Newsletter # 14
Professors and Researchers
Special Interest Group
The Naturist Society
November, 2004

●Memorial Issue●

W. David Goines

    David Goines, a frequent contributor to this newsletter, has died.  He had bypassed traditional publishers by posting his many essays directly on the Internet.  About half of them were on a restricted site to which we cannot gain access without his permission--an impossibility now.  They may be lost forever.  We are archiving here most of the nudity-related articles that can be retrieved.  This SIG is not endorsing David's religious beliefs, but preserving some thoughtful essays.  David's idiosyncratic punctuation has here been standardized; his frequent use of the non-standard term, "normalcy" is considered an endearment by his friends, and has thus been left alone.

    1.  The Journey of Our Birth (The Naked Truth)
    2.  Making Choices: A Greater Understanding: Three Is the Magic Number
    3.  Living a Life
    4.  Simple vs. Complicated: Do You Too Deserve Some Simple Solutions?
    5.  Therapeutic Nudity
    6.  Therapeutic Nudity as a Therapy
    7.  Yoga: A Celebration of the Whole Self--Spirit, Mind, Body
    8.  Hey Lady--Ya Wanna Get Naked?  Understanding This Male Mid-Life Insanity
    9.  Shame and Modesty: a Greater Understanding
    10.  Bibliography

The Journey of Our Birth  (The Naked Truth)

    I know that I alone accepted much of the responsibility to come here.  And indeed for some of the visions I was advantaged with, I really thought this WAS to be but another room of Heaven (of My Father's House).  And so I was excited for the opportunity to have a physical body and experience a physical reality of and for myself.

    Imagine my dismay when, immediately upon my arrival, I find myself in such a mess and such a horrible place with glaring lights, much too cool a temperature and horrid sounds bouncing off those stark walls.  It was enough to scare the begeebees out of anybody.  Of course I cried!  Especially after some really unkindly soul nearly slapped the crap out of me (even before I had crap!) and then another stuck some kinda sucker up my nose and down my throat while dangling me up-side-down!  If that wasn't injurious enough--and apparently to assure every insult possible--somebody crammed what was to become a not only wet, but dirty diaper up my butt.  Ohhhhh yeah!  That feels good!  Couldn't hardly wait to wiggle out of THAT!  Within moments, I was pretty sure that somehow I had slipped out of the gates of Heaven and slid right through the gates of Hell for sure!  THIS could NOT be part of My Father's House!  But would He indeed create this special place, not quite Heaven or Hell, where souls like me might come JUST TO SCREW UP?  And turn each others' life opportunity (physical reality)  into a Living Hell for ourselves?  I still don't think so, but that first day WAS just something else!  And not really to be believed, real as it was!  Forgive me Father, but all I wanted to do was crawl right back to very nearly anywhere else but here!  (And especially out of that dang diaper!)

    And WHO was this woman, a total nut case (also evidenced by her possession of MORE diapers!) and professional-grade casualty who for 20 some years would blame ME for everything inopportune or unfortunate in her life?  God forbid SHE should ever accept any responsibility for anything in her life!  But they call them "Mothers" (not always in the most flattering terms)  and for whatever insane reason, we should all have one!  Thank God, one was enough for me!  While I always thought that I deserved a really good one, SHE was the one I got.  And I had a terrible time trying to raise her since she was for the most part incapable of raising me.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much better luck with my Dad, and while he was much less ferocious, he was pretty inept beyond sperm donor!  Sadly, we didn't have too much time to really get to know each other as he was always busy, putting off everything that might be fun or really worthwhile until tomorrow--which eventually failed to happen for him.  He was dead by the time I was thirteen.  So it was just up to me and this crazy lady to figure it all out.

    Any number of times I thought about stomping back to my Father's House and demanding a refund (or at least a do-over)  and was even given the opportunity to opt out on one occasion,  (while I on a bicycle was hit by a concrete mixing truck). It was THIS rude reality that reminded me and even allowed me a glimpse back through the veil of human physical reality, to remember and affirm that this indeed IS a part of my Father's House and that instead of leaving, WE HAVE ARRIVED.  If only others could remember too that this IS supposed to be a very special time for CELEBRATION--then they too might spend less time taking exception to each other, or even feel the need to ascend to something they already have: Heaven!  It is Here, It is NOW if that's what you choose to make of it.  Sadly too, for some, it is Hell and they will know of little else here or anywhere else upon the journey of their birth.  But interestingly, the choice remains ours, as well as the responsibility.  While some choose to blame God, others of more mature responsibility simply thank Him for such an incredible opportunity, and make the most of it.  We come here naked and we leave here naked.  Fact is, we are all naked in his sight (even of the spirit/mind) all the time anyway.  Only here, the thread mongers might think or hope otherwise because that is their choice.  But thankfully, you still have the right to pick and choose for yourself (unless you too fail that responsibility).  Enjoy!

    A bicycle accident at age 13 left David's legs paralyzed.  His spiritual experience at that time can be read at  Two years ago, he introduced himself to this SIG with these additional biographical details:

    While serving as Chief Clinical Neurophysiologist and Chief Clinical Instructor for Neuro-Diagnostics at Medical College of Va., about our only tangible employee benefit was "education" i.e. we could register for anything and everything from adult enrichment through graduate and post graduate level throughout the entire Va. educational system--tuition free--so I cleaned up!  Everything from drapery & upholstery to almost countless professional registrations/certifications including:  RN, OT, PT, Sonography, Nuclear medicine, Nutritionist, yada, yada!

    But otherwise, my great joy is in discovering the "simple solutions" to many of life's seeming complex problems or issues.  I'm still amazed at just how much of humanity seems to need to confound, confuse and complicate itself in the process.  Way back in 1973 I coined the term:  "Therapeutic Nudity" and presented a paper to the American Neurological Society and a number of other Neuro-Psychiatric venues.  I advocate simple nudity and the naturist lifestyle as also a "therapy" for managing and recovering from many disorders and dysfunction's of a fast-paced high-stress lifestyle.  While "Therapeutic Nudity" has yet to catch on in the mainstream (mainly because it is too simple and fails to sell more drugs) it has helped countless numbers recover from many afflictions.

    Besides Therapeutic Nudity, I've also coined "Creative Insanity" as a survival technique in which at least WE get to make some of the rules and change them as necessary for whatever our needs might be.  I tend to advocate and encourage people to find their OWN balance & harmony rather than being so dependent on others to perhaps ill-define it for them.

    Any ideas about where you are coming from? Or going in the grand or not so grand scheme of things?

Making Choices: A Greater Understanding:
Three Is the Magic Number

    Much of life is about making choices, our right to make choices and our responsibility for the choices we make.  How wonderful it would be if we could only make good choices.  Unfortunately, making choices always runs the risk of making a bad choice or less-than-optimum choice.  Probably the greatest risk is when we allow others to make choices for us, or to negatively influence our ability to make good choices.  YOU and you alone must be responsible for making your good/best choices.  The information that I am going to share with you will enable you and empower you to make good choices.  If you will apply these three things to everything important that you do, you will indeed be assured of minimizing risk and optimizing worthy opportunity in your life.

(1) Is it moral:  Will I go to Heaven or Hell if I make this choice?
(2) Is it legal:  Will this choice land me in Jail?
    (3) Is it ethical:  Will I, my family and my community be proud of this choice?  Or will this choice bring shame and disgrace to me, my family and my community?

    If something passes the above test, then I move on to step 2:

Is this choice good for:
(1) Me?
(2) My family?
(3) My community?

    If something passes this test, them I move on to step 3:

Does this choice qualify within:
(1) My time?  (Do I have time to do this?)
(2) My energy?  (Do I have the physical, mental and spiritual energy to do this?)
(3) My abilities?  (Am I physically, mentally and spiritually able to do this?)

    Beyond these three steps, you should ask yourself: Am I willing to take responsibility for having made this choice?

    Now I can reasonably assure you, that if you will apply these THREE Steps and the three elements within each step, to everything important that you do, you will be empowered to make exceptionally good choices in life.

    Good luck and happy choice making!

Living a Life

    For some, this physical life opportunity we share  is a glorious Gift from God to be celebrated every moment of every day.  For others, just another day in Hell--and indeed it seems to last forever--to be painfully endured.  I feel both the joy and the pain of life’s participants.  For me, for the most part,  Life is a glorious Gift and a celebration, and I am both baffled and dismayed that others of us seem deprived and depraved over it.  For me, this physical life opportunity of spirit, mind and body, while challenging beyond belief, sometimes is but another room of Heaven.  Do we actually believe that God created this place and opportunity just so we  would have a place to screw up?  I don’t think so, but apparently others do.  They talk about ascending back to Heaven.  They  talk a lot about another Hell (even threatening others with it).  But for this moment in time, for me anyway, I did not leave my Father’s House to come here, but simply followed Him into what I believe is but another room of my Father’s House of many mansions and dimensions of life and living.  Here too, my Father Creator lives and walks with me in wonder of it all.  Interestingly, when I am naked (of spirit, mind and body), I can see Him and more fully appreciate the vastness of this His Creation.  I am NOT alone.  I am somehow MORE than my mere singular self; indeed, I am ONE (on incredibly equal terms) in as perfect a balance and harmony as might be possible both within and without myself.

    Therefore my nakedness is a good and wholesome, quite natural, normal state of being for me (as evidenced by my naked physical birth).  Fact is, no matter how we might dress or disguise ourselves otherwise, we remain incredibly naked (of spirit, mind and body) before our Creator and in His eyes.  Nothing we can really do to dress, decorate or disguise ourselves can or will make us invisible to our Creator.  Yet some of us--most of us even--DO believe that we can disguise ourselves by any number of costumes and fashions and even become something that we are not, either as a matter of deceit, fantasy or simple foolishness.  We might even declare ourselves unworthy and undeserving (shameful even) of our more basic, simple, beautiful nude selves. Yes, some people even prostitute nudity and themselves in the process we call life--and no doubt that is shameful.  But if indeed, we might be deserving (if  even only by Grace) of the incredibly beautiful, wonderful, creation and gift that we are to each other, then indeed, we need not hide ourselves nor burden ourselves with shame and modesty--or hardly anything else.

    Interesting too, that beyond this more simple reality for and of ourselves, so much of humanity seems to need to confuse, confound and complicate itself well beyond all REAL human necessity.  For our part in this complexity, we pay a very big price--even beyond the sacrifice of our more beautiful simple selves.  Worst of all perhaps is that we lose RESPECT for ourselves as the beautiful creation that we are.  Religion even warns us that we might go to Hell; and some can’t even seem to get there fast enough, so they create a Hell for themselves and others--right here--right now!

    But indeed, we do have another choice among the many opportunities that we are gifted with--one of which is that we CAN simply strip off our phoniness,  and get REAL for a change.  Life need NOT be a masquerade nor a nightmare.  We CAN become more deserving of even our own respect.  We CAN choose to put down some of this awful, burdensome baggage that we have heaped upon ourselves or allowed others to heap upon us.  Our more primitive ancestors were in ways much more wise than us.  They celebrated the beautiful simplicity of themselves.  They clothed and covered themselves ONLY by reasonable necessity (for a little protection) and knew nothing of shame and modesty for themselves. They did not seek to confound, confuse or complicate themselves beyond all human reality or necessity.  They more simply celebrated life and themselves for the beautiful creations that they were.  

    I would encourage everyone to become deserving and worthy of some simple nudity of themselves--and even others--if you can just get past the fear of dying of embarrassment.  But to help you in this endeavor, I will simply remind you that if you choose, Heaven CAN be HERE and NOW and that by your very divine and beautiful creation, you ARE worthy AND deserving of living life as naturally and normally as you  wish.  Only YOU can free your spirit, mind and body for yourself!  You can also forgive yourself and others, if that is necessary.  Enjoy some simple nudity of yourself and your Creator--with respect and responsibility.  Do this and indeed, you will be both blessed and a blessing to others and even to your creation.  Enjoy and please, join the celebration of life and living instead of the insanity of it all.  You really do deserve better than that.  I think so anyway.  May Love and Light, Peace and Blessings be yours in both this and every other room of Heaven you might be privileged to visit.  Enjoy!  

Simple vs. Complicated:
Do You Too Deserve Some Simple Solutions?

    I am constantly amazed and even dismayed over how humanity and our social order seem to NEED to confound, confuse and complicate itself. Perhaps it is only because we CAN do this, that we do it even where there is no real need.  But in time, this beloved complexity CAN and DOES become quite overwhelming.  

    For me, it came in the form and dysfunction of disability.  In this, I was forced to find some simple solutions to much of life’s complexity.  I had to learn to THINK or rethink much of an active physical life.  Indeed, even this too was quite challenging.  But a life without challenge is not much of a life, so I was particularly BLESSED!  

    Of all the simple solutions that I have sought, I craved most some kind of normalcy for myself.  I don’t like being or feeling abnormal.  Indeed, much of our physical reality (and our seeming need for complexity) seems quite insane or abnormal.  Only when I became challenged to keep up the pace, did some simplicity and/or normalcy in my life become very much of a NECESSITY.  In time, we will all come to a similar conclusion either by necessity, desire, or it will be thrust or imposed upon us in one way or another.  For some, the reality of a physical death will be the deciding factor.

    But not wanting to wait on death to solve all my problems and challenges, I began a conquest of simple solutions for myself and even others.  Why only advantage myself, when indeed, I might also serve others?  No matter that “simple solutions” are often NOT more fully appreciated until someone else also becomes overwhelmed.  I simply couldn’t wait for the rest of the world to become as desperately in need as I.  Also, having a bit less physical strength than I had enjoyed before, I called upon my Creator for some backup and support.  Thankfully, my faith was NOT impaired.  

    But of my most simple solutions--admittedly many were quite divinely inspired, including when I sought some simple normalcy for myself.  What is NORMAL anyway?  That alone is quite a challenge to define.  All I knew was that I had very nearly mastered ABNORMAL or had at least taken it to an art form, and now I needed and craved something else.  Incredibly, some simple physical NUDITY is our most NORMAL, natural state of physical being.  No matter that the complexity of life might say otherwise, and even seeks to prostitute this most divinely appointed state of being.  Indeed, if NUDITY is worthy enough and divinely appointed for our physical birth, should we not enjoy this simple state of being as much as possible?  Only our complexity finds this divinely appointed normalcy quite unacceptable.  Pity really!  And to my new way of thinking, I find it quite shameful that our social order would deprive and deprave itself over something as simply beautiful and appropriate as our ONLY state of REAL normalcy for ourselves.  In this, I truly have to wonder: “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”  Fact is, we were definitely thinking about something other than normalcy!  Again, complexity rules the day, and it has dis-served and disadvantaged ourselves almost beyond necessity and human comprehension.  We even created civil and social LAWS to virtually assure that NO ONE may hardly ever enjoy a more normal, natural state of being of and for themselves.  On top of that, we invented the concept of shame and modesty, and impose this on each other to assure that no REAL normalcy CAN hardly ever prevail.  We even invented the “bathing suit” because, under the rule and domain of complexity, skin is both inadequate and somehow inappropriate when getting the body wet.  I have to wonder just how much stupidity even complexity really needs.  Why do we need fear simplicity so much for ourselves?  I think that in our quest for complexity in very nearly everything, we have simply lost RESPECT for our potential for goodness and can no longer accept even our most elemental beauty and simplicity of ourselves.  Granted, there ARE those that DO deserve even shame and modesty.  Indeed, they should hide themselves!  They should try to cover up their evilness for trying to deceive the rest of us.  But for most of us, we are good and worthy of our Creation.  We are NOT dirty and evil except for maybe our having allowed ourselves to get caught up in this madness of complexity.  

    But I assure you this: Unless you were indeed born of an evil seed, and therefore NEED and deserve to complicate yourself beyond belief, you therefore do deserve  and are worthy of respect and responsibility for yourself.  You deserve some normalcy.  Indeed, it IS part and parcel of your entitlement as a good and worthy human being, and it is Divinely Appointed--unless you deem yourself otherwise unworthy.

    Perhaps NOT until we restore our RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves will we deem ourselves worthy of our most NORMAL, natural state of being.  Unfortunately, some are too lazy and will wait on death to set them free.  Otherwise, I would encourage each and every person to take back control over your life (with Respect and Responsibility) and do whatever might be necessary such that, without fear of shame and modesty, you CAN enjoy even your most elemental state of normalcy (some simple nudity) at least once in a while.  Admittedly, some people can’t handle this much honesty of themselves, but this then should be our goal instead of trying to see how complicated we can be.  Frankly, I think life is complicated enough.  (Certainly got there for me!)  And now it is time to enjoy some beautiful simplicity of and for ourselves.  

    WE CAN set ourselves free of so much of this complexity, if that is what we choose for ourselves.  Otherwise, simply try to remember that a physical life opportunity was supposed to be simply a celebration of ourselves, and NOT the complicated mess we’ve made instead.  You can make changes in your life--shedding much of life’s unnecessary burdens (baggage) as simply as taking off your clothes.  Indeed, simply NUDE is about our best, and perhaps only, hope for some normalcy.  Everything else is, well, something else, and typically quite a bit more complicated.  That simply nudity quite simply feels GOOD is quite enough validation for me.  You too can set yourself FREE and enjoy at least some elemental normalcy.  Enjoy!  (This life is a time limited opportunity!)  What are you waiting for?  Death?  It too will come--but frankly, I think we deserve to also enjoy some freedom between here and there!  We do indeed deserve some normalcy of ourselves and others.  NUDE is our most NORMAL, natural opportunity (no matter what everybody else says).  Only by our disrespect of ourselves and our Creator, need we suffer so much abnormalcy.  

Therapeutic Nudity

    I first coined the term Therapeutic Nudity back in 1973 when I defined it for myself and others.  I was working in a state mental institution and observed that some of the most profoundly ill people would strip off their clothes and assume a fetal position as part of their final desperate reality.  While some professionals saw this as simply a symptom of their extreme illness, I saw (perceived) it differently.  This was NOT merely a symptom, but a kind of final desperate act in which a person would attempt as best they could to free themselves of burdens, and the fetal position allowed them to conserve and turn their own life force energies of spirit, mind and body back into themselves--either to heal or in final preparation to die!  But in every case, the nudity  seemed to be extremely important.  Interestingly too, when this “act” was not intervened upon, some people actually recovered and seemed quite a bit better.  I also observed that at least occasional nudity was also commonly practiced by other mental patients who were not yet in their final reality.  Again, this was simply perceived as a “symptom” of their mental illness when indeed, THEY had simply rediscovered the more primal “feel good” and normalcy of nudity--perhaps hoping to bring some of this “normalcy” back to themselves in a very insane world of the institution.  Interestingly too: when otherwise violent, self-destructive people either observed the nudity of others and/or seemingly discovered it for themselves, they too were less agitated--and when nude, seemed like a very different person indeed!  Curious as it was, these insane people would seem to regain much of their sanity and assume a much more NORMAL reality for themselves through the simple act of nudity.

    It was upon these observations that I concluded that nudity was both beneficial and even a NECESSARY component of normalcy for humans.  Indeed, it does “feel good” and that alone best meets the criteria of any valid therapy.  Some simple nudity might not only be a potential cure, but an excellent preventative--particularly before a person becomes so ill and desperate.  If indeed, nudity is worthy of our birth and physical death (when we assume even a nakedness of our spirit/mind such that we don’t need a physical body), then should we not advantage ourselves with some nudity between birth and death?

    I presented a paper on Therapeutic Nudity and my observations to an esteemed body of professionals (neuro-psychologists and psychiatrists), and while some thought I was the entertainment, others did take me seriously.  Unfortunately, Therapeutic Nudity is too simple a solution.  It is too cheap!  Too convenient!  Not complicated enough!  And worse, it fails to sell more drugs--as seems quite popular today.  While it seems unworthy of a prescription, it is perhaps our best hope for any kind of “normalcy” of ourselves.  Nude is after all our NORMAL state of being.  Everything else simply represents the complexity and madness that we have thrown ourselves into or brought upon ourselves.

    If nothing more, I hope that people will discover nudity, either as a therapy, or more simply a worthy component of a more healthy life-style or state of being for themselves.  In this, we might even hope to restore a respectability of self and even others, such that indeed we might enjoy some simple nudity each day, rather than save it for our final and/or a much more desperate reality.  While some still perceive nudity as a symptom of insanity, I see it as a “simple solution” toward a more fundamental human need for more normalcy in our lives.  Nude IS NORMAL.  Everything else is a bit more nuts (and certainly more complicated) than that.  It might even be that clothing is more a sign of human insanity than anything else!  Wrap any other living thing (plant or animal) up like that and it WILL die or go nuts trying!  Nudists (those who practice nudity) do seem to have a better grip on reality for themselves, and a better self image.  Perhaps it is only that they deem themselves worthy of some “feel good” and this contributes to their own self respect and appreciation of themselves and even others.  Only the truly perverted among us might need  or deserve to feel otherwise about themselves and others.

    But I would feel remiss if I didn’t at least offer everyone a little Therapeutic Nudity--and preferably BEFORE everybody goes completely freaking nuts!  Sadly, I might be too late for many, and they WILL have to discover it for themselves in some final more desperate reality of themselves.  For the rest of us?  Simply Enjoy!  Life indeed CAN be a more natural, normal experience--if that is what you choose for yourself.

Therapeutic Nudity as a Therapy

    While Therapeutic Nudity (TN) can be little more than a failure to get dressed unnecessarily, here are some additional suggestions:

    Upon the basis that NUDE is our more natural NORMAL state of being and that anything else is simply some kind of compromise upon that:

    (1) After your bath or shower:  Towel off lightly and then simply allow your body to air-dry the rest of the way.  This allows your spirit, mind and body of yourself a little time to breathe and exchange energy more fully than is possible when we quickly wrap in a robe or get dressed immediately.  If your personal time/space does not allow for this extra nude time, then MAKE TIME, enjoy an extra bath or shower when it is more timely.
    (2) When you get home from work or play, or anytime that you can enjoy some personal time and space:  Take off your clothes and enjoy that time and space in the nude.

    (3)  Discover the joy of doing housework in the nude!  Seriously, very little of housework actually requires any kind of special clothing or protection for the body.  Indeed, doing household chores in the nude might not seem like such a chore, and might even instead be quite refreshing.  This also allows you to simply enjoy a little more nude time.  Likewise, “if you don’t wear it, you don’t have to wash it,” and so therefore you might even reduce or diminish the pesky chore of doing laundry.  

    (4) If you enjoy a personal exercise program, do this too in the nude if it is appropriate and comfortable to do so.  Have you tried sleeping in the nude?  This alone allows you a much greater opportunity of time/space to both let your body breathe and truly enjoy a much greater measure of nude freedom (or freedom from clothes).

    (5) As you gain greater and greater comfort with your nudity in your own personal time and space, begin to think of ways that you can EXPAND upon your own time and space to allow for MORE beneficial nudity.  Is there any space outside your home (porch, patio, yard) where you can enjoy nudity?  If not, can you modify this space to allow for some appropriate personal nudity (adding a screen, fence, curtains, shades, etc.)?  DO IT, as any investment in your own personal time/space that will allow or facilitate MORE personal nudity WILL be very rewarding many times over.  The more freedom that you appropriately CAN enjoy, the more beneficial personal nudity will be for you.

    (6) If you share your personal time and space with others, (roommate, spouse, family) talk to them honestly about your needs (and perhaps theirs) for MORE nude time and space as a wholesome beneficial therapy.  Sharing personal nude time and space with others greatly enhances the benefits, and can even be mutually beneficial.  In time, you will discover that naked people (including yourself) are just naturally less aggressive, less argumentative, less up-tight and less all the negative aspects of life--and so much MORE relaxed, and at ease.  Interestingly, when we shed our clothes, it can be both symbolic and an actuality of shedding all kinds of burdens of spirit, mind and body.  Much as clothes allow us to become someone else of our selves, nudity just naturally allows us to be our more REAL selves.  Nudity greatly facilitates an honesty of ourselves that clothes might allow us to hide.  In time, with more and more appropriate nudity in our own personal time and space, we CAN indeed, become more and more comfortable with our own REAL selves and even the Real selves of others.  This is perhaps also the greatest “fear factor” of nudity (the incredible honesty of it.)  But fact is that until you can be openly honest with your self (self accepting/respecting) you can never be truly honest (or more accepting/respecting) of and with others.  Likewise, as you expand your own comfort zone of personal nudity--which ultimately is a greater acceptance/respect of self--you will experience greater and greater liberation (and therefore less fear) of and for yourself.  Most people today equate nudity with vulnerability.  But as we expand our own personal perception of acceptable nudity (honesty) for our selves, we will indeed feel more confident and have much less need to feel or fear vulnerability, or even the honesty of our selves.

    In summary, anything you can do to advantage yourself appropriately  with more nude time and space--DO IT.  For some of us, this WILL require a deliberate effort to make more nude time and space for ourselves.  For others, it comes a bit more naturally.  But NUDE is your more NORMAL, Natural state of being--no matter that a very sick society might say otherwise!  YOU DO very much deserve to feel good about yourself.  In fact you ARE entitled (by your very creation and nude birth) to enjoy all the wholesome, natural nudity (of time and space) that you can possibly make for yourself.  

    ABOVE all, PLEASE don’t continue to deprive yourself of this most elemental and essential freedom.  AND by all means--don’t save it for a more desperate final reality.  If you must think of nudity in a “therapeutic” sense for a while, then DO IT.  And keep doing it, until it does become more and more comfortable and a very acceptable/respectable state of being for yourself.  

Yoga: A Celebration of the Whole Self--
Spirit, Mind, Body

    Aside from the perception that Yoga represents something deep and mystical, requiring profound discipline, devotion, physical abilities, or even the acceptance of a religion of sorts, the greater reality of Yoga is that it is a very appropriate medium for "Celebrating Life" and dealing with the dynamics of a modern lifestyle.  Likewise, it is very energy positive from a vitality standpoint and, indeed, may allow you to get in touch with a greater reality of self: spirit, mind and body.  Most important, however, is that It Just Feels Good and allows you to feel good about yourself.

    I have taught myself and others Yoga for a number of years.  The purpose of this article is not so much to teach you yoga, but to enlighten you to its benefits and encourage you to try yoga as a holistic approach to well-being and feeling well.

    You may wish to acquire a basic Yoga book.  I recommend Richard Hittleman's Introduction to Yoga (available at bookstores, or they can order it for you) primarily because the pictures are good and it is relatively inexpensive (about $6 in paperback).

    Yoga is essentially a number of body movements and positions that allow the "lifeforce" energy of your whole self to be stimulated and helps achieve a balanced flow of this energy.  Sometimes called "exercises," yoga is just so much more beneficial than mere exercise, and indeed, it totally dispels the No Pain, No Gain issues--because, when done properly, every aspect of Yoga feels good--and not just because at some point you get to stop!  If yoga has a down-side, it is only because your whole self will come to appreciate it so much, value the moments of kind attention, that indeed, you may develop a "craving" for this special treatment of self.

    Yoga has no pre-requisites.  You don't have to go into training to begin yoga.  Yoga is the training that can prepare your "self" to be able to do many other things.  Likewise, no particular level of fitness must be achieved first.  Even people with major limitations and physical disability can participate and benefit measurably from yoga.  One of my areas of specialty is teaching people with disabilities to advantage themselves with yoga, and many have been able to reclaim form, function, and vitality with yoga, where other forms of therapy might have failed or been too painful to be obedient to.  

    I have some very definite opinions about exercise and more specifically about yoga.

    If it hurts, Don't Do It!  Pain is a strong indicator that something is wrong or that you are doing something that your body does not like.  Learn to listen to your body and respect it.  Likewise, if a movement is not physically possible for you, either due to limitations or pain: take an incremental approach to achieving movement--little steps at a time until you can achieve the greater goal.  Your time and your body are your own--enjoy them instead of waging war with yourself.

    In my opinion, exercise, and particularly yoga, should be done in the nude for maximum benefit.  Clothing restricts both physical movement and more importantly "energy flow" within and across the surface of the body.  Likewise, nudity allows you to establish a "greater reality" with not only your body, but your whole self.  Admittedly "body acceptance" is the final frontier of whole self acceptance (spirit, mind and body), and if your attitude about yourself does not allow you to enjoy a level of acceptance of self, then you need to work on it.  No doubt, you will need to begin at the top (spirit) and work your way down through mind to body.  Respect for self logically begins at the top.  You are a product of your creator (your greater self); respect that and allow that respect to flow throughout a fulfillment of self.  Body shame and modesty are not a product of the creator, but of humanity and their misperception and misuse of that which is good.  Respect of the creator, and therefore self, is the key.  If indeed, you are not respectable, then you need to do that which is necessary to fix that.  At least yoga will allow you the vitality to deal more effectively with other issues.  Likewise, if your environment does not permit nor lend itself to nudity, then very minimal light clothing of natural fibers (perhaps cotton) is best.  Just remember, your body, and indeed your whole self, desperately needs to breathe once in a while, and you need to enjoy unrestricted movement and energy flow for optimum vitality.

    I also prefer yoga following a warm bath or shower.  Cleansing the body is elemental to cleansing the whole self.  Likewise, your mobility will be more relaxed and better facilitated--plus hopefully you are already naked.  Yoga following a bath or shower also allows your body to breathe and dry off naturally.  Yoga is not a hot sweaty event, and so therefore fits well within a program of bathing, drying and then getting dressed if necessary.

    Also, and I think this is very important, I like air flow.  Static environments with little air movement are stifling and unhealthy.  Natural breezes are the best; otherwise, at least an artificial air flow from a fan helps immensely.  Keep the air moving around you, year round.

    Beyond that, your yoga environment simply needs to provide some free space such that your movements are not impeded by things.  A comfortable cushion on the floor, a padded or carpeted floor works well; or even your bed might be a very suitable area.  I think the neatest thing about yoga is that fundamentally, you really need no special equipment.  In fact, the less the better.  Simply a safe space that allows free movement and perhaps some quiet privacy to be with your self for a while.  Hey, there's a premium commodity today: a little time and space for your self.  If you don't have any, make some!  

    Also, the most fantastic thing about yoga is that with the movements and positions, you can make any kind of program that you wish.  Five minutes a day, ten minutes a day, one or two movements--literally whatever you wish within any increment of time that you wish.  You discipline the yoga, and in time it will discipline you.  But indeed, you are in control of all the parameters.  Likewise, because no special equipment is required, you can do yoga almost anywhere there is a little room for movement.  Inside, outside, almost any space will do.  Yoga is as much or as little as you wish to make it.  Enjoy!

    When I teach yoga, I begin with the very most important aspect of yoga:  the breathing!  Yoga breaths are the single most important aid to vitality that anyone can do.  Incredibly, with only 10 yoga breaths, I can lower my blood pressure fully 10 points any time I wish.  With only 10 yoga breaths, I can achieve a state of relaxation for the entire self like nothing else that I can do or achieve so easily.  If you learn or gain nothing else from yoga, learn the yoga breaths.  Your whole self will love you for it.  I frequently use an entire class for Introduction and Yoga breaths alone.  

    Beyond the breathing, there are dozens and dozens, hundreds maybe, of yoga movements and positions.  In my opinion, the next most important movement and position is the Deep Relaxation Posture/Position.  Profoundly valuable!  If only it could be achieved while being totally suspended in air with nothing touching you!  Water isn't bad either--and so far is more easily achievable.  I also like a modification to the Deep Relaxation Posture, and that is to extend the arms straight out to the sides and then straight out overhead.  In the overhead position, you can achieve some energy and physical body alignment that is even more valuable to wellness.

    Again, if you achieve nothing more than the breathing and this first most important position, you have achieved greatness for yourself.  Beyond that, each position builds toward much greater and more satisfying energy dynamics of self.  Couple a little yoga with good nutrition and healthy attitudes about your whole self, and indeed, you are participating in a worthy "Celebration of Life" towards greater enjoyment of health and vitality.  A "simple solution" perhaps.

Hey Lady--Ya Wanna Get Naked?
Understanding This Male Mid-Life Insanity

    As we seek to understand ourselves, thus we might also understand others.  This article is written in the hope of helping men, and the woman that care very much for them, to understand a little something about what goes on in the life of men (from a male perspective)--such at least with this understanding we might enjoy a greater "celebration" of life.  Likewise, while women might truly think that men are experiencing a "male mid-life insanity," this "insanity" as you might choose to call it has been there since birth; and indeed, it is NOT insanity.  The seemingly sudden onset affliction of needing to experience nudity or nakedness--even in public for God's Sake!--is not so terribly insane as it might sound at first.  It is perhaps a "cry" for help!  NO not necessarily psychiatric help or institutionalization.  But it is definitely a symptom of a greater need.  More Sex?  No, probably not.  In fact, nudity need not necessarily have anything to do with sex (the act of human reproduction); though nudity is a desirable facilitator to human sexuality, it also facilitates humans at a far greater level of human experience even more fundamental and necessary than reproduction.  This greater human need has everything to do with "Energy."  We are in and of ourselves energy.  We are an extension of the energy that created us.  We are spirit, mind, body energy.  We are energy producers and we also need many forms of energy to survive and be healthy.  Energy flows to us and from us all the time.  Example: the foods we eat are "energy" that feeds our bodies and enables us to produce many more types of energy to facilitate our bodies, mind and spirit.  Education is mind food, it feeds our minds and facilitates us to have and produce thoughts--which are also powerful energy.  Further, we receive spiritual energy from the source that created us, and this we freely exchange also.

    Men, like women, have unique energy requirements.  Likewise, men, like women, have energy exchange needs.  We exchange energy with everything around us to enable us, as energy beings, to be in tune and balance with our environment.  For example, a very dynamic energy exchange comes about through human sexuality.  Predicated upon the need to comply with a covenant made prior to the human physical experience, we are literally driven to seek a mate and consummate this energy exchange to achieve a fulfillment and satisfaction.  For some, this energy exchange need is more dynamic than for others.  Likewise, as humans, some of us understand and deal with the dynamics better than others.  Without education and understanding of form and function of this energy, some must rely purely upon instinctive intuition to direct and exchange this energy.  Likewise, this lack of understanding frequently gets them in trouble and difficulty.

    But back to our original premise: this so-called male mid-life insanity.  As I have indicated before, we all have needs to exchange energy (not just sexually), but in every way possible to maintain a balance of energy within our environment.  Interestingly, the dynamics of a modern lifestyle, so-called modern attitudes (about nudity and everything else), plus the bombardment of many artificial (electro-mechanical generated) energy from so many sources that we have created all serve to make this "balance" of energy nearly impossible--and certainly with many conflicts beyond the natural balance of things.  Indeed, even our textile compulsion and penchant for modern synthetics definitely compounds our energy exchange problems.  Our more primitive ancestors, and even less developed civilizations on the earth today, seem to enjoy a much greater "energy freedom,"  and therefore exhibit fewer overall energy and energy exchange problems.  Upon this understanding, we might also identify the need for men to get naked.  For some, it reaches a nearly crisis level, because indeed they are having an energy crisis.  Why mid-life?  Actually, in modern society the crisis has been there all along--since birth for both men and women.  Fortunately, men are allowed some privileges in life, i.e. at least within some social contexts nudity is somewhat more acceptable.  Fewer sexual and physical inhibitions are placed on men than women in our society.  Yet due to so-called sexual fears of our puritan ancestors, profound baggage is heaped upon both genders today--so much so that many of our species can no longer identity which behaviors might be normal or abnormal, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong.  Likewise, early in a man's life, he has many compensatory energy dynamics going on.  Lots of physical energy, sexual energy, mental energy.  Indeed, even in modern society, there is the opportunity to at least symbolically shake and rattle spears, use tools, make fire, blow smoke, conquer and even kill something occasionally--even if now he has to use a credit card to do it.  But along about mid-life--which for some can be as early as their mid twenties stretching well into their seventies--this compensatory energy and its many fine forms of exchange begin to ebb, circumstances change; and the reality may suddenly set in that food might appear on the table whether he actually kills something or not.  Suddenly, he now has time to notice that perhaps he is no longer quite as important to the scheme of things as he might have earlier thought.  Likewise, he might even notice that his woman's energy dynamics have changed also.  She's perhaps not quite as "hot" (energy dynamically speaking) as she used to be.  He definitely misses some of the energy dynamics; even if the quality of his own energy dynamics has different requirements now, there remains the memory imprint.  Likewise, life still has expectations of him, and him of it.  For some, this is a gradual reality and it just comes more naturally.  For others, it is a more sudden reality.  Jolting even--which is why some men may suddenly show up at the local 7-11 naked one day!  They have reached an energy crisis!  Likewise, some are able to handle this more gracefully than others, depending on their individual circumstances.  

    But indeed, the need to be naked, to freely exchange energy, the need to achieve balance in relationship to one's environment becomes an energy dynamic of its own.  More often, it has absolutely nothing to do with sex, though some people seem to equate everything upon a sexual basis--that's another problem in itself that afflicts our society.  But the reality of this compulsion for some form of nakedness is simply a natural need for the most elemental of therapeutic energy exchange to help achieve balance within the environment of modern society.  Fortunate indeed, that some men recognize this need for therapy.  Others might not recognize the profound need or simple cure until a greater crisis is achieved, such as a nearly complete destruction of spirit, mind or body.  Heart attacks and nervous breakdowns, to name a couple.  I have had the opportunity to observe some really sick people.  They have reached such a crisis proportion that they must by necessity be institutionalized.  When left to their own devices of elemental survival, they will cast off all their clothing, choosing to be totally naked.  They assume a fetal position, hoping to conserve their own energy for whatever they have left.  This position completes a circle of themselves such that their own energy remains their own; and likewise, exchanges, except within themselves, are no longer possible.  If they are lucky, they can conserve enough energy of themselves that some healing can take place.  Otherwise, they either die or they are intervened upon and some of them die anyway or ascend to a different order of self. (As in
physical death.)

    Fortunately, your man is still quite healthy.  He simply recognizes the need for some wholesome, healthy energy exchange, predicated upon elemental needs (nothing really outrageous) and so simple that it may even have nothing to do with sex--yet your man would really like for you to share in this experience because you are perhaps his best friend, you have shared many things before (even his most favorite memories of energy exchange: sex!)  And indeed, he may even have fears of saving himself and losing you.  But WHY, you may ask, does he feel the need to do it in public?  Certainly, there are better places than the local 7-11 store!  An adequate therapy for some naked time and space might be fully realized at home and, depending on your circumstances, even out-of-doors.  Why outdoors?  Interestingly, part of this elemental need is also predicated upon a need for freedom, not only of spirit, mind, body, but to be free from the bombardment of other artificial energy sources.  Indeed, our modern lifestyle and environment is saturated with artificial energy dynamics going on all the time!  Frankly, it is terrible!  Yes it is unhealthy from a very elemental standpoint.  We have created environments that, though energy convenient, are also energy nightmares!  All the devices that we love and adore are also sharing energy with us; that may be contrary to our natural energy balance.  Hence, the need to commune with nature--to be free of this artificial energy bombardment.  Likewise, when we can exchange energy with natural more elemental things, our own energy is enhanced, fortified and balanced with better forms of energy.  Swimming nude is a profound energy benefit, because water flowing over bare skin stimulates our own natural energy resources and allows a kind of polarizing effect to take place within our spirit, mind, body (whole self) that simply is not fully achieved when wearing a bathing suit.  The act of getting dressed to get wet is an insult to our most elemental sensibilities of self.  Add some sand to that wet bathing suit, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how uncomfortable that is!  Swimming nude produces such a tremendous "feel good" because indeed, it is a state of profound normalcy.  When one can lay aside the inhibitions that have been artificially imposed upon us by someone else's mind energy, indeed we can advantage ourselves tremendously from an energy standpoint.  Likewise, getting naked in nature allows us to more perfectly achieve energy balance within an "energy positive" environment.  

    But--He wants to do it with other people for God's Sake!  Isn't that really sick?  Man's (humankind's) needs for socialization is well documented and supported as a "normal" phenomenon; and indeed, many people enjoy many types of social opportunities to interact (exchange energy) with other people.  Whether they happen to be dressed or naked is somewhat immaterial, except that, interestingly, when people achieve a level of "body acceptance" of themselves, they are naturally able to achieve this same acceptance of others--such that, if they are not offended by their own nakedness, then they are likewise not offended by the nakedness of others.  It represents, again, an elemental honesty, whereby people no longer need to hide behind the masks of pretense and indeed, they can genuinely be themselves.  Likewise, the social exchange of this "honest" energy is refreshing and can be more satisfying.  Humankind was not designed to be an island unto itself.  We need to be able to express ourselves and to exchange energy with other like kind.  Likewise, nakedness facilitates a very free exchange of this honest energy.  In some cultures, for example, the teacher and the student(s) may be naked such that nothing will inhibit the free exchange of "honest" energy.  They have come to recognize that even mind-to-mind energy is facilitated through a free flow of physical energy also, and that clothing can become a barrier to the greater energy exchange.  Indeed, they seek to advantage themselves by removing these barriers.  So upon this basis, nude socialization might not seem quite so outrageous as you might have thought.  

    Unfortunately, in our culture, clothing has come to represent so much more than mere warmth and protection for the body.  By perception, our clothing has become even something greater than ourselves.  It allows us to hide our honesty and our dishonesty from ourselves and others.  Beyond that, it screws up a truly balanced energy flow, both physically, mentally and even spiritually.  Indeed, only by our perception, training, and attitude, is anything particularly good or bad; but the one constant is that it is all about energy, how we use and exchange it.  

    So, in conclusion, I hope that you and your man better understand that NO, he has not lost his mind; he is reclaiming it.  He is not exhibiting abnormal behavior, but seeking a greater normalcy; even if he, himself, does not fully understand his motivations or true needs, he is nonetheless seeking a natural cure and a natural balance in a very unnatural environment. And Yes, he very much wants you too to be equally advantaged, because otherwise he must then deal with more frustration and fear for your well being.  Be glad that he cares enough to save you too.  

    Some men are particularly lucky in that they just naturally stumble upon what it is that they truly need--or through some fortunate circumstance, a more primitive instinct kicks in and they realize that perhaps their needs are more simple than can be accommodated by a new "hotter" wife, a fast sports car, a motorcycle, new bigger better tools, toys, weapons or some other equally destructive energy devices.  Indeed, they just need to get naked now and then--and naked in nature might be better, particularly with one they really care about; and a little socialization with "real" and incredibly honest people now and then is the simpler solution.  So,  next time your man says, "Hey Lady--Ya Wanna Get Naked?" be grateful!  Because this crisis could be so much worse!  If your man was not a pervert when you married him, he probably hasn't become one now.  Enjoy!  And help him "celebrate" your life together.  

    Further, if he also mutters something over and over about the need to buy a boat?  Encourage it!  Few vehicles upon the earth, if any, are better designed to take you to some of the most wonderful natural spaces--and so many better alternatives than showing up naked at the 7-11 store!

Shame and Modesty: a Greater Understanding

    I am constantly amazed at the people who preach body shame and modesty.  Certainly the human body is an earthly temple for the spirit (that God-part of our whole self of Spirit, Mind, Body); I think that the human body is one of most wonderful and awesome works of all of creation.  The human body is art and science in total perfection.  The human body needs no adornment, and there is nothing that we can do to genuinely improve upon it.  Indeed, it can even repair itself from an incredible amount of abuse.  It seems to me that, only when we lose RESPECT for this beautiful and wonderful creation, do we have any legitimate basis for shame.  Likewise, to lose respect for the creation, seems to me to show profound disrespect for the Creator.  Surely, this must fly in the face of God as a tremendous insult.  Indeed, you will excuse me if I don't stand too closely while someone explains to God that they spent their entire lives telling everyone who would listen, that they should cover up this shameful creation and hide it behind modesty.  (I tend to be allergic to lightening!)  

    I likewise reject the admonitions that this beautiful creation is vile, filthy, and nasty.  It is NOT vile, filthy and nasty except perhaps in the minds of some people.  Indeed, the human physical body does facilitate human sexuality, another one of our Creator's very special, beautiful and most precious gifts of creation.  Strange too, that many of the same people who are consumed with the concept that the body is shameful, also believe that human sexuality is dirty.  

    Some people even point to scripture and demand that we believe that GOD says that sex and the human body must be clothed in shame and modesty.  Nowhere in scripture does God say that we should be ashamed of our body or our sexuality.  Even Adam and Eve sought only to hide their sin from God, and were aware of their own  nakedness only because, in doing what God had told them not to do, they gained also an awareness of the difference between good and evil and therefore a greater awareness also of themselves.  This is not to say that their nakedness was bad, nor that they were evil because of their nakedness.  And indeed, their nakedness was not their sin, nor did it have anything to do with their sinful act.  Again, perhaps only a "dirty mind" could leap to such an illogical conclusion.  Only on their leaving the Garden of Eden (a perfect place), when God's compassion for his most precious children was that they might now need some clothing to protect their bodies from the elements that they must now face, did he clothe them with the skins of animals.  Indeed, he clothed them in the skins of animals--NOT shame and modesty--and NOT because their bodies were shameful, wicked, nasty or evil, but simply because they might need some protection from the elements that did not exist in the garden.

    Anything beyond this simple reality only serves to feed humankind's need to dominate others, to command attention; and "fear" becomes a worthy tool, along with shame and modesty.  Indeed, if we seek the righteousness of others, then we should attract them to us by example of our own righteous perceptions (information) and likewise, teach and enlighten others of their potential of and for goodness in themselves.  If, on the other hand, what we seek is dominion, then no doubt it is much better to beat them up and even provide a very ugly stick of "shame and modesty" with which they can beat themselves up and then hide behind.  

    Incredibly, no matter what we might choose to wear, we are all naked beneath our clothing and indeed, naked in the sight of our Creator.  God did not make clothing, nor did he command that we cover our nakedness--and certainly not with shame and modesty of one of his finest creations.  Clothing is a product of man.  It serves only to provide a little protection for the body from the elements.  Beyond that, it can serve no purpose, except in our wildest perception of modern society.

    Dear Lord!  Clothing has become so much more than even God could ever imagine.  Indeed, clothing has even come to represent a symbol of "morality."  For it is perceived that without our clothing, we will immediately revert to some primitive animal, spontaneously lose all of our intelligence, and expose our wicked, vile, filthy, nasty selves for all the world to see and witness.  Indeed, we must all cover our depravity such that it does not spill out all over creation and contaminate everything in its sight, or those that might see it.  Gracious!  Thank goodness man invented modern clothing so that we can effectively hide all this from each other!  Whew!  Sure wouldn't want to see that or have it spill out all over me!  

    Likewise, man soon rationalized that if we can hide all this from each other, no doubt perhaps even God might not be able to see past our clothing; but just the same, we might want to put on a little bit more (cast iron or steel maybe).  And of course, clothing was particularly convenient for hiding also our weapons!  That way, we could look all neat and friendly, walk right up to someone, yell "surprise," pull out our weapon and slay their evilness for God's sake!  Cool!  Sneaky, but cool!  Of course, this brings out another tremendous advantage of clothing.  It can also be used to hide our dishonesty, (at least we think it can), and it even becomes a mask behind which we can masquerade and attempt to convince someone else that we are something that we really are not.  How convenient!  Clothing can also be used to set ourselves apart from others and by some definition even attempt to make a statement: "I'm better than you," perhaps.  Likewise, man soon discovered that if you really wanted to make a statement: print something on a t-shirt and convince every kind of idiot in the world to become a walking billboard!  Oh yeah--that works for me!  You don't have to be dumber than dirt to fall for that!  And of course, if you really wish to define yourself, clothing should have special little labels, and certainly we might even stick them on the outside of clothing so that others can read them better!  

    In time, this clothing compulsiveness became driven by profit, and man was not satisfied that indeed he could hide all kinds of evilness with clothing, protect the body from the elements, be as dishonest as he could possibly dream, but also feed himself if he could convince everyone to wear more clothing.  Why certainly, there should even be special clothing for getting wet!  Skin is so totally inadequate for this purpose, (God screwed up!)  And so man invented the bathing suit!  Wonderful invention--but sad that some of the early users were drowned trying to use them.  So definitely, the shame and modesty thing might be particularly helpful in convincing people that they might require a bathing suit.  (I can't believe that we are actually allowed to bathe within the privacy of our homes without one--but just wait!)

    Certainly, to cement this plan for profit in place, man also elicited some "Holy Folks," got them all hyped up with a lot of misinformation, and sent them throughout the world to convince even the simplest, most primitive of people, who prior to the arrival of these "Holy People" might not have even been aware of sin, that they too must cover up their obvious shamefulness, or prepare to go to hell otherwise.  (Of course there is also special clothing for even going to hell; it is fire-retardant!)

    Now certainly, if this wasn't bad enough (the plot thickens), man soon discovered that he could re-invent even natural fibers, creating synthetics that were even more difficult to wash and get dirt and stains out of, and this further fortified his relationship with some of his co-conspirators to build better machines for washing clothes, and more powerful soaps to get them clean.  And ohhhhh yeah!--because these synthetics were nearly as uncomfortable as animal skins, of course we might indeed need some fabric softener.  But even that was not enough!

    No!  We must also enact as many laws as possible that will totally forbid ANY FORM of nakedness--better yet, even any hint or thought about nakedness (thinking about nakedness is just as nasty as the act of being naked) and so therefore, IT MUST BE ILLEGAL in every conceivable way and no one must ever, ever, ever, even think about nakedness!  Because, if even one of us thinks about nakedness, then we are all going to hell and there might not be enough fire retardant for that!  

    Sadly, in this, man has finally screwed himself to the wall, so to speak.  (Thank God!)  Because, indeed, you cannot truly prevent human behavior with laws.  Laws only serve to segregate and define forbidden fruit.  As everyone knows, forbidden fruit tastes better than "free" fruit, and forbidden fruit then takes on a desirability that some people find totally irresistible.  As we make more and more things or behaviors illegal, indeed, we make them more attractive, and call attention to something that, otherwise, someone might not have even noticed before it became illegal.  Duhhhhhhh!  Likewise, once something or a behavior becomes "Not Legal," you drive it underground and now have no hope of ever actually controlling a particular behavior.  If indeed one wishes to take control of something, it must be visible, and accessible by everyone.  A law against something only serves to "shelter it" from control.  Likewise, a law does not make something go away, but indeed may serve to only make it more attractive to even more people.

    Further: our attempts to hide ourselves--even from our own nakedness--only serves to make a non-existent problem into a problem.  Nakedness in reality is the only "normal" state of being for the human body.  Everything else (clothing) only serves to create an abnormal state of being for the body, which creates an abnormal influence upon even the mind and spirit.  Interesting that even as we define selected body parts (genitals) and attempt to hide them from the eyes and therefore the mind (of self and others), the greater self will NOT be deceived into thinking that these parts are no longer there--and indeed, when we attempt to hide something that the mind and spirit already knows is there, we only serve to excite a curiosity, fantasy, or imagination about what is now perceived as hidden--or better yet--Forbidden!  Likewise, once we order the mind to kick in, if that mind just happens to be dirty, vile, filthy, or nasty, then can you guess what our perception or attitude might be?  Duhhhhhhhh!  

    Thankfully as I reduce myself to my lowest commonality, of Spirit, Mind and Body, I do not find all this nastiness, evilness, wickedness, filthiness that apparently others have found in themselves, or choose to fear that it might be there.  Likewise, despite the fears or domination of others, I refuse to believe that I could be something less than my Creator intended.  He made me wonderfully in his own image and gave me Not the courage to criticize his best effort.  Indeed, I find great comfort that I can view my Spirit, Mind and my Body, and the Creator with a profound and awesome RESPECT.  I am so amazed.  Likewise, I am so grateful that indeed, I have no need to be clothed in shame or modesty and am worthy to be naked in the eyes of my Creator, and therefore my own.  Indeed, in this simple trust, respect and honesty, I hope that likewise, I will not need fire retardant clothing for my journey home.  

    For those who choose to believe otherwise: You might want to invest in Dow Chemical Company stock (they make fire retardant chemicals for textiles).

    No doubt we will all pay a very great price for this clothing compulsiveness and resulting shame and modesty--and indeed, we all already do.  Less than optimum health is but one price.  Clothing (particularly synthetics) so dynamically screws up a balanced energy flow of Spirit, Mind and Body that we therefore suffer from profound amounts of tension and stress, and at times we exhibit a seeming inability to deal with the dynamics of a modern lifestyle.  The body needs to breathe and receive light over all of its surface. I believe that every ill heath can be directly attributed our sick attitude toward ourselves.  Likewise, because we seek to deceive even ourselves of a healthy reality and relationship (by loss or failure to respect) with and of our body, we create profound conflict of our other components of self (Mind & Spirit) such that perception there also becomes sick and dysfunctional, producing sex crimes, crimes against nature, and other deviate behaviors beyond belief--even including most forms of violence.  Interesting that the very things we attempt to control or free ourselves of, we are totally responsible for creating, and only serve to make them worse.  I don't think we have seen the worst of it yet.  Interesting too, that innocent little children know nothing of shame and modesty until someone teaches them that they have the potential to be filthy, dirty and nasty--and therefore denies them of their precious natural nakedness and innocence.  Indeed, filthy, dirty and nasty are imposed or learned behaviors; i.e. none of us are born with this knowledge, nor this behavior.  Indeed, if we need another law, it might be to criminalize the teaching and imposition of shame and modesty upon others by anyone.

    Clothing, of itself, is only righteous if it is optional and appropriate for warmth and protection.  Beyond that, I believe it is an insult to our greater selves and our Creator.  Likewise, if you think you are going to be wearing any clothing on judgement day, think again!  You can forget about all those cute little labels too.  Even the labels that define religion will not be there for you to hide behind.  Of course, if you wish to clothe yourself in shame and modesty now and on that day, you go right ahead!  Just, please, don't stand next to me!  I definitely intend to be totally naked on that day!  Thankfully, I have no other costume for the occasion.

    Do I think that everyone should run around naked all the time?  No, though it would create an incredibly honest environment, and the need for crime and violence might be totally purged from our society, along with deviant sexual behavior (with virtually nothing left to imagination or fantasy), and people might be left defenseless to deal with their own righteous reality of representing their true selves instead of some illusion that they might choose to convince others to believe.  Respect of self(s) and human dignity might become an obvious and unfortunate requirement or by-product.  And so many people would be deprived of their profitability and seeming right of un-righteous dominion over others that some of them might die of their own nastiness that they seek to hide from others; indeed, all of creation might die of embarrassment upon suddenly being confronted by either their nakedness or the reality of their foolish behavior of the past.  A few might be so riddled with guilt and genuine shame for having insulted their Father Creator that they might do away with themselves, and even deem themselves unworthy of Grace.  No doubt, many would so very much miss the opportunity of eroticism (deprived of having to, or getting to, sneak a peek) that they might deliberately go blind to save themselves. Then what would we do with all these anti-nudity laws?  Getting them off the books might take forever--or otherwise, we would all have to spend a lot of time in jail.  Of course, there is always the risk that one or two of us might admire ourselves to death while the rest become so body compulsive that we might exercise ourselves to death.  Good health might break out and wreck havoc upon our managed health care system, making much of it unnecessary; and, no doubt, in quest of that better looking body, no one will want to eat processed foods, seeking instead whole fresh natural foods and more worthy things to put into themselves; so there goes another whole segment of the economy, and the earth might be suddenly stripped of all leafy green things, causing the total destruction of earth as we know it.  

    Sadly, we may just have to wait for judgement day before we can all safely get naked at one time.  But I do think that we should grant ourselves at least a limited opportunity to practice for this very special event.  And definitely, I think that we should quit teaching our children that their potential for nastiness is greater than their potential for goodness, and we might definitely adjust our own attitude and "celebrate" life a bit more honestly, no matter how embarrassing it might be for the first few hours or minutes.

    I believe that humanity is fundamentally good and worthy of the very best treatment and RESPECT.  Unfortunately, we've covered ourselves with so much false doctrine, misinformation, shame and modesty, that it is getting more and more difficult to see.  I have to get naked to see and find my own right reality of my greater self.  Believe me, as I stripped away the layers of shame, modesty, and disrespect, I was so relieved to find that indeed, I had a little respectability left.  I was not the sinful, filthy person that someone claimed I was or warned me about.  Thank God!

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