Morrice, Michigan Census Records

    I put this information online while I was seeking help in writing the second edition of the History of Morrice, Michigan.  That project is now finished.  But because many descendants of the people listed here have found the information useful, I am leaving it up.
These records show only people within the village limits--not the surrounding countryside.  There are lots of misspellings--some beyond recognition.  Give me any corrections you are absolutely sure of.  Even though the project is over, I am still curious as to who any of the children eventually married (or maiden names of the wives).

1890 burned.  All we have is the total number.
1950 and later have not yet been released.

Also, certain pictures never turned up.  If such things exist, I would still be interested in seeing pictures of:

Boy Scouts
Village brass band
Crane, Clark
Fear, Susan (Mrs. Clare Winegar)
Graham, Frank
Morrice, William
Purdy, Josiah

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