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The above list is current.  But not all of the letters below are.  Rootsweb automatically drops people who change e-mail addresses without notifying us.  Maybe the writers will be back or can be located.  I have kept the letters on file because of their helpfulness to future researchers.


Bonnie Knox  A-129+:
  How delighted I was to discover your LeValley website and the Snow manuscript, which I didn’t know existed. The author, Louis Franklin Snow, was my great-grandfather. He was born in Providence RI 19 April 1862, the son of George Washington Snow and Lucinda Maria LeValley (isn’t that a beautiful name?), and died 28 Dec 1934. Lucinda’s father was Stephen J. LeValley (Stephen, Peter Sr., Peter, Peter) and Charlotte Temple Crumb. He married Susan Conant on 24 Oct 1894. She was the daughter of Thomas Oakes Conant and Martha Wilson and the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Conant and Charity Waite Broughton. (I read somewhere that a book of poetry by her father is in the FSU library.) She was born 1 Aug 1867 and died 22 Feb 1957.
  Louis and Susan (Lou and Sue, as they called each other) had one child who lived to adulthood, my grandfather, Robert Conant Snow, born in Providence RI 3 Nov 1897. He married Blanche Elise Query around 1923 and died 10 April 1973.
  My mother, Dorothy Snow, was their only child. She was born in Charlotte NC 15 June 1924. She married Max Lavoid Tatum 16 Nov 1944. My mother passed away 4 March 1988.
  They had three children: my brother, Lee Lavoid Tatum, born 16 Oct 1949 in Alabama - he died 16 Feb 2003 - my sister Kathy Susan Tatum, born also in Alabama 2 Oct 1951, and me, Bonnie Lynn Tatum, born 9 Jan 1946 in Washington DC.
  I married Kenneth Michael Knox 24 June 1967, and we have two adopted children. Our daughter Karen Mikell was born 28 Jan 1976 and married Douglas Michael Nietubicz on 10 July 1999. They are expecting their first child in August. Our son Michael Lee was born 23 Sept 1978. He isn’t married yet. By the way, he lives in Tallahassee, too. As a matter of fact, Michael, his dad, and I
are all FSU grads. GO ‘NOLES!!! Mike and I live in Lake Placid FL, and Karen & Doug are in Sebring FL.
  I have two diaries kept sporadically by Lucinda LeValley Snow. They were written in pencil – very faint, hard to read, and not interesting, sorry to say. My sister has a sampler embroidered by Lucinda in 1812. I also have some of her
linens with her initials.
  I just sent the “subscribe” message to the rootsweb address. Am I the first and only Peter Sr. descendant on this list?
  I am really enjoying researching my family history, and again, thank you for your work on the LeValley family.
  Yours truly,
  Bonnie Knox

Karl King  A-136+
    I am Karl King, the descendant of Peter LeValley and Sarah's daughter
Mary, who married Magdelen King, my ggggg-grandfather.
    Since I am coming in here late in the game, any info on the ancestry,
links, documentation, etc., to support the marriage of the above as
well as that of Mary and Magdelen would be greatly
appreciated.  Photos would be fabulous.
    My extensive tree is on  Let me know if you are
interested in looking and I can send you an invitation to see the
photos I have.
    Thanks for any help
Karl King
Birch Bay, WA

Sonja King  A-136=:
    My husband Michael King is the one that is related to Magdalen King who married Marie LaValley, (b abt 1703 or 1705) daughter of Peter LeValley (b abt 1675).
    I have done a lot of research on Mike's family, I want to know more about  the LeValley family.  I understand that they came from southern France.
    Yesterday I found that Peter LeValley's name is really Pierre Peter LeValley and his wife's name is Sarah or Suzanna Leconte.  Do you know if that is true?????
    In doing research, I understood that Peter Levalley came to America with Magdalen and Marie LeValley King in abt 1740 after the death of Magdalen's father John King.  In checking other people's research, some believe he was already in America in 1700, do you know if that is true?
    I just love to do research and learn the history about family members, since we carry some of their family traits.
    Hope to hear from you, Sonja

Angie Jackson, B-66+:
    Hello Paul, It is me Angie Jackson.  I just got this computer recently and went out and found the LeValley web page.  I thought it was really nice and I did the subscribe just to keep informed of things.  I have always been very interested in it, but have never really pursued it, exactly.  I just like to learn things about my Grandpa's (Claude LeValley) family. So, that is who aljbrowneyes is.  I am also interested in some of the books that you have listed.  Aunt Dorothy had given me some copies of the LeValley tree several years ago and I still have them.  I am just curious and enjoy learning about genealogy.
   Angie Jackson.

Paul LeValley  B-68+:
    Filed on a different page.  Click here.

Gayle Harris, B-133+:

    Hello~  I'm new to this list and think I may be related to the Peter LeValley line, after reviewing the info on the LeValley Web site.  Please bear with me, as I only dabble in genealogy.  However, my grandmother has always been a mystery to our family and I've spent some time piecing together her past.  Sofar, these are the facts I have:
    My G-grandmother was Bertha LeValley of Hutchinson, Reno Co., Kansas.  Born ca. 1890.  Her sisters were Minnie M. and Sadie Irene.  (Parents unknown, but I'd like to know.)
    Minnie, age 19,  married William E. Howard on July 4, 1897.  Sadie, age 19,married Ralph Burton Mardis on May 4, 1902.
    Bertha married Charles W. Holsapple (misspelled Hosapple in marriage records) on April 7, 1900.  My grandmother, Ruby Irene, was born to them in Shoals,IN, December 19, 1904. (The Holsapples were from Shoals.)  Bertha LeValleyHolsapple died June 10, 1910.  She is buried in Eastside Cemetery, Reno Co., KS.  Her daughter Ruby Irene (my grandmother) was taken in at age 6 by the LeValley family (her maternal grandparents).  Father Charles Holsapple seems to have disappeared after Bertha's death.
    I do know that my grandmother Ruby was raised as a Catholic, and attendedMount Carmel Academy in KS.  I believe she may have boarded there.  We were always told that she was "raised by nuns."  Several pieces of religious jewelry were passed down from her to me.
    Mysteries:  I don't know what happened to my G-grandfather, Charles Holsapple.  He is not buried next to Bertha.  I don't know why Bertha died so young (childbirth?) and/or if my grandmother Ruby had siblings.  I don't know anything about my grandmother's brief, first marriage to a Mr. DeLaney.  And now that I've found the LeValley connection, I'd like to know more about Bertha's parents of Hutchinson, KS, and/or anything else about this line.
    I have additional information about the other LeValley sisters, my G-aunts Sadie Irene LeValley Mardis (we share middle names) and Minnie M. LeValley Howard, if anyone is interested.
Thank you,
Gayle Harris

Elizabeth Clay  B-151+:
    My name is Elizabeth Clay and I live in Bethesda, MD.  I am related to the line of Peter through Christopher LeValley from Warwick, RI.  His daughter Eunice is probably my 5th great grandmother.   However, I am not positively certain that I am related yet.  I know that my 4th great grandmother was named Sybil Mattison/Matteson and was married to Phillip Conklin.  I also know that they lived in upstate New York, which is where most of my family still lives.  From an internet genealogy site, I learned that there was a Sybil Matteson whose parents were Eunice LeValley and Thomas Matteson, and that Eunice's father was Christopher LeValley from Warwick. It also said that Sybil married a Phillip Conklin.  That is how I found out about the LeValleys and why I am almost sure that I am related.
    I think that this LeValley list is really neat because just about everyone on it is related.  If anyone has information, I would like to learn more about Eunice's siblings.  I know that she had two brothers and a sister.   I would also like to make sure that Eunice LeValley did have a daughter named Sybil and to find out anything about them.  Thanks very much.
Elizabeth Clay

Jill Clark  C-5+:
    I enjoyed reading David LeValley's letter of intro.  Thanks for sharing with us about yourself and your family, David!  :)
    My LeValley surname is buried way back on my mom's side of the family.  My maternal grandfather was Frank William Higby, b. 1910 in Wayne Co., MI; his father, Frank Malcolm Higby, b. 1886 in Tuscola Co., MI; his mother, Martha Almeda Tibbitts, b. 1860 in Lapeer Co., MI; her mother, Amanda M. LeValley, b. 1843 in NY (does anyone know the county--I'm assuming it's Niagara--or what her middle initial stands for?)  Amanda was the daughter of Leander LeValley and Esther Elizabeth Cutting who were married in Lockport, NY in 1842.  Amanda married her first cousin, once removed, Charles LeValley Tibbitts (date of marriage unknown to me)  His parents were John Reynolds Spencer Tibbitts and Sarah Caroline LeValley of New York.
Jill (Syers) Clark

Brian Howe  C-5+:
    I was browsing the Internet and found the LeValley web page.  Jill Clark and I are cousins, thus we come from and are working on the same line.  One thing for you Jill, Amanda M. LeValley and Charles LeValley Tibbits were married 13 Oct 1859 in Marathon Twp, Lapeer, MI.

Marian Kirk  C-10+
    I am descended from Peter LeValley of Warwick, Rhode Island.  Cannot find my people on your branch list, nor in any of the fragment places.
    Here is a quick chain:
Peter (Pierre)
James B
George Thomas
Effie Mae LeValley Kirk
Elmer LeValley Kirk
Marian Gladys Kirk.  This is me.  I live in Chesapeake, Virginia.
    Leander is the one that moved from Lockport, New York to Lapeer County, Michigan.
    Orlando was the last GAR civil war veteran in Michigan.  He is not on your list of civil war veterans.  He moved to Tuscola County after the war.  Orlando was my great-grandfather, a man I remember, who died in 1948 
at almost 100 years old.  The governor came to his funeral in Fairgrove.
    Do a Google on Leander and Orlando and there is lots of stuff.  That is eventually how I found you.
    My Grandmother Effie married into the Kirk family of Tuscola County, another old family.
    I am just getting started with understanding various family lines.  On both my father's and mother's sides are a number of old pioneer families.  Am accompanying a friend to the Bureau of Land Management in DC on this coming Monday and Tuesday.  Looking in particular for land grant and homestead records which show the deed and survey.   Is 
there someone in particular you are interested in finding in land grant records?  Leaving in a few hours, but will have laptop to check mail.
    Incidently, the LeValley family history I have came from Harold LeValley of Lockport.  He gave it to me in 1989 when (as passing through) I picked his name out of the phone book and he and his wife invited my family over for lunch.  On the phone he asked me how I was related.  As I said, Effie Kirk, Orlando, Leander..... he kept saying, "Yep, that is one of the names."  He said Leander went to Michigan and no one knew what happened to him.  But I think some of his brothers followed.  However, he did not have much Michigan information.  And we in Michigan, could not trace back before Leander.  My Grandmother had told me Lockport.
    Maybe I can help with Michigan records for Leander's family and following............ or can get some of it from cousins in Tuscola County.  Because while I consider Fairgrove to be my home town, I have not actually lived there.
    I am amazed at the wealth of old information available and seems at many turns, I ran into your name.  Very impressed.  Hope to hear from you.

David Ferrin  C-16+
    Hi, before my dad died he asked if I could find his childhood friend Wallace Hartman, who he thought was a close cousin, and so, the hunt begins: I find it like this:
    Clark W. Ferrin (My Dad), b. 7sep1934, Lapeer Co., MI., (only child to live) of Rex P. Ferrin, b. 2jun1905, Genesee Co., MI. and Nellie m. Whetstone, b. 16aug1902, Lapeer Co., MI.  Nellie is the dau. of George W. Whetstone, b. 1852, Canada, and Anne Leach, b. 21may1862, Canada.  Anne is the dau. of Naham Leach, b. 11sep1822 Canada, and Sarah C. Mclean, b. 1828, Canada West.  Anne's sister, Mary Leach, b. 6sep1854, Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada, married LEANDER RODOLPHO LeValley, b. Bet. 1851-1853, Marathan Twp., Lapeer, MI. They had Edith M. LeValley, b. 7mar1872, Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  she married Reuben T. Clark, b.8jan1861, MI. and they had Ruth V. Clark, b. 1907, Columbiaville, Lapeer, MI.  She married Wallace C. Hartman, b. 17aug1902, Goodland Twp., Lapeer, MI.  They had Wallace Hartman Jr.
    NOTE: All the above with birth dates are known to be dead.
    And so, As you can see I have been doing both PEDIGREE and LINEAGE hunting with more luck on some lines than others. If I find I have more than one or two ties, I try to find as much as I can about that family line.
    As to the LeValley Line, I have:
Edith M. LeValley + Reuben T. Clark
Leander R. LeValley + Mary Leach, m. 18dec1870, Millville, Lapeer, MI. 1 kid.
Leander R. LeValley + Esther E. Cutting, m. 1842, NY, 7 kids.
George T. LeValley + Esther P. Amsden, m. 24oct1816, NY, 9 kids.
James LeValley + Sarah Aylsworth, m. 15mar1790, East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. 4 kids.
    and from this point... (its poss. that I have it right)
Christopher LeValley
John LeValley
Peter LeValley
    I could use help with the upper part of the line (NEED to be sure I get the line right).
    David W. Ferrin,
    The only one of my line still HUNTING.

Liz Lee  C-84+
    As for my LeValley interest, my dad was Dale Lawlor.  His maternal grandfather was Mortimer LeValley.  When Dad passed away about six years ago, I inherited his LeValley family "stuff" in addition to his interest in the family in general.

Tina Bailey  C-102
    Hello, my name is Tina Marie LeValley, born in Cass City, MI (1964).  I have only just begun to wonder about the LeValley ancestry.  My parents divorced when I was pretty young, approx. 3 y.o.   My birth father, Billy Allen LeValley, disappeared to start a new life with a new wife and left his 2 children behind.  Therefore we have absolutely no information as far as our grandfather's lineage.  We are only familiar with just a few other first cousins here in Michigan.  We've only just begun to refamiliarize ourselves with them and hopefully they can help us with the questions that we have.
    I'd like to bring to your attention some wrong information on the site.  Nothing major, but it involves myself.  Under the link: Various other fragments of LeValley information, under Ancestry World Tree it states " Living male LeValley marries living female Kinch (whose grandfather had lived in Oakland Co.)  Actually it should read: Living male Kinch marries living female LeValley (whose grandfather had lived in Tuscola Co. MI).  My first husband was the Kinch, which I married in 1989 and divorced in 2003.  No children were born to that marriage.
    I'll be checking back occasionally to see if anyone's names might make a connection for me.  Once I learn of my grandfather's fathers name and so on.  I'm excited to learn more!
    Thank you Paul for providing this website for everyone interested! 

Molly Porterfield  D-25+
    This is Molly Porterfield, gg grand daughter of Phebe Tuttle who married Eri LeValley (1817-1910) via Holden, etc.  Their daughter was Mary Frances LeValley b. 1855-1939, who married James Earl Gaul in Jackson, Jackson MI.  My grandmother, Anna Bartlett Gaul ( b. 1888 in Ionia MI) used to tell me stories of her childhood but I have lost most of my notes and do not have access to the family Bible.  Anna's brother was named Theodore LeValley Gaul; both died in Portland, OR.
    I'm getting stuck researching Anna's father, James Earl Gaul, b. 1848 in Williamsburg, Kings, NY, and I'm wondering if any records from the LeValley connection could possibly contain records of James Gaul's parents.  He and Mary Frances moved to Oregon in the 1900s and are buried there.  I am a novice at this type or research but very much wish to continue searching.
    Any help or direction you might provide would be greatly appreciated!
Molly Ann Porterfield
2979 SW Stanley Ct
Portland, OR 97219


Pat Berdan  D-61
    I'm searching for data regarding Peleg's daughter Abigail LeValley, her husband Patrick Conley and their children such as the dates and places of their birth, marriage, death and where they lived plus stories about them.
    Thank you in advance for your help in finding this information.
Pat Berdan 3-28-2010
9 Swarthmore Rd.
Wellesley, MA 02482-6608
phone: 781 237-1689


Clayton Frayser  E-11+:
    Hello, my name is Clayton Frayser and I am a descendent of Peter LeValley.  My lines are as follows; as you see there were two cousins that had married causing  two separate lines from Christopher LeValley's, children Elizabeth LeValley and George Henry LeValley.  Would very much like to hear from anyone from the line of John LeValley and Betsy Ann Durham......Clayton Frayser

(1)  Peter LeValley
(2)  John LeValley m: Hester Cook
(3)  Cook LeValley m: Deborah Capron
(4)  John LeValley m: Betsy Ann Durham
(5)  Christopher LeValley m: Harriet Gaines
(6)  George Henry LeValley m: Hannah M. Lane
(7)  William Henry LeValley m: Lyle Evelyn Suydam
(7)  Ivan Henry LeValley m: Orpha Grace Morgan
(9)  Connie LeValley m: Gilbert Frayser
(10) Clayton Frayser

(1)  Peter LeValley
(2)  John LeValley m: Hester Cook
(3)  Cook LeValley m: Deborah Capron
(4)  John LeValley m: Betsy Ann Durham
(5)  Christopher LeValley m: Harriet Gaines
(6)  Elizabeth LeValley m: William S. Suydam
(7)  Cornelius Theodore Suydam m: Zellah Mae Crocker
(8)  Lyle Evelyn Suydam m: William Henry LeValley
(9)  Ivan Henry LeValley m: Orpha Grace Morgan
(10) Connie LeValley m: Gilbert Frayser
(11) Clayton Frayser

Dale Evans  E-20=:
    Greetings to the Levalleys, their descendants, connections and other  interested parties.  My name is Dale McDowell Evans and though I am not a Levalley or a descendant, I believe I have cousin connections and other interests.
    My great grandfather's sister, Susan Henrietta Gaines b. 23 jul 1870 in Knox Cty, IL and d. 30 dec 1946 in Glen, CA married (13 mar 1892) Edwin George Levalley (George C., James Nelson, Cook, John, Peter) b. 3 oct 1862 in Knox Cty, IL
and d. 2 jul 1949 in Glen, CA.
    They had 6 children that I am aware of: Dorothy b. 17 jun 1895, Knox Cty, IL., Donald H. b.19 may 1897. Knox Cty, IL., d. 26 mar 1967, Humboldt, CA., Jeanette, b. 30 oct 1899, Knox Cty, IL., Jean Cook, b. 1901, Maurice Gaines, b. Stronghurst, IL, d. 3 apr 1998, Santa Clara, CA, and Helen, b.1908, Stronghurst, IL.
    Donald H. married Irene Kay, b. 20 aug 1896 and d. 16 jan 1972 in Humboldt, CA.  They had 3 children that I am aware of as follows: Suzanne, b. 1924, Patricia, b. 1924 and Donalderie, b. 1927.
    Maurice Gaines married Irene H. Madsden in 1934 at Carson City, NV.  I am not aware of any issue to this union.
    I would be interested in any information about any descendants of this branch and especially of any living who might be interested in correspondence with a somewhat distant cousin.
    Another, perhaps unrelated interest that I have concerns one Angeline Levalley who after being widowed from her first spouse (John M. Dale), married my great gg grandfather, Austin Gaines subsequent to the loss of his first wife, Henrietta Olmstead. Angeline was born about 1818 and died in 1899 in Knox Cty, IL. She is said to have been the daughter of  a John Levalley and Betsey Ann Durham and in later years went by the name of Ann rather than Angelina.
    My mother was Dorothy Gaines (Elton Harvey, Slyvester Harvey, Austin, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Henry, Nicholas).
    Any help or thoughts or questions or other related communications would be most welcome.

Judy Newman  E-62+:
    The Levalley problem I would most like to solve is the identity of Rufus Levalley's first wife. Her son Leonard stated in census records that she was born in Connecticut. While Rufus was probably born in Windham CT as that is where (according to his Revolutionary War pension records) his father Cook was living at the time Rufus was born, the family had moved to New York state by the time Rufus married so there is only slight reason to look for her in Windham.
Judy Newman
Box 352
Garrett Park MD 20896-0352

Ellen Schuster  E-62+:
  I am not quite sure what to say to the list, because Judy Newman is working on the same thing that I am. I am planning a research trip to the Allen County Library. I will be leaving in about three weeks. Maybe I will find out something new and I will let you know, just like last year when I found the records on Peter LeValley and the church in Marble head.

Connie Robbins  F-6.9+:
    My name is Connie Abia Robbins, the granddaughter of Rhoda Abia Levalley Miller.  Genealogy has never been an interest of mine, but a stroke of luck put me on a page that spoke of Martin LaValley, my greatgrandfather.  He had only been a fable in my life, never a real person.  My grandmother, his youngest child, was raised by an aunt as an only child.  Her history was seldom mentioned to me.
    Recently I found evidence that she had more of an interest than I ever knew.  Upon her death my mother, an only child, received all her things.  Included in those things were carefully notated lists of family members on both the maternal and paternal sides.  Those things are now in my posession because my mother has also passed.
    My mother left 7 children and 19 grandchildren so she did her part to further the genetic pool.
    It would be a pleasure to correspond with other family members, especially any who would be connected with Martin LeValley, ie, descendants of his 7 children. My residence is in Central Pa, but that is of little matter since we will all probably meet through the miracle of the internet.  My E Mail is
Connie A. Robbins

Deborah Hess, F-14+:
    I have a copy of a letter addressed to a Miller W. LeValley May 15, 1971.  This letter was singed by a Paul LeValley of Saginaw Mich.  With it is a lot of information about my family.  It states that I may have roots back to Mayflower and Francis Cooke.  It shows that possibly Hester Cooke was married to Pierre Le Valle (Peter LeValley)'s son, John.  They had a son named Cook, who had a son, James Nelson who had George.  George had Ira Nelson.  I show that Ira Nelson LeValley had a son (my great grandfather) Charles Marcus who married Elizabeth (I think Jones) and they had 2 children Ellen Mildred (my grandmother) and her sister, Frances.  My Grandmother, Mildred, married my grandfather Max Bacharach and they had 2 children, Mel and Ellen Marilyn "Lynn".  Grandma died in about 1953 of cancer and  Max in 1980.  Uncle Mel had 2 children Kimberly (2 daughters and 2 grandchildren) and Craig (2 sons and 2 twin daughters).  My mother (Lynn) married my dad (Robert Gimbel) and had 4 children: Sandra (daughter (1 granddaughter), and son) Deborah (me)-(1 daughter and son from first husband and 1 son - present husband) Robert (1 daughter) and Joel (3 sons).  My dad died in 1959 and mom remarried, briefly (Conley) and had Candice (2 daughters) in 1961.
    I would love to find out if anyone has been able to see if we are related to Francis Cooke.  I would also love to find a time line that is easier to read or information about my family.  All the information that I have is in a jumble.
Deborah Hess

Doug Allen  F-28+:
    I am a rookie so please be gentle with my mistakes and errors.  My name  is Douglas Paul Allen.  My family and I now live in Charlotte, NC -- corporate nomads.
    My link in the LeValley family starts with Peter and Sarah in Rhode Island.  From those fine people:
        John LeValley & Hester Cook
        Cook LeValley & Deborah Capron
        James Nelson LeValley & Laura Ann Allen
        George Cook LeValley & Harriet Newell Brunson
        Ira Nelson LeValley & Sarah Ellen Watson
        Jennie Maude LeValley & Benjamin Robert Allen--My paternal Grandparents
        William Carl Allen Sr. & Roxie Nelson--My Parents
        Douglas P. Allen & Carol Ann Pawling--My wife and I
                Bradley Douglas Allen & Whitney James Ross--Our Son and Daughter-in-law
                Ashley Elizabeth Allen & Steven Todd Farmer--Our Daughter and Son-in-law
                        Logan Douglas Farmer--Our #1 Grandson
    In the Church Manuscript, the listing for my Grandparents is accurate but a bit shaky.  Jennie Maude LeValley married Benjamin Robert Allen - referred to in the manuscript as, "Ben".  He was born 11-08-1876 in Phillips County, Kansas.  Died on June 30, 1949 in Boise, Ada, Idaho.
    Their children:
        Geraldine Rae Allen b. 9-18-1908 d. October 26, 1943  This must be the Rachel referred to in the Church document.
        Leroy Lee Allen  b. June 22, 1910 d. June 23, 1910   Not mentioned in Church.
        Robert Nelson Allen b. April 13, 1912 d. April 10, 1986  Uncle Bob lived in Pasadena, CA when I saw him in 1973.
        Charles Ayden Allen b. May 31, 1914 d. January 01, 1945  Referred to as Aden in Church.
        Ellen Mae Allen b. January 28, 1916 d. July 13, 1980  Aunt Mae ran the concession stand at the state capital in Boise for
years.  She was visually handicapped, but sharp as a tack!
        William Carl Allen b. January 12, 1918 d. May 26, 2003 Dad was in the Army for many years.
    Since this is a new interest I would appreciate any hints anyone cares to offer.

Nina Arbios  F-37+
    Hi!  I am Nina Otterson Arbios.  My mother was Dorothy LeValley Otterson, born 6-17-1895.  My maternal grandmother was Susan Henrietta Gaines LeValley 7-23-1870, my maternal grandfather was Edwin George LeValley born 10-12-1862.  I have a handwritten genealogy compiled by Herbert Church in 1956. I find it very interesting as it contains comments about some of the people on the chart.  I would like to know how Herbert Church was related.  My own children have asked questions about their LeValley ancestors, so I would like to learn more about them so I can pass our history along.  I would enjoy learning the history and also corresponding with those that might be related.  Most of my cousins would be in California.

Judy Russell  F-56:
    My grandfather was Jean Cook LeValley born 1899 (I believe) and my father was Edwin George LeValley born 1925.  Any info would be appreciated.

Betty Griffin  F-75=:
    I am looking for information on Le(a) Valley in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  I have a Minerva O'Mealy (1832-1911) who married Silas LaValley about 1850.  They had children: Deborah  m. William Keller
                   Emily         m. 1. William Brown  2. Melvin Monroe
                   Elnora        m. Marion Clinton Wilkinson
                   Frank         m.  Ella Matilda Yaple
    Also:  Minerva's sister, Mary G. O'Mealy married Levi H. LaValley. They married 9 April 1854 in Sweet Valley, Luzerne, PA. He died a few months later in November.
    I don't know if there was a child conceived in that short time. I don't know if Mary G. remarried.
    I hope this sounds familiar to someone. This LaValley family came from New York State before they came to Pennsylvania.
    The O'Mealy surname is my main interest. I am trying to trace the children that were born of these unions.
Betty in New York

Cara Richards  F-79+

   My name is Cara Richards and I am new to the LeValley listserv.  I have just begun researching the LeValley/O'Mealey part of my family tree.  I am the ggg granddaughter of Silas H LeValley/Minerva O'Mealey.
    I am searching for general information on Silas now, but am desperately trying to find information on Minerva.  If anyone has come across her please let me know.
    I look forward to interacting with you all.
Kathleen Pettycrew  G-9=
    My name is Kat Pettycrew and I've just recently started researching my paternal line.  I noticed that a Pettycrew married into Cook LeValley's line and I was wondering if any more information (lineage, I guess?) was available.  I can place my grandfather, Ulysses S G Pettycrew back to around 1885 in the midwest (Iowa included).   This is not a very common name so I'm hoping the LeValley connection, if it is mine, will give me some leads.  Thank you very much for all your help.  The LeValley family
sounds pretty interesting, pirates or no.
Kat in NJ

Trudy Wilson  G-71+:
    Hi !
    I am related to the Dayton, Iowa side of the LeValley family.  My dad was Earl Umsted,  youngest son of William Irvin Umsted and Stella Julia LeValley.
     I (very naively) thought it would be easy to research her family since her parents were 'cousins',  but soon found out differently.  The information I had was from twenty years ago and when I started checking the internet found there were some discrepancies.  So back to square one.  Everything seemed to match the information on her father, Steven E. LeValley's side.  Her mother was Elmira (Almira) F. LeValley, daughter of C.H. Levaley and Harriet (Gaines? there was no surname on the papers).  That seemed to match until the list of her brothers and sisters were compared.  The only one the same is Mary Tate.  I'm hoping to find out about the different names.  This information was sent to my dad by Keith LeValley of Dayton, IA. in 1980.  It is a biographical record of S.E. LeValley, from something titled, "The Biographical Record".  There was also a picture of Steven, Elmira and family; 2 daughters and 5 sons, with names.
     I can understand the spelling difference in Elmira's name but I really want to find out why there is so much difference in her siblings.  If anyone knows, where this record came from originally and who wrote it, and about the differences in sibling names I would appreciate the information.
    If I can help anyone else, please let me know.
Trudy Wilson

Chris LeValley  G-116:
 HI my name is Chris i am 14 years old and i am from Missouri.   I am very interested in looking for my ancestors and relatives.   I had a great grandmother named Avis  LeValley who died not to long ago and she was from Iowa, she also lived in Dayton for a while but then moved to Fort Dodge.   I had another great great grandmother who died not to long ago, but she was like 100.  My Grandfathers name is Richard (Dick) LeValley, and he had 4 children but  my dad's name is Kirk LeValley and we all live in Missouri.  My Grandpa Dick had a couple brothers and sisters like Robert, Julie, Jim, etc......
 If you are interested write me back at Yngman142000@aol


David Peterson  D-127+:
    I have been on your mailing list for several years.  I am finally starting to work on my LeValley ancestors.  Martha Green LeValley is my forth great-grandmother.  She married Elijah Dwight Foster whose name I can find on your web page.  There was an old family bible that had the name of Gardner LeValley and Anne Green.  There is some speculation that these were her parents.  I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide on this matter.


Betty Dotson H-4 researcher:

    I work with the Fountain County (Indiana) Genealogy Society Inc,. and have been trying to find some sign of Anstress Elizabeth LeValley after her husband died -- for another member in California.
    I went to Montgomery Co IN and found the location of the land patent of Henry Levalley in Coal Creek Township.   Assume he sold that before buying land in Fountain County (and have that deed to him from original owner).  Also have deeds of Henry's children who inherited shares in estate when he died in 1833 (they sold their shares).   There is no sign of his burial place here in Fountain County where he died.    My guess is that he was buried close to his land -- which would be in a Beedle cemetery or a McKinney cemetery both in Richland township of our county.   Henry LeValley sold 50 acres to an Aaron Beedle in July 1832, about six weeks after he bought land from John Lewis.  The Beedle cemetery has few stones standing but is cared for by a local family.  The McKinney cemetery is on private land and cared for by that family.   I have checked the owner of that land and cemetery and he has no knowledge of a LeValley family.
    I also found in Montgomery County Indiana a  record 13 Feb 1838 when Anstress E. Levally was named guardian of her young son George Washington Levally, aged about 13 years.
    Trying to find a death date or place for Anstress E. Levally for our member is my reason for joining the list.   I do not have a family connection myself.
    I also have a copy of the Henry LeValley will from the Court House in Fountain County.    If any of these court papers would be of value to you in your work on this family, I woule be glad to share what I have found.

Gary Sayers  H-81+:
    We are not sure what branch of the LeValley family we are tied to.  My grandmother Edith Francis Gunter married Robert Lee Gunter July 23, 1900.  I do have my great grandmother and her sisters maiden names.  My Great grandmother was Edith Francis Lavalley, born August 24, 1874 in Illinois, and her sister was Belle Lavalley, also born in Illinois. At this time this is the only information I have.  My aunt, Betty Reader from Maple Valley, Washington may have already contacted you.  If you can provide any help It would be greatly appreciated.

Vonda Cooper  H-116+:
    I am looking for the marriage of Henry LeValley & Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler, abt 1802, MA- NY-VT?  Has anyone run across this marriage?  I have information on her family, but have not found their marriage.

Carol Rashall  H-119+:
    I've been working on my family history since about 1980. I love doing genealogical research and have raised five children while collecting all that I have. I've also been an Event Coordinator for many years, doing mostly weddings and proms. I am interested in direct line family members and corollary lines; and sometimes I wander around working on very indirect lines that catch my interest!! My Levalley line is as follows:
        Peter LeValley - Sarah Leconte
        Michael LeValley - Almy Bailey
        Peter LeValley - Katherine Parker
        Henry LeValley - Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler
        Clark P. LeValley - Susan G. Childers/Childress
        Sarah Ann LeValley - Samuel Butler Robinson
        Olive Perthina Robinson - Frank Whitson
        Nancy Perthina Whitson - Walter Andrew Rutherford
        Walter Andrew Rutherford Jr - Dorothy Irene Fincher
        Nancy Mae Rutherford - Reuel Doran Hopkins
        Carol Ann Hopkins (Me!)- Richard Edward Rashall
    So I am related to the California LeValley line. I am very willing to share what I have with anyone, though Paul seems to have most of it covered!!

Thomas Portlock  H-124+

    I am having issues with the following items as sources needed. 

    Generation 9: Sarah Ann LeValley Birth and Death records. I have a marriage record with Samuel Robinson and US Census records with Samuel and separate from him. She later married Elisha Crocker Bosworth. Sarah Ann is mentioned in the WILL of her mother Sarah Childress LeValley Dodge as Sarah A Robinson.  

    Generation 8- Susan G. Childers I need a birth record. The Obituary and Probate from Sonoma Co. CA. are helpful. The US Census record from 1850 and 1870 help to provide context for birth year. I do NOT have much information on Clark LaValley. Susan’s WILL mentions her husband passing away in the Fall of 1852. There are US Census records with Clark for 1840, 1850, and 1852. Is this all that there is? Being from the New England area I have checked “American Ancestors/ The New England Historical Society” and cannot find any records. Fortunately, we do have the marriage record for Clark and Susan on 14 March 1826. 

     Generation 7- Henry B LeValley and Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler. I did find the Probate record for Henry with spouse and children as well as a possible record for Henry in a United States Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783. This is all the information we have of him and spouse. Any thoughts or ideas? It has been said that Henrys spouse Anstress Elizabeth went by her Middle name. I cannot find any parents in New England Vital Records with Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler. If Wheeler is her maiden name. I have a birth year of 1778 and death 1833. I cannot confirm these dates. I did find a marriage for a Mary and Valentine Wheeler for 21 August 1777 in the VR of Rehoboth, 1642-1895. These individuals may or may not be the parents of Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler. 

     Generation 6- Peter LaValley – 1758-1828 married to Katherine Parker 22 July 1782. Is there any information or sourced material/ Vital Records with a birth and death? I have a possible death for Katherine to be after 1830. I also found a book called “The Records of the Bailey Family” published in 1895 and is in the Harvard College Library. On page 28 of the book the 36th descendant of William Bailey was Amey (Almy) Bailey who married Michael LeValley of 26 Aug 1757 in R.I. Their son Peter LeValley is descendent number 81 married Catherine (Katherine) Parker daughter of Peter Parker of Coventry on 11 July 1782. 

     Generation 5- Peter Parker 1733-1800 and Catherine Clarke 1733-1803 are the parents of Katherine Parker who married Peter LeValley. In the book “The Clark Families of Rhode Island” page 39 the “VR for marriage in the “Rhode Island Town Clerk VR, 1630-1945” is confirmed. 

     So, if anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it. I am just grateful that I ran across the History of Peter LeValley website. Please email or call me.

Thomas Portlock 


David LeValley  H-143.1:
     My name is David Wesley LeValley and I heard about the LeValley Web Page from Paul LeValley.  I am interested in my pedigree, but the LeValley side grabs my interest most because I know so little about it.  I have been walking around with a name attached to me for almost 29 years that I know next to nothing about.  Until today, I didn't even know my grandfather's name (it is Allen E. of 1919).
     I was born December 11, 1971 in Yreka, CA.  My father's name is John Wesley LeValley and he was born in 1943.  My parents divorced when I was very young and my contact with my father has been very erratic over the years.  I am the only child from my mother and father's marriage, but I have a sister, Kimberly, and had a brother, John Granger (he died last year), from my father's previous marriage to Jacklyn White.  My father has been married four other times, but no other children have resulted.  (My mother's maiden name is Karen Sue Warren).
     I grew up in Southern Oregon (Medford and Klamath Falls) and graduated from Crater High School in Central Point, OR.  After high school, I joined the Navy and served six years as a Machinist Mate, being honorably discharged at the rank of E-5 in 1996.  While in the Navy, I married Melissa Jill Rigsby of Bremerton, WA.  On November 4, 1997, we were blessed with the arrival of my daughter, Ariana Jill LeValley.  I now reside in Silverdale, WA and work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as an outside machinist.
     I am really looking forward to learning much more about my LeValley ancestory and am looking forward to corresponding with other LeValleys who share the same ancestory.
David Wesley LeValley

Jean Fitch Justice  H-158+:
    My name is Jean Fitch Justice.  My LeValley roots are as follows:
Pierre LeValley m. Sarah LaConte
>Michael LeValley m. Almy Bailey
>>Peter LeValley 1758-1782 m. Catherine Parker
>>>Henry LeValley 1782-1833 m. Anstress Elizabeth Wheeler
>>>>Henry B. LeValley 1805-1854 m. Mary Tunks 1810-1880
>>>>>Phebe LeValley 1830-1904 m. Joseph D. Garland 1827?-1906
>>>>>>Martha A. Garland 1855-1937 m. John H. Fitch 1851-1934
>>>>>>>Don J. Fitch 1885-1971 m. Leona E. Smith 1892-1990
>>>>>>>>Harold E. Fitch m. Leila "Tibbie" Dewey (both still living)
>>>>>>>>>Jean Renee Fitch -- That's me!
My records are on paper but not in the computer.  One of these days I'll get to that . . . . . . .  Vonda Cooper has provided a great deal of information for me over the years.
Jean Fitch Justice

Bambi Rutledge  H-158+:
    This is the following branch of the LeValley family I am researching on my husband's side.  Not sure how you want this, so let me know if this isn't in desired form.
  1  Pierre LEVALLEY b: Abt. 1675 in Guernsey, Channel Isles d: Abt. 1756 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island 
      +Sarah LECONTE b: Abt. 1679 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island d: Aft. 1720 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island  m: Abt. 1700 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island
      2  Michael LEVALLEY b: Abt. 1720 in Rhode Island d: Abt. 1776 in Rhode Island 
          +Almy BAILEY b: January 24, 1733/34 in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island d: Aft. 1775 in Rhode Island  m: August 26, 1757 in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island
           3   Peter LEVALLEY, Jr. b: Abt. 1758 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island d: September 25, 1828 in Sennett, Cayuga County, New York 
                +Katherine PARKER b: July 11, 1758 in Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island d: Aft. 1830 in New York  m: July 11, 1782 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island
                 4  Henry LEVALLEY b: Abt. 1784 in Massachusetts or New York d: Abt. 1833 in           Fountain County, Indiana 
                    +Anstress Elizabeth WHEELER b: Abt. 1785 in Massachusetts or New York d: Aft. 1838 m: Abt. 1800
                    5  Henry B. LEVALLEY  b: August 26, 1805 in Vermont  d: Abt. 1853 in Monroe County, Iowa
                        +Mary TUNKS b: May 03, 1810 in Shelby County, Ohio  d: January 05, 1880 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa  m: April 23, 1829 in Shelby County, Ohio
                        6  Phebe LEVALLEY  b: December 23, 1830 in Shelby County, Ohio  d: January 25, 1906 in Derby, Lucas County, Iowa 
                            +Joseph D. GARLAND  b: August 07, 1827 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana  d: August 31, 1906 in Derby, Lucas County, Iowa  m: November 15, 1849 in Eddyville, Iowa
                            7  Millie Ann GARLAND  b: April 27, 1853 in Lucas County, Iowa  d: September 12, 1941 in Archie, Cass County, Missouri 
                                +Lewis Harvey GARLAND  b: June 13, 1849 in Warren County, Indiana  d: June 20, 1931 in Archie, Cass County, Missouri  m: February 27, 1872 in Chariton, Iowa
                                8  Francis Albert GARLAND  b: April 16, 1876 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa  d: June 16, 1939 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa 
                                    +Mabel Jessie DECKER  b: 1880 in Minier, Illinois  d: 1955 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa  m: December 30, 1900 in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa
                                     9  Robert Louis GARLAND  b: May 01, 1904 in Derby, Lucas County, Iowa d: December 29, 1954 in San Diego, San Diego County, California 
                                          +Jeannette Elizabeth SANDS  b: June 26, 1907 in Annapolis, Maryland d: August 15, 1994 in San Diego, San Diego County, California  m: March 02, 1928 in Trenton, New Jersey
                                         10  Elizabeth Louise GARLAND  b: April 20, 1934 in San Diego, San Diego County, California d: October 26, 1999 in At home in San Diego, San Diego County, California 
                                               +David Lee RUTLEDGE b: March 05, 1931 in Illinois d: April 15, 1999 in Concord, Conta Costa County, California  m: 1951 in San Diego, San Diego  County, California
                                               11  Robert David RUTLEDGE, Sr.  b: May 06, 1953 in Balboa US Naval Hospital at San Diego, San Diego County, California  (My husband)        
                                                    +Bambi Lynne SCHUETT  b: October 16, 1952 in St Joseph’s Hospital at Aurora, Kane County, Illinois  m: June 21, 1971 in Chapel of Happiness at San Diego, San Diego County, California
    Of course there are many more siblings and marriages along the way from 1675, and we have children and grandchildren, but I imagine this is probably more information than I should have sent anyhow, but will gladly exchange information with someone should they desire to do so, in addition to having any incorrect information I have being corrected, which I would appreciate.


Paulette Sigulinsky  J-54

    My father was born William LeValley in 1916.  When he went into the military in WWII, they misspellled his name & he was William LaValley ever since.  So, we really are a part of this family tree even if our name is spelled wrong! I am the oldest child of his second marriage, to Pauline Tennsion, in 1965.
    I am interested in knowing more about my family lineage.  Now that I am a grandmother myself I want to be able to provide my kids and their kids, and so on, with our history.  I am really interested in the Indian part of our family(my paternal great-grandmother was a Cherokee indian).  We live close to Oklahoma and could expereince our heritage if I knew more of what to look for.  I don't even know her name.  As I grow older I realize what I have missed by not persuing this earlier in my lifetime.  I hope that someone can guide me on the right path.  I have never done this before so I really don't even know how to start.
    Thank you taking the time to read this.  I would love to hear from anyone.  If I can provide any info for any of you, I would be glad to.  My email is  My address is 116 Pleasant St, West Fork, AR 72774.  Have a great day!

Barbara LaValley  J-56:
    I was looking around the internet and came across your site. I don't know if we
might be related, probably not, but I am a LaValley by birth.  My dad was born a LeValley but at some point I was told he changed the spelling.  He was born and grew in in Ottawa KS and there is still family there.  My uncle still lives there, his name is Jim LeValley and I have a cousin Charles LeValley that lives in Olathe KS.  My dad's name was William Alfred LaValley.  I don't know if any of this information is pertinant but it might be.  Oh, if it helps, my dad had moved to NW Arkansas I think somewhere in the 60s.
    I was looking through the website some more and I guess I come from Benjamin's line.  I am thankful that I came across this site.
Thanks so much,
Barbara (LaValley) Pfeiffer

Whitney LeValley  J-90:
Well Hi,
    My name is Whitney LeValley, and I am from Wichita, KS but I am now going to college at KSU here in Manhattan, KS where I was born. I am not really sure what I am looking for I was just surfing the net and came upon this site. If you would like some better dates I would be more then willing to help if I know them or I could ask my parents and grandparents. My grandfathers name is Clayton LeValley, and my fathers is Patrick LeValley and he has 9 brothers and sisters. If there is anything specific please let me know, I am all for learning more about my family history.
Thank you,

Elaine Mead  J-126+:
  My name is Elaine Mead and I am new to genealogy.  I am mainly interested in Pedigree work, but also enjoy locating my cousins.
   I have reviewed the Family groups and at the present can't see any connection to my LeValleys....however I do see familiar places(Schoharie,NY,Sharon,WI, and Black  Hawk  and Butler Counties in Iowa)
   This is part of what I know so far...
    Henry LEVALLEY (b.24 Nov 1798  d.11Dec 1856) m. Elizabeth SHERMAN in Sandy Creek, NY.
    They had the following children:  Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, LaFayette Foster (my GG Grandfather, b.19 Oct 1836, Sandy Creek, NY  d.3 Nov 1921  Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa)  m. Mary Jane Flansburg (b. Schoharie, NY 1840  d.1905 Black Hawk County, Iowa.) also  children of Henry and Elizabeth ...Daniel Webster, and Pomelin/Pamelin Ann
    LaFayette Foster and Mary Jane Flansburg had 10 children, most born in Sharon, WI, the last 3 in Butler County, Iowa.  They were:  Julia, Eva, Ada, Frank, Alfred, Elizabeth (my G Grandmother), Tina, Daniel, Ethel, and Florence.
   I think I  might belong to the Peter family?  If anyone knows how Henry fits in I would really appreciate the information!! Thanks!
Sincerely, Elaine Mead, Laramie, Wyoming


Edna Cudmore:

    Hi LeValley researchers.  My name is Edna Cudmore and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  My ancestors left the Channel Islands in 1822 to emigrate and settle on another island across the Atlantic.  The Bot family was from Alderney and my Picot branch was from Jersey.  I am still searching for the ancestors of my fourth great grandmother, Anne Deborah Susan Picot, born abt. 1802 in Jersey.  She married Jean Richard Bot (1792-1862) presumably in Jersey, before they left for Canada. 
    Four of my Bot/Bott and now Botts ancestor and relatives intermarried into the LeValley family: 
Bot, Francois--Alderney
    Francois Bot is a direct ancestor of mine and our Bott lineage is posted online at:
    If anybody happens to know the parents of this Marie LeVallee, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Other surnames in my Channel Island families besides LeVallee are Picot, Bot, Herivel, LeCocq and Duplain.      From the website above:
    FRANÇÇOIS2 BOT (SAMUEL1) was born June 14, 1714 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey, and died August 26, 1769 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.  He married MARIE LE VALLEE September 12, 1743 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.  She was born abt. 1716 probably in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey, and died Unknown.
    i.  MARIE3 BOT, b. January 09, 1744, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. January 18, 1744, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    ii.  THOMAS BOT, b. December 08, 1744, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. August 26, 1760, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    iii.  NICOLAS BOT, b. October 14, 1746, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. March 10, 1818, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    iv.  MARIE BOT, b. May 10, 1748, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. January 12, 1757, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    v.  FRANÇÇOIS BOT, b. August 14, 1750, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. Unknown; m. JUDITH FILLATRE, October 01, 1777, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; b. 1756, Peut-etre, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. Unknown.
    vi.  ELISABETH BOT, b.  December 07, 1752, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. January 31, 1787, St-Anne, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; m. PHILIPPE DE COCQ, November 05, 1755, St-Anne, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; b. February 1745, St-Anne, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. October 05, 1780, St-Anne, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    vii.  THOMASSE BOT, b. January 20, 1754, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. Unknown.
    viii.  LAURENT3 BOT (FRANÇÇOIS2, SAMUEL1) was born June 20, 1755 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey, and died October 08, 1835 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.  He married MARGUERITE HERIVEL April 24, 1780 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.  She was born 1755 in Peut-etre, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey or France, and died February 18, 1834 in Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.  (This was my line, Laurent Bot)
    ix.  SAMUEL BOT, b. December 02, 1758, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. Unknown; m. SUSAN AUDOIRE, December 14, 1786, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; b. abt. 1760, Peut-etre, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. June 03, 1798, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey.
    x.  THOMAS BOT, b.  January 17, 1761, Alderney (Channel Islands), Guernsey; d. Unknown.

Shelley Murray:
    My name is Shelley Murray and I live north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the outskirts of a small village called New Lowell.
    I have been researching my family for many years (before the age of the internet).  I have revisited your rootsweb site and found it to be very interesting and now that I know that my G. G. Grandmother was called Rachel LeVallee, I decided it was time to join in.
    I am the 2nd daughter of John Alfred LeGallee Francis b Jan 4 1920, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    My father's birth family (LeGallee) has been extremely elusive.  Over the years my father would tell me stories of his birth family.
    His birth mother, Catherine Mary Gray b 1880 Nottingham, England, passed away shortly after Dad was born and Dad was then adopted by her sister and her husband so, he didn't know very much.  But, Dad's brothers and sisters did keep in contact with him and in turn passed on family lore.
    One of the stories that I heard throughout the years was a "LeGallee" had married a "LeVallee" somewhere back in the line.
    I was told that we were originally French Huguenots, chased out of France to the Channel Islands; from there the family emigrated to Canada.  Another story was that my Great Grandfather, Frederick Joseph LeGallee, b 1861 probably Montreal, had married a Roman Catholic woman, Anne Jane Daly b abt 1835 England, and the family wasn't too pleased.  Frederick had apparently attended a seminary and had intended to become a minister.
    During the early years of my searching I did find mention of a "LeGallee" emigrating to Assiniboia, Manitoba, Canada in Marion Turk's book, "The Quiet Adventurers in Canada."  So the story of the Channel Islands was true!  I also found a Rachel LeVallee b 1806 Alderney, C.I., living with Jean (John) Lenfestey in the 1851 Census and viewing the original I found my Great Grandfather and he was included in the family amongst the other children.  Another true story, a LeVallee and a LeGallee marriage did occur.
    I searched Collectionscanada website for a marriage for Rachel and found that she had been married 3x's.  The first marriage was to Thomas LeGallee in 1829, then to Peter LeGallee in 1836, and the last marriage was to Jean Lenfestey in 1839, all the marriages took place in Quebec, Canada.  It is unfortunate that so little of Canadian information is not freely available on the internet.
    John, Rachel and the rest of the family moved to Strathroy, Ontario, Canada and several are now resting in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery.
    I am not sure but, I think I belong to LEVALLEE FAMILY OF VALCARTIER, QUEBEC as I found a Rachel b 1803 Alderney. Is this my Rachel?
    If anyone has any knowledge of this line I would appreciate hearing from
Thanks and Happy Hunting!
Shelley or

Regis Corbin:
    I was reading your short article on the LeVallee or LeValley page at this url, and see that you were saying that Rachel Levallee married 3 times but for sure not to Peter LeGallee, he married another Rachel.
a) Thomas LeGallee in 1829 then
b) Peter LeGallee in 1836 (this is not the same Rachel because this Rachel became a widow and married Robert Theophile Pascal Lévesque on August 27th, 1838 (see the marriage contract with the notary Germain Guay kept in the Archives in Quebec City) and that Rachel died in Matane, (Matane County), Québec, Canada on June 1st, 1901 at the age of  95 years old and she was the widow of  Robert Levesque (died May 16th 1874 also in Matane)
    At the 1851 Census Rachel is said to be born in Horney France(I think the person made a mistake in wrting the name of the place) in 1806 and in the 1901 census in Matane she was living with her son : Lafayette Levesque and all their family.
    I am doing a family tree for a friend who is the great-great-grand-child of this Rachel.
    Your Rachel if I can call her like this has been probably married two times with Thomas LeGallee and then with Jean Lenfestey.
    I am still looking for the parents of my Rachel Levallee married 1st to Peter LeGallee and 2nd to Robert Lévesque.
    I hope that this information will be helpfull and that will help find other cousins.
Régis Corbin
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Kirsten Hural:
Hello all,
    I am new to this list.  My mother's (now deceased) maiden name was Mary Dana LeValley; she  was born in Miles City, Montana.  She is the daughter of  Nora (nee Rorvik) and John LeValley.   John's father was Dan LeValley of Miles City, Montana.  I assume this Dan must be a  descendant of the Daniel born in the Channel Islands.
    I'd be interested in learning how my great grandfather, Dan LeValley of Miles City, is
connected to the Canadian LeValleys.  I know he was born in Canada.
    Also, I'd be interested in any information about what has become of the LeValley Ranch in  Brockway, Montana.
Dr. Kirsten Hural
Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208 USA
tel: 803-777-8241  fax: 803-777-4002

Alyse LeValley:
    I am indeed Wally's elder daughter.  I found the LeValley site by accident when researching online. I don't know exactly what I'm looking to get out subscribing, but I like the idea of being connected to a larger group of LeValley's, especially because my family is rather small. I also enjoy looking at the history of the LeValley's on the site, being a person who generally finds history interesting. I'd be absolutely delighted to get a look at a family tree about my family. Please do not take my slow response as lack of interest; I am currently working on my thesis colloquium, which has overtaken my life

Lori Martin:

    I found your web site while doing a google search.  My 4th great grandmother is Margaret LeVallee md. John Mather in Valcartier Quebec.  Their daughter Mary Margaret Mather is my 3rd great grandmother.  I'm hoping you may have some information you can share about this family.  I have had some difficulty finding BMD registrations in Quebec for this family.  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much.

Chris Easterberg:
    After several years of watching the mailing list and though I am stuck away from home with no documentation (a one year contract in New York, so I am going to be a bit vague on details), allow me to introduce myself.  I am Nels Christopher Easterberg, great-grandson of Philip George Trier and Clara LeValley (or Le Valley as I used to see it spelled).  From looking through your web site (super job on it, by the way), it appears we are descended from the Valcartier LeValley branch.  This would make sense as I seem to remember that Philip and Clara married in either Gardenville or Ebenezer, NY.  Both of these towns are now part of West Senaca, so perhaps precision on this point is irrelevant.
    Sometime after marrying, Clara and Philip ended up with six daughters and a son, with two sets of twins-- Lulu and Beulah (one set, I cannot remember the other set), Edna, Clara, Marie and, Louise (who ended up marrying Edgar Heinemann and lived in Minnesota).  The son was my grandfather Paul Webster Trier.  I believe they were in Iowa at one point, Paul was born in Webster City, Iowa and I have found records of Edna as a high school senior circa 1905 in Des Moines.  But, I am not entirely clear on anything more than that of their Iowa time.
    At some point, they ended up in Oak Park, Illinois where Phillip was (according to my grandmother) a not very successful insurance agent.  My great grand-mother Clara was musical, which proved to be a boon for the family as Edna, Lulu, Beulah, Clara, and Marie ended up on the Chautauqua circuit as the "Trier Concert Company". Here is a link from the University of Iowa about them:  They started out five strong, but as sisters got married, the quintet became a quartet and so on until the act was dissolved.
    My grandfather, Paul Trier, went to Dartmouth, was an accomplished football player, and married my grandmother Emily Arnold.  She was the daughter of Adolph Arnold, who is probably best remembered as being one of the original partners involved in Schwinn Bicycle (see: for a little more background).  Until his death in either 1952 or 1953, he was involved with the Arnold's meatpacking business, eventually selling to Swift in the late 1940s.  They adopted my uncle A. Phillip Trier and my mother Josephine Mary Easterberg.  My mother died March 1st of 2003.
    When I get out of storage the papers I have put together, I'll be delighted to pass them on.  In the meantime, I am hoping this will be a good start in filling in the bits and pieces of our branch of the LeValleys.  And if there are any Valcartier LeValleys out in cyberspace, I would be delighted to hear from them as well.

Michel Fragasso:
    Good day everyone!
    My name is Michel Fragasso and I am a descendant of an early settler in Quebec City, Jean (John) Levallée married in to Margaret Herivel (1791-1829) around 1819. He was the son of Thomas Levallée and Martha.
    Jean was a grocer born April 1st 1785 (thank's to Paul LeValley) in Alderney. He passed away February 24th 1826 in Quebec City. His mother, Marthe de  Mouillepied, died on April 15th 1816 in Quebec City, age 72.
    Jean had two daughter, Margaret (b.1820) and Isabel (Elisabeth) Levallée, born November 28th 1821 in Quebec City. Elisabeth was my great-great grand mother. She married July 9th 1863 in Quebec City Senator Antoine Juchereau Duchesnay and deceased March 13th 1872 in Ste-Catherine de la Jacques Cartier. She was buried under the front bench in the church being the wife of the Landlord.
    I was stunned to see the direct lineage from my Jean Levallée to Laurens Levallée in Alderney. I found most of my roots in France, in Italy and in Ireland, but that was a big missing part in my lineage.
    Does someone out there have the parents of Marthe de Mouillepied and the
parents of Elisabeth Duplain and Suzanne Duplain and the LeCocq's?
    There is quite a big lineage of LeValley's in the Valcartier area  near Quebec City.  Most of them are descendants of a brother, Daniel Levallée.  Oddly enough, the Federal Member of Parliament in the riding (Liberal) is a Duplain of the same name as the ancestors of the LeValley's.
    By the way, when Jean and Margaret passed away, the custody of Margaret and Elisabeth went to Thomas Levallée (the eldest of the family) . He was married to Margaret Smith from Hull in England in 1814.
    Glad to answer any question if I can.
    All the best!
Michel Fragasso
Quebec City (Quebec)


Elise Mahns Brand:
Greetings to all,
    Fabulous things happen when you post to another list and use your surnames that you are researching in your signature. That is what happened to me and thus I am finally here.
    I am a g-g-g granddaughter of Prosper Pete Le Valley. One of his children is George Baines Le Valley ( Mary Baker Woolman)
to Franklin Octave Le Valley (Alice Hulse) to Mary Alice Le Valley  (Walter August Frederick Mahns) to Mary Elise Mahns and that is me.
    The Le Valleys and The Woolmans migrated around Mt Holly New Jersey.  Thus I am also a descendant to John Woolman, the Quaker.
    My great grandmother was
Mary Baker Woolman b. Dec. 5,1865 Died Feb 2, 1962
She married George Baines Le Valley. b. Sept.3,1966 d. Sept 7, 1930
George's father was Peter Le Valley , b. 1825. d.1870
George's mother was Elizabeth Ritzendollar b.1831 d. 1870
Their marriage certificate says that Peter  was French and his birthplace I have is Canada.
    Peter and Elizabeth had 7 children and all are born in New Jersey.  all dates are sketchy at this time.
Mary A Le Valley 1859 to 1870
Octavian Le Valley 1858 to 1870
Anna Le Valley 1860 to 1870
Emma Le Valley 1860 to 1870
Louisa Le Valley 1862-1870
GEORGE BAINES LE VALLEY my  Great-Grandfather.
    You can see some pictures of a few of our relatives at  This site is maintained by my 5th cousin (once removed) on the my Woolman side.
    Go to the photo album toward page 6,7,8 and See Elwood &  Lawrence (the cute twins), William E and Mary Alice (brother and sister and of course, Franklin Octave Le Valley, my grandfather.
    I have been to the "missing Le Valley" list and at the moment, have no information to share about them but things can always change.  When I get my geneology web page up and going, I will let you all know.
    I'm very happy to be here.  Thank you Paul for contacting me!
Warm regards,
researching Mahns, Le Valley, Woolman, Wagner, Brand



Marc LaValley:
 I also, am not sure how it happened but in October of 1983, I was elected president of the Ohio LeVally/LeValley reunion, held each year, the first Sunday in October (the 1st this year) Mt. Victory, Ohio. (Northwest of Columbus, Ohio on Rt# 31 between Marysville and Kenton, Ohio.)  After reviewing the family photo album and guest mailing list, I noticed how out dated they both were. So, in the year following, I made it my project to try an bring them up to date. I began to question my mother, who was then in her eighties, about the old family members and some of their history. I also was fortunate to have an aunt who had started genealogy researching on our immediate family branch in the early fifties. Most of her researching was done by personal leg work, hand written requests and searching thorough the records in Salt Lake City's Mormon Church. She had taken our family branch back to a Joseph and Barbara LeValla (LeValy, LaValla) in the 1700's.
 After spending that first year obtaining information and photographs from them and other living family members, I became hooked. My curiosity began to venture into all the branches of the Xenia, Ohio LeValla family. Via the telephone, during the late 1980's and early 1990's, I came in contact with several family members, who had been compiling genealogy material for years, on their families. Most all, being connected members, of what I call now, the Xenia, Ohio LeVella's. Those family members were Mary "Billy" North
of Munice, Indiana and Charolette Borradaile now of Greenville, Ohio. We combined, shared and collaborated on our information for years. Sadly, they are now deceased or too old to continue the search, so I guess, I am the sole known researcher for the Xenia, Ohio Family.
 I also, have been in correspondence with Paul LeValley of Florida, who is the creator of this website on RootsWeb and who I consider to be the authority on the family surname. Hopefully, before the end of this year we will have combined all the information he and I have acquired to give a better more accurate history of the family name.
 My main work lately has been to locate the origin of Joseph (LeValla) LeVally of Amherst Co., Virginia (now W. Virginia) migrating to Ross Co., (now Greene) Ohio between 1810 and 1820's. With various spellings of the name on documented records, has created some difficulty. Plus, present day Xenia descendants spell their names LeVally or LeValley. Even in my immediate family, and I spell my name LaValley.
 In my research, thanks to the computer, in the last two years I have been able to locate numerous persons, who have done extensive research on known spouses of our family, such as Harness, Lucas, Wilklow (Wilkenlo), Tapp (Tapper), LeVeck, Milner (Millner) and Smith. One high light, in sharing information, I was able to confirm that in my direct line, the spouses of George William and Joseph Heller LeVally were great granddaughters of John Morton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
 I am presently medically retired from TransWorld Airlines and residing in Spring, Texas (Houston) but spent most of my life in Chicago. I am divorced with a newly married daughter Michelle Renee in San Antonio, Texas and hoping to be a grandfather, soon?
 Being a novice in the computer world but slowly getting the hang of it, I spend most of my spare time entering my research material into the new software program, Family Tree maker. I hope to have a few websites on my own, so other family members can share my work. Please, feel free to contact me anytime at, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you searching for your roots.
Marc A. LaValley
3831 Cypressdale
Spring, Texas 77388

David LeVally:
    David LeVally B 1943 married Sharon Campbell B. 1945  
I am son of Herbert LeVally B 1908 and Woneta Rapp LeVally, hometown Ridgeway Ohio.
Grandfather, Arthur C. LeVally b 1866 and Nettie Smith LeVally
Great grandfather George (Jaunt) William LeVally  b 1843 and Mary Milner b 1837
Great great grandfather James Jefferson LeVally b 1823) and Emaline Wilklow
Here I also have some info that George is son of William H  (1827) and Savilla Harness
And William's Father Jean Jacques LaValle or AKA John J. LeVally married Elizabeth Smith
It is very fuzzy from here.
    There are some LeVallys in Toledo, Ohio who seem to be connected at the George William and Joseph H, brothers.  Also, LeVallys in Chicago area who I have never met.
    I moved here 20 years ago.
    I am first cousin of Marc LeVally AKA Marc LaValle living in Houston area.
    If you have or would like more info please let me know.
LeVally Ingredient, Food & Technology Co
1810 Bishops Way
Mundelein, IL 60060

Carrie Pinski:
    I have done some looking and this is what I have found so far.
    Gean Jacques LeValle (later changed to ey spelling) married Elizabeth Smith.....they had 9 children one of which was [George Thomas, father of James Jefferson, father of Joseph Heller, father of] my great great grandfather Lewis Orville LeVally who married Laura Jane Mooney.....they had 6 children Lewis Orville, Elizabeth Icydora, Laura Margret, Joseph Woodrow, William Pershing (my grandfather) and Lois Jane who died in childhood.
    I know my grandfather was William Pershing LeVally and my father is William Charles.
    I hope this helps to connect us together, I have also come across this information not sure if it will help or Dad believes his grandfather Lewis Orville was buried in Knightsville, Indiana and he remembers going to a family reunion as a child in southern Ohio at a LeVally farm and the farm was on a road called the LeVally Pike.......he also recieved a invation a few years back to a family reunion in Mt. Victory, Oh. I have contacted my cousin Dean Himbaugh (Elizabeth Icydora's son) and he is attempting to get me any information that he has.......I will send you that information as soon as I get it.
    I am very happy to have found you, and would like to share any information I have with you.
Carrie Lynn LeVally Pinski

Jason LeValley:
    My name is Jason LeValley.  I am a flight dispatcher for the Army.  I am married and have 2 children.  I am interested in researching my roots for their sake.  I want them to know what a proud heritage they come from.
    The only information that I really have on my family is that 3 brothers came over from
France in 1902 and settled in Ohio.  I do not know their names or which brother I am descended from or even if this is true.  [It is not.]
    I have no experience in geneology and am hoping to get help from you.

Joshua LeValley:
    My name is Joshua Bond LeValley, brother to Jason LeValley.  We are the sons of Scott LeValley, who is the son of John Wayne LeValley.  Our family comes from the line from Xenia.  That's all I know off the top of my head but I have more information on our family tree at home.
    I apologize it has taken me so long to get back to you.  After dealing with my father's death, it just totally slipped my mind.  I have been researching my geneology and would like to build a family tree as accurately as possible. 
What I have so far is as follows:
Joshua LeValley (Myself)
    Jason LeValley (Verified)
    Virginia LeValley (Verified)
Male Family Line
1. Scott Duane LeValley (Verified)
    a. Sibling: John Wayne LeValley Jr. (Verified)
2. John Wayne LeValley Sr. (Verified)
3. Robert Wayne LeValley (Verified)
4. Samuel Newton Levally (Verified)
5. John Wilklow Levally (Verified)
6. James Jefferson Levally (Verified)
7. George Thomas Lavally (Verified)
8. Joseph Levally (Verified)
9. Jean Laville
10. Pierre Laval
11. Anthoine DE LAVAL
12. Jacques DE LAVAL
13. Jean DE LAVAL
    Everything I have labeled as verified my uncle has verified over the years and I used Ancestry to help put it together.  Numbers 9 through 13 are hints that came up that I am working to verify.  Any help would be appreciated.

J. Reynolds LeVally:
    I'm not sure which of your "LeValley family groups" this falls into, but here is my line as I understand it.  Alan C. LeVally (my uncle) is the gentleman listed on your "mystery page".
L. Reynolds LeVally
DFW, Texas

1-George Thomas LEVALLY
b: abt 1799 in Hardy Co., VA
d: 27 Sep 1887
sp: __?__ __?__
m: 29 Sep 1816 in Hardy Co., VA
    2-James Jefferson LEVALLY
    b: 1 Jan 1823 in Jamestown, OH
    d: 4 Apr 1889 in OH
    sp: Emiline WILKLOW
    b: 22 May 1826 in Geauga Co., OH
    m: 24 Feb 1842 in OH
    d: 30 Jun 1901 in Bokes Creek, OH
        3-Jonathan Reams LEVALLY
        b: 15 Sep 1852 in Logan, Co., OH
        sp: Henrietta JONES
        b: 1852 in PA
        m: 23 Nov 1876 in Cook Co., IL
            4-Norman Wilklow LEVALLY
            b: 12 Jul 1879 in Cook Co., IL
            sp: Beatrice Catherine _____
            b: abt 1882 in IN
                5-Beatrice V. LEVALLY
                b: abt 1902 in IL
                5-Norman Wilklow Jr. LEVALLY
                b: 12 Aug 1905 in IL
                d: Sep 1959
                sp: Alice Mae REYNOLDS (seeking info on this family)
                b: 24 Mar 1906 in IL
                d: Oct 1985 in CA
                    6-L. Reynolds Sr. LEVALLY (my father)
                    b: 10 Dec 1934 in Highland Park, IL
                    d: 13 Dec 1975 in Appleton, WI
                    6-Alan C. LEVALLY
                    b: 24 Mar 1937 in IL
                5-Jane C. LEVALLY
                b: bet 1906 and 1910 in IL

Lisa LeVally:
    I am the long lost Lisa LeVally from Des Plaines, Illinois.  My brother Alfred Scott Levally lives in Loveland, CO--his son Morgan LeVally lives in Pennsylvania.  I'm glad I found your site!



Rhonda Schrader
Hello, I am Rhonda Schrader. I am a descendant of Pheobe LeValley Hatch. Descended through John Jacques Jean LeValley of Hardy, Virginia and Xenia, Ohio.
    Do you know much about the LeValley/Smith line from Virginia? I had a dna test done and found 1 percent Benin/Togo, African. I have dna matches with the LeValley/Smith line that also has small amounts of this DNA.
    Also, I saw a story that said a LeValley had come over from France with LaFayette and someone named LeVeck. I have a LeVeck in that tree. Do you think the story is true?

Keith Cline:
    My name is Keith Cline.  I just recently subscribed to the LeValley-L Mailing List.  I am a
decendant of Jean Jacques LeValley and I have heard that his parents were Joseph & Barbara LaValla.  I have been researching the Ohio (Greene County) LeValleys for quite a few years and I have a lot of information on the later generations of LeValleys.  My Mother is Vesta Pearl Cline (LeValley).  My Father was Carl Edward Cline and his Mother was Anna Alice LeValley.  Yes it's true, I have LeValleys on both sides of my family
    I am in the Construction business with one of my sons, and my wife and I have been residents of Springfield, Ohio most of our lives.  I am only about 18 miles from Greene County.  If anyone is interested in contacting me, my e-mail address is  I have also posted my database on the World Connect Project at Roots Web under the user name

Dena Trobridge:
    I am the grandaughter of Samuel LeValley of Xenia who married Ida Greene.  They had David (still born), Charles, Homer, Lena and Martha. My name is Dena (LeValley) Trobridge daughter of Homer Phillip LeValley.



Stephen LeVally:
Hi folks,
    Allow me to introduce myself...
    I am Stephen Phillip LeVally of Houston,Texas.
    I was born July 26, 1966 in Oklahoma City, OK.
    I'm from the Xenia, Ohio LeValley's.  My great-grandfather was Phillip Raper LeValley, son of William Harrison LeValley.  Phillip was married to Rachel Moon and moved to Oklahoma from Ohio.  He had a son, Earl LeVally (my grandfather) and Earl had 2 sons, Earl Jr. and Stephen (my
father).  I know a little about William H. LeValley and Phillip R. LeValley, but that's about it.
    I just recently got involved in genealogy and would very much like to be in contact with everyone that could help me in my quest for my roots.
Thanks much,

Marilyn Mussetter:
       My grandmother was Emma LeValley (Carnes).  She lived in Xenia Ohio in my growing up years in a little community called Alpha Ohio now near Beavercreek Ohio.  Later they moved to Lakeview, Ohio, where she entered  a Lima hospital, Lima Ohio and passed away there.  She had five children who was scattered over the USA. Grandmother Emma LeValley Carnes spoke of Roy Moon of Xenia. also Cora Shirk and others. There was a Width LeValley.  I do not know his relationship.  His wife's name was Cora Huston. All of Greene County of Xenia Ohio.
 I am related to her by her daughter Clara Rachel Carnes Jameson.  Of her family (Clara Carnes Jameson) there is just two girls left.
    Is this to much or not enough information?  I do have some names and dates. Can anyone be of help I would appreciate very it very much.
    Marilyn Mussetter

Teri Wilkins:
    Hi - this is my letter of introduction to the group.  My name is Teri Wilkins.  I am related to the line in Xenia, Ohio.  I have been doing research off and on for about 4 years now, and would really like to dig in again.
    I am related to Lewis F. LeValley.  He was my g-g-g-grandfather.
  Lewis married 2nd wife Sarah E. Bell.
     Their son, Melville M. (my g-g-grandfather) married Esta A. Barger
         Their daughter, Mary Louisa (my g-grandmother) married Clarence E. Dill
             Mary Louisa's son, John Robert Dill (not natural son of Clarence) (my
                 grandfather who I never met) married Lucille V. Bail
                    Their son, John Ralph Dill is my dad.
    I have read all the interesting notes on this line about all the myths and would very much like to have more information and correspond with new relatives.  Looking forward to hearing from any of you!!     Teri

Andrea Stacy:
    Hi.   I'm told that you "probably knows as much if not more than most" regarding the Levalley  genealogical search -- I hope so.
    I descend from Jean Jacques Laval (John Levalley), d. Knightstown IN 1831, through his
daughter Louisa Ann -- he is my 3d great-grandfather.
    I've had recent correspondence with Marc Lavalley, who tells me (did he get it from
levalleyweb, or did it get the info from him?) that W.A. Paxson's - John Levalley's grandson - account of his life is incorrect, but does not seem able to clearly tell me why.  I wrote to the  other researchers listed under Xenia, and the one reply I've received thus far suggested I ask  you.
    I don't want to toss a cat in amongst the pigeons, but I am now thoroughly confused.  Both  Paxson, my grandmother's uncle, and Marc Lavalley have a lot of quite specific facts, mostly  unrelated to each other.  Paxson didn't leave any sources -- at least none I've heard of -- other than his mother and grandmother.  Marc, tho' mentioning a couple census reports,
says he can't give sources either.
    I can discard Lafayette, etc., for cause, without a qualm.  But I would like to know why you  believe it is wrong.  Can you help me here?
    Attached is a composite of information from both Paxson and Marc, as chronological as I  could make it, that I did for my own sake, to see how the different facts fell into place.  I send  it for whatever value it might be to you, at least in answering my question.
    One thing Marc said, in a subsequent email to me, I feel is incorrect -- that Jacque is French  for John.  It's the French equivalent of James.  "Jean" is the French for John.  Which is why I  question the equivalency of Jean-Jacques with other records listing a "John Jean".  I've always  taken the latter to be someone recording both the English and French same name.
    I'm also a little confused when Marc says that Jean Jacques' wife received an allotment of 40  acres for his War of 1812 military service, which he did *before* he was married.
    In other words, I'm not defending any viewpoint, just asking for verification of information, understanding of why some things are simply declared false, with no reason given for the charge.
    Any help you can give me in this would be deeply appreciated.  I've been trying to track Jean  Jacques' ancestry off and on for years.
Thank you so much,
Andrea Stacy

Marylou Brown
    William Harrison Levally (1825-1892) and Savilla Harness, his wife, (1829-1868)---Their 3rd daughter --Mary Isabella-- (1853-1918) who married John I Reed in Greene County, OH Oct 12, 1876 is my husband's  great grandmother.
    We are continuing to fill out the information about our great and great great grandparents.
Marylou Brown
Bloomington, IN

John LeValley:
    I was told of this list by a Levalley girl of a different branch, whose mail I kept receiving in Austin, Texas. My father was Joseph Frederick Levalley, wife Alyce. Both are deceased. My father had a brother, Ray (wife Yvonne), of Sacramento and also deceased. I believe he has at least one descendant named Bruce  in the Houston area.
    Elizabethr sent me emails of the most comprehensive charts I could imagine.  I have a hard time decoding them but have found some familiarity here and there. Her work is more than impressive, had she not already done it I'd question whether one could.


Mary Cronic:
    I am a member of the LeValley Family from the Coldwater Orphanage in Coldwater Twp, Branch County Michigan.
    My Grandfather (Carroll LeValley) and his brother Fred LeValley (Woods-Adopted name) were placed in the Coldwater Orphanage in or around 1899 or 1900.  Fred was adopted by the Woods Family.
    My Grandfather Carroll LeValley and Uncle Fred both passed away in 1978.
    My Father is Frederick Carroll LeValley and he passed away in 1995, & My mother Ruth Passed away in 2010. All of Carroll's children have passed away now.
    I am beginning to look into our family history and I have submitted & sent off for my DNA (May 2017) and hope to put some pieces together resolving our family tree /(Blood Line).
    I did read that no family from the Coldwater Orphanage (LeValley's) bloodline has submitted a DNA in the past and I am hoping this will lead me to answers concerning our family history.
    I can be the contact person for this "LeValley blood line" as well... although I'm not sure what that entails?  I have just started and have read all the letters from my grandfather and family, however no documentation has ever been given as proof and I'm looking for proof,
    Can you give me any direction or I should just wait for the DNA results?
    If you have any thoughts on this or would like to contact me, please feel free to do so.


Tyler LeValley"
    I am Tyler LeValley from Los Angeles California, not the Grand Rapids one. I just stumbled upon your website and have looked around a bit. I am the great grandson of Lewis O. LeValley who died in 1968, so it seems that I am part of the Joseph Valley/LeValley fragment of Ionia Michigan. Before today, we were completely unaware of the origins of this side so thank you for all of your diligent research!


Rebecca Gardner Baggaley:
    Hello, everyone!  I just joined the list, and was asked to introduce myself.  My name is Rebecca Gardner, and I'm a descendant of Erskin LeValley, b. about 1824 in New York.  He was my 3rd-great-grandfather.  I don't know who his parents were.  I only have information beginning with his marriage to Mary Ann Rau.  I also have pictures of his daughter, Harriet Maud LeValley, who married
George W. S. Bond in Iowa.  She was my 2nd-great-grandmother.
    I am currently a senior at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, majoring in family history-genealogy.  Yep, that's really a major!:)  I will graduate in April 2001.  I was born in California, lived in Arkansas for nine years, and then in Washington State for seven years.  My family still lives there, and I call Washington my home.
    I have been interested in genealogy since I was in junior high, but did not choose to major in it until last year.  I am mostly interested in doing pedigree research, but I'm also writing a history of Harriet LeValley and George Bond.  I enjoy reading, swimming, volleyball, playing games, and sleeping in my spare time.  Right now, since I'm in college, I think sleeping would usually be my first choice!:)  After I graduate, I hope to work at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Eventually, I want to become accredited and do private research out of my home, so I can stay at home with my future children.
    I look forward to finding out more about my LeValley ancestors, and appreciate the research you all do and share!  Good luck!:)
Update 2001:
    I got married in January so now I'm Rebecca Baggaley.  I graduated from BYU in April with a degree in family history and am working as a professional genealogist based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have access to the Family History Library and all of its wonderful resources.  I do most of my work from there.  I would certainly be willing to do quick checks for people on this list for LeValleys, but since this is my career I have to charge for extended searches.


Martin LeVallee
My family name is LeVallee and we came to the USA in 1968 from the UK.  My family name originates in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  I can only go back as far as my granddad who lived on Guernsey before coming to the UK after world war I.


E. P. James:

    Our ancestor, Margaret/Marguerite Lavallee/Levallee was born at sea in 1824.  Family letters indicate that her parents were from the Isle of Guernsey.  Margaret married William George Pentland 9 May 1845 (date of marriage bond) in the Anglican Cathedral in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.  William and Margaret Pentland moved to Cobourg, Ontario and later to Birtle, Manitoba.  They had ten children.  Margaret died 5 Sep 1899 at 50 Lowther Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada at the home of her daughter Amelia Sarah Pentland Baldwin.  We would like to learn more about Margaret and her ancestors and would be happy to share information about her descendants.
    There is mention in a family letter that she may have come from Three Rivers and was French, from the Chanel Islands.  Unfortunately, that is about all the information I have about Margaret Lavallee Pentland.    William and Jane Marie Brunton Pentland, a relatively wealthy family, immigrated to Quebec from Dublin, Ireland around 1815.  They were members of the Church of England.  One of their sons, William George Pentland married Margaret/Marguerite Lavallee/Levallee and is said to have lived like an aristocrat in Cobourg, Ontario.  Apparently, he was an associate of John A. MacDonald.  Family legend indicates that Margaret danced with the Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) during his visit to Cobourg in 1860.  My father-in-law still has the slippers that she wore for the occasion.


Lottie Brusseau:
 Trying to locate--Adaline LeValley who was b.1839 lower canada and married William Brusseau in 1854 new york children:1.Amos B.Feb.1855 2. Ida b.1859 Iowa
 2nd marriage was Carolyn Levielle(sp?) belived to be levalley B.abt 1842 in New York.Children:1.Riley B.1864 Iowa 2.Albert Claude B.1 Oct.1867 3.Estella b.1869 iowa 4.minnie b.21 JUL 1871 Iowa 5.George B.28 Sep.1874
Iowa 6. Harry b.2Jul 1876 Iowa
 Any help would be appreciated (George is my grandfather)
    [Later addition]:
    I believe now that the Levielle(carolyn) that married Geo. Brusseau is not the sister to Adaline LeValley.  There is suppose to be a Indian woman who married into the Brusseau family line (Ed's g grandmother) Have found out that Levielle has a indian connection.  Do you know of any oil stock these family have? The name of the company is Vaccun Oil----then sold to Standard Oil of New York ---then sold to Mobil.  This stock seem to be a link to all of these people.


John Bedard:
Greetings all,
    I have lost the trail of the Levalley line I was researching in Clinton County NY.
    Isaac Levalley, born around 1816-1820, Canada. married Margaret,  last name unknown, also born Canada.
    Was in Clinton County NY by 1860 census. then removed to Massachusetts by 1870.
    I have not been able to make the jump over the border to Canada as I can not figure out Isaac's parents.
    Any help and or clues greatly appreciated, thanks!


Frances LaValley Burns:
    My name is Frances LaValley.  I have several documents which indicate the proper spelling of my name is with an E. Searching independently, I have found a lot of RI, CT, NY references. We also seem to have some Blackfoot indian connections from the distaff side during the late 19th century. We are putting together a set of documents you will probably find interesting as well as some recovered tintypes. You can find me in list 2c. Daughter of Albert Le(a)Valley of Providence RI.  page 15 of 18  Frank and Minnie ( grand parents).  Albert is 83, cantankerous and still a source of interesting family details.

Jennifer Bumann:
    I am a new subscriber to the list as of Sept. 22. Here are the details of my research.
    My ggg grandmother Janett/Jennie Smith b. Aug. 18, 1839 in New York, married an Abram Rosa in 1854 then left him during the Civil War. They had been married in Berrien County, Michigan.
    She moved to Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin between 1860 and 1868. She is then found getting married June 24, 1868 in Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin, to a gentleman by the name of Frederick (last name sp. incorrectly on marriage cert. as Claverlee). His parents are listed as Ely Claverlee and Mary Claverlee. He was born in Canada and was a lumberman.     I found them in the 1870 census in Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin listed as:
Lavaly Fred age 28, laborer, born in Canada
Jennie age 29 keeping house, born in New York
Carrie age 13 at home, born in Michigan
Ida age 7 at home, born in Michigan
    the next family listed is:
Lavaly Joseph age 25, laborer, born in Canada
Adaline age 25, keeping house, born in same
Joseph age 4, at home, born in same
Alfred age 1/12, at home, born in Wisconsin
    I found the following on your website regarding the Levalley's Pestigo family group
 Joseph L. LaValley b. 4/6/1846  Quebec to Pestigo WI
 Alphose LaValley 4/24/1848-6/2/1920 Quebec to Pestigo WI
    George Eli LaValley 4/10/1886-6/13/1942 moved to Idaho 1919
         George C. LaValley fl. Harrison ID 1990
    The above Joseph is the same as in the census record and the ages of the two gentleman means they 'could be' brothers. That, I don't know at this time.  The last bit of information I have is, according to a newspaper article from the Oconto Reporter Thursday April 17, 1952 Carrie (Jennie's daughter) had left Peshtigo the day before the Peshtigo fire started to go to Oconto.
    The two children listed for Fred and Jennie are actually hers from her previous marriage to Abram Rosa. Her daughter Carrie is my ancestor. I am not related directly to any Levalley that I am aware of. My reason for joining this list is to try to find out what happened to Jennie. She is said to have died before 1898. And after the 1870 census I have lost any trace of her. I am hoping someone on this list could help me out as she was married to a Levalley.

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