    Candi S. age 14 m. Scott E. Keller age 20 Sep. 17, 1977 in Campbell KY

    Thomas C. of Elizabethtown and Glendale m. (1) Katherine G. (probably Sanford, b. 8/8/1949, fl Sacramento CA in 2000).  Jessica is probably a second wife or daughter.

    Jordan Alora LeValley b. 1/14/1902 KY to Miss Jessica Ennis (no father listed), d. Feb. 8, 2002 KY--lived to be 100.


Dan J. was secretary of the Sixth District Building and Loan Association, 1896.


Thomas went to court for debt at Andover, 1747

1901 Peter was president of the Brunswick union of  the Brotherhood of Railway Trackmen of America.

Walter m. Eva Barry May 5, 1920 at Indian Orchard

Miss Barbara LeValley lived in South Hiram, 1948.

1997 William, age 34, of Herman ME named as accomplice to a burgler.

2007 Pamela died, buried in Grove Cemetery, Belfast.

2008 Chelsea was a medical receptionist in Belfast.  Scheduled to m. Ty Bowman 8/29/2009.



    Jonas Joseph LaValley 1858-1930 painted still lifes and landscapes.  Name occasionally misspelled LeValley.

    Margaret m. John Mackay (d. 1846).  Her youngest son had been born in 1845 in Boston.  She took her children to Oswego Co. NY.

    Emma M. b. 1889 MA, m. probably 1910  Wallace J. Boucher (b. 1890 MA).  4 sons & 4 daughters.

     Victor C. Lavalley, s. Charles & Geo. Mercier, b. Blackstone MA, m. 2/22/1909 Ethel Howland in Fall River MA.  One record says he was already a widower.  He was 23 and fl. Pawtucket RI.  Salesman.  The estate of Ethel H. was probated 1943 at New Bedford MA.  Only heirs were husb. Victor C. and her two sisters.

Michael at Adams or North Adams c.1890

    Miss Margaret LeVally m. John Goddard July 20, 1846  (also reported as July 5 at Southbridge)

Worcester Directory 1888-90
    Austin, laborer, Barnardsville (village or street?)
    Austin Jr. hostler, Barnardville
    Benjamin, laborer at Hope Cemetery, Barnardville
    Antoine, laborer, Barnardville (starting 1889)
    George, mason (starting 1890)

    Rosanna LaVally b. Aug. 1, 1874 to Mitchel and Adelaide at Millbury

Civil War veterans
    Godfrey B., Private, 23rd and/or 25th MA Infantry.  Name also spelled LeVally and LaValley.

Taunton city directory, 1923
    Henry (wife Martha) worked in a variety store

Boston ship landing record
    C.M. LeValley arrived from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 1930

World War I draft registrations
    Joseph Paul of Tewksbury, b. Mar. 22, 1891
    Paul of Leominster, b. Mar. 1889 British Columbia

1926 Capt. L. J. LeValley commanded Co. G., 104th MA Rgt. of the National Guard at Northampton

Lynn--Pine Grove Cemetery
    Lillian E. d. Feb. 1935

    B.F. elected an officer in the Odd Fellows at Lowell 1874--some years after Benj. M. and Benj. W. had left.
    Ellen of Lowell d. 10/12/1879, age 12.
    Joseph of Peperill, along with two other young men, set fire to an abandoned building while on a drinking spree.  The newspaper noted that "All the young men are well conected."
    Mary, widow of Jonas, d. 1905 Fitchburg.  J. J. of Westfield & William of Springfield pall bearers
    Miss Marion LeValley helped sponsor a whist party, West Fitchburg 1917.
    Alice Mathurn LeValley of Charlton sought a divorce from A____ formerly of Leominster, 1921.
    Mr. & Mrs. Edward LeValley escaped from their burning house, South Swansee 1927.
    Peggy sang in a musical program in Moran, 1931.
    Katherine received her first communion in St. Leo's Church, Leominster 1932.
    Raymond sang in a quartet, West Fitchburg, 1936.
    Richard sang in a chorus, West Fitchburg 1936.
    Mrs. Helen LeValley taught at Nolan School, Fitchburg 1940.
    Melvina lived in West Stockbridge 1942.
    Mrs. Nelson LeValley taught home nursing to Girl Scouts, Fitchburg 1943.
    Mrs. Francis LeValley at Forge Village in 1945
    Mrs. William LeValley attended Notre Dame Catholic Church in Pittsfield, 1946.
    Jean danced and sang in a program by the Catholic Daughters of America, Lowell 1952.
    Richard Louis LeValley engaged to Mary Rose Pedulla, Pittsfield 1956.
    Mrs. Josephine LeValley attended St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Shirley, 1965.
    Ray of Maynard competed in Golden Gloves, 1966.
    Alexanne (in her teens) belonged to a Plymouth County 4-H dog club, and exhibited a poster in Kingston 2016.

Celia J. Minkinen LeValley d. Mar. 13, 1991.  bur. Glenwood Cem., Maynard MA.

MA Death Index
       Nellie Ruth d. 1902
       Josephine d. 1893
    East Bridgewater
       George d. 1897
    Fall River
       Female LeValley d. 1870
       Jane d. 1909
       Mary nee Gagnon d. 1905
    New Bedford
       George V. d. 1909
       Thomas W. d. 1904
    West Springfield
       Frank d. 1891

    Mary LeVally b. Dec 8, 1897, d. Jun 1973 Watertown MA
    Fred LeVally b. Sep 16, 1900, d. Dec 1974 Marathon FL.  Got card in MA

"Mr. LeValley, the artist" lived in Montgomery, Hampden Co. in 1902.

Jacob W., grandson of Peter Regis (1936-2011) of New Bedrord


Boat passengers
    Thomas b. c.1840 arrived MI 1880
    Frank b. c.1888 Hastings, Canada, arrived in Detroit 1923.  Sister: Mrs. T.J. Peria of New Lisgoad

Civil War soldiers
  Peter LaValley b. c.1836, d. 7/3/1863, bur. Gettysburg grave #16 sec. 2.
     8/26/62-7/3/63 Co. A 5th Cavalry.  Volunteered at Indepencence
  Rufus LaValley b. c.1833 Volunteered at Ypsalanti age 28 5/1/61.  Co. H
     1st Infantry.  Mustered out 8/7/61
  James LaValley of Muskegon Co. b. c.1837, d. 5/31/1862 Fair Oaks VA.
     6/10/61-5/31/62 Co. H. 3rd Infantry.  Volunteered at Grand
     Rapids age 24.
  Frank LeVallee Private, Co. B, 27th MI Infantry

Fife Lake cem., Grand Traverse Co
    Mary Jane d. 1/29/1883.  She owned the plot.

Genesee Co. records
  Lena 18 of Traverse City (b. there), dau. Edward & Esther, m. James O. Elliott 23 of Flint (b. Traverse City, s. James) machinist Jan. 19, 1920 in Flint.  He served in World War I from Grand Traverse County.

Saginaw Co. records (often spelled LeValley when D.W. LeValley of Peter's line practiced law there):

    1st family group
    Peter LaValey
        Joseph 1847-1909 m. Ellen
            Nellie 1869-  m. ___ Gardner
            Edward 1871-  m. Ida
            Louisa 1873-  m. ___ George
            William LaValey 1875-  m. E. Louise Pape (fl. 1972)
                Edna 1894-  m. John Stalmacher
                Edward H. LaValey 1896-  m. Adolphine
                    Courtney LaValey  -2007  m. Bertha Brownlie
                        Gary LaValey  d.
                        Diane  m. ______ Dennis
                        Gail  m. ______ Rehman +++
                    Marvin (twin)
                    Melvin (twin)
                Gerald LaValey 1903-
            Ida 1878-  m. ___ Mellick
            Minnie 1878-  m. ___ Michalsky
            Joseph Jr.
            Claude m. Estella
            Clarence 1887-

    2nd family group
    John C. m. Mary Billido (fl. 1896)
        Cyrill b. 1856 Canada  m. (1) Alice (1855-94 moved to US 1880), (2) Mary Ducher in 1894
            Alice left 8 children
    [Alice's obituary lists her husband as John.  Could John C. and Cyrill be the same person?]

    Unattached names
        Norbert d. Apr. 27, 1997

Lapeer Co. records
    George Edmund (b. 1909 Wilson MI) m. Lila Tharrett May 16, 1931 at North Branch MI.  Mike LeValley was part of his household.

Tuscola Co. records:
      Percy or Perry LeValley, b. PA farmed in Wells Twp. Tuscola Co. MI where, by Augusta Rohr of Wells Twp., he had an illegitimate dau. Iva b. 2/15/1907, d. 2/22/1907 age 5 days.  [Note: the LeValley spelling had already been firmly established in the county.  It might not be the correct spelling of his name.]

LDS records
    Edward LeVally m. Mary Dixon Nov. 19, 1885 Manistee Co.
    Mary Selvia LeValley m. William A. Thomas Apr. 11, 1885 Mancelona, Antrim Co.
    Marvin LaValley m. Adaline Amelia Keats May 18, 1885 Antrim Co.
    Joseph (b. 1853 Canada, s. Joseph & Edinere Lefeve) m. Albina Deau Apr. 16, 1903 Iron Mountain MI
     Mary (b. 1877 MI dau. Wm LeValley & Josephine Berry) m. Manuel Brisson Nov. 17, 1903 Marquette MI

Iosco County funeral home record
    Mr. LeValley d. 1895

    W. H. LeValley was an auditor for the New York Central Railway System, 1888.
    Susan was a 16 year veteran of the police force bomb squad in 2002

St. Joseph newspaper
    Larry was a member of the Harbor Authority 2011

First & middle names
    LeValley B. Gregory (f) b. Lansing, dau. Frank & Amelia 
    Clara LeValley Babcock (b. MI) m. George Timothy Clark.  Dau. b. 1877 Huron, Wayne Co.
    Thomas LeValley Cauchon or Caucheon b. 1885 Edmore MI

MI death records
    Steven M. 7/10/1973-7/11/1983 Detroit

CA death records
    Clinton Oliver Ducker b. 1893 MI.  Mother's maiden name LeValley
    Francis "Frank" P. Gaynor b. 1903 MI.  Mother's maiden name LeValley

Legal precedent
    Kriseler v. LeValley 122 Mich 576; 81 NW 580 (1900)  [The notation after the seimcolon may not be part of it.]

Adaline m. Frank Brewer, fl. Antrim Co. 1879.  Living grandchildren

Census death schedule
    Sarah J. age 4 b. NY, d. Mar. 1880 Central Lake and Echo, Antrim Twp.

Rockford Cemetery, Rockford
    Glenna Rae Ball White LeValley (dau. Murel Ball, b. 1/31/1931, d. 2/2/2005 Grand Rapids
    Son & dau. named White d. young and are buried with her.

2014 obituary of Leonard Gould (s. Forrest, b. 1923 Cedar Springs MI) listed a surviving brother-in-law, George LeValley (probably Xenia branch 3)

2015 Corey Lee LeValley or LaValley Sr. (m) age 32, arrested on suspicion of a house fire that killed 3 in Dorr Twp. near Grand Rapids, where the Coldwater orphanage group lived.  Victims included his son, Corey LaValley Jr. (note the difference in spelling) age 10, the boy's mother Debra Sheppard, and her daughter from a previous relationship.

Grand Rapids area
    Jill LeValley had a daughter Delaney LeValley by Timothy Jankowsky (1981-2022) of Rockford.
    Apparently botched obituary:
 Kenneth L. LeValley, aged 59, of Grand Rapids, the widower of Joyce L. LeValley, went to be with the Lord, Friday, December 22, 2006. Surviving are his children, Jeannie LeValley, Carol (Eric) Vogel, Kevin Rigney, Tammy Martindale, Bethany (Rick) Sleet; 12 grandchildren; his siblings, Jimmy, Bob, Mike, Sue, Debbie, Forest; 

    Margaret LeValley (dau. Elmer Voss) fl. 2023.


Online marriage records
    Millie m. Edward Doroen July 18, 1881, Hennepin Co.
    Frederick M. m. Violet M. Irvine Mar. 16, 1932, Blue Earth Co.
    Norman W. LeVally m. Ella V. Markus Nov. 2, 1929 Stearns Co.

MN death records
    Marie Virginia Hayes (probably her later married name) b. 1876, mother a LeValley

Lakewood Cem., Minneapolis (Masonic section)
    George W. 6/14/1867-8/9/1904

Marysville Catholic Cemetery, Wright County
    Albert D.  6/9/1890-6/17/1891

    H.P. LeValley bought a lot in St. Paul from C.H. Parmalee, Oct. 1889.
    George bought land near Albert Lea, 1885.
    Dave visited his girlfriend in Albert Lea, 1886.
    Maurine Duckett LeValley, dau. of Dewitt Duckett who d. 2001 Solon Springs
    Phillip of Monticello won a boys' race in 2011

Warld War I draft records
    Edward Raymond b. July 24, 1894 Minneapolis

Las Vegas marriage records
    Mildred (b. 1936) m. Eugene A. Horigan 03/27/1961.  Both fl. Brainerd MN.

Tammy Faye Bakker connection
    Carl LaValley or LeValley m. (1) Rachel
       Tammy Faye 1942-  m. ( 1) Jim Bakker, (2) Roe Messner
       Donald Charles 1944-2002  fl. International Falls MN
    Carl and Rachel divorced and remarried.  Carl had 8 more children.  One may have been Ruth.



Gracy d. Grenade MS.   She was the granddaughter of John Walters (b. 1803 KY, d. Shreveport LA).

Huntington & LeValley bought--then sold--Batchelor's Bend Plantation adjoining Greenville MS sometime before 1880.



Robert L. LeVally, Lieutenant in the Confederate army

Isaac LaValley m. Silvia Gay Jan. 22, 1877 New Madrid MO

William b. Apr. 16, 1888 somewhere in MO.  Registered for the World War I draft in Chouteau County, Montana.  William of Clearmont MO m. 3/27/1929 at Nodaway MO Gertrude Mae Overton 33 of Lincoln NE.



MT death records
    Alice A. of Fergus MT d. Feb. 14, 1957, age 65

World War I draft records
    Peter (b. May 27, 1880) registered in Phillips Co.
    (Also see William b. MO)

    Mary of Watkins MT was on the honor roll at Montana State University, 1944

    Jerome P. apparently listed as a dentist, 1924

    _____ LeValley m. Vicky Balsiger (b. c.1940)


 John LeValley b. Dec. 5 1885, d. Apr 1972, fl. Kenesaw

    John donated $100 to the Democratic party in 1908.

World War I draft registration
    Jno insane patient at state hospital, Harlan

CA death record
 Virginia Alice Mardis b. 1904 NE.  Mother's maiden name LeValley

Lawrence m. Doris.  Dau. Mary b. 1929.  Dau. Priscilla.  Moved to Iowa by 1935



Las Vegas marriage records
    D. D. LeVally [Xenia?] m. Loretta Phoebe Gee 01/02/1954
    Edna Byrnes LeValley m. Marvin Hease 9/19/1938
    Frances m. William F. Cory 1/19/1949

Marriage records outside Las Vegas
    Eddy Dean LeValley (b. CA) m. Donna Ruth Jennings July 14, 1979 in Reno


 Matilda b. July 1861 to Nelson LeValley and Matilda Mabell in Holderness Twp.,
     Grafton Co.

 Elyner b. Oct. 12, 1861 to Oliver LeValley & Eliza nee Hanly in Holderness Twp.,
     Grafton Co.

 Emma m. Nov. 18, 1895 Joseph C. Smith in Claremont NH.  She was a dau. of Rose nee Simano.

 Buried in Saint Mary Cemetery, Claremont NH

 Angeline m. Jan. 19, 1904 Joseph Perreault in Rochester NH

 Irene belonged to the Golden Age Club of Portsmouth, 1976.

 Marion, wife of Daniel of Tilton, d. Sept. 1, 1921 age 72.  Husband, son, and dau. living.

 Joe (b. Mar. 30, 1893) of Tilton registered for the World War I draft, noting that he was the father of Mitchell LeValley in RI.

 Joseph Wallace LeValley (b. Jan. 10, 1893 Three Rivers, Quebec) registered for the World War I draft in Cheshire Co.



Lewis LeValley filed a trespass case in the Burlington court (of Quaker jurisprudence) in 1694.  One witness testified that Lewis had earlier struck him in the face.  Lewis left the colony with all of his goods in 1695.

Dorothy b. 8/1/1900, d. Sept. 1975, resident of Kearny (Hudson Co.) or North
     Arlington (Bergen Co.)

Dolores Beyrne, nee LeValley, obituary June 4, 1998 Kearny or Newark

Rick of Milburn NJ won javelin events while attending Ole Miss' in Jackson MS in 1968.


Jared lived in Albuquerque with Holly DiSalvi when his mother, Laureen Claudia McIntyre, (her maiden name) died 11/25/2014.


Cold Springs Cemetery, Lockport, perhaps part of the LeValley lot:
 Jane 1826-28
 Jeanette d. age 12

Amsterdam city directory (Fulton county)
    John, laborer 1887-88
    Louis, mill hand  "
    Mary, mill hand  "
    Michael, mill hand  "
    Levi, broommaker 1889-90

    Carole entered a large cityscape painting in an art exhibit 2013

Buffalo City Directory:
    Peter, barber 1908-09


    George stole a bicycle worth $30 in 1898.
    John LaValley or LeValley of Cohoes b. c. 1887 drove a car that overturned in 1917.

Hudson Falls
    Grace m. Frank Whiting before 1939.  6 sons and 1 daughter.  Descendants buried in St. Alphonse Cemetery

NYC ship passenger landings
    A. LeValley b. c.1851 arrived from Liverpool 1891
    Jules b. c.1863 arrived from Le Havre 1894--farmer going to Chicago

NYC death index
    Theodore d. Oct. 5, 1928 age 27 in Manhattan

Oneida NY tombstone
    Ellen 1837-1904  Glenwood Cemetery

    Penny owns Body Shop Fitness and Salons

    George, a train fireman, was missing in 1906--last seen in Albany.

Schenectady family group:
 Benjamin LaValley m. Aurilla Dushane
  Dolf 1901 m._______  fl. Schenectady
  Agnes m. ______ Hebert, fl. Williamstown VT
  several other daughters

Suffolk Co.
 Margaret LeVally (dau. John) b. Apr. 4, 1843

 No place
   B. T. LeValley b. Aug 3, 1935, d. Dec 15, 1995.  Got card in NY

  Martha LaValley b. Aug. 16, 1899, d. Sept. 1979
  C. Mills LeValley, laborer, in the City Directory, starting in 1891and running at least 3 years

Elmira NY--Woodlawn Cemetery
    Charles N.  bur. Mar. 23, 1935
    Ethel  bur. Jan. 30, 1942

Carthage (Jefferson Co.)
    Leander, shoemaker in 1890

 Ft. Edward Washington Co.
  Mary H. LeVally b. Apr. 29, 1904, d. Mar. 23, 1933.  Got card in NY

CA death record
    Maria (b. 1830-31 NY) d. Mar. 22, 1901 in Los Angeles, age 70, of augina pectoris.

CT Death Index
 Ethel b. 8/22/1913 NY, m. Stephen Zavodjancik, d. 12/22/1990 Rocky Hill CT

Civil War veterans

  Louis of Albany was a GAR official in 1919--military record unknown
  Peter enlisted 1863, age 21 at Chateaugay.  Died of illness.  Also listed as LaValley
  Samuel, Private, Co. G. 121st NY Infantry
  William L., Private, 117th NY Infantry

W.R. (or W. H.) LeValley & W. R. Sutton presented a report on piping for cryogenic fluids, 1961.

Jack LeValley wrote "Will of the Wind," Mysteries from the Finger Lakes, vol. 1, 1989.

There is a LeValley Road near Rome NY.

Syracuse 1908 City Directory
    William E.

Tupper Lake
    LeValley Fletcher fl. 1954.  He had a 20-year-old son.

Mexico NY newspapers
    Clement m. Jennie Butler, both of Mexico, July 23, 1865.  He was probably a younger brother of Anthony in the 1865 census.
    Nov. 1867 Joseph Laland, barbner of Pulaski, ran off with the wife and child of "a Mr. LeValley of Mexico."  LeValley wanted the child back.

Ohio death record:
    Fred b. Feb. 14, 1856 Mexico NY (s. Anthony LeValley b. La Cell Canada & Turcell Plante b. La Craw Canada) m. Fannie.  d. Jan. 1, 1922 Orange OH.

19th century newspapers
    1851 J. LeValley on a steamship from New York that docked in Boston on the way to Chagres (?)
    1856 letter for William at the New York City post office
    1857 letter for Marie at the New York City post office

20th century Newspapers
    Mose LeValleye or LeValley of Potsdam was in an automibile accident, 1946.
    Leo had a house just outside Adams in 1953.
    S. J. director of safety for Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation's eastern division c.1957
    Dan of Troy (124 lbs.) and Tim (140 lbs., presumably also from Troy) were boxing at the junior level, 1982.
    Paul of South Glens Falls listed 2005 as surviving brother-in-law of a man b. 1924.

Legal precedent
    Levalley v. Stanford, 70 NYS (2d) 460 (NY 1947)

    Virginia Mae LeValley m. Frederick Wilson.  She d. May 16, 2004, age 88.

    Claire E. LaValle 4/16/1922-5/24/2001, age 73.  Some members of the Peter LeValley family used this spelling in Hornell.


Marriage index
    Robert m. Tamara Lebatard July 7, 2004 Cumberland Co.
    Jessica m. Edward McDermott Sept. 19, 2007.  fl. Raleigh-Durham


Grand Forks Herald 12/19/1899
    Mesdame Janney and LeValley of Reynolds visited in the city yesterday.

    WC received $40 for labor on the road--1944.


Online birth records
    James LeVally m. Dora Elnora (?).  Son Leonard Russel b. Nov. 25, 1911
    Edw. Francis m. Mildred Curtis.  Child b. 1925
    Lawrence m. Wanda Moneta McCashie.  Child  b. 1938
    Edward G. (b. Moline Wood CO) m. Mary Ecan (b. Philadelphia PA).  Son Edward Francis b. 1922 OH
    Tiffany Nicole b. 1987 to Lisa Mae.  Bessie Lee b. 1997 to the same mother.  Tiffany m. Jerry Lee Smith, and had a daughter b. Feb. 24 in New Carlisle.
    Douglas Edward LeValley had a son Douglas Edward Jr. (b. 2000) by Teresa Coy, nee Depriest.  The same woman had given birth 1999 to a daughter Megan LeValley (no father listed).
    Michael Allen Christopher LeValley (b. OH) and Lindzie Leigh Wilson (b. 1992 FL, d. 2018 OH) had a son Brenden Earnest Jonathan b. Nov. 18, 2009 in OH.  Two more sons followed: Bentley and Bailey (b. 2018 Montgomery Co. OH while his mother was in a coma after being shot)--all born out of wedlock.
    Whitney Lynn LeVally (her maiden name) b. WA, gave birth in OH to a daughter Keyanna Elizabeth Aug. 4, 2011.

Online marriage records
    Andrea K. (b. 1966) m. Mark Skinner Oct. 30, 1982 Clark Co.
    Annette (b. 1961) m. David Entsminger Sept. 28, 1984 Greene Co.
    Carol M. LeVally (b. 1955) m. Fred L. Charter May 24, 1974 Lucas Co.
    Carol (b. 1962) m. James Holbert Apr. 29, 1979 Clinton Co.
    Christia (b. 1978) m. Robert Hines Jan. 30, 2001 Clark Co.
    Christo M. LeVally (b. 1971) m. Anna M. Geronimo Jan. 19, 1996 Lucas Co.  Divorced 1999.
    Connie L. (b. 1958) m. Joe Hess Jan. 26, 1990 Montgomery Co.
    Connie S. (b. 1959) m. Harlis Price Aug. 28, 1976 Greene Co.
    Deborah M. (b. 1955) m. Mark Fitzwater Sept. 3, 1973 Clark Co.
    Eugenia K. (b. 1882) m. William Adams Nov. 13, 1908 Clark Co.
    Freda S. (b. 1959) m. Richard Stultz June 29, 1985 Clark Co.
    Kristin L. LeVally (b. 1968) m. David Roach July 1, 2009 Lucas Co.
    Linda L. (b. 1946) m. Dale Emery Aug. 6, 1982 Clark Co.
    Melissa L. (b. 1964) m. William T. Regan Oct. 21, 1987 Clinton Co.
    Pamela E. (b. 1957) m. (1) John Munn July 9, 1974, and (2) Ricky Hoskins Feb. 21, 1978--in Darke Co. both times.
    Rosemary (b. 1951) m. Jeffrey Ratliff Aug. 22, 1981 Clark Co.

    Margaret LeValley b. Dec 18, 1882, d. Apr 1980.  fl. North Ridgeville OH
    Mary LeVally b. Mar 15, 1896, d. Jul 1973.  fl. Branchville NJ.  Got card in OH
    Maude LeVally b. May 1, 1913, d. Mar 1986.  fl. Dayton OH
    Patricia LeVally b. Mar 17, 1942 d. Mar 1985.  fl, Toledo OH

Van Wert Co. OH
    Ridge Slater Cem.
        Mary S. b. Dec. 17, 1859, d. Mar. 14, 1891
        ________ b. Mar. 6, 1884, d. June 18, 1899
        Zelotes R.
        James R. b. Jan. 8, 1889

    Walter m. Emma Kiehl Schaadt
        Lola =_____ Woods
        Marjorie 1928-2019 =Nolan McGarvey +++
Charles J. LaValley m. Julia May Webb May 10, 1883 in Huron Co.

Roxanne (b. c.1953) m. _________ Heinzman

Chicago City Directory:
    1897-1903 George W. commercial traveler
    1900 Henry, cook
    1911 Benj. F., labor

    Edna (now deceased) m. Harvey Spencer  [A different Harvey Spencer m. Matilda LeValley of Peter's line in RI.]

    John (c.1875-  ) m. Grace O'Connor
        John Arthur b. Columbus OH m. Dora Eastman
        Carl Raymond m. Mary Schwan

            Patricia (c.1935-  ) m. Dante Bell

     Maurice LeVallee m. Rhona.  Moved from Channel Islands to Ipswich, England.  Children:
       Anthony Maurice
          Grandson Martin moved to US in 1966
       Derek James

    (This search tool clumps people by household and traces their movements over the last 30 years.  It does not distinguish between daughters and daughters-in-law.  It does not distinguish between maiden name and another married name.  Because many of the dates are missing or duplicates of other family members, the sequence of multiple marriages cannot be sorted out reliably.)  Here are the clusters--with internal arrangement by educated guessing:

    Kenton and Ridgeway
       Bruce R.  1957-  m. Kay 1958-
          Lindsay  1982-


       Doyle LeVally m. Linda M. Rodriquez


         Freda S.  1959-

        Justin D. Wayne LeValley (b. 1996) m. Sierra Jo-Lynn Buck (b. 1997) 2014

Springfield court record
    Michael A. C. LeValley, age 22, guilty of disorderly conduct 2014.

Tennessee marriage record
    Donald Elbert (b. 1945) m. Joyce Ann Ripley (b. 1946), both of Springfield OH, May 5, 1984

Harlee Ann, age 18, of Springfield was injured by a car in 2010.

Aaron R. 20 of Dayton sentenced for theft in Springfield, 2008
Lynna (presumably 18) graduated from high school in Dayton, 2015.

LeValley H. Miller, widow of Charles Miller (1888-1946) of Toledo

Adrienne 1999- attended high school in Troy OH.

Michael m. Amy Faulkner 4/123/2013 somewhere in OH

    Jacob, age 9, suffering in 2015 from muscular dystrophy

  Joshua m. Sara-Marie Evans 7/12/2014

Morrow County
    Cody was a judo insttructor 2018.  He looks young in the picture.

Ruby LeValley nee Jude fl. 2023


    Henry b. Oct. 20, 1934, d. Feb. 1968
    Stephen LeValley b. Aug 29, 1897, d. Feb 1986.  fl. Elmore City OK

Hennessey group of siblings:
Edward LaValley m. Jane
    Edward LaValley 1837-  from Montreal.  fl. Hennessey OK 1920. wife b. MO
            Joseph William LaValley b. 10/1/1876 IA, d. 1972 Escalon CA.  m. Lillian (b. 1897 NY)
               Walker LaValley b. 1904 CT [?]
            2 other sons  
    Prof. Joseph J. LaValley b. 7/15/1849 Potsdam NY, d. 8/2/1921 Hennessey OK.  Had a music store.
        m. (1) Iva B. Hunter (b. 1864 OH) fl. Hennessey OK 1910

            Esther M. LeValley b. 1898 IA, d. 2000  OK  m. _____ Cleveland of Enid OK, later reverted to LeValley name and spelling
            R. E. Lavalley (m) fl. Cedarville KS
        m. (2) Fay C. (b. 1862 MO) fl. Hennessey OK 1920  [His obituary calls his widow Lucy.  Same person?]
     Mary Josephine , (dau. Edward [b. France], b. 1855 St. Lawrence Co. NY, d. 1931 Pinal AZ)  m. M. J. Robbins  fl. Hennessy OK 1920.  Undertaker C. A. Robbins of Casa Grande AZ

FindAmerica identifies 2 families somehow associated with the LaValleys of Owasso OK:

    Family 1 (mostly in Washington state)
       Donna LaValley  1938-
          Marlene LaValley  1957-  =_____ Rucker
          Michael LaValley  1960-  =Cheri Goodall
             Crystal LaValley  1980-  =_____ Rundell
          Gerald LaValley  1961-

    Family 2 (mostly in California)

       William F. LaValley  1938-97  =Janice
          William D. LaValley  1960-  =Peggy Ladd
             Mindy LaValley  1978-  =Jason Arnold
          Vickie LaValley  1963-  =Jeff Goertzen
          Cathy LaValley  1974-  =Mathew Nowicki

Oklahoma City
    Iva A. 11/15/1860-11/7/1957 bur. Memorial Park Cemetery

Bryan County
    Mildred Winifred LaValley m. George Allen Callahan July 6, 1932

Harper County
    James M. enlisted 11/6/1946 in the army.  He was a Technician 5th grade.

    Kathy was on the city library board 2009

Stephen M. LaValley b. 5/27/1966


W. S. LeValley had an unclaimed letter waiting at the Portland post office, March 2, 1884.

Sallie was on the Parkside School Board near Portland in 1998.

Susie was active in community theatre in Brookings in 2013.


    Mary m. John  White.  Son b. McKeeport 1898

Wilmore, Cambria Co.
    Charles m. Lizzie
        Eva 1881-   =Alexander Wright

Pittsburgh City Directory
    1904 Edward, N. F. prod.
    1908 Charles, stonemason and engineer

Bradford County Memorial Park (on Route 6, Burlington Twp.)
    William L. 1896-1962
    Martha B. 1899-1979

Deborah fl. Shaler PA 1991
    Her daughter Justina Prenatt was 18.
    Gail Wimer of Glenshaw PA was one of Justina's grandmothers.



Vital Statistics
 Christopher D. d. 2/12/1841 age 27 [b. c.1814], Warwick. [This may be
     a badly garbled reference to Jerome B.D. LeValley (c.1815-
     1/12/1841) and his infant son Jerome Christopher, descendants of
 Mary Ann m. James B. Lawton Feb. 9, 1846, Warwick
 Mary A. b. Jan. 1, 1871 to Lewis and Mary, Coventry

RI Cemetery Index
 Amelia A. Spencer (nee LeValley) d. 5/29/1936  Swan Point Cem., Providence.  m. George Spencer 1915
 Annie c.1885-1/5/1886  St. Patricks Cemetery, East Greenwich
 Emma 1879-1939          "
 Frank  Nov. 14, 1878-1961  Small Maple Root Cem., Coventry  (See 1930 census & WWI draft)
 Mary (nee Woodmansee)  1882-1961  "
 Phebe  c.1846-6/9/1873  St. Mary's Cem., West Warwick
 Rosa  c.1840-2/14/1876  "

 Lewis LaValley m. Delphine Marshall Feb. 26, 1861 Providence (also spelled Louis Lavalley)
 Lewis LaValley m. Delphine Marshall July 31, 1865 Springfield MA

Newport City Directory
    1887    Joseph, military band leader at Fort Adams

Pawtucket City Directory:
    1873   Isaac Levelley, operative, head of household
               Henry, sash and blind maker, boarding at the same address
    1877-80  Lewis, bleacher, head of household
               Theodore, operative,  boarding at the same address
    1880   Archibald, doffer, boarding at the same address
    1911   Joseph, head of household
    1913   Edward, jeweler, boarding
    1916-7  Wilfred, chef, head of household
    1928-9  Joseph, roofer, head of household, and Rosalma

Providence City Directory--probably French-Canadian transient workers
 1853     John, moulder [1860 census, age 40]
 1861     Lewis, blacksmith
 1870     Edward
 1881-5  Alex C., painter.  Later spelled Lavalle
 1892     Eugene, jeweler
 1892-8  Joseph E., clerk
 1893     Alexander N., clerk
 1894     Peter, laboror
  Benjamin D. m. Claudia Lacroix 1897
 1900-1  Joseph M., butcher
 1906     Joseph A., clerk
 Susan Amelia nee Bower d. 1911, age 78 [b. c.1833]
 1911     Bridget, widow of Terrence
 1911-9  George W., baker
 1911     Henry, clerk
 1911-4  Moses, d. 1914
 1911-2  Napoleon, operator
 1911     Peter, brakeman
 1912-4  George J., teamster
 1914     Georgiana
 1919     Wilfred P., laboror
 1921     Joseph, cable splicer--moved
  1926     Joseph, installation man
 1931     Victor, salesman, and Margaret A.
 1935     Mary M. m. ________ Golden 1935
 1939-45  Peter jeweler & Clara, domestic
 1942-9  Frederick
 1943-5  Inza, press operator
 1968     Edward--East Providence

West Warwick City Directory--probably French-Canadian transient workers
 1936     Leo, section hand & Dolia
 1936-46  Antonio, opr. & Dolores, resided in Phenix RI
 1940     Romeo
 1946     Leonard, loom fixer & Phemillia

Westerly City Directory (only 1888-92 available)
    1890-92  John, operative

Woonsocket City Directory:
    1871-3  Luwee, laborer, head of household
    1873   Michael, teamster boarding at the same address

World War I draft registration
       Pierre b. Aug. 3, 1882--Kent or Providence Co.
    Bristol & Newport
       Frederick Charles b. Jan. 18, 1880
    Kent County
        Clovis Joseph b. May 12, 1885
        Frank b. Nov. 14, 1878 (See Maple Root Cemetery)
        William b. Apr. 8, 1900
    Pawtucket, Providence Co.
       Wilfred b. Dec. 2, 1892

FBI record
    Arthur Ernest LeValley failed to report for military duty 1918.  FBI searched the house of his father-in-law George Spencer in Providence.

Family groups--pieced together from the above sources

 Charles F. d. c.1922 m. Annie 1864-1930
  Charles Francis 1882- (fl. 1928) m. Mary
  Thomas Henry 1883-  m. Emma [More information on descendants]
  Annie 1885-86
  Albert 1888-    m. Matilda
       William A. 1891-1941 m. Mary Kenyon [More information on descendants]
       Edward 1900-  (fl. 1968) m. Agnes fl. 1940

 Alexander m. Rosa

  Napoleon 1873-1907 m. Emma Trudell
   Agnes 1898-1917
   Clifford H. 1903-83 m. Ethel Burdett
     Clifford H. Jr. 1943-2009 m. Gisela Moone
        Clifford H. III  1969-  m. Diane
          Samantha "Sami"
          Sydni  (engaged in 2011 to Andrew Sanville)
        Christine  1970-   m. ______ Johnson +++
        Jennifer  1970-  m. Paul McNamara in a Catholic church

 Alexander m. Ellen
  Lillian E. 1885-
  Eugene H. 1891-

 Alexander LaVally m. Mary
  Moses LeValley 1883-1918

 Albert M. LaValley m. Nellie
  Mildred May LeValley 1912-  m. ______ Bergeron

 Alfred m. Marie
  George 1895-
  daughter 1900-
  Minnie fl. 1928

Alice m. Wayne Sparfven (1937-2002), fl. W. Kingstown

 Andrew m. Elizabeth
  Alfred C. 1880-1934

 Arthur E. fl. 1921 m. Genevieve Curran
  Genevieve E. 1921-
  Mary 1922-  m. _____ Ross
  Arthur Ernest 1924-
  Henry 1927-
  Hope Elizabeth LaValley 1930-
  Leo Leonard LaValley 1933-
  Harriett Mildred LaValley 1934-

 Delia fl. 1928
  Paul m. Clara fl. 1928
  Louis fl. 1928

 Ernest Lavallee m. Maude
  Antoinette V.  1899-  m. _____ Nichols in 1928

 Ernest m. Mary
  Marion 1903-

 Frank B. fl. 1933 m. Minnie
  Frank L. 1916-17
  Albert B. 1917-
  Raymond 1919-
  Robert G. LaValley 1922
  Frank H. LaValley 1924-
  twin daughters b. & d. 1927

 George W. m. Diana
  Genevieve R. 1912-
  Edmund J. 1916-
  Amelia LaValley 1925-
  Dorris LaValley 1929-
  Paul LaValley 1930-32

 Joseph fl. 1907
  Joseph Jr. fl. 1907
  Alfred fl. 1907
  Dolfus fl. 1907

 Joseph B. m. Albima
  Joseph V. m. (2) Marie (b. Canada 1906)

 Lena LaValley
  Viola LeValley 1906-

 Lodia Lavalley
  Joseph LeValley b. & d. 1902

  Luke fl. 1894

 Moses m. Amelia
  Louis H.C. 1903-04

 Philip A. m. Henrietta
  William T. LaValley b. & d. 1910

World Family Tree
    Josephine m. John Taylor.  Their daughter was born 1880 in Warwick
    Marion Hannah b. Feb. 24, 1910 Providence RI, m. June 16, 1927 Francis Lyle Waterman (s. Clarence, b. 6/26/1907 Warwick) in Providence.  He m. (2) 12/31/1930 Constance Bomardier

    LeValley Ann Lovell b. 2/2/1853 in North Smithfield to George Westcott and Lucinda Darling Lovell

Remington gedcom
    Darius b. c. 1903 RI m. Edna H. Remington b. c. 1910, dau. Joseph
        Joseph P., son

8/18/1923 Joseph of Central Falls died in an excursion boat explosion in Newport harbor.

1904 Mrs. Phebe LeValley of Bristol was mother (probably from a previous marriage) of Phillias Fontaine of Woonsocket, who had mistakenly been reported murdered while in Minnesota.

1846 The Providence newspaper reported that fire destroyed several buildings, included the machine shop rented by a Mr. LeValley.  Uninsured, he estimated his loss at $3,000, but he did save his books.  Several of Michael's descendants were machinists--but not in Providence at that date.


Tennessee marriage records
    Peter C. m. Alice A. Holley in Shelby Co.  No date listed
    Diane Marie 22 of Dandridge m. Phillip Keith Stroud Aug. 18, 1981
    Thomas James 20 of Dandridge m. Patricia Ann Patrick 17 Apr. 12, 1984

Memphis family group (all spelled LeVally)
   Peter T.  1939-      also lived in New Orleans
      Mark R. [Sullivan] 1964-  m. Mary
      Michael W.  1966-  m. Kelly who at some point also m. Lonnie Baker
   Ann--dates and relationship unclear



Bell Co.
     Michael Christopher b. 9/20/1971
     Thomas Charles b. 2/8/1980

El Paso Co.

    Patricia 30 m. Charles P. Collins 31  5/12/1969

Ellis Co.

Fort Worth
    Anthony b. 11/27/2013, son of Darian (possibly his mother)

Guadalupe Co.
    Robert F. enlisted 11/25/1942 as a private in the army

Wichita Falls
    Bill m. Ricki, dau. Cooper b. c.2005

Lisa K. LeVally (b. 1962) who went back to her maiden name between marriages:
    m. James D. Rightmire Jr. June 29, 1985 Travis Co.  Divorced 1988 Bastrop Co.
    m. Michael H. Noak Aug. 10, 1991 Fayette Co.  Divorced 1996 Fayette Co.
    m. Jerry G. Delaney Apr. 20, 2002 Washington Co.

  Beth (b. 1963) m. 1984 Matthew Houseal (b. 1955, s. William).  1 child.  Divorced at Tarrant TX.  He m. (2) Louzma _______.

    Mya (perhaps the same person as Myra) won a school dance contest 2016.  Two LeValley families from Xenia part 1 live there.


    Larry LeValley "an American Indian" co-organized a powwow in Wendover 2000


 Eugene b. c.1800 Quebec m. Adeline
    dau. Adeline (b. May 1827 Wardel Quebec, d. Aug. 1905 Barnet VT) m. Oliver Amell
 Sarah J. 18 m. Joseph O'Clare 1870

 Baby Girl b. Apr. 26, 1871 to Leander & Lalune
 Ella m. Adolphus Moquin (b. St. John, Quebec).  dau. b. c.1889
 Alfred b. Dec. 6, 1876 to Oliver & Eliza

    Freeman died in World War I
    Dawn E. 23 (b. VT) m. Roland W. Hubbard Jr. 35 (b. VT)

Burlington city directory 1899-91
    Eddie, tailor
    Miss Rose (starting 1891)
    Andrew was teaching English at Burlington High School in 2018.

 Lucy b. 1869 to Octave & Saphronia from Canada

    Clovis & Ella bought land in 1935.  He sold it in 1945.

    Mrs. Joseph LeValley, member of the St. Anne Society, Church of the Sacred Heart of Mary
    Edla Porter nee LeValley d. Aug. 25, 2003, age 97.  Predeceased by husband E. Stanley Porter & brother Leonard LeValley

Civil War veterans
 George H., Private, 9th VT Infantry.  Name also spelled LeVally.  Later lived in Chittenden.
 Henry, Private, 17th VT Infantry.  Name also spelled LaValley
 John A., Private, 1st VT Heavy Artillery.  Later lived in St. Johnsburg.

Jacob M. served as U.S. Commissioner in 1870.



Mrs. Katie LeValley, 38, m. William S. Saunders, 59, June 14, 1892 in Latah Co. Idaho.  Both listed their home address as Waverley (Spokane Co.) WA.

Theodore of Seattle (b. Jan. 26, 1882) in 1918 listed his next of kin as Joseph of Pestigo WA.

William G. (b. Apr. 15, 1888, d. Oct. 9, 1956, bur. Normal Hill Cem., Lewiston IA with Dolly) m. Jan. 9, 1911 Dolly Elvy (b. Nov. 9, 1891, d. Oct. 1, 1975).  Daughter Evelyn Kathleen b. Aug. 1, 1916 Waverly WA, d. March 2007 Klipson Beach WA.   Evelyn m. June 18, 1938 James Edward Ruckman in Reubens ID--where their daughter was born the next year.

 Dolly (widow of William) b. Nov. 9, 1891, d. Oct. 1975, got card in ID, fl. Clarkston

Elk River--Jan. 1913 George and two other men were arrested for drinking on the street and "using language with teeth and whiskers."  In jail, they flattened the stovepipe into a long funnel and stuck it out the window, where friends poured in more liquor.  They got thoroughly drunk.  The next day, he was fined $1 for damage to the pipe.

Sarah nee Penner lived in Washington 1980.  Her 81-year-old brother had been born in Manitoba.

WA marriage records
    Lorraine m. Harry F. Pierce Dec. 31, 1941 in Spokane
    James N. m. Patricia J. Judge July 3, 1954 in Spokane


    Josephine Mary (or Mary Josephine) dau. John m. Edward Everett Reid or Reed 4 generations ago
    Mildred LeValley Hyde 1917-18, dau. Nathan Goff Hyde & Emma Johnson.  d. Northview

Myrtle I. LeVally m. Howard G. Tissot.  No date listed.



State vital record index (brides & grooms not matched):
    George W. m. Clara Lanpen in St. Croix County Aug. 15, 1891
    Alexander m. June 10, 1901 in Vernon County.  Three women married that day:
       Mary A. Good
       Mary E. Nelson
       Alice N. Withrow

Price County vital records  [The Valcartier group lived at Park Falls in Price County.]
    John F. b. Dec. 1, 1896

Milwaukee vital records:
    Annie LeValley Smith married John Jordan Miles Aug. 8, 1879.  Middle or maiden name?
    W. H. LeValley was an area manager for the railroad in 1895, before moving to Detroit.

Pestigo family group
 Joseph L. LaValley b. 4/6/1846  Quebec to Pestigo WI
 Alphose LaValley 4/24/1848-6/2/1920 Quebec to Pestigo WI
    George Eli LaValley 4/10/1886-6/13/1942 moved to Idaho 1919
         George C. LaValley fl. Harrison ID 1990

World War I draft records
    Charles (b. Mar. 26, 1889) registered at Superior, Douglas County

 No place
  Robert b. June 2, 1925, d. Aug. 17, 1990.  Got card in WI

    J. R. LeValley testified in Milwaukee about price fixing of wheat, 1882.
    J. LeValley fl. Fifield, 1887.
    Margie played piano in the Golden Gate Supper Club, Wisconsin Rapids, 1947.
    Jim played high school football for Park Falls WI (not MN), 1950
    Laury R. LeVally Jr. (also spelled LeValley), age 20, of Appleton stole appliances from a construction site in Grand Chute, 1976.

Legal precedent:
    Estate of Levalley (1926), 191 Wis. 356, 210 N.W. 941

Lake Mills
    Graham (b. c.2021) son of Carol


    Mary Jane (b. March 1860 Tyson's Reef, Victoria, d. Oct. 11, 1959 Canterbury Victoria) dau. of William LeValley (1830- ) and Mary Jane McIvor m. 1878 John Henderson (1857-1931)


    Joseph Thomas Le Vallée (protestant and English-speaking) of Guernsey left the Channel Islands around 1850 because he wanted to marry Jane Murphy, a catholic from Jersey.  She died after they arrived in Quebec city.  He owned the Neptune Inn, a hotel that burned around 1913.  By his second wife, Mary Gunner, he had children Tommy, Christie, Charles, and Georges.  Georges fought in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war, before returning to Quebec to marry Mary Hanley.  The family are buried in St-Charles Cemetery in Quebec city.  Georges' great granddaughter Julie Le Vallée seeks information:

    Derminic fl. 1890 Hamilton, Ontario, m. Martha Cone (dau. Darius of Canisteo NY) in NY state

    Janet Buck (dau. G.E., b. probably 1890s) m. Archibald LeValley.  Could this be Archie in Minnasota?

    Mary LeValley (or Mary St. Pierre) of the Cowesses band of Indians had by Louis Gunn a daughter later known as Evangeline Godron (b. c.1935).

    Augustin Levalley m. Laura Beaulac or Boulac c. 1820 possibly St. Ours, Quebec.

    Anna Jutras LeValley (b. Jan. 6, 1831 Quebec, d. Sept. 26, 1900) m. John O'Meara

    Paul and Mary Elizabeth mentioned on p.  510 in the 1906 Commemorative Biographical Record of Lambton County, Ontario.  (not seen yet)

    Louise m. Nelson Kaiser.  Child b. 1894 St. Marys, Ontario.

    Mary Blanche R. LeValley m. Benjamin Wilcox Dec. 8, 1910 in Princeton BC

    Mrs. Roy LeValley--nee Smith--(b. c.1920) was in Coaldale, Alberta, 1952 & 1959.  She was active in St. Patrick's Church (probably Catholic).  LeRoy Jr. was a child in 1949.

    Dustin "Dusty" LeValley or LaValley of Bezanson, Alberta had won 3 or 4 national rodeo championships for bareback bronco riding by 2011.

    Annie Marie d. age 67, obituary June 3, 2000 Estevan or Regina SK     

    George from Canada went to jail for breaking and entering in Bangor ME 1913.

    Morey LeValley, nee Clause, fl. Peterborough ON 2003.  Her brother lived on a Tuscarora Indian reservation in NY.

    M. LeValley (from where?) was the chief engeneer in constructing the Suez Canal in 1869.


    The French steamship Alex LeValley sailed from London to New York in 1874.

    Paul LeValley illustrated Les dictons le chez nous, a collection of French proverbs edited by P. Latrobe and published in Paris in 1943.


    Levalley Upper Townland was listed in the 1841 census as a location in Devenish Parish, County Fermanagh.

    Jim LeVally, actor in Dublin 2013

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