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    These are the people our researchers would most like to know about.  They are arranged by family.


Ancestral home of Peter LeValley
    Peter and Sarah LeValley arrived in Marblehead MA with perhaps as many as five children by 1718.  Clues linking the family to St. Mary's Parish on the isle of Jersey have not stood up under investigation.

Cowesett Cemetery, Rhode Island
    The cemetery where the earliest LeValleys were buried has vanished.  A report around 1900 stated that only a few of the headstones were still standing.  Later in the century, it was paved over, and is now reportedly the parking lot of a restaurant.  No one seems to know what happened to the tombstones, or whether the bodies were moved.
    None of the following graves have been located, though I suspect the two graves with uninscribed fieldstones in the Peter LeValley Cemetery [named after the original Peter's oldest grandson] may belong to John and Ann.  Some of the women may have been buried with their husbands' families.  The rest were probably buried at Cowesett.

Peter LeValley c.1683-1757 =Sarah
        John  1714-1808
            =Hester COOK (?)
                Christopher c.1746-c.76
                Martha 1780-1823 =Elijah FOSTER
                Christopher 1782-1807
                Sarah c.1787-  =Henry PARISH
        Sarah  =Peleg COOK
        Michael  1720-c.76  =Almy BAILEY
                Marcy  c.1763-c.96 =Nathan HATHAWAY +++
                Amy  c.1765-
                Sarah  1768-    =John WOOD +++
                Caleb  1771-    =Alice FENNER
                        Waity  1795-inf.
                Mary  1775-1856 =Israel JOHNSON



Father of John's first wife Hester (probably Cook)
    Peleg COOK  (fl. 1750 Warwick RI) m. Sarah LeValley (b. c.1717).  Her brother John (1714-1808) m. (1) Hester (d. c.1767), thought to be a sister of Peleg Cook.  Hester's father (name unknown) fl. Marblehead MA, where he disappeared at sea April 1768, in a schooner with Samuel FORTIN.  Can anyone identify Hester's or Peleg's father?

Name of Christopher's wife
    I am seeking the name of the woman who m. (1) Christopher LEVALLEY (c.1746-c.76) of Warwick, RI.  Their children were James, George, Eunice MATTESON, Martha COLVIN, and probably a younger Christopher.  She m. (2) _______ TINGLEY, and had a daughter, Esther, who years later visited her half-brother James at Lockport, NY.  The name BRUMLEY has come down as a middle name, and may have been this mystery woman's maiden name.  The only Tingley to ever appear in the Kent County RI censuses was an Elizabeth, aged over 45 in 1800, living at East Greenwich six doors from Christopher LeValley's cousins, Marcy & Nathan HATHAWAY.  Could this be her, widowed a second time?  Earlier, in 1751, a Mr. Tingley, unknown to the minister, sponsored the baptism of Christopher's cousin Paul KING (son of Magdalen and Mary).  Any connection?

Washburn connection
    I am seeking the parentage of Sarah WASHBURN (d. c.1836), who m. c.1808 in Lee, Oneida County, NY [Sylvinus] Gardner LEVALLEY (c.1791-1820).  They lived at Lockport, Niagara County, NY, where she m. (2) Andrew W. BRAZEE.  Her widowed son, Franklin Jackson LeValley (1816-99) made a quick trip in 1860 to Marengo, IL to m. (2) Rachel Washburn (b. 1833 Harvard IL).  I assume that the two women were related somehow.

    Mary Ann DALEY (b. 1820 or 1822 Buffalo, NY) m. (1) by 1841 _____ LEVALLEY, and had one son, Salem.  Between 1846 and 1850, she m. (2) Hiram MCNEIL, a widower of Cambria Twp., Niagara County, NY, and had another son, Belden.  Sometime after 1860, she m. (3) ______ TOWNSEND.  Which LeValley did she marry?


Margaret LeValley (?) Baer
    In 1848, David and Hetty LEVALLEY moved with their infant daughter from Schoharie County NY to Sullivan County NY.  However, none of their known children were born until after that date, and the obituary of their son (b. 1850) says he was the oldest of the family.  There is no evidence that David left a will, yet one portion of his estate went to the children of the late Margaret BAER (d. 1893, wife of John Baer).  Was she the mystery daughter?

Descendants of Hiram LEVALLEY of Delhi, NY
    Hiram LeValley married twice and apparently had 14 children:
Hiram  1802-85
        Alexander  1823-52
             Alexander "Sandy" 1844-1919 =Thirza BOND
                 (Child)  d. inf.
        (Son)  c.1825-young
        (Son)  c.1827-   ...?
        (Son)  c.1828-young
        Helena  1829-
        Leroy  1832-    =Maria REDMOND
            Blanche  1864-
            Hattie  1867-
            Leroy  1877-   ...?
        Maud c.1833-74  [May have died a few years earlier]
        Valentine  c.1834-97 =Harriet
        Ellen  1835-    = John DODGE +++
        Harriet  1837-    =Wallace MUMFORD
        Arthur  1839-   ...?
        Florence  1841-
    =Electra Bennett King*
        A. Alberta  1867-    =Oscar HAIGHT +++
        Maude 1869-72
I am not at all certain where the second Alexander fits in.  Any descendants out there with fuller records?


Daughters of Cook LeValley
    Cook LEVALLEY (1761-1839) m. Deborah CAPRON and they moved from Coventry, RI to Killingly, CT 1786; Coeymans, Albany County, NY 1790; Summit, Schoharie County NY 1805; Davenport, Delaware County, NY 1818; Worcester, Otsego County, NY 1832.  Children included:
    John S.  c.1782-    =Betsy DURHAM
    Esther  1782-c.1855  =Joseph VAN ZANDT
    Rufus  1784-c.1830 =Lucy KIES
    Benjamin  1785-   =Polly VANHOSEN 
    William  c.1788-1838 =Hannah CALLAGHAN 
    Ellen  1790-
    James N.  1792-1870 =Laura ALLEN
    Sally  1799-1875 =Horatio TOLCOTT +++
    (Daughter) c.1801-
Can anyone supply the missing names?

Children of John S. LEVALLEY of Knox County, IL

    John S. LEVALLEY (b. c.1782) m. Betsy DURHAM and their younger children were born at Davenport, Delaware County, NY.  They moved to Hendersonville, Knox County IL, in 1844.  Children included:
     Christopher  1815-95 =Harriet GAINES
     Angeline  1819-97
        =John Dales +++
        =Austin Gaines*
    Lydia  1820-68 =Nelson BRESEE* +++
    (Daughter)  c.1823-
    Margaret  1824-90 =Gideon HAWKINS +++
    (Daughter)  c.1826-
    Eleanor  c.1827-    =Francis STEPHENS +++
    (Son)  c.1828-    ...?
Can anyone supply the missing names?  There was a $1 land sale to a D.F. BLAIR, who may have been a son-in-law.  We are wondering whether the youngest son could be the Erskin or John Erskin LeValley (1824-75) of Charter Oak IA.
    The dates of John and Betsy are another mystery.  They seem to have gotten a little younger with each census.  Their graves have not been located.

Children of William LeValley of Charlton, Saratoga County, NY
    In 1827, at about age 44, William LEVALLEY m. 34-year-old Hannah CALLAGHAN at Charlton, NY.  He was buried there nine years later, and Hannah spent her later years in Schenectady.  There is no indication of children from that marriage.  But Harriet LeValley (wife of Thomas HANIGAN Sr. of Glenville NY) appears to have been William's daughter, born about five years before his marriage to Hannah.  Who was his first wife?  Were there other children?  Where did he live, since he never appeared in any census record?

Possible first wife of Rufus LeValley
    Rufus LeValley (c.1787-c.1830) moved around a lot.  Known locations include 1810 Jefferson, Schoharie Co. NY; 1814 Bradford Co. PA; 1823 Delaware Co. NY; 1826 Troy, Bradford Co, PA; c.1829 Elmira NY.  His known children were:     (Son)  c.1809-    ...?
    Leonard  1814-1901
    Lucinda  1823-    =Philip GEBHARDT +++
    Sarah 1825-
    N. Liberty  1826-95 =Juliett DECKER
    Lucetta   c.1827-    =John SANDERS +++
    M. Frances  1828-    =James HILL +++
    Decatur  c.1830-    ...?
Lucy KIES (b. in the 1790s in Canada) was the mother of the younger children.  But several clues hint that she was not the mother of Leonard--who always listed his mother's birthplace as CT.  Leonard spoke much of his father and grandfather, but never mentioned his mother's name.
    I once saw an 1860 census listing for a Decatur Savelley (or some such wierd spelling) in one of the New England states--but could never find it again.  Could that possibly have been the youngest son?

Descendants of Francis LeValley of Richmondville, NY
Francis LEVALLEY (b. 1814) of Richmondville, Schoharie County NY, m. (1) Margaret BARGER, and (2) Louisa CLOW or GLOUGH.  Children from the second marriage included:
     Mary Ann  1841- 1900 =(1) John STERNBERG, (2) Charles BUTTERFIELD +++
     Sewell  1842-1902 =T. Ann DIGMAN +++
     H. Amelia  1844-1928 =Nathan BROCKWAY +++
     L. Elizabeth  1849-c.90 =Levi PALMER +++
     Antonette  1853-c.68
     Marcus  1856-95 ...?
     Edna  1860-
Any descendants out there with records?


Daughters of Gardner LEVALLEY of Riverhead, NY
    Gardner LEVALLEY (1786-1877) of Warwick RI m. (1) Jemima WALKER (1781-1826, dau. Calvin).  At Somers CT they had 2 childrens who d. young, and a daughter Susan.   He m. (2) Ruth CAPRON (d. 1885, dau. Edward), and moved to Riverhead NY.  Children from the two marriages included:
      =Jemima Walker
           Almira  1818-25
           Gardner  1821-23
           Susan  1823-
      =Ruth Capron
           Almira  1827-1904 =(1) F. Warren BISHOP, (2) Henry EARLE
           Maria  1829-76 =William OVERTON* +++
           Sarah  1834-1932 =Charles RAYNOR +++
           Margaret  1835-1905 =P. Rene VILLEFEU +++
           (Daughter)  d. young
           Celestia  1840-1917 =Charles BISHOP Sr. +++
           T. Gilbert  1843-86
               =Emily Simmons
               =Mabel Reeve*
           Mary  1846-c.1930 =Charles HOWELL
Anyone know what became of Susan, or the name of the other daughter?


Two wives of Lee LeValley
    Lee LEVALLEY 1872-1956 of the Los Angeles area m. (1) a daughter of C. S. STOWELL.  In a drunken spree, he went gunning for his father-in-law in 1897.  She is not heard of after that.  If she left him, she did not take the children with her.  She was born in Nevada, but does not appear there in her father's household in the 1880 census.
    In 1916, Lee m. (2) Mrs. Minnie E. Gee (1873-1950)--maiden name unknown.  She was born in California.

Descendants of George W. LEVALLEY or LAVALLEY of Grayson County, TX
George W. LEVALLEY (b. 1824 Shelby County, Ohio) was in Grayson County, TX by 1850 with wife Nancy DEAVER.  They both died in the 1860s, leaving children, many of whom moved to Hughes Co. OK:
     Reuben LaValley  1847-  ...?
        =Rachel TUCK
            Henry LaValley  1870  ...?
            E. (Son)  1873-  ...?
        =Lindsay FLETCHER*
            Joseph E. LaValley  1881-   ...?
            Otto LaValley  1882-c.1905  ...?
            Ida May LaValley  1883-1959
                =John TIDWELL
                =William REED
                =John STURGEON
            Ellen LaValley  1885-  
                =Delbert STANEART, +++
                =Herbert THURSTON
            Luther LaValley  1886-C.1905
            Mary Helen LaValley 1891-1973
                =James BURDICK
                =           WHIPPLE
            (Child) d. young
            Walter LaValley  1897-1957
               =Alice CORDRAY*
                      Lee Roy LaValley  1917-92  ...?
                         =Fern  ...?
                         =Virginia SWANN
                =Audra LOWRIMORE*
                        Demontral LaValley  1920-75 =        MCDERMID+++
                =Meikle FRANCE*
                         Walter LaValley Jr.  1926-90 ...?
                                    Michael LaValley
                             =June Whiting Black
                          Helen LaValley  1933-    = Clarence WINGERT Jr.
                          5 or 6 other children
     Joseph LaValley  1853-  =Eulla
             (Child)  d. young
             (Child)  d. young
             CALLIS  1881-   m.      MCKINNEY +++

     Huldah LaValley  1855-
     Pinkney LaValley  1858-1916 =Mary FLOYD
     Eliza LaValley  1859-young
     Georgianna LaValley  1861-  =T.Y. BARLOW
George's three sons moved to Oklahoma.  Only Pinkney's descendants are known.


Uriah LEVALLEY who "went West"
Uriah LEVALLEY (b. 11 June 1793, oldest son of Caleb of Warwick RI) left New England.  An early family history simply states, "He traveled in foreign lands when young, and went West in 1817."  West in those days could have meant western New York, where two of his uncles had settled.  Has anyone ever come across a record of Uriah?

Maiden names
Besides those already mentioned, we seek the maiden names of these women who married into the Peter LeValley family:
B-14 Burt  1874-1966 =(3) Marian
B-102 Charles  1842-1903 =Susan
B-103  Moreau  1806-67  =Sarah (later HENRY)
B-106 Fred  1870-    =Josie
D-78.13 J. Floyd LaValley 1917-    =Mary
D-81.3  Walter LaValle 1891-1972 =Edythe
D-115 Valentine  c.1834-97 =Harriet
E-110 Sewell  1842-    =Tammy
F-16 William E.  1881-1960 =(2) Violet and (4) Minnie
G-73 Boyd  1907-81 = (1) Ada
H-104 Thomas  1890-1932 =(3) Tina
H-135 Lee  1872-1956 =Mrs. Minnie GEE
J-18 B. Franklin  1883-1942 =Nellie


Ancestry of Isaac LeValley
    Andrew Jackson LeValley (b. 1826, reportedly the son of Isaac) ran away from New York state in 1841, and eventually settled at Alma Nebraska.  Censuses show that Peter's grandsons Christopher and Cook each had unnamed grandsons of Isaac's age in New York.  A connection is likely.


Ancestry of Erskin LeValley
    Erskin LeValley (b. 1824 NY, d. 1875 Charter Oak IA) m. Mary Ann RAU (dau. Valentine, b. 1824 Bethlehem PA).  She had apparently reverted to her maiden name after giving birth to two daughters named BOYER.  One notation refers to him as John.  This has led to speculation that his name might have been John Erskin LeValley, and that he might have been the missing younger son of John S. LeValley--see Peter>Cook above.


Ancestry of Charles F. LeValley
    Charles F. LeValley, born c. 1860 at Warwick RI was Catholic, and therefore probably unrelated to the Peter LeValley family.  By the 1880s, lots of French-Canadian LaValley families were drifting down to work in the textile mills, but officials had gotten used to recording the LeValley spelling.


Ancestry of Alexander LeValley
    Napoleon LeValley (reportedly the son of Alexander) was in Providence RI by 1911.  His
mother was Canadian; probably the whole family was.


Further details from the Isle of Alderney
    Laurens LeVallee and his wife Jeanne LE COCQ (1588-1671) are the earliest known ancestors of this line on the Isle of Alderney in the Channel Islands.
    Among the Alderney records are possible candidates for ancestors of Peter LeValley and other LeValley families:
    Laurens' oldest son Pierre m. Perotine PEZET (1590-1671).  No descendants mentioned.
    Francois LeVallee (1603-1703) m. Marie DUPLAIN and had two sons, but no known grandsons.
    Simon LeVallee (d. 1667) m. Jeanne DUPLAIN and had one surviving son.
    Nicolas LeVallee (d. 1671) was son of Laurens, son of Guayrand.  No descendants known.
    Jean LeVallee (d. before 1667) m. Marie LE COCQ.  They were probably parents of the brothers:
        Menuel (1620-1690) m. twice.  Only daughters known.
        Thomas (1626-1703) m. Colette DUPLAIN (d. 1687).  Two sons, one with grandchildren.

Descendants of the second Daniel
    Daniel LeValley of Alderney sailed to Valcartier, Quebec in 1828.  His son Daniel moved to the US, and was probably the Daniel of Bucksport ME, who had sons Charles R. 1844-  and Benjamin 1849-  .  Did they have children?


Ancestry of Prosper LeValley
    Dr. Prosper "Pete" LeValley of St. Simon, Quebec went to Africa before settling in the vicinity of Red Bank NJ by 1853.  He m. Elizabeth FLEIGHT.


Ancestry of Victor LeValley
    Victor LeValley (reportedly b. in Canada in 1864--though that date appears too late) was in Bay City MI in 1927--perhaps as early as the 1880s.  He m. Elizabeth LA CHAPELLE and had several children.

Daughters of Victor LeValley
    Leah, Emma, and Anna were later referred to as Mrs. MARIN of L'Anse MI, Mrs. SILVON of L'Anse, and Mrs. SHELTRAW of Detroit.  Which first name went with which last name is still unsolved.


Ancestry of Carrol LeValley
    Shortly before 1900, Pony LeValley of Iron Mountain MI left three orphaned sons who were adopted out to different families from the Coldwater MI orphanage.  His name seems curious, and could be wrong.  The oldest son used his adoptive name, Fred WOODS.  The second son, Carrol LeValley, has many descendants.  The fate of the third son is unknown.


Ancestry of Joseph LeVally Sr.
    Joseph LeVally Sr. (note the different spelling) moved in 1811 from Hardy County (West) Virginia to the area of Xenia OH.  There may well be a connection to the John LeVally who immigrated to Frederica GA in 1736, then headed up into the Carolinas with his son John.

Descendants of Joseph LeVally Jr.
    Little is known of the family of Joseph Jr.
Joseph Jr. 1797-
          Sabina c.1820-  =Lewis STREET
          Sarah c.1823-   =Joshua McCAIN
   =Betsy HAMILTON

Ancestry of the many LeValleys of Springfield OH
    Jacob LeValley (grandson of Joseph Sr.) has several descendants in Springfield OH.  But the telephone book contains a lot more LeValley households who have not been linked.

Oklahoma and Texas offshoots
    Steven E. 1899-   settled at Wynnewood OK, and married twice.  Any descendants?
    His nephew Stephen P. 1922-90 lived in Houston TX, and married several times.  Names of two children are known, but nothing else.
    A more distant cousin, Lawrence O. 1932-   m. Janet, lived in San Antonio TX, and had five children whose names are unknown.


Ancestry of George LeVally
    George LeVally (sometimes spelled LeValley) was in Nashville IL by 1840.  The spelling and the 1826 birth of his son in Ohio mean he probably was connected to the Xenia bunch.  Joseph Sr. did have a son George (c.1790-1887), but with totally different descendants.  Could the two Georges have been cousins?
George LeVally c.1794-
     Mary c.1814-Hiram ROBERTS
     Milley c.1823-   =T.W.G. MAUSKER
     Elizabeth c.1825-   =Samuel FARMER
     William H. 1826-   =Sarah JORDAN
     (Daughter) c.1828-
     (Daughter) c.1831-
     (Daughter) c.1836-
Can anyone supply the missing names?

Descendants of J. Riley LeValley
    George's grandson, J. Riley LeValley 1851-1934 m. Catharine LYONS.  A daughter born in 1878 was their fourth child.  No names are known.

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