Naturists:  You may know them as harmless skinny-dippers....  But with
their quiet live-and-let-live philosophy, Naturists sometimes do themselves a
disservice by not speaking out loudly enough for the fine values they share with
so many Americans.

+    Naturists are, and always have been, in the mainstream of American
     family tradition.
+    Church and state have long upheld Naturist values.

+    All available research supports Naturist values.

+    If a conflict should develop, we can exercise  the best tradition of
     American co-operation to find solutions everyone can live with....

    Families and friends have been skinny-dipping together for more than
100,000 years.  It is one of the most traditional of all family values.  In
comparison, the swimsuit is a very recent fad, first appearing in the late 1860s,
and never universally accepted anywhere.  With swimsuits getting skimpier, the
fad may be disappearing....

    Naturists have families, and Naturists have values.  But which values?  Not
hatred and intolerance.  Not meddling in other people's private lives.  No, the
values Naturists teach their children include:

+    Close-knit families spending their leisure hours together.

+    Respect for oneself as a whole person, clean in mind and body.

+    Simple living in nature, to experience the spiritual bond linking all life.

+    Being honest in every way.

+    Sensitivity to the beliefs or lifestyles of others, and responsibility in co-
     operating with neighbors.

+    Cherishing the freedoms we too often take for granted.

These values we share with millions of good Americans....

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