Summary of Morrice Boy Scout Activities for the Year 1962

    Boy, it's fun to look through the Boy Scout's scrap-book.  Our
troop—that's troop 91—has done a lot this year....
    This picture is our roll call and inspection for when our troop re-
registered in March.  (That's me in the pink socks, 'cause I forgot about the
inspection.)   Those men that are looking us over are our new committee
members—we just got our own committee this year, you know....
    This is our first aid merit badge class.  (I'm the one with the tape across
my mouth.  They never did say what that bandage is for.)  Some of the boys
worked on other merit badges, too.  Our troop had thirteen merit badges this
    Oh, I know what this one is. It's the district roundtable meeting that we
sponsored.  We sure surprised them with our entrance.  (I'm the one on the
bottom of the pile, 'cause I tripped first.)...

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