Discover Your Roots--Paul LeValley


            Find out who your ancestors were.  Make contact with your third cousins.  Learn how the titles of counts and kings passed from generation to generation.  Though much of genealogy is now done on computers, we will also visit the county courthouse, the Mormon library, and the State Archives.  We may even take a stroll through the graveyard.  But in the months before this intensive begins, you must talk with your grandparents and other elderly relatives to gather as many clues as possible.  (Approximate cost:  $30 plus daily lunch)


We will be doing all three kinds of genealogy:

            Pedigree:  Trace your 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, etc.

            Lineage:  Pick an ancestor, and locate all your third cousins.

            Succession:  Trace the way a title has been passed down through the centuries.


            I did a lot of succession work in high school.  But my biggest project has been tracing the lineage of Peter LeValley, who probably came from the Channel Islands (between England and France), was attacked by pirates, and cut some sort of deal with the pirates, who dropped him off in Marblehead MA in the middle of the night sometime before 1718.  A few years later, he settled in at Warwick RI.  To get an idea of how much effort I have put into genealogical research over the last 40 years, you can click onto



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