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The Professors & Researchers SIG has been compiling bibliography since 2002.  A bit of overlap on these lists is to be expected.

Topical Bibliographies
    Abstracts for Legal Defense--in a separate file.
    Books on nudism before 1966
    Books on nudity in one city's libraries (Tallahassee, Florida)
    Greek Athletics
    Miscellaneous reading recommendations
    Solid facts and scientific research on nudity
    Books on nude art
    Stamps, Coins, etc.
    Henry David Thoreau
    Youth Camps--at the end of a separate file

Single-Author Bibliographies
    Boyte, Rob
    DeHoratev, Henry  (See Molnar)
    Devi, Indira
    Dretheus, Harry (See Molnar)
    Frandsen, Marvin
    Goines, David--at the end of a separate file
    Harker, George
    Hild, Carl
    LaTour, Henry (See Molnar)
    Leopold, Sully
    LeValley, Paul
    Molnar, Enrico S.
    Morley, Dwight Oakley (See Oakley)
    Oakley, Dan
    Orchards, Theodore
    Palmer, Stuart (See Orchards)
    Papalas, Anthony J.
    Pine, Tom
    Rapoport, Paul
    Reitman, Robert
    Salak, Joseph Charles
    Schroer, Sandra
    Selley or Shelley, Henry (See Molnar)
    Stewart, Jay (See Orchards)
    Storey, Mark
    Story, Marilyn

Book reviews
    Forest, Aglow
    Forest, Co-ed Naked Philosophy (in the visionary colleges file)
    Millswan, Living in the State of Dreams  (in the visionary colleges file}
    Smith, ed., Naked in Nature: Great Skinny-Dipping Moments in Art and Literature

These are mostly articles in naturist magazines.  For a comprehensive list of books on the subject, see http://www.naturistsociety.com/tns/resources/TNSBibliography.html.

A Bibliography of Nudism
as of 1966
by Robert M. Huntington, Ph.D.

The American Health Alliance published this as The Nudist Newsletter # 170.  It includes some old standard writings that we tend to forget about.

ln this category it is my intention to present a complete listing of books in English.

BLAIR, ALLAN,  Nudist Life in the Sun [as given on the cover] or Nudism, or Life in the Sun  [as given on the title page], New York (Zenith Publications), 1943.    [soft cover, 62 pages—midway between a book and a booklet.]

BLANK, NEILL, Why I am a Nudist.  Girard, Kansas (Haldeman-Julius), 1948.

BLANK, SARGE, Life in a Nudist Camp. Girard, Kansas (Haldeman-Julius), 1948.

BOONE, ILSLEY,  (1879-    ), The ABC of Nudism.  Mays Landing, N. J. (Sunshine Book Co.), 1934.

BOONE, ILSLEY, (1879-    ), The Joys of Nudism.  New York (Greenberg), 1934.

CAULDWELL, DAVID O,  (1896-    ), Nudism and the Truth about Nudists, Girard, Kansas (Haldeman-Julius), 1948.

GAY, JAN, On Going Naked, with decorations by Zhenya.  (a) New York (Holborn House), 1932.  (b) Garden City, N. Y. (Garden City Publishing Co.). 1932.

GIBBS, ANTHONY (1902-    ), New Crusade. [Published in England, c. 1932.]

HUNTINGTON, HENRY STRONG (1881-    ), Defense of Nudism,  [published simultaneously by three publishers]  (a) New York (Robert M. McBride Co.), 1958.  (b) Mays Landing, N. J. (Sunshine Publishing Co.), 1958.  (c) Canada (Burns & McEachon), 1958.

JOHNSON, DONALD, The Nudists, (a) New York (Duell, Sloan and Pearce), 1959.   (b) [Paperback] Spokane, Wash. (Outdoor American Corp.), 1961.  [This first paperback edition is slightly revised from the original edition.]

KIERNAN, EDMUND, God's Hitchhiker: A Novel, New York (Exposition Press), 1955.

LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN (1897-    ), Lady Godiva: The Future of Nakedness,  New York, London (Harper & Brothers), 1928.

MERRILL, FRANCES and MASON, Among the Nudists, with an introduction by John Langdon-Davies. (a) [Place of publication and publisher ?], 1931.  [The first book on nudism brought to full publication in the U. S. A.]

MERRILL, FRANCES and MASON, Nudism Comes to America, Garden City, N. Y, (Garden City Publishing Co.), 1932.

MORRIS, HUGH, Facts About Nudism, New York, (Padell Book Co.), 1930.

MOUNCE, MERVIN (1909-    ), It's Only Natural, Spokane, Wash. (Outdoor American Corp.),   [Published in magazine format; illustrated with black and white and color photography.]

MOUNCE, MERVIN (1909-    ), Naked and Unashamed, Spokane, Wash. (Outdoor American Corp.), 1966.

PARMALEE, MAURICE (1882-    ) The New Gymnosophy, with an Introduction by Havelock Ellis.  (a) New York (Frederick H. Hitchcock), 1927.  [This is the first book on nudism written in English.  The edition cited here was attacked by a District Attorney in New York, and hence was circulated essentially privately--thus it is not considered to have been published in America at this timc.]  (b) London (Williams & Norgate), 1929,  [First English Editioin]

PARMELEE, MAURICE  (1882-    ), Nudism in Modern Life: The New Gymnosophy,   with an introduction by Havelock Ellis.  [The New Gymnosophy   was now brought back to America, and published by A. A. Knopf.  The title was modified as indicated, and the text revised.]  (a) New revised edition, New York (A. A. Knopf), 1931.  (b)   New revised edition, Garden City, N. Y. (Garden City Publishing Co.), 1931.  [I conclude that these two editions are identical, except that they were brought out by different publishers.]  (c)  London (John Lane Co.), 1933.  [Second English edition]  [In America, the book passed through at least five editions (counting the 1927 edition as the first one).  I will now give the citation for the fifth American edition, which I have examined, and which may be the last edition till the time of this writing.]  (d) Fifth American edition completely revised, Mays Landing, N. J. (Sunshine Book Co.), 1952.

ROYER, LOUIS CHARLES (1885-    ), Let's Go Naked, translated from the French by Paul Quiltana, illustrated, New York (Zenith Publications), 1932.

SALEEBY, CALEB WILLIAMS (1878-    ), Sunlight and Health, New York, London (G. P. Putnam's Sons), 1924.

SHAW, ELTON RAYMOND (1886-    ), The Body Taboo, Washington, D. C. (Shaw Publishing Co.), 1937.

SHAW, ELTON RAYMOND (1886-    ), and ILSLEY BOONE (1879-    ), The Body Taboo, illustrated.  [Essentially this is the second edition of the preceding   work.  The publisher is apparently Sunshine Book Co., Mays Landing, N. J.  Date of publication (?)]

STRACHSTEIN, A., Sunbathing and Nudism, Girard, Kansas (Haldeman-Julius), 1949.

STRANGE, JULIAN [pseudonym], Adventures in Nakedness, (a) New York (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.), 1933.  (b) New York (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.), 1934.  (c) [Reprint] Mays Landing N. J. (Sunshine Book Co.), 1942.

SUREN, HANS (1885-    ), Man and Sunlight, translation of Die Mensch und die Sonne.   [Publisher and date (?)]

WEBB, HERBERT, Eden Regained: A Challenge to Modern Prudery, with a foreword by Kurt Barthel, Spokane, Wash. (Mervin Mounce, Publishers), 1957.

WILLIAMS, CARL EASTON, The Psychology of Nudism, Mays Landing, N. J. (Sunshine Book Co.), 1941.


[Includes only outstanding articles which appeared in nonnudist periodicals. The many fine articles in the nudist press would have to be the subject of a separate bibliography, which I am not in a position to compile at this time.]

CHASE, STUART (1888-    ), "Confessions of a Sun- Worshiper," The Nation (New York), Vol. 128 (No. 3338), June 26, 1929, pp. 762-765.

WARREN, HOWARD CROSBY (1807-1931), "Social Nudism and the Body Taboo," Psychological Review, Vol. 40 (No. 2), March, 1933. pp. 160-183.


BARTHEL, KURT, Facts About the Origin of Nudism Abroad and in the United States,  privately printed, August 3, 1952.  [Pamphlet]

CUSHING, CHARLES CYPRIAN STRONG (1879-1941), Barely Proper: An Unplayable Play, by Tom Cushing, illustrated by Mordicai Gorelik. New York (Farrar & Rinehart), 1931.

MOUNCE, MERVIN, and DONALD JOHNSON, Nudst Primer. Spokane, Wash. (Mervin Mounce, Publishers), 1952.  [Successive editions are brought out every year or so.]  [Booklet]

SEAL, HERB, Family-Group Identification with the Nudist Movement of Oregon and Northern California.  San Francisco, Calif.  (privately priinted Master's thesis for San Francisco State College), 1960.  [Thesis]

What Is Nudism?  American Health Alliance, 1964.  [Booklet]


[The two works recorded here are so important in terms of historical priority that they merit inclusion--even in an English bibliography.  Regrettably, these books have not been translated.]*

PUDOR, HEINRICH (1865-    ), Nackt-Kultur, Berlin (Steglitz), 1906.

UNGEWITTER, RICHARD (1869-    ), Die Nacktheit in entwicklungsgeschichtlicher, gesundheitlicher, moralischer und kunstlerischer Beleuchtung.  Stuttgart, Germany (Verlag von Richard Ungewitter).  [This is the first book on nudism.  There is confusion over the precise date of initial publication, but the copy I examined—printed in 1922—implies that this date was 1905.  It may be added that Ungewitter published at least five other works on nudism.  I have a note which states that one of these, a pamphlet, was published in 1903 or before.]

*In recent years, Cec Cinder has published translations of both of these works.


ILFELD, FRED JR. (1940-    ), and ROGER LAUER (1940-    ), Social Nudism in America, New Haven, Conn. (College and University Press), 1964.

LORAND, SANDOR (1892-    ), "The Psychology of Nudism," Psychoanalytical Review, April, 1933.

    Annotated Bibliography of Books On Nudity
    in Tallahassee, Florida
    --Paul LeValley

    Tallahassee has five libraries:  two universities, a community college, the public library, and the state library.  Prudishness reigns at the community college, but the other four libraries make some effort to cover nudist-related topics.

    I first compiled this list in 1991, at the time of our club's fifth anniversary.  I then notified all libraries of a weakness in family-oriented works.  Some libraries worked to fill that gap.  So on our tenth anniversary, we published the list below. 

    So far as I know, no other club has taken up the project of finding out what books are available for their members.  For SIG members in other cities, this annotated list may give you an idea of what is commonly available--perhaps in a library near you.

    This list does not cover "How to" books on drawing, painting, or photographing the nude.  Nor does it cover the works of individual artists or photographers.  Unless they have already been collected, essays and magazine articles are not included here.


L -- Leon County Public Library
S -- State Library of Florida
U -- Florida State University
A -- Florida A & M University
C -- Tallahassee Community College
B -- Tallahassee Bare-Devils [now Tallahassee Naturally]
P -- Private collection

    The Naturist Movement

As Nature Intended by Adam Clapham and Robin Constable.  A heavily illustrated history, showing the athleticism of the early years.  The informative text contains much European materiel unavailable elsewhere.  B.

Among the Nudists by Frances and Mason Merrill.  In 1930, the authors toured the nudist parks of Germany and France, bringing the first report back to this country.  American social nudism largely sprang from this book.  U.

The Nudists by Donald Johnson (pen name of John Ball).  History and description of the U.S. nudist movement up to 1959.  He tucks the most tumultuous part (a split-up in the early 50s) into an appendix in the back.  P:Steve.

Nudist Magazines of the 50s and 60s, v. 1-2.  Timeless articles and pictures (some seen now for the first time without airbrushing) from the "golden age" of American nudist magazines when many flourished.  A.
North American Guide to Nude Recreation.  All AANR resorts and non-landed groups are described.  Recent editions have included pictures of each group (though they left ours out).  Maps and lists of facilities are at the back.  Expect a smaller, less-pictorial edition in 1997.  SP:Many.

World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation by Lee Baxandall.  The Naturist Society's listing of free, illegal, commonly-used skinny-dipping spots worldwide.  Great variety of photos, along with travel directions.  B(old) P:Many.

Naturisme (formerly International Naturist Guide).  Maps to major resorts worldwide, with symbol-coded lists of facilities.  The U.S. section includes some non-AANR resorts.  The latest edition includes worldwide publications, libraries and travel agencies.  Otherwise, only useful when visiting Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  Old version -- P:Steve.

Nudism in Australia by Magnus Clarke.  Very detailed history -- maybe more than you wanted to know.  B.

Nudist East Asia Travel by Tahanga Research Association.  Rare travel information, amateurishly presented.  P:Paul.

Body Liberation by Emily Coleman and Betty Edwards.  A manual for beginners, with chapters on how to persuade your partner, and how to involve your children.  This is something you can hand to your favorite prude.  A.

Alternative Lifestyles by Jefferson P. Selph.  A research tool only, 1/3 of the book describes U.S. nudist libraries.  (The two biggest have since merged at Cypress Cove, near Kissimmee.)  U.

    Social Analysis

Nacktheit und Scham by Hans Peter Duerr.  The scholarly German text studies nudity in many cultures and ages -- especially medieval Europe.  The author thinks that body shame is natural.  U.

Anatomy of Nakedness by Paul Ableman.  A short but thoughtful analysis of attitudes about the many forms of nudity through the ages.  Effective use of photographs to clinch the points.  U.
The Unfashionable Human Body by Bernard Rudofsky.  A witty look at the absurd things we have done in the name of proper dress.  Great graphics and illustrations.  SUA.

Nude Attitude by Rob Boyte.  Thoughtful essays that have appeared in national naturist magazines.  A pre-publication copy.  P:Paul.

Nudist Society by Hartmann, Fithian and Johnson.  Updated edition of the only report on sociological studies of nudists -- most of them done in the 1960s.  A wealth of statistics and analysis. LU.

Social Nudism in America by Fred Ilfeld, Jr. and Roger Lauer.  A fact-filled analysis of nudist establishements and their members in the early 1960s.  U.

The Nude Beach by Jack D. Douglas, et al.  A sociological study of how people act at a California nude beach (not much different from people anywhere else).  The authors spend a disproportionate amount of time looking for sexual attitudes.  U.

Skinny-Dipping and Other Immersions in Water, Myth, and Being Human by Janet Lembke.  Only the introduction and first essay (and briefest mention in the final essay) have anything to do with skinny-dipping--but they are ecstatic.  This grandmother can combine love of nature, ancient history, and a fine writing style.  L.

The New Female Sexuality by Manfred P. DeMartino.  An exhaustive survey of sexual attitudes of female nudists.  Informative, but rather dry reading.  The bibliography lists several journal articles on nudity.  U.

Therapy, Nudity & Joy by Aileen Goodson.  A thorough report on the healthy benefits of nude therapy.  UP:Paul .

    The Ancient Tradition

Classical Attitudes to Modern Issues by L.P. Wilkinson.  He devotes a quarter of the book to summarizing what is known about ancient Greek nudity, and drawing a few parallels.  U.

Sexual Life in Ancient Greece by Hans Licht (pen name of Paul Brandt).  The disappointing chapter on nudity at least gives very clear references to the ancient sources where the serious reader can look things up for himself.  SU. 

Ideale Nacktheit in der Griechischen Kunst by Nikolaus Himmelmann.  A scholarly analysis (in German) of the heroic male nude in Greek art.  Some illustrations.  U.

There are many books on Greek athletics, but only three worth reading:

Athletics of the Ancient World by E. Norman Gardiner.  The original ground-breaking study, with rules for each of the events.  His theory that the Greeks briefly reverted to loincloths has since been disproven.  UA.

Greek Athletes and Athletics by H.A. Harris.  Same stuff, with the minor addition of field trials.  U.

The Eternal Olympics edited by Nicolaos Yalouris.  A coffee-table version with gorgeous illustrations -- largely from the vase paintings.  The many contributors add new  philosophical depth to our understanding of athletics' place in Greek society.  U P:Paul.

The Gymnosophist Legacy in India 326 B.C.-1604 A.D.  by Paul LeValley.  Scholarly dissertation on religious nudity in India, the Greek tradition of the nude in athletics and sculpture, and what happened when these two cultures met.  Brilliant, of course.  UP: Paul.

Jaina Art and Architecture edited by A. Gosh.  Pioneering 3-volume scholarly study of nude religious art in India.  Unlike the erotic sculptures on Hindu temples, Jain statuary is stiffly spiritual.  UP:Paul.

Naked Yoga by Malcolm Leigh.  Mostly photos of pretty girls in ancient yoga positions.  Not very informative.  P:Paul.

    The Christian Nudist

Nakedness and the Bible by Paul Bowman.  Book explaining the naturist interpretation of old and new testament verses--including many favorites of the anti-nudity Bible-thumpers.  P:Paul.  (Also a smaller early version:  B.)

Map is Not Territory by Johnathan Z. Smith.  Collected essays.  Only the first one is a scholarly analysis of a call for Christian nudity in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.  U.

Carnal Knowing by Margaret Miles.  After an informative chapter on the ancient tradition of nude Christian baptism, she turns to the many contradictory reactions of church leaders to the female body from the late Roman through Medieval times.  With heavy documentation, she argues that Christianity has strayed from its original message of body acceptance.  UA.

The Adamites of Bohemia by Enrico S. Molnar.  A short scholarly thesis tracing nude Christiam sects in late Roma times, and at the beginning of the Renaissance.  He points out that Christian leaders distinguished four different types of nudity--three of them spiritual.  P:Paul.

Hieronymus Bosch by Wilhelm Fraenger.  The first essay (originally published as a separate book) revolutionized thinking about Bosch's painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights.  Fraenger demonstrates that it was an alterpeice for a nude Christian sect at the beginning of the Renaissance.  UP:Paul.

The Doukhobors by George Woodcock and Ivan Avakumovic.  Tempestuous history of a Russian religious community in Canada who engaged in nude ptotest marches during the first half of this century.  A few historic photographs.  SUA.

Terror in the Name of God by Simma Holt.  An extremely hostile attack on the Doukhobors.  Beginning with, "the victims of this Mafia-like organization have forever been the children", the author shows photos of a nude classroom to document depravity.  SA.

    The Naked Child

Growing Up Without Shame by Dennis Smith and Bill Sparks.  Interviews with adults who had been raised in nudist homes.  U.

Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child-Rearing by A.S. Neil.  The creator of a very free and open school in England devotes one disappointingly brief chapter to the issue of nudity.  A.

As Sparks Fly Upward by Kenneth Webb.  Philosophical reminiscences of a string of Quaker youth camps in Vermont where nudity is accepted as a part of natural living.  It focuses mostly on the boys camp.  Good reading.  UP: Paul.

Collected magazine articles on nude youth camps and scout troops.  P:Paul.

Canada Naturally by Richard West.  Gorgeous photos of family naturism at Quebec and Ontario clubs, with lots of children present.  B.

Lewis Carroll's Photographs of Nude Children by Morton Cohen.  Short scholarly booklet on the author of Alice in Wonderland -- mostly biography with a few photographs.  U.   

Art of Natural Living by John Wagner.  Cutesy paintings of children and families at the nude beach.  P:Paul.

The Seven Lady Godivas by Dr. Seuss.  A hilarious story of seven naked sisters, for adults and children alike.  LSUP:Paul.

Ishi, the Last of His Tribe by Theodora Kroeber.  Story of the early life of the last naked California Indian.  [Adult version listed in the next section.]  This book scarcely mentions the nudity 64 pages in, and comes with false semi-clothed drawings.  It's still a good story.  SUAP:Paul.

    Living Naturally

The Gentle Tasaday by John Nance.  A visit to the recently discovered Philippine tribe.  Though technically not naked in their G-strings, the children are especially heartwarming--joyful, affectionate and natural.  Lots of photos.  LSC.

The Naked Nagas by Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf.  Anthropological report on tribes of northeast India, some of whom wear only a very tight belt.  U.

Collected magazine articles on religious and tribal nudity in India.  P: Paul.

The People of Kau by Leni Riefenstahl.  Stunning photographs of young adults in Sudan, where the out-of-shape are punished by having to wear clothes.  No text.  An unrepentant Nazi, she lingers overlong on one violent ritual.  S.

Among Wild Tribes of the Amazon by Charles W. Domville-Fife.  Adventuresome report of a condescending explorer around 1920.  The photos are all lineups, with male genitalia blackened out.  U.

People of the Rain Forests by George Seitz.  Amazon exploration by a camera-toting couple with a priest for a guide.  Contains natural photos of family life.  U.

The New World by Stefan Lorant.  Includes LeMoyne's engravings which
document skinny-dipping Native Americans in north Florida 425 years ago.  SUC.
Ishi in Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber.  Final years of the last naked Native American in California.  Some photos.  LSA.

    Unadorned Fiction and Theater

A Cool Cottontail by John Ball.  Murder mystery set in a California nudist resort.  Unfortunately, the early treatment of a black hero uses terminology that has become dated.  LSP:Steve.

Barely Proper by Tom Cushing.  Humorous play about a stuffy young Englishman who goes to meet his future German in-laws--only to discover that they practice nudity about the house.  Some of the puns stuck in my mind nearly 30 years before I re-read it.  P:Paul.

Le Nu au Theatre by G.J. Witowski and L. Nass.  The French text and many small drawings demonstrate the long history of baring the female breast (and occasionally more) on stage before the twentieth century.  U.

    The Nude in Art

The Nude:  A Study in Ideal Form by Kenneth Clark.  This is THE study of the nude in art.  He begins with a dumb premise that everyone feels terrible about being naked, but that true art lifts us above that sordidness.  The rest is thoughtful history arranged by types or moods.  UP:Paul.

The Nude Male by Margaret Walters.  A useful supplement to Clark, tracing the history of the male form from a woman's viewpoint.  The chapter on modern women artists is especially good.  P:Paul.

Image of the Body by Michael Gill.  Another worthy supplement to Clark.  Though the quality is uneven, he offers lots of original insights throughout art history.  He works from personal acquaintance with many of the modern artists.  UP:Paul.

Der nackte Mensch in der Kunst aller Zeiten und Volker by Wilhelm Hausenstein.  The German text treats art as a reflection of healthy social attitudes about nudity.  The small illustrations include such rarities as early Islamic nudes.  U.

"Art Follow Nature", by Paul LeValley.  Series of art history articles in Naturally magazine.  BP:Paul.

The Great American Nude by William Gerdts.  A thoroughly illustrated history of American paintings and sculptures by a top-notch art historian.  A.

The Body by Edward Lucie-Smith.  A coffee-table book with lush color plates of forgotten masterpieces.  The featherweight text gives little indication that this is by a major art critic.  SP:Paul.

The Human Figure by Charles Wentinck.  He argues that the only thing that has changed over the ages is our self-concept.  Good color reproductions of artworks (some clothed), which are not at all co-ordinated with the text.  UC

The Young Male Figure by Brandt Aymar.  This is a collection of pinups for homosexuals.  Despite the poorly-researched text, the sensitive artworks are worth a look.  U.

Nude Sculpture: 5,000 Years by Vicki Goldberg.  Lots of black-and-white photos--many of them close-ups without showing the whole work.  A.

The Figure in American Sculpture by Ilene Susan Fort.  This book presents many fine but little-known twentieth-century works.  Well illustrated.  U.

Veruschka:  Trans-figurations by Vera Lehndorff and Holger Trulzsch.  Amazing body paintings as clothing or camouflage.  U.

The Nude: A New Perspective by Gill Saunders.  If you like shrill feminism about the historic relationship between the artist and his model, this is your book.  A.

The Nude by Monica Bohm-Duchen.  Lots of pretty pictures with a short feminist text.  The author confuses nudity with sex throughout.  L.

Masterpieces of Figure Painting by I.E. Relouge.  Many color plates of female nudes all through the ages.  Good selection, but short on explanatory text.  U.

The Female Body in Western Culture edited by Susan Rubin Suleiman.  Essays by various authors.  Only three of them deal with the nude in art.  Heavy on aesthetic theory.  U.

The Bride Stripped Bare by Janet Hobhouse.  Psychological biographies of 13 twentieth-century artists who frequently did female nudes.  Fairly heavy reading.  UA.

The Body Imaged by Kathleen Adler and Marcia Pointon.  Essays by various authors on the sociology of selected paintings.  Only three of them deal squarely with the nude --in each case the male nude.  U.

    Nude Photography

The Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge.  The pioneering sequences showing men (many in jockstraps), women, and small children performing everyday tasks.  A shorter selection, The Male and Female Figure in Motion, adds teenage boys playing.  No text in either.  U.

The Naked and the Nude by Jorge Lewinski.  A history of classic nude photos--almost all female.  U.

The Homoerotic Photograph by Allen Ellenzweig.  The title is misleading.  This is a solid history of classic male nude photos with little overt sexuality.  U.  

The Naked Eye.  A historical survey of artificially posed nude and semi-nude photos.  Not the best available.  A.

Nude Photographs 1850-1980 by Constance Sullivan.  Mixing the naughty with the nice, this is not really a naturist book.  U.

Greek Athletics
--Paul LeValley

    While I was at the American Nudist Research Library, librarian John Frakes mentioned that people sometimes come in asking for information on the Greek athletic tradition.  He said he often directed them to Tallahassee Naturally's annual College Greek Athletic Meet, but wondered if I could put together a quick bibliography of other things the library already has on its shelves.  Well, I had a list of my own articles on the topic (some of them merely repackaging the same ideas for different readerships).  And I was at the library partly in search of missing articles for the Tallahassee Naturally scrapbook.  So I pulled together the following:

* = non-naturist publications

Part 1--Articles by Paul LeValley on ancient practices:

"Book Review: The Naked Olympics by Tony Perrottet."  Travel Naturally, no. 56 (Fall 2005).  p. 60.  Also mentioned briefly:
    Norman Gardner.  Athletics of the Ancient World.
    Rachel Sargent Robinson,  Sources for the History of Greek Athletics in English Translation.
    Finley and Pleket,  The Olympic Games: The First Thousand Years.
    Nicolaos Yalouris et. al.  The Eternal Olympics: The Art and History of Sport.

* "Athletics and Ascetics: Different Yet Similar Traditions."  Gommatavani  [international journal of Jain scholarship] vol. 1, no. 5 (May 1986).  pp. 10-11.

"Athletics and Ascetics: Parallel Nude Traditions of Greece and India"  Art Follows Nature series.  Travel Naturally, no. 51 (Summer 2004), pp. 42-45.
 Expanded in Paul LeValley.   Art Follows Nature: A Worldwide History of the Nude.  Berkeley: Edition One Books, 2016.

* "Common Ground: Greek Athletics among Indian Ascetics."  Yavanika: Indo-Hellenic Studies, no. 10--2000 (2006).  pp. 33-60.

"Greek Athletics and the Arts."  Art Follows Nature series.  Naturally, no. 20 (Summer, 1996).  pp. 11-14.
 Expanded in Paul LeValley.   Art Follows Nature: A Worldwide History of the Nude.  Berkeley: Edition One Books, 2016.

"Greek Athletics and the Arts."  Slide lecture scheduled for the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival, Feb. 11, 2006.

"Jain Heirs: Or, The Real Gymnosophists, Their Thoughts, Their Legacy."  Clothed with the Sun, vol. 6, no. 4 (Winter 1986-87).  pp. 71-74.

"The Real Olympics: Education for Godlike Display."  Art Follows Nature series.  Naturally, no. 6 (Summer, 1992).  pp. 11-13.
 Expanded in Paul LeValley.   Art Follows Nature: A Worldwide History of the Nude.  Berkeley: Edition One Books, 2016.


    Part 2--Articles on Tallahassee Naturally's annual College Greek Athletic Meet (excluding routine announcements).

* "Greek Athletics."  Catalog of Courses.  Center for Participant Education [CPE], Tallahassee, FL.  Summer 1989.

* Daniel Oberle.  "Like Naked People?  Sports?  Nude Olympics This Weekend."  The Florida Flambeau, April 12, 1996.  p. 5.

* Angela Garcia.  "Nudist Colony to Host Authentic Olympics."  The Independent Florida Alligator.  April 12, 1996.

* Matt Rogers.  "Matt Gets 'Nekked' with Tallahassee Bare Devils."  The TCC Talon. April 26, 1996.

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Revised Jan. 2017

Solid Facts and Scientific Research
--compiled by Paul Bowman
with additional citations by Paul LeValley

We need more studies using solid scientific methodology, like these:

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Comment from Paul LeValley:
    Let me echo this appeal by mentioning again that one of the dirty little secrets of Fundamentalists is their high divorce rate.  Studies in the 1960s showed a lower-than-average divorce rate among nudists at that time.  We are probably beating the Religious Right at their own family values game, but don't have recent numbers to prove it.
    When I put together Naturists: Upholders of Strong Family Values, I cited only solid research.  (Well, there was one exception with a headline too good to pass up.)  The point was that the opposition had not even a shred of evidence.  I ruled out a few studies because they appeared in sex research journals whose titles would raise more alarms than the research would calm.  That left only the following short list of factual documents (in order of citation):

1.  Gallup Poll, June 1983.

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An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Nude Art
(listed chronologically within each category)
by Paul LeValley

    Other books contain lots of nude art.  These are devoted exclusively to that topic.


Wilhelm Hausenstein.  Der nackte Mensch in der Kunst aller Zeiten und Volker. Munich: R. Riper & Co., 1913.  [The book is in two parts.  Some later editions published only one of the parts under this same title.]
    Unjustly neglected, this book pioneered the study of nude art--including a few examples from India, Japan, the Arab world, and Africa.  Never translated, it is accessible only to those who can read German.  Black-and white illustrations.

Paul LeValley.  Art Follows Nature: A Worldwide History of the Nude.  Berkeley: Edition One Books.  2016.
    This is the first book on nude art by a nudist.  It includes Egypt, India, China-Japan, classical Greece-Rome, the Middle East, American Indians, Africa, and the Pacific—plus every period of Western art.  The chapters appeared for 20 years as columns in Naturally magazine.  This is the first comprehensive nude art book in full color.


Clark, Kenneth.  The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form. 1953 A. W. Mellon Lecture in the Fine Arts.  Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972.
    In an otherwise magnificent book tracing nude Greek forms in Renaissance and later art, Clark on the very first page made a distinction between nakedness (which he considered pitiful), and the nude (which is high art).  Few naturists would agree.  But for fifty years, everybody has been quoting Clark.  It is an important study.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Margaret Walters.  The Nude Male: A New Perspective.  New York: Paddington Press, 1978.
    Walters concentrated on the neglected male nude--as seen from a woman's viewpoint.  It added a new dimension to the discussion.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Michael Gill.  Image of the Body: Aspects of the Nude.  New York: Doubleday, 1989.
    Gill extended the topic into 20th-century abstraction and fragmentation, where no one had gone before.  Black-and-white illustrations.


Bram Dijkstra.  Naked: The Nude in America.  New York: Rizzoli, 2010.
    While most books concentrate on Europe, with hardly a mention of American Art, Dijkstra discovered many forgotten national treasures.  And he showed them in full color (sometimes pages away from their discussion).


Gisella M. A. Richter.  Kouroi: Archaic Greek Youths: A Study of the Development of the Kouros Type in Greek Sculpture.  London: The Phaidon Press, 1960.
    This is THE scholarly study of the stiff early Greek statues of male nudes.  Black-and-white illustrations all at the back of the book.

Margaret Miles.  Carnal Knowing.  Boston: Beacon Press, 1989.
    After an informative chapter on the ancient tradition of nude Christian baptism, she turns to the many contradictory reactions of church leaders to the female body from the late Roman through medieval times.  With heavy documentation she argues that Christianity has strayed from its original message of body acceptance.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Leo Steinberg.  The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion, second expanded edition.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.
    Rejecting any easy answers, Steinberg argues that Renaissance painters of the baby Jesus emphasized his genitals to demonstrate that he was true man and true god.  He also touches on related subjects, such as Mary's bare breast.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Abigail Solomon-Godeau.  Male Trouble: A Crisis in Representation.  London: Thames and Hudson.  1997.
    She tries to explain--not always convincingly--why people in the nineteenth century preferred younger, softer male nudes than in previous centuries.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Exposed: The Victorian Nude.  ed. Allison Smith.  New York: Watson-Guptil Publications, 2001.
    This is an exhibition catalog from a period with more nudes than we might think.  Large color illustrations with explanations.

Linda Nochlin.  Bathers, Bodies, Beauty: The Visceral Eye.  Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2006.
    These heavy chapters are based on the six Charles Eliot Norton Lectures given by the author in 2004.  Concentrating especially on Renoir, she makes the mistake of thinking swimsuits had been around for a long time.  Color and black-and-white illustrations.

Richard Leppert.  The Nude: The Cultural Rhetoric of the Body in the Art of Western Modernity.  Boulder: Westview Press, 2007.
    Not a naturist book—the author sees sex everywhere.  But he makes some valid points, and skewers nutty theories about nineteenth- and early 20th-century art.  Black-and-white illustrations.


Anne Hollander.  Seeing through Clothes.  New York: Viking Press, 1978.
    Mostly a history of clothing, the book does show many nude paintings.  But she regards clothing as the normal human state.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Janet Hobhouse.  The Bride Stripped Bare: The Artist and the Female Nude in the Twentieth Century.  New York: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1988.
    She demonstrates how the biographies of the male artist and the female model intertwine.  A mix of color and black-and-white illustrations.

Gill Saunders.  The Nude: A New Perspective.  Cambridge: Harper & Row, 1989.
    She argues that nudes all too often fall into stereotypes of active male, passive female, or conversely, woman as raw nature and man as creator of culture.  Mostly black-and-white illustrations.

Lynda Nead.  The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity, and Sexuality.  London: Routledge, 1992.
    She sees the female nude as an ideal, now sinking into obscenity.  Black-and-white illustrations.

Monica Bohm-Duchen.  The Nude.  Themes in Art Series.  London: Scala Books, 1992.
    This is an overpriced little diatribe on female nudes.  There is no pleasing this woman; she regards pretty female nudes as degrading, and unpretty female nudes as misogynist.  Color pictures.

Germaine Greer.  The Beautiful Boy [also published as The Boy].  New York: Rizzoli, 2003.
    This is more an appreciation of young men than a study of art—which she uses as evidence.  Tiny print, but lots of color illustrations.


Edward Lucie-Smith.  The Body: Images of the Nude.  London: Thames and Hudson, 1981.
    Some lesser-known beautiful examples--large color pictures.

The Male Nude: A Modern View.  ed. Edward Lucie-Smith.  London: Sarema Press, 1985.
    Catalog of an exhibition of modern art--this time all males.  Large color illustrations.

Deirdre Robson.  The Art of the Nude.  New York: Shooting Star Press, 1995.
    A brief collection of selected nudes, with a short explanation of each.  Color illustrations.

Miniature Nudes on Stamps, Coins, and Other Collectables


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American Nudist Research Library Newsletter,  Jan. 2019.  pp. 1-4.


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Henry David Thoreau

    A lot of people were rediscovering Thoreau in the 1960s.  The American Nudist Research Library has these magazine articles:

Austin, Thomas D.  "Thoreau, the First Hippie."  Ankh, 1.4 (Spring 1968).  pp. 12-21.

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    Thoreau also gets serious mention in the juvenile movie, My Side of the Mountain (1969).  Inspired by the great man's example, a 13-year-old boy provides for himself in the wilderness—which of course includes skinny-dipping (though filmed from a distance).  For a review, see:

LeValley, Paul.  "Survival in the Wilderness."  The Bulletin, Dec. 2017.  p. 31.

Miscellaneous Reading Recommendations
--Carl Hild

    The Spring 08 issue of Censorship News, the newsletter of the National Coalition Against Censorship, has a piece on “The Ultimate Taboo” on virtual child pornography, and it talks about the concerns of nude baby pictures and what is the “promotion” of such materials.  The May 19th Supreme Court decision could be read to include anyone who provides information about children and being nude or “Overzealous prosecutors who equate child nudity with pornography have charged parents and grandparents with crimes for taking pictures of their children in the bath, and charged academics for doing online research on erotic art.”

    Robin Baker.  Bird navigation: The solution to a Mystery?  New York: Holmes and Meir Publications. 1984.  The author’s research team conducted some of their work at a naturist club near Manchester, England to assess that those without clothes or with light cotton clothing could determine geomagnetic north better than those wearing synthetic clothing.

    Jacqueline Schoemaker Holmes.  (2006).  “Bare Bodies, Beaches, and Boundaries: Abjected Outsiders and Rearticulation at the Nude Beach.  Sexuality & Culture 10(4)29-53.

    Pamela King.  “‘My image to be made all naked:’ Cadaver Tombs and the Commemoration of Women in Fifteenth-Century England.”  The Ricardian, Volume XIII (2003).  pp. 294-314.

    Pau Obrador-Pons.  (2007).  “A Haptic Geography of the Beach: Naked Bodies, Vision and Touch.”  Social & Cultural Geography 8(1)123-141.

    Will Rogers.  There’s Not a Bathing Suit in Russia & Other Bare Facts.  New York: Albert & Charles Boni, 1927.  (Pages 130-133 have the piece on river bathing in Moscow with a cartoon by Herb Roth who illustrated the book).

    Jane and Michael Stern.  “A Reporter at Large––Decent Exposure.”  The New Yorker, March 19, 1990.  pp. 73-98.

Bibliography:  Rob Boyte

    Starting in 1989, Rob wrote articles in the Nude Attitude series, which appeared in a variety of naturist publications.  In 1995, he privately published a collection of those articles.  Many include his own drawings or photographs.  Rob has taken the lead in pointing out to museums and informative magazines that most of the people in their prehistoric diorama displays and paintings should be nude.

    * Starred articles can be read in full on Rob's web site.


"Buying Sunlight in the Sunshine State (Nude Attitude)."  Naturally, no. 7 (Fall 1992).  p. 25.  (with photo).

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* "Nude Attitude--Couch Part III."  Naturally, no. 6 (Summer 1992).  p. 25.

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* "Clothes-Minded Revisionists"
Nude & Natural 25.2 (2005) pp. 36-37.

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"Rob's Review--Trick's a Real Treat."  The Naturist Gay-zette, vol. 5, no. 3 (Fall 1999).  p. 45.

"Rob's Nude Review of 'Supernova.'"  The Slime Trail, Spring 2000.  SLUGS: Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies, WA.

"'Starship Troopers' Portrays Body Acceptance."  TSMN Natural Times, Dec. 1997.  Tri-State Metro Naturists, NJ, NY, PA.

Bibliography: Indira Devi

    From 1950 to 1954, several American nudist magazines printed lively articles by a young woman from India, who signed as Indira Devi (probably a pen name).  Then the articles suddenly stopped.  What had happened?  Probably marriage to a man who disapproved.  There was a letter to the editor three years later—then total silence.  In that final letter, she listed her address as Motihari, a medium-sized town north of Patna, near the Nepalese border.

    No one in India seems to know who she was, or whether she is still living.  It is clear from her writing that she hung out with well-to-do young ladies (both Indian and European) who had plenty of leisure time and were open to experimentation with nude bathing.  But it is her writing on nudity in the primitive tribes of India that remain the best on the topic to this day.

"Aboriginal Tribes of India."  American Nudist Leader, 31 (1953).  pp. 8-9, 18-19.  Reprinted in Nude World, 1 (1962).  pp. 16-19.

"Great Possibilities for Nudism in India."  Sun and Health, 14.1 (Jan. 1950).  pp. 4-5.

“History Repeats” [Krishna].  American Nudist Leader 30 (1953).  pp. 4-9.  Reprinted in Nude World, 5 (Dec. 1962).  pp. 42-44.

“An Ideal Place of Worship.”  American Nudist Leader, 27 (1952).  pp. 18-19.

"Idol Worship."  Sun and Health, International Edition, 15.1-2 (1951). pp. 27.

"The Nagas of India."  Sunbathing for Health, 8.7 (Dec. 1954).  pp. 24-25, 30-31, 33.

 "News from India of 6000 Naked People Bathing in a Congregation."  Sunbathing for Health, 8.2 (July 1954). p. 31.

“Out of the Past.”  [Letter]  Modern Sunbathing, June 1957.  p. 3.

"The Unconscious Nudists."  Sun and Health, International Edition, 15.12 (1951).  pp. 4-6.  Continued in 16.1 (1952).  pp. 20, 26.

Bibliography: Marvin Frandsen

The full text of each article listed below is now available online.  For this same bibliography with live links, go to http://www.free11.org/PRSIG/FrandsenList.pdf

Section 1: Newsletter Essays & Legal Updates

1996.03.00.What a Year & Greek Naturists.PC.pdf
1996.05.00.The Courts, the Naturist Cause & Dinero.PC.Frandsen.pdf
1996.06.00.Supreme Court, Free Speech & Radical Right.PC.Frandsen.pdf
1996.07.00.Re Playalinda Arrests.Letter to Editor, NewsOb.Frandsen.pdf
1996.09.00.Courts Meet CFN & Vice Versa.LegalScene.pdf
1996.10.00.Effects of Success.LegalScene.pdf
1996.11.00.Free Speech vs. People's Republic of CNS.LegalScene.pdf

1997.00.00.Case Update for FANR Newsletter.Frandsen.pdf
1997.01.00.Naturist Legal Update for the New Year.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.02.00.Bad Stuff & Good Things.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.07.00.As the Pivot Turns.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.08.00.On Overturning the Supreme Court.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.09.00.Kristina Davis & Beyond.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.10.00.Top(ic)-less in Melbourne.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1997.11.00.Naturists & the Permit(ed) Word (draft).LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf

1998.02.00.By the Time You Read This, It Will Be Obsolete.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.03.00.Pessimism & the Courts.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.04.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.04.00.Group Action & Ends of Power.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.05.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.06.09.Jet Skis vs. aircraft at CNS.Letter to Editor.Frandsen.pdf
1998.07.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.08.00.Cases Update - F1, F2, Permit, Palm, CFN v. Williams.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.08.00.Political Raspberries From & To a Brevard Circuit Judge.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.10.00.Cases Update - F1, F2, Palm, Sosnow.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.10.00.Great Canaveral Complaints Scam.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.11.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1998.11.00.Spinning the Elections '98.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1998.12.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf

1999.01.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.01.00.Goals & Wishes for 1999.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.03.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.03.00.FOIA Results for 1998.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.06.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.06.00.Does Naturist Litigation make a Difference.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.07.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.07.00.Dark Secrets of Concurrent Jurisdiction at CNS, 1985-1993.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.09.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.09.00.Deja Vu All Over Again.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.10.00.Naked Truth about the Case of the Naked Scientist.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.10.00.Sosnow & Other Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.11.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
1999.12.00.Legal Nude Year in New Millenium.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
1999.12.00.Update on CFN v.  Williams.CW.Frandsen.pdf

1999.Winter.The Great Canaveral Complaints Scam.FANR.Frandsen.pdf
Short Legal Scene column published in the FANR (now AANR-Florida) newsletter,
Winter 1999.  Essay and case study of how a political mugging is carried out against
naturists by opponents of nonsexual nudity.

2000.02.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.02.28.Intro to Canaveral National Seashore.Buzz.Frandsen.pdf
2000.03.00.1999 CNS Complaints & Tourism Data.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2000.03.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.04.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.05.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.06.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.07.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.07.00.Publicity & Survival.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2000.08.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.09.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.10.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.11.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.12.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2000.08.00.Tidbits from History - The Way We Were.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2000.09.00.Is Public Nudity Legal in Florida.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2000.09.04.Is Public Nudity Legal in Florida.Buzz.Frandsen.pdf
2000.10.00.CFN & BEACHES.LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2000.12.07.Female Dress & Female Civil Rights (scan).Buzz.Frandsen.pdf

2001.01.00.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2001.01.21.Case Updates - F#2, 1A, Palm, Permit.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2001.02.10.Case Updates.web.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2001.06.27.Case Updates - 1A, TF10, DEP.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2001.10.29.Case Updates - 1A, TF10, DEP etc..CW.Frandsen.pdf

2002.01.14.Judges Overrule State Constitutional Amendment.Buzz.Frandsen.pdf
2002.03.22.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2002.04.01.Bare Progress.Law&Rights.Buzz.Frandsen.pdf
2002.05.00.Nude Up North (Visit to Ft.  Monmouth).LegalScene.Frandsen.pdf
2002.10.26.Case Updates - 1A, TF10 etc..CW.Frandsen.pdf

2003.01.13.Case Updates.CW.Frandsen.pdf
2003.06.00.News Flash 1678 (short).Buzz.Frandsen.pdf

2004.06.02.Federal Appeals Courts Overrule Supreme Court Nudity Decisions.Buzz.Frandsen.pdf
Draft legal column for the Beach Buzz examines the evolution of constitutional law regarding First Amendment protections for (or lack thereof) since the famous Barnes case, with a surprising conclusion.

Section 2: Special Essays, Letters etc.

2000.00.00.Naturists and the Permit[ted] Word in America, 1915-98.N.17.4.Frandsen.pdf
Comprehensive essay on the history of free speech and naturists in America.  Naturists have actually had a major impact on First Amendment law since the early 20th century.  Published in Nude & Natural magazine.  (Scanned hardcopy, 24.1 MB).

2001.02.00.Galileo & Naturism - His First Heresy.N 20.3.Frandsen.pdf (4.1 MB)
Discussion of Against the Donning of the Gown, an essay in verse by the youthful Galileo Galilei.  It turns out the young academic Galileo wrote the first naturist essay in European history, in verse, during his first academic appointment.  In the year 2000 this gem was rediscovered and translated into English by the head of the Italian space program and noted by the British scientific journal Nature.

2001.09.00.List of Naturist Science Books & Dissertations (scan).Frandsen.pdf
A list of books & dissertations on topics of interest to the social science of nudity.

2001.09.29.Bibliography For Court.Frandsen.pdf
List of naturist social science sources.  Intended to buttress legal arguments against adverse secondary effects.  Note actual court use requires expert witness testimony of sources.  For now it is simply a resource list.

2002.05.08.Naturist Science Summary Notes.Frandsen.pdf
Notes & quotes on naturist history and social science from a wide variety of sources - books, newspapers, journals, case law, internet pubs, etc..  (>700 kB)

2003.07.09.Don't Ban Nudist Youth Camps!.IC.Frandsen!
Essay inspired by Congressional House Rep.  Foley’s brief but famous crusade against nudist youth camps being held in Florida.  Rep.  Foley later became the subject of a scandal involving young male pages.  (2 MB)
Still published on line by Intellectual Conservative

2007.09.16.Why CFN Is Going Naked.cfn.web.Frandsen.pdf
A look at the business model of naturist clubs and how it should change in the 21st century.

2007.09.18.Naturist Resistance at Canaveral National Seashore.cfn.web.Frandsen.pdf
A comprehensive if admittedly incomplete history of the big picture of naturist resistance to repeated attempts to shut down nude recreation at Canaveral National Seashore.  (6 MB)

Section 4: Naturism & Religion

0000.Naturism & the Judeo-Christian Tradition (scan).Letter to Legislators.Frandsen.pdf
A short and goal oriented summary of why Christianity does not conflict with naturism.  (2.7 MB)

2005.12.31.Naturism and the Judeo-Christian Tradition.web.Frandsen.pdf
A thorough look at the Bible and Jewish and Christian tradition to show that Judaism and Christianity does not conflict with Naturism.  Makes the claim that the apostles/disciples practiced naturism and Jesus preached naturist ideals.  Considers objections made from Biblical texts.  (171 kB)
Also posted online at http://www.free11.org/JCN

Section 5: Naturist FOIA Reports, Tourism Studies etc.

1995.03.28.Frandsen Address to TItusville City Council + Worksheet (scan).pdf(1 MB)
Speeches given to Titusville City Council which resulted in a resolution against the imminent Brevard County anti-nudity ordinance.

1995.03.19.Playalinda License Plate Study #1 (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(0.5 MB)
First look at naturist vs.  textile populations at Playalinda Beach by counting license plates and noting location.  This approach was actually first suggested by a Titusville city council person.

1995.04.09.Playalinda License Plate Study #2 (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf (1.4 MB)
1996.11.03.Playalinda License Plate Study #3 (Scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf (0.5 MB)
1996.11.05.CNS FOIA Report for 1995.04 - 1996.10 (complaints)(scan).CFN.Frandsen.pdf (< 0.2 MB)

1997.10.27.CNS (NAC) FOIA Report for 1995-1997.5.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(1.1 MB)
1997.09.02.NPS Figures for Attendance @ CNS, 1991-1997 (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(0.5 MB)

1998.01.12.CNS Tourism 1992-1997.Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf!(0.08 MB)
1998.01.12.Effect of Brevard County Anti-Nudity Ordinance on Tourism @ CNS  (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(5 MB)
1998.05.09.CNS FOIA Report for 1997.01-1998.03 (scan).CFN.Frandsen.pdf( 0.6 MB)

1999.03.20.1998 CNS Complaints & Tourism Data (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(1.1 MB)
1999.03.20.CNS FOIA Report for 1998 (scan).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(1.1 MB)
1999.07.05.Playalinda License Plate Study #4 (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 1 MB)

2000.03.18.1999 CNS Complaints & Tourism Data (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 1 MB)
2000.03.18.CNS FOIA Report for 1999 (scan).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 1 MB)
2000.06.11.Analysis of Public Comments re NPS Apollo Beach Plan (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 1 MB)

2001.06.15.2000 CNS Complaints & Tourism Data (scan).Memo.CFN.Frandsen2.pdf(1.4 MB)
2001.06.15.CNS FOIA Report for 2000 (e-).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.1 MB)

2004.01.02.CNS FOIA Report for 2001-2002 (e-).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.2 MB)
2004.09.27.CNS FOIA Report for 2003 (scan).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(1.4 MB)

2005.05.08.CNS FOIA Report for 2004 v.  1.1 (e-).CFN.Frandsen.pdf!(< 0.2 MB)

2006.04.30.CNS FOIA Report for 2005 (e-).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.2 MB)

2007.09.01.CNS FOIA Report for 2006 (e-).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.2 MB)

2008.09.27.CNS FOIA Report for 2007 (e-2).CFN.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.2 MB)

Section 6: Legal Memos, Essays & Letters

0000.00.00.The Path of Pro Se.Frandsen.pdf(< 0.1 MB)
Essay on the journey of representing yourself in court.  Date & publication unknown.

1996.00.00.Adverse Secondary Effects.Essay from LRM.pdf(< 0.2 MB)
~1996 essay on the issue of adverse secondary effects of public nudity.  Intended to be a thought piece for future legal use.

1996.03.31.Letter to Rainbow Tribe - FL nudity law, color of law etc.Letter.Frandsen->Rainbow.pdf (1.1 MB)
Letter regarding legal issues raised by misuse of Florida’s state nudity law, §800.03, against Rainbow Tribe people by local law enforcement.  I was wrong about §800.03, Florida Statutes being a sex offender crime, but as a first degree misdemeanor it can still be a problem.

1999.06.26.Rethinking Jurisdiction.Memo.Frandsen.pdf(7.3 MB)
Legal memo about the conundrum of country laws and criminal jurisdiction at the federally managed Canaveral National Seashore, Florida.

1999.07.01.CFN 1st Amendment Case Denied Supreme Court Review.cfn.web.Frandsen.pdf
CFN web post regarding conclusion of State v. Frandsen #1.

2000.06.00.NPS Permit Scheme Ruled Facially Unconstitutional.cfn.web.Frandsen.pdf
Web post on the story of winning against the National Park Service permit scheme in federal court.

2001.02.00.Female Dress and Female Civil Rights (Essay).cfn.web.Frandsen.pdf
Essay on the relevance of topfree rights to substantive civil rights.

Section 7: May It Please the Court: Legal Briefs, Motions & Opinions

2000.05.25.United States v.  Frandsen, 212 F.3d 1231, 2000.C11.0042315 (11th Cir.  2000.05.25).pdf
Final opinion issued by the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on the constitutionality of the National Park Service permit scheme regulating First Amendment activities.  (63 KB)

Section 8: Extra, Extra - History & Miscellaneous

1979.00.00.Free Beaches Sun.California.pdf (20 MB)
First 16 pages of “before there was Clothed With the Sun” address the near-designation of clothing optional beaches in California and the ultimate establishment of the Cahill Policy.  Also an excellent column on how to influence government.

Bibliography I:
Thomas T. Hargrove

    Thomas T. Hargrove, Ph.D. was, in the early 1960s, a pioneer in writing about nudity in early civilizations.  But how much of his stuff should be believed?  In my study of Alexander the Great and the Gymnosophists of India, I never came across the story Hargrove tells.  Likewise, Hargrove quoted a Maya priest named Atahualpa.  Now why should a Mayan priest have the same name as an Inca emperor thousands of miles away?  That seemed odd.  Hargrove claimed as his source Bartolomeo de Las Casas, who wrote many books about the Mayas.  I have not read them, so I asked an expert in that field who belongs to this SIG.  He had never come across the nudity claims Hargrove was making.

    Hargrove was not the first to claim Egyptian pharaoh Aknenaten and Nefertiti as nudists.  A year earlier, the otherwise good scholar, Enrico S. Molnar (writing under one of his many pen names as Henry de Horatev) had looked at reliefs of the royal family with their nude daughters worshiping a sun god.  Not realizing that Egyptian children had always gone nude, he mistakenly concluded that any sun worshiping families must be nudists.  No proof of that claim has ever been found.

    So, should everything Hargrove wrote be dismissed as trash?  Not necessarily.  He seemed to know what he was writing about when he used Latin or Italian sources.  It appears that he was a narrow specialist who let his imagination get carried away when he wandered too far from his areas of expertise.  He did not last long in nudist publications.  I'm not sure why.

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"The Permissive Psychology of the Polynesians."  [Gauguin]  International Jaybird 3/1.3 (Fall 1966).  pp. 25-27.

Bibliography: George R. Harker

    George Harker, well known professionally as Dr. Leisure, has done a great deal of expert witness testimony in behalf of nude recreation.  If anyone has illusions of making a living at this, Dr. Leisure writes:
    My basic advice regarding those wanting to be an expert witness in this field is don't bother. There is very little demand and much less support. The Naturist Society and the American Association of Nude Recreation seldom put their money where their mouth is.  In general they don't have a clue as to the social dynamics going on with regard to nude beaches and the public's attitude toward same.

    Besides testifying and writing, Dr. Leisure has also published books by others.  His vita includes many articles on wildlife and park management--an important part of his credentials.  This shortened list contains only his naturist activities:


"Nude Bathing, No Controversy," Parks and Recreation, pages 58-61, August 1987.

"Paradox in Paradise," Clothed with the Sun, pages   ,  Summer 1988.

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The Mostly True life Adventures of Dr. Leisure Vol. II ISBN 1-887471-08-1, Dr. Leisure 1998, 345 pages.


"What is the Value of A Nude Beach?" www.drleisure.com/ValueNudeBeach.html   1999.

"Is It Legal to be Nude on a Nude Beach in Hawaii?" <www.drleisure.com/SupremeHawaii.html>   October 2000

"How to Photograph a Nude Wedding for National TV in Hawaii" <www.drleisure.com/nudephotowed.html>   November 2000


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"Trends in Nude Recreation," at a CLE national legal symposium "Non Sexual Nudity: Threat or Benign" Florida International University, North Miami Beach, FL  October 9-11, 1998.


Prepared affidavit: Craft v. Hodel (1988) United States District Court, District of Massachusetts. (page 96 Recreational Nudity and the Law) Craft v. Hodel (1988) United States District Court, District of Massachusetts 683 F.Sup. 289 (D.Mass. 1988),

Testified at public administrative hearing regarding State Park Regulations, Hawaii, November 1989. The hearings derived out of Peter Rowley's suit against the State of Hawaii. State v. Rowley (1988) Supreme Court of Hawaii 70 Haw. 135,74 P.2d 1233 (1988),

Testified to the Board of the Department of Land and Natural Resources at Hilo, Hawaii, January 1990.

Gave deposition: The Naturist Society, Inc. and T.A. Wyner v Fillyaw (1990) United States District Court, S.D. Florida, Fort Lauderdale Div. (page 109 Recreational Nudity and the Law) The Naturist Society, Inc., and T.A. Wyner v. Fillyaw (1990) United States District Court, S.D. Florida, Fort Lauderdale Div. 736 F.Supp 1103 (S.D. Fla. 1990) Remanded, 958 F.2d 1515 (11th Cir. 1992) On remand, 858 F.Supp. 1559 (S.D. Fla. 1994)

Testified as expert witness, New York:  People v. David (1989), City of Rochester (New York)  Appellate judge cites testimony of Dr. Harker as basis for overturn of convictions by lower court. (See page 105 in Recreational Nudity and the Law.) People v David (1989) City Court of Rochester (New York) 146 Misc.2d 115, 549 N.Y.S.2d 564 (City Ct. 1989) Rev'd, 152 Misc.2d 66, 585 N.Y.S.2d 149 (County Ct. 1991),

Consultation with National Park Service regarding Playalinda National Seashore May 1, 1995. Frank Catroppa, Regional Office of National Park Service, Atlanta, Georgia.

Not allowed to testify: People v. Davis,  May 21, 1996. Judge Philip Fougerousse, Rockledge, FL., will not hear the expert testimony of any of three expert witnesses brought to Florida to testify on behalf of Davis. Davis was charged with breast exposure in violation of Brevard County ordinance.

Testified as expert witness:   People v. Stillmeyer,  September 26, 1996. Erin Stillmeyer was charged with exposure of her breast on a nude beach under the Brevard County ordinance. Apparently she was asleep on her back on the beach. She was awakened and charged with violation of the county nudity ordinance. Dr. Harker was accepted as an expert by Judge Kenneth Freidland.

Prepared to testify as expert witness: United States of America vs. Leo F. Rodriguez, Citation Number: PO 32076. June 25, 1998 in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii. Issue was creation of NPS prohibition of nudity and nude sunbathing in Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park.

Bibliography: Naturist Publications by Carl M. Hild, PhD.

Theatrical Play

Who dis Nudist? Or A Case of Robe versus Disrobe.  (Also Who’s This Nudist?) by John T. Beavin & Carl Marshall Hild (1979)--a two-act comedy with music dedicated to Earl and Lucille Hansen, owners of Circle H Ranch.  Only a handful of copies exist, although it is copyrighted.


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Dissertation  (contains reference to how the human body perceives place, and that direct contact enhances the capacity)
        Hild, C.M. (2007). Engaging Inupiaq values in land management for health through an action research appreciative inquiry process. Dissertation for Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco, CA. http://www.ichs.uaa.alaska.edu/projects/reports/hild.pdf

Editorial Commentary

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“Long before…”  N 26.1 (2006).  p.5.  (With Vicki Hild, mention of nude activities of Medieval pilgrims and some recent advertisements about how woman can look nearly naked beneath their clothes and wear a product that covers their nipples so the contour does not appear).

    I wish I had access to Clothed with the Sun volumes 1-8 to be able to check them, as I know there were other letters that I submitted.  Also the old ASA Bulletin had a few as well, but they are long since gone from my collection. Too many moves during the 70s and 80s.

Bibliography: Sully Leopold

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Bibliography: Major Naturist Articles by Paul LeValley

    This seems a good moment to pause and gather up the scattered articles that have been published across four continents.  I didn't realize there were over 200 of them.

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The Many Pen Names of Enrico S. Molnar
--Cec Cinder and Paul LeValley

    This report results from joint detective work a few years ago by Cec Cinder and me.  Cec did 95% of the work, and I contributed about 5%.  (I like those proportions.)  Some years later, I found several more articles at the ANRL.

    When I began researching the Gymnosophists, or naked philosophers of ancient India, I went to the American Nudist Research Library to see what naturist authors may have already written about holy nudity in India.  Not much.  But I did keep running across one author's name: Henry DeHoratev.  He wrote about the Jains and other Indian groups, the Greek Olympics, early Christian heresies, and the Adamites of the early Renaissance.  Then I came upon a short dissertation about the Adamites by an Episcopal priest named Enrico S. Molnar.  The resemblance could not be denied.  Either the good father was a blatant plagiarist, or he and DeHoratev were the same person.

    I wrote to Cec about my discovery.  He had not heard of Molnar, but had just about concluded that DeHoratev and three other writers were the same person.  Now that I have read the other articles, I have to agree.  Back in the 1960s, it was not uncommon for nudist writers (especially nudist ministers) to use pen names.  But four or five of them?  We still don't know if Molnar was his real name, but it stands a better chance than any of the others, because it appeared in a church college context rather than a nudist magazine.  Government records show that Enrico S. Molnar died in 1999.

    This amazing man was almost the lone voice of historical scholarship in the first half-century of American nudist publications.  How has his work stood up?  His articles on ancient India and Greece have been surpassed only in recent years.  Cec and I both suspect that he got a little carried away on early Christian heretics; he detected nudity in places where we can find no clear proof.  But with his knowledge of Slavic languages, his research on the Adamites remains the best available anywhere.

    Cec compiled this bibliography of Molnar's writings under his many pen names.  It is organized first by pen name, then by publication name, then by date.

The Reverend Doctor Enrico S. Molnar
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More Information on Enrico S. Molnar, 1913-1999

    From about 1958 to about 1972, Enrico S. Molnar served as dean of Bloy Episcopal Seminary in Claremont, California.  He had already published three books on the Reformation in Bohemia.  From 1961 through 1967, he wrote dozens of articles in nudist magazines--all dealing with historical nudity, from the Greeks, to the Jains of India, to early Gnostics, to the Adamites.  But, like several other nudist writers of the time, he wrote under four pen names: Dr. Henry DeHoratev, Rev. Harry Dretheus, Dr. Henry LaTour, and Dr. Henry Selley (or Shelley).  Never before had serious historical research appeared in American nudist magazines.  Then in 1971, he wrote his dissertation on the Adamites of Bohemia--a study that remains unsurpassed forty years later.

    That was the last nudists ever heard of him.  Had he died?  No one knew.  Now a magazine article from an unknown source and unknown date has appeared on the Internet.  The title: "A New Order of Agapé According to St. Michael."  The author: Enrico S. Molnar.  He explained that late in 1971, he underwent a visionary experience that prompted him to give up his position, and create a new religious order for men and women, called the Order of Agapé and Reconciliation.  (Agapé is the Greek word for spiritual love.)  Internet searches do not make clear whether the order still exists.  At the time of his article, it was headquartered in the privately owned ghost town of Dunmovin, CA.  But the place did not live up to its name, and he later relocated the group to New Mexico.  There seem to have been local branches elsewhere.

    He began the article with some of his personal history:

    I am a priest of the Episcopal Church.  The last 14 years I was warden (which is an old Anglican name for the office of dean) of the Bloy Episcopal School of Theology in Claremont, Calif.  In addition to administrative duties I taught liturgies, comparative religions, ecumenical theology and as a visiting professor at the Claremont School of Theology, the Reformation in Slavic Countries.  In addition, I served my bishop as canon theologian in the diocese of Los Angeles.  On the national level I served the Episcopal Church as a member of the Joint Commission on Ecumenical Relations for six years, meeting with Orthodox and Roman Catholic theologians.  In January 1972, I was elected vice president of the Council of Churches in Southern California.

    Lest anyone think that I am saying all this to boast let me hasten to add that the above paragraph is simply to provide a frame of reference, to indicate that I have been an ordinary clergyman, fairly successful and that with this kind of background, like most seminary professors, I was somewhat critical of charismatic phenomena and paranormal manifestations.  I thoroughly enjoyed my work, wrote articles for theological journals, attended conferences in Oxford, Lisbon, Washington and so on.  In the 1950s I contributed an essay to the late Bishop James Pike's symposium, Modern Canterbury Pilgrims.  That was before Bishop Pike's interest in parapsychological phenomena.

    Now all this pursuit of a normal ecclesiastical career with tenure, seniority and fringe benefits has come to a sudden end.  During the last days of September 1971, I had a series of three visions.  As a result I resigned as warden of the school, gave up a good salary and although the trustees tried to persuade me to stay on, I have ventured into an entirely new kind of life.  If anyone had suggested to me, before that fatal September, that I do what I now am engaged in doing I would have told him, politely but firmly, to go jump in the lake.

Bibliography: Dan Oakley

This is a pen name.  For the author's true identity, click here.

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Bibliography: Theodore Orchards [Stuart Palmer]

    In 1957, in Roth v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that even pornography came under first amendment protection—if the publication also contained material "of redeeming social importance."  To avoid trouble with the post office, about half of the many editors of American nudist magazines in the 1960s made sure they included one scholarly article in each issue.  Nude art was the favorite topic.  And no late-sixties writer was more prolific on that subject than Theodore Orchards.

    Actually, he was a famous mystery novelist and short story writer named Stuart Palmer.  Many of his novels became movies featuring amateur detective Hildegarde Withers.  Theodore Orchards and Jay Stewart were pen names he used at various times in his career.  Once, his persona Jay Stewart rewrote an article originally published under the name of Theodore Orchards.  He wrote right up until his sudden death in 1968.

General Art History

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Bibliography: Anthony J. Papalas

    Anthony J. Papalas, Ph.D. has taught ancient history at the University of East Carolina since 1970, and written a few books.  Before that, he published half-a-dozen scholarly articles in nudist magazines.

"Caesar & the Roman Nudes."  Nude Image 4.4/16 (Jan.-Mar. 1969).  pp. 10-13.

"Naked Glories of History.  Continental Nudist 5.3/19 (Apr.-June 1968).  pp. 52-55.

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"Phallic Worship in Ancient Greece.  Ankh, 2.1 (Summer, 1968).  pp. 14-20.

Bibliography: Tom Pine's Movie Reviews

    For 19 years, Tom Pine edited The Naked Truth Newdsletter for people interested in a Christian naturist perspective.  He usually included a movie review.  And for the benefit of newcomers, he recycled some of the old ones three or four times.  Here are the dates of those reviews.

    Be aware that two other sets of naturist movie reviews can be found at:
Paul LeValley's reviews are posted on this site.
Tom covered many early nudist movies not on the other two lists.

Act Naturally.  May 2012.
Age of Consent.  Feb. 2017.
All of Me.  Mar. 2014, Aug. 2017.
Analog Roam.  Sept. 2005, Nov. 2015.
Anarchy TV: The Movie.  Dec. 2003.
Avatar.  May 2010.
Basic Instinct.  Mar. 2003, Sept. 2013.
The Beast that Killed Women.  Sept. 2002, Sept. 2004, Jan. 2018.
Black Snake Moan.  Oct. 2010.
Blaze Starr Goes Nudist.  Dec. 2000.
The Blind Side.  Mar. 2010.
Body Packaging.  Oct. 2004.
Boin-n-g.  July 2001.
The Book of Eli.  Feb. 2010.
The Bounty.  Nov. 2005.
The Bride.  June 2018,
Brother Sun, Sister Moon.  June 2004.
Cap d'Agde, Naked City.  Jan. 2005, Oct. 2012, Jan. 2014, Nov. 2015.
Carried Away.  Oct. 2005, Nov. 2012.
Castaway.  Aug. 2003, May 2013, July 2016, Feb. 2018.
Daughter of the Sun.  Apr. 2001.
Diary of a Nudist.  Mar. 2002, Aug. 2004, Nov. 2018.
Did You Hear About the Morgans?  June 2010.
The Door in the Floor.  Aug. 2008, Oct. 2014.
Educating Julie.  June 2017.
Elysia: Valley of the Nudes.  Oct. 2003, Jan. 2012.
Eyes Wide Shut.  May 2014.
The Emerald Forest.  Oct. 2002, Apr. 2017.
For Members Only.  Dec. 2004.
Forbidden Paradise.  June 2005.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Sept. 2008, Apr. 2014.
Fur.  Aug. 2005, June 2008, Apr. 2019.
Garden of Eden.  Dec. 2001, May 2017.
Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls.  Apr. 2002.
Girls Come Too.  Feb. 2002, Dec. 2017.
Girls Wet & Wild.  Aug. 2001.
Goldilocks and the Three Bares.  June 2001, July 2004.
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan.  May 2009.
Haunted.  Dec. 2018.
Have Figure, Will Travel.  Nov. 2004, Sept. 2017.
Hideout in the Sun.  Nov. 2000, May 2008.
I'm All Right, Jack.  Feb. 2004, Mar. 2015.
Jerry Springer: I Refuse to Wear Clothes!  Aug. 2011.
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love.  Mar. 2013.
The Kinsey Syndrome.  Sept. 2009.
The Last Picture Show.  Jan. 2004, Dec. 2012.
Liane, Jungle Goddess.  July 2013, Jan. 2015.
Lifeforce.  Nov. 2006.
Like WOW!  June 2014, Oct. 2017.
The Lovely Bones.  Apr. 2010.
Lullaby in Bareland.  Feb. 2001, Nov. 2017.
The Man Who Never Had a Girlfriend.  Oct. 2011, Feb. 2014, Nov. 2015.
The Monster of Camp Sunshine.  July 2002, Sept. 2004, Jan. 2018.
My Bare Lady.  Feb. 2005.
Naked as Nature Intended.  June 2000.
The Naked Complex.  Mar. 2005.
Naked Down Under: The New Zealand Experience.  Jan. 2003.
Naked in the 21st Century.  Aug. 2012, Dec. 2013, Nov. 2015.
The Naked Mile [not the American Pie version].  Jan. 2002.
Naked States.  Feb. 2004.
The Naked Venus.  July 2000, revised Aug. 2004, May 2006, May 2011, Mar. 2017, Nov. 2018.
Nature's Paradise.  Nov. 2002, July 2003.
Nature's Playmates.  May 2001.
Never Knowingly Overdressed.  June 2011.
The Notorious Bettie Page.  Jan. 2007.
The Nude Bomb.  Dec. 2002, Mar. 2015.
Nude Football/Nude Basketball.  Jan. 2001.
Nude Not.  Mar. 2001.
Nude on the Moon.  Oct. 2000.
The Nude Scrapbook.  May 2003.
Nude Yoga & Tai Chi.  Sept. 2000, Mar. 2012.
Nudes, Nudists, and Nudism.  Nov. 2014, Dec. 2014, Mar. 2018.
Nudes on Tiger Reef.  Aug. 2000.
Nudist Colony of the Dead.  Nov. 2001, Mar. 2015.
Nudist Life.  June 2002, Mar. 2019.
Oh! Calcutta!  Apr. 2005, Jan. 2013.
The Piano.  May 2002, Sept. 2014.
Rapa Nui.  Mar. 2006, Nov. 2011.
The Raw Ones.  Apr. 2018.
Raw Weekend.  Oct. 2013.
Ready to Wear.  July 2012, Oct. 2018.
Shangri-La.  June 2005, Feb. 2019.
SINderella and the Golden Bra.  July 2004.
Sirens.  June 2003, Feb. 2015.
Snap Decision.  Oct. 2001, Feb. 2013.
Sweet Bird of Aquarius.  Nov. 2013, Feb. 2015.
The Swimmer.  Mar. 2004, Mar. 2015.
Tarzan and His Mate.  June 2013, Jan. 2015, Sept. 2016.
Tarzan the Ape Man.  May 2009.
Tarzana, the Wild Girl.  Aug. 2013, Jan. 2015.
Taylor Camp.  Jan. 2019.
Totally Nude Aerobics.  June 2000, Mar. 2012.
The Unashamed.  Nov. 2003, Mar. 2011, Apr. 2011, Jan. 2012.
Vanishing Point [not the Belgian one].  Jan. 2006, June 2012.
Walkabout.  Apr. 2003
Wanderlust.  Sept. 2012, Feb. 2015.
The Wrestler.  Jan. 2009.
Youth.  Jan. 2017, Aug. 2018.                           

Bibliography:  Paul Rapoport

    None of us can match the long list of naturist publications by Paul Rapoport.  Of course, the facts that he edits the Canadian national nudist magazine, and is a spokesman for the Topfree Equal Rights Association both keep his name in print.

Publications and Lectures

6 books, over 450 reviews, and several dozen articles and lectures, mostly about music but including:

Article on breaking a nudity taboo in art. Nude & Natural, forthcoming.

Review of Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex by Judith Levine. Nude & Natural 22.1 (Fall 2002).

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“Barebreasted women: Exposing indecency?” 35 mins., illus. lect., Bellevue Community College, Bellevue Washington, June 1, 2001. Posted at <www.tera.ca/wash.html>, Summer 2001.

“It’s time for us to calm down about public nudity.” Hamilton Spectator, May 25, 2001.

“Topfree in Canada: An interview with TERA’s Paul Rapoport” (with Jim Meyer). Nude & Natural 20.3 (Spring 1999), 24-28.

Article about nudity in public media, Summer 2000. “Let’s lose nudity hangups” (Winnipeg Free Press, August 30), “Newspapers perpetuate old-fashioned myths about nudity” (Ancaster News, September 6), “You can’t show that!” (Toronto Globe and Mail, September 8), “When nudity is sensible and healthy” (Hamilton Spectator, September 8), and elsewhere.

Article about nudity in private photos, Spring 2000. “When a picture’s worth a thousand worries” (Hamilton Spectator, May 5), “Healthy nudity should not be a crime” (Ottawa Citizen, May 8), “Nude children only natural” (Montreal Gazette, May 10), “One photo can cause 1,000 worries” (Kitchener-Waterloo Record, May 15), “Is all nudity pornography?” (Ancaster News, May 24), and elsewhere.

“‘Topfreedom’ gaining ground.” Hamilton Spectator, March 1, 2000.

“Siting the naked body” 72 mins., illus. lect. for the photographic exhibit Century by Frank Cordelle, McMaster University, February 8, 2000. Posted at <www.fcn.ca/century.html>, Spring 2000.

“Why are we obsessed with breasts?” (review of A History of the Breast by Marilyn Yalom and Breasts: The women’s perspective on an American obsession by Carolyn Latteier). Nude & Natural 19.2 (Winter 1999), 72-73.

“Ontario leads the way for Canadian naturism in 1999.” Nude & Natural, 18.4 (Summer 1999), 110-14.

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“Canadian TV network pulls positive naturist segment.” Nude & Natural Newsletter, January 1998, [4].

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“Ontario city drops breast bylaw.” Nude & Natural Newsletter, November 1997, [4].

‘Topfree bathing rights will liberate us all.” Kitchener-Waterloo Record, June 6, 1997.

“Hamilton should just accept topless court ruling.” Hamilton Spectator, June 3, 1997.

“Taking it all off, the natural way.” Toronto Globe & Mail, September 4, 1996.


The following are from the Canadian magazine Going Natural.

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“Topfree Rights and the Law.” Going Natural, 12:3 (Fall 1997), 10.

“Topfree equality: The case of Fatima Pereira Henson.” Going Natural, 12:2 (Summer 1997), 4-5.

Other Recent Activities

Course (seminar), “Body, Sex, and Gender in 20th-Century Operas,” McMaster University, 1999-2000 and 2000-01.

Advisor to several upper level undergraduate art students, including one doing body painting and projections, 2001-02.

Editor and Producer, The Spirit of Lady Godiva (book by Harvey). Chelsea MI: Anecdote Productions. xvi, 264 (pp.), 2002.

Operator of and major contributor to the website www.tera.ca, an information site for the Topfree Equal Rights Association, with news, articles, legal opinions, editorials, and photos about bare breasts in public (since 1997).

Bibliography: Robert Reitman

    For two years, from 1967 to 1969, many articles on the nude in art history appeared under the name of Robert Reitman.  Nobody seems to know who he was, or if this was his real name.

"Art & the Realistic Nudes." [Renaissance]  Nude Image 4.4/20 (Jan.-Mar. 1969).  pp. 38-41.

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"Valadon: Artist and Model."  Flesh Tones, 2.4/8 (Summer 1967).  pp. 10-15.

Bibliography: Joseph Charles Salak

    Here we have an author of slightly shifting name.  As early as 1949, he wrote one article on nude art.  In 1952, he published a small book on Lady Godiva  Then, after a long silence, he wrote in an amazing variety of nudist magazines for a few years in the mid-1960s.  Non-nudists still quote him on his definition of education: that which enables you to describe a pretty girl without using your hands.

Salak, Joseph Charles.  "Nudity in Art and Literature."  International Sun and Health, 13.5 (May 1949) [Denmark].  p. 17.

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Salak, Joseph Charles.  "Those Naked Savages Aren't."  Sun Cot, 4 (n.d.).  pp. 27-43.

Conference Presentations by Sandra Schroer

"It's Nude Not Lewd: The Celebration of Sex and Sexual Being in Social Nudism."  American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA., August 2001.

"Completely Immersed and Totally Exposed: Sexuality in Social Nudism."  The Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA., August 2001.

"What Nudists Know: Notes on the Social Organization of Clothing."  Third Annual Conference on Ethnography, Loyola University of Chicago, February 2001.

"Fear of the Body."  The Association Forum, Fear in Society (Interdisciplinary Conference), Western Michigan University, October 2000.

"The Disabled Nudist: Getting Beyond the Body."  The Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting, Washington DC, August 2000.

"What is Social Nudism?"  Adrian College Human Sexuality Course, annual presentation 1995-2001.

Bibliography: Mark Storey

Naturist Books:

Cinema au Naturel: A History of Nudist Films (author) (Oshkosh, WI: NEF, 2003).

Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays (editor) (Ancaster, ON: Heureka Productions, 2005).

The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts (co-author) (Bristol, UK: Lifestyle Press and Oshkosh, WI: TNS, 2007).

Naturist Travel:

“Sorobon on Bonaire,” Nude & Natural 17.2 (1997): 76-81.

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Marilyn D. Story

    As a professor of Home Economics at the University of Northern Iowa, Dr. Story conducted some of the most academically sound research on naturism--especially its fine effects on children.  An automobile accident cut short her scholarly career.

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Book Reviews
by Paul LeValley

Will Forest.  Aglow.  Columbia SC, 2016.  Paperback, 251 pages.

    The author has skillfully merged two ancient Toltec legends: those of Quetzalcoatl and of the tohenyo.  Quetzalcoatl was a prophet of peace and gentleness, who sailed east (probably to the Yucatan peninsula), promising to return when the year reappeared in the 52-year cycle of the calendar.  Many centuries later, Hernando Cortez happened to land during one of those anniversary years.  That was why Montezuma trusted him until it was too late.

    The tohenyo was a prince of the coastal nude and tattooed Huastec tribe.  The Toltec princess fell in love with him and they married.  The emperor urged his new son-in-law to put some clothes on, but the young man refused to change his nature.  Then, in one of history's nastiest reactions to public nudity, the girl's other suitors started a civil war that destroyed the mighty Toltec empire.  We know these things from the Aztec poets.

    Will Forest combines these men into one eloquent prophet of naturism.  His hero preaches:

    "Each one of you, every body of you: listen and know!  We are all bodies, and we are all temples!  We are walking temples when we walk, swimming temples when we swim.  We are dancing temples when we dance, and loving temples when we love.  When we die, we are dying temples."

    Pilli stamped his feet on the stone [temple] steps.  "Do we cover these steps with cloth?  Each one of you, every body of you, let the dirt cover your temple, let the rain wash it, let the wind sweep it, and let the sun warm it.  The temple is you.  Your home is you.  Would you hide your home from the elements?

    "Perhaps you are concerned that your home is more modest than your neighbor's home.  Perhaps you prefer to hide behind curtains those parts of your temple that you wrongly think might be excessive or lacking in size, or diminished in strength, or beauty, or honor.  But I say to you, hide not your breasts, nor your belly, nor your buttocks, large or small, for they are the rounded bounties of all that is nourishment and movement.  And hide not your genitals of man nor woman, for they are the noble flint and hearth that bring light to the dawn.  Every last stone of your temple is wondrous; let all your parts dance in light and dust, let all of you dance in wind and rain."

    But then we are asked to believe that this great spokesman sailed around Yucatan, across the Caribbean Sea, down the South American coast, then up the Amazon River all the way to the Columbia border, where he teamed up with a nude midwife.  My suspension of disbelief won't go that far without some convincing evidence.  Granted, Mexico and Brazil are the author's two favorite places.  And granted, the Amazon is an appropriate place for the modern people in the novel to discover the power of their nudity.

    Modern people?  I neglected to mention that the novel begins with an earthquake in the oldest library in the Americas.  There, specialists discover a lost codex with partial Spanish translation—as well as a mysterious necklace.  A young woman narrates, as they try to puzzle out what these things mean.  The action moves to Texas, then Brazil.  The modern story keeps the pages turning, even when the ancient story seems doubtful.  It all works.

    Will Forest's other novel deserves mentioning again.  Co-Ed Naked Philosophy (2011) is about a professor who shows up naked for a class on Philosophy of the Body, and invites the students to join him.  Word spreads, and they have to move the class to a bigger room.  Both novels are one-of-a-kind books, and well worth reading.

Naked in Nature: Great Skinny-Dipping Moments in Art and Literature.  ed. Robert Ellis Smith.  2006.  75 pages.  $9.95 electronic download or compact disc; $32.50 color printout.

    Naked in Nature belongs on the bookshelf of every reading and thinking naturist.  Robert Ellis Smith has saved us all a lot of time by compiling skinny-dipping scenes from a lifetime of broad reading.  Though some of the short quotes from classic literature had already been compiled by Charles Daney on the Internet (a fact not mentioned), Smith has added many longer passages from modern novels, a few naturist writers, and popular songs that I never heard of.

    There is a hilarious scene when the minister gets caught skinny-dipping in E. M. Forster's 1923 A Room With a View.  Also pithy comments of Mark Twain.  And a manic nude attack on tourists by Harpo Marx.  Plus lots of passages from John Fowles' novels.

    The artworks paired with the literary selections greatly enhance the experience.  But here is where the defect of the electronic presentation begins to show.  A few of the links don't seem to work.  Others lead to such ephemeral sites as e-bay.  By not incorporating the images into the manuscript, the author has put himself at the mercy of a lot of webmasters over whom he has no control.  This thing could go outdated fast.  Better order the expensive printout, even though it includes only part of the pictures.  The spiral-bound laminated cardstock covers make a handsome solution.

    This fine collection deserves a more permanent format.

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